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  • Broadband Internet Phone System  By : Robert Thomson
    Maybe you have never heard of it before. Or, maybe you are already familiar with the concept of international phone number. The International phone number is a number that can be called anywhere in the world. You have already known that not all phone number can be used world wide.
  • International Mobile Top Up  By : Mel Joelle
    Making international calls to your friends and family can become difficult to do especially if you are constantly running out of minutes. It is extremely annoying to be on the phone with someone and the call being disconnected because your minutes are no longer available. It can also be very annoying to want or need to make an international call only to find out that you don’t have enough minutes to even get connected.
  • Mobile Phone Top Up  By : Mel Joelle
    While you are on the phone with your friends and family, the last thing you should be concerned about is the number of minutes you have left on your calling card. When you are speaking to the ones you hold closet to your heart, you should only be focused on sharing memories, plans and news. You should only be focused on what matters the most. Worrying about your phone credit should be the last thing on your mind. But often, this is not the case.
  • Using Voice over IP on an iPod Touch  By : Robert Thomson
    Turn your iPod Touch into a Voice over IP endpoint.
  • Important Information about Internet Phone – You Should Know!  By : Robert Thomson
    Do you have some friends or relatives who are living in the foreign countries? If you want to communicate with them, how would you do?
  • The Most Accessible TV, TV-Mobile Pro  By : Robert Thomson
    TV Mobile Pro offers hundreds of stations viewable on any mobile device with no monthly fee. Programming including Sports, News, Music, Movies, Weather, Educational and more.
  • Internet Marketing Methods  By : Mel Joelle
    Internet marketing is a highly lucrative activity to get into. At the same time, many people who attempt this tend to fail. The reason for this is that so many people expect it to be as simple as write content and then you will make money. There is a lot more that goes into it than that. There are quite a few different methods and avenues that you must look at in order to maximize your success at internet marketing.
  • Website Traffic Rankings  By : Mel Joelle
    The advent of technology in this 21st century has made virtually every fast and easy. We cannot dispute that. Everything is at the touch of a key, it does not matter if you want to buy property anywhere in the world. They are available online. What a way to live. Despite its advantages people are becoming lazy and spend a lot of their time working about 18 hours everyday. What a life! Website Traffic Rankings does not have to cost a fortune. It needs a qualified team who are able to put their heads together and come with a functioning and interesting web hosting site.
  • Internet Marketing Advice  By : Mel Joelle
    So you have decided to get into internet marketing. You are not making enough money from your job. You can't get a job. Perhaps you just want to run a business that can support you so that you can quit your job. Whatever the reason, you have become attracted to internet marketing. However, if you are new to internet marketing and even if you are a veteran, there are certain important pieces of advice that you must follow.
  • The Basics of Mobile SEO  By : Mel Joelle
    Mobile SEO is becoming more and more common as phones quickly catch up with desktop computers and laptops. More and more people access the Internet through their smart-phones. SEO specialists have turned to focus on mobile Internet as it becomes popular. They want to make a profit off it. There are a few steps to utilize Mobile SEO.
  • SEO for Mobile  By : Mel Joelle
    oday’s technical world, has now reached with a new trend of using search engine optimization on Mobile. The question of whether the search engine optimization on internet or web, is similar to that of SEO for mobile. It is claimed that different algorithms and bots are used on mobile search engines. It is but natural that mobile SEO is different and to learn some tactics on using SEO for mobile, it is important to make use of the traditional SEO practices that can improve the SEO for mobile.
  • Ipad Business Apps  By : Mel Joelle
    It is true to say that technology has continued to make businesses stronger and better. This can be emphasized by the introduction of the iPad as well as the numerous Ipad Business Apps available in the market today. This effect goes as far as record keeping, computing, presentations as well as many other features are concerned. If you are a business owner, you need to stay up to date with speedy apps that save you lots of time and most certainly money as you go around your business.
  • Smartphone Apps Store  By : Mel Joelle
    At a smartphone apps store you can choose from a wide array of software programs, downloads, company information, reviews and more. You can find these stores online listed in the directories. You will have many choices of the best selection of software applications for your phone. They are very useful for men, women, teenagers, and businesses. Social networking applications are also really popular. They always offer new opportunities for many people.
  • Free Cell Phone Apps  By : Mel Joelle
    As if you didn’t know, free cell phone apps have come a long way, baby. In the old days, 1988, only those able to spend $2,000 or so for just the phone, could own one of those big black handsets. The ‘portable,’ was a three watt brain eater that could easily have been a stand in for the field radio on the WWII 60’s TV drama, Combat, Able, Baker, Charlie, Come in! It had a tiny LCD display which showed some modest numerical data.
  • Download Android Applications  By : Mel Joelle
    With the current influx of smart phones in the market will all have to agree that smart phones can no longer be just for the basic use of sending sms’s, receiving or making phone calls. It is essential that we should be able to use our phones for many more activities as technology is here to make our lives easy.
  • Free Apps For Smartphones  By : Mel Joelle
    The myth that paid apps are the only path one should follow is false! While paid apps are available it does not however, guarantee the usefulness nor user friendliness of the application. With paid applications also comes the thought that they are guaranteed. This is also untrue. One beautiful aspect of free applications is their availability and cost effectiveness.
  • Mobile Web Development  By : Mel Joelle
    Before talking about Mobile web development we need to understand what is Mobile web ? When you use applications which are internet connected or you connect to the internet using browser from mobile devices then it calls Mobile web.
  • Ethical Search Engine Optimization  By : Mel Joelle
    In an environment where being better in the rankings among your peers is a must, not all methods commonly employed to achieve this superiority could be considered ethical. There are certain SEO tactics that one should not use, because they can put you on bad terms with the very search engines you are trying to use to your advantage.
  • Free Mobile Apps For Samsung  By : Mel Joelle
    If you own a samsung phone, no matter which model you own, if you are looking for great apps, at no cost to you, there are tons out there to choose from. Some of them will only offer you a trial period to test before you decide whether or not you want to purchase, but many of them are really free, and allow you to download for unlimited use. So, before purchasing apps from the samsung apps stores, make sure to try out some of these great apps, which come at no cost to you, and are really great apps for all users.
  • Free Phone Applications  By : Mel Joelle
    Quite often people will be looking for items to add to their phones. However, most of these items will cost the person quite a bit of money. This is when the person needs to know what they should consider in the free phone applications.
  • Mobile Search Optimization  By : Mel Joelle
    Now, is the time to get the gears going with the newest and recent technological updates. One of them is the Mobile Search Optimization. Mobile phone has become a need rather than a want, it is stated that around 2.3 billion population are subscribers of mobile, the stated percentage is more than the percentage of computer users.
  • Website Traffic Ranking  By : Mel Joelle
    The secret to website traffic ranking is to be able to generate it yourself. One does not have to pay for these services to get ranking in some of these big search engines.
  • Android Applications List  By : Mel Joelle
    The Android market supplies cell phone users with applications for just about everything imaginable. Since education is so important, that category is saturated with software. The following is a list of ten top Android applications for education:
  • Social Media Definition  By : Mel Joelle
    Social media is neither a new terminology, nor is it a new ideology. The concept of social media can be traced back to the 1980’s with the introduction of the Usenet system that made it possible for Internet users to begin communicating via an environment similar to, what is now known as, online bulletin boards.
  • Android Market App  By : Mel Joelle
    There are a lot of applications available in the market to enable individuals to use their phones much easier. Most applications come with the phone but individuals can choose to download anything else they find interesting. Downloading can be done directly or individuals can first download them to a pc and then transfer to their phones. These applications are usually designed to make a Smartphone smarter.
  • Best Android Market Apps  By : Mel Joelle
    The market is one place that Android users can assemble to find the best and hottest Apps for their phones. Any Android smartphone owner that has searched for an app knows that the market place is growing. Apps are constantly being uploaded in lots of different categories. One that is new to the market might wonder which apps are the best ones to download. The following gives a small glimpse of some of the best Android apps.
  • Applications for Android  By : Mel Joelle
    Users of Android devices have an extensive array of available apps to download. No matter what your tastes are or what your needs are, everyone is sure to find apps that fit their own lifestyle. Like any other smartphone, you can easily download apps for social networking as well as games, but you can also download applications like a translator, family calendar and more. Simply go to the market icon from your Android device and start downloading.
  • Top Droid Apps  By : Mel Joelle
    Are you the owner of an Android (Droid) and want to take advantage of all the terrific apps you have heard about? Are you considering the purchase of a smart phone and want to know if an Android device is for you? Owning a smart phone and using it is much easier than it may seem. Even the most novice of users can learn to operate the device in a relatively short period of time. Is it time for you to join the new decade and become a smart phone user?
  • Samsung Reality Apps  By : Mel Joelle
    Verizon’s latest multimedia phone is The Samsung Reality 3g multimedia device. The versatile phone has Samsung’s TouchWiz technology that allows the user to go on social networking sites and other web sites. The Samsung Reality multimedia phone with TouchWiz UI had three screens.
  • Samsung Galaxy S Apps  By : Mel Joelle
    Samsung has created legendary phones over the years and now is customizing apps for different genres. The Galaxy S model has a lot of apps to choose from including music, gaming, and plain silly. You may go online at and browse through the many apps this model has to offer. Most of these apps are free but some come with a small price tag.

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