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  • 5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to VoIP  By : Keith Wellman
    Learn why VOIP is the wave of the future and why it is better for your overall business.
  • Is VOIP Stable Enough for Everyday Use ?  By : ian Williamson
    As more and more consumers learn about Voice over Internet Protocol phone services, they are trying to find a definitive answer to one burning question: Is this thing reliable enough to replace the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) they grew up with and have built their lives around?
  • Why we need to unify our comunications  By : Sam Schwartz
    We need unified communications because we have a home phone a home fax machine, home cell phone, office cell phone, office phone office fax Some people have broad band voip telephone service on top of that, Too many lines too many numbers. With a service like phonefusion yuo can have one number for all these lines.
  • What VoIP Can Do For You  By : IC
    Do yo know the reasons why you should choose voip service over other phone service?. Do you think its difficult to use or expensive? Then let this article prove you wrong.
  • Teleconferencing: Inexpensive Audio Conference Call Service  By : unlimited_downloads
    No matter you own a small business or large one; saving must be the first thing ruling your mind. Every business demands regular teleconference to keep contact with clients, legal advisers, technical support, and marketing and sales team.
  • FAX  By : devils27
    Fax online lets you receive and send faxes with the help of email, the hand held device or the web. Economically, efficiently and easily manage, send and receive faxes right from your desktop or laptop computer. It eliminates many fax-related costly expenditures - like fax machines, extra phone lines, supplies and repairs.
  • Cordless Phone Systems - You've Come a Long Way, Baby!  By : Kathy Hildebrand
    A common cordless phone system will have anywhere from 2 to as many as 10 different receivers, or handsets, that can be used in any combination including simultaneously. However, unlike a cell phone system, these phones do not each get an individual unique phone number. They all share the one main phone number of the location where the phone system is installed.
  • What is SMS or Text Messaging?  By : Timothy S. Hillebrand, Ph
    The use of SMS (short message service) also known as text messaging has been well-ensconced in Europe and Asia for some time now. Teens have enthusiastically embraced it in the United States. But, it has only begun to emerge in the United States as a marketing tool because of all of our competing phone companies with differing technologies. Most people are unaware that SMS can be used to get instant information, send money, make money, and to save money.
  • Learning About Cellular Phone Service Providers  By : Demetrice Lewis
    Selecting a cell phone service provider means being able to find one that will tailor to your reason for having a cell phone and your wallet. When choosing a cell phone service provider there are tons of places that are easily accessible making it possible to find the perfect company that is both affordable and meets your needs all in one place.
  • Maximize The Results Of Your Online Web Meetings  By : Mostafa ElAwady
    Online web meetings are an invaluable tool for building a competitive business and saving time and money. However, it’s said that the weakest link in an online web meeting is a poorly training or unprepared presenter or host.
  • Things You Should Know About Prepaid Camera Cell Phones  By : David J Scott
    You can't leave your house today, regardless of your destination, without encountering someone, somewhere, talking on a camera cell phone. The busy lifestyles of both parents and children, as well as business people, demand instant communication, and the status of the camera cell phone has moved from desirable luxury to near-necessity. Over a billion camera cell phones will be shipped in 2008; that's almost one for every six human being on planet Earth.
  • Used Power Generation Equipment Can Ensure Your Cell Towers Have Power Even In A Power Outage  By : Irvin Schneck
    Within a variety of industries, one thing, more than any other defines that the business, is a commitment to the customers who use their services. This is particularly true within the telecom industry: when cell towers are set up and customers sign up for services, they rely on their telecom company to deliver services they can count on to be available, when they need it most. Please consider the importance of adding a reliable backup power supply to your cell phone tower site.
  • How Used Diesel Generators Enable Telecom Companies to Keep The Telephones Ringing  By : Irvin Schneck
    The very nature of telecommunications ensures that its systems and reliability will never be easy to provide. Anyone working within the telecom industry understands that one of their greatest challenges will be to keep the cell tower sites powered and ready for service.
  • Samsung G600 – No ordinary phone!  By : Balachander Ganesan
    Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone companies known all over the world. This company has come up with one of the very exotic handset named Samsung G600 also known as Samsung Belle.
  • Fed Up With the Phone Company? Try Internet Phone Service  By : Chris Robertson
    With conventional phone service expensive and frustrating, more and more people are leaving the phone company behind and switching to Internet phone service.
  • Efficient Use of Video Conferencing  By : Chris Robertson
    Just like phone calls and real life meetings, there is a video conferencing etiquette of proper behavior during conferences. Learn how to make your video conferences efficient and productive.
  • This Ain't Your Father's Video Conferencing  By : Chris Robertson
    Video conferences used to be conference calls with video. Today, they are much more than that, incorporating all the productivity and presentation tools we use in our everyday work.
  • iPhone unlocking kits-best option to unlock iphone 3g  By : Jacky Wang
    iPhone unlock tool kit is the best option available to unlock your iPhone 3g . These kits have tools that can unlock any versions of iPhone under full function. These kits have the options such as iPhone 3g unlock, iPhone sim card unlock, unlock iPhone 3g/3g iPhone unlock/unlock 3g iPhone.
  • Converting Irate Callers into Admirers  By : Sandeep Periwal
    80% callers to a Call Center are irate. The other 20% call to seek information and can be considered not-irate.
  • Long Distance Calls- Now Available At Cheaper Rate  By : Bob Graham
    High rate of long distance calls forces you to restrict your calls and stick to the basic formalities. You are not able to talk to your friends and your relative in foreign lands as the high call charges may give you financial worry. But not various features and facilities that are available to you these days provide cheap international calls or long distance call facilities from anywhere.
  • Bluetooth GPS Device: It Makes Getting Lost Less Trouble And More Fun  By : Robert Thomson
    Because Bluetooth GPS devices represent a new and emerging technology more and more people are becoming convinced about the need to connect their personal devices in a secure and convenient way with the help of Bluetooth technologies.
  • Shopping Alert - Do Not Buy An International Calling Card  By : Robert Thomson
    Pay extra attention to these shopping tips. Not doing so can result in loss of use with your international calling card. Can you afford to mess up? Read on to avoid a disaster.
  • Usage and benefits of Video Conferencing Systems  By : Robert Thomson
    Zaibatt is an experienced Business Development Content writer and publisher for Telcom
  • Teleconferencing Equipment for improved audio conferencing  By : Robert Thomson
    There are a number of teleconferencing service providers present in the market due to which there is a neck to neck competition between them. Due to the tough competition, many service providers offer service packages and other teleconferencing products at highly competitive rates. The organization with a low budget can buy the services from one of these service providers, instead of going for the free services.
  • Using The Bellsouth Cell Phone Directory  By : Robert Thomson
    For so many years, it has been impossible to track who some cell phone numbers belong to and you were not able to call your local information number to find someone's cell phone number in order to get a hold of them. For the most part, cell phones were immune to getting unwanted sales calls and calls from bill collectors unless you gave them your number all on your own. No one could track you down through your cell phone unless they were one of the people that you personally gave the number to. But this is no longer the case as things such as the bellsouth cell phone directory are coming into play.
  • Why There Is Lack Of FM Radio For Iphone Is Best Known Only To Apple  By : Robert Thomson
    iPhones have great amount of functionality to them that goes way beyond simple communication and in fact comprises multi-media entertainment and communication and besides, it is also a great device as far as its appearance goes. And, it also comes with the best of Web 2.0 interactiveness. In fact, the iPhone has many things going for it, but does it have FM radio for iPhone? Unfortunately, despite the iPhone boasting of MP3 player, digital camera and real time video as well as Google Maps, and even photo storage and access to email and Internet, it cannot say that there is FM radio for iPhone.
  • Customer Service: Reconnecting with Customers  By : Howard Lee
    No one likes to be put on hold or to endure high pressure sales tactics. Even Business owners, who, after all, are also consumers, probably hate the “hard sell” that is common at many firms.
  • HyperQuality connects with $10M  By : Clifford Carlsen
    Ignition Partners Leads Financing in Contact Center Monitoring Leader; Rustic Canyon, Miramar, Divergent Invest for Second Time in 18 Months.
  • Using a software program to unlock your 3g iPhone  By : Jacky Wang
    Knowing how to unlock iphone 3g is quite difficult for an average person but with the help of an iphone 3g unlock software program, you can unlock 3g iphone within minutes and start doing all those things that are normally restricted by Apple. For more information visit at
  • Best HDTV- The Best is Right Now  By : Robert Thomson
    The best hdtv is made by not only one brand. It is hard to determine which TV is actually superior or at the top of the line compared to all the rest. There are for sure and for certain better models but the technology is pretty much the same.

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