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  • The Magic Of Getting Started  By : Matthew Wong
    Most of the time we start the beginning of the year with dreams, goals and aspirations. One usual occurrence is that most people, by the ending of the first or second month, have completely detoured and forgotten about all they have planned to do.
  • Badges serving your promotional and personal needs  By : Brigette Federico
    Badges are best used for demonstrating and displaying the special achievement. These days, badges are more often used for promotional, advertising and identity purposes. The badges are available in various layouts depending upon the purpose and use.
  • Emerald Engagement Rings: Make Your Proposal Extra Special  By : Dave Ryan
    When a woman becomes engaged, the first thing she’ll do is show off her new ring to all of her friends, family and coworkers. She’ll stick her hand out to show off the bright stone set into the band that will decorate her finger until she finally gets married. However, like most women, when they get proposed to, they want a ring that’s special. They want a ring that nobody else has. For this reason, it’s now common to find engagement rings that go beyond the traditional diamond. For example, man
  • Ways to Make Money  By : Peter Nadin
    No matter who you are or where you live in the world, you will have to make money somehow or at some point. The amount doesn’t matter as much, it could be a very small amount, or it could millions. With an infinite number of ways to make money, there is nearly always chance to put some money (extra or needed) in your pocket. However, there in lies the problem - How? What method? When is the best time? Which way?
  • If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success  By : nitin.
    "Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success." - Dr. Joyce Brothers

    Have you ever noticed that some people seem to attract success like a magnet? While others can’t catch a break no matter how hard they seem to try?
  • Why Women earn an average of 76 percent of men’s salaries  By : suni89
    Women earn an average of 76 percent of men’s salaries. Does that shock you? Yes, even in 2005, women are still way behind the earning curve in corporate America. But rather than get into a discussion of the fairness or unfairness of it all, let’s concentrate on just what women can do to ensure that they aren’t left out to dry in their retirement age!

    After all, because women typically live seven years longer than men, combined with the skyrocketing divorce rate, many women will find themselves
  • What is The Meaning & Importance of Corporate Strategy?  By : sudesh1
    Corporate strategy is supposed to be the means by which an organization achieves and sustains success. Yet, it rarely rises to that level, despite an abundance of corporate strategy theory and significant research from many organizations over the past few decades.
  • Commit Commit! Where Discipline Meets Action  By : Waldo Waldman
    December 21, 1998-a brisk winter day in Saudi Arabia. I was stationed on my first combat deployment, flying missions to enforce the Iraqi southern no-fly zone. Inexperienced and quite nervous, I was scheduled to take off on only the fourth combat sortie of my career. It was a mission I'll never forget.
  • Understanding the positive & negative Power of Creating Meaningful Experiences.  By : sudesh1
    Throughout your life, you have both positive and negative experiences. During your day-to-day routine, you continually associate meaning with those experiences. Humans are meaning making machines. We put our own meanings on our life experiences. Many factors contribute to these meanings.
  • The First Secret of Thirteen in Becoming an Obscenely Wealthy & Successful Individual  By : vipin1
    Western society today has demanded that we all work towards some sort of success. We are bombarded by ads by some of the most beautiful and richest people on the planet simply pushing the fact that they are successful and we should have what they have. Success though often eludes many of us so I want to share the first secret millionaires know of becoming obscenely wealthy and successful.
  • The One And Only Secret To Ultimate Success  By : Nelson Tan Kiat Wee
    It takes a lifetime to carry persist in this secret but it's worth it.
  • What Keeps You Positive and Optimistic to Get Success in Your Life?  By : Nick Mutt
    Everyone knows that to be successful in life, positive attitude plays an essential role. But many of them do not know how to be positive and optimistic throughout the life. What are the things or steps are essential to keep you positive and optimistic.
  • LifeMapping: A Vision of Success  By : jj
    Step to be taken to achieve success.

    Success is more than economic gains, titles, and degrees. Planning for success is about mapping out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route.
  • Take a Closer Look at Career Training…  By : kramesh
    When it comes to career training many people automatically think of getting a college education first. Others think about a vocational education being the key to having a career. Whatever it is that comes to mind it is important to give serious consideration to career training. Without this training a person is most likely going to be stuck in a dead end job with no prospects of bettering oneself.
  • Emotion Is the Key Force for Success  By : kramesh
    You can employ rational thought and logic in order to determine what to do and how best to do it; but what you have determined will only get done if you are emotionally driven to achieve it. Some call it drive. Others prefer to call it motivation. Regardless of the choice of words, a deep-seated emotional desire for something is the essential starting point for success in life.
    Emotion, however; cannot be allowed to run wild. If so, it will become a wild fire destroying or damaging everything
  • Manifesting solutions to your problems & pressures/Manifesting leadership through the Heart  By : kramesh
    Leading with heart-power seems a timid way of doing business to many, but when you are actually manifesting leadership through your heart, you are stepping into your own highest power, the power of your soul.

    We all have roles of leadership that we are called upon to fulfill every day, but are we manifesting our leadership through our heart? One of the greatest opportunities to be a good leader is that of a mother or father. As we move out in our circle of influence, we become leaders
  • Personal Success: How to Make a Commitment to Your Success Plan!  By : jasbirshyam
    "Try not". "Do" or "do not". There is "no try." --Yoda, Star Wars

    Achieving personal success means making a commitment that you WILL be successful. Are You “TRYING” or are you committed to succeeding in a home-based business?

    As I listen to many people, I hear them use the word "Try" numerous times. However, most people are not aware of what this word means. In my opinion, "TRY" is one of those empty words that creates and suggests feelings of lack and struggle. Just notice how lazy the word "
  • Self-Empowerment: Are YOU Taking Success To Another Level?  By : Rishabh Bathla
    What is meant by “Taking Success to Another Level?” According to Henry Thomas Hamblin, “Success is the achievement of something worthwhile that shall make the world better and richer, and add something to the common good. Our sphere in life may be very humble, but if we overcome our own weaknesses, help others along the Journey, and do our daily work better than we are required, our life cannot be other than Successful.
  • Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Success?  By : aarif sagaciti
    Remember when your parents didn't want you hanging out with certain people because they were a 'bad influence?'

    And then, years later, you understood that there were some things you became involved in because your friends were doing it.

    Well, it's true. . .your parents weren't always wrong.

    Today you think you work hard. You think you're doing all the right things. And you don't understand why you're not more successful, living the life you've always dreamed of living.
  • Release Brakes - How to Break the Fear Barrier in Business  By : Waldo Waldman
    As I write this article at my favorite Starbucks, I can't help but hear the conversation next to me. A middle-aged woman is having a coffee meeting with a peer discussing job opportunities, the market, and their personal networks. It's obvious that she's lost her job due to cutbacks and is networking like mad, reaching out to her wingmen and exploring job opportunities.
  • Ludo - A Simple Board Game  By : carrom
    An easy board game is referred as ludo. It is a game for two, three or four players. The game is very popular all around the world. It is termed as "Ludi" in Caribbean and “fia” in Sweden. In 6th century it was originated in India by pachisi. It is depicted on the walls of the Ajanta caves and earlier it was played by mughal emperors.
  • Accomplishment and Failure – Causes and Analysis  By : Nick Mutt
    We can watch a person’s planning to analyze the causes of their success and failure. For any plan to success we can come to understand how an individual’s capacities and character play out against the social forces he confronts.
  • Happiness Begins On The Inside  By : Kozan Huseyin
    Are you looking for happiness? Have you been searching for this happiness and wondering where it is? If you have been looking for happiness outside, you will be shocked! Join me as we take a look at real happiness.
  • Keep Your Vision Ever Before You  By : Kozan Huseyin
    If people want to live happy, it is by having something worthy to work towards. This is called a vision, and as King Solomon once said - without a vision, people perish; it is something to be aware of. Join me as we look at this essential which every human being needs to have.
  • What is Your Signature Difference?  By : Shawn M. Driscoll
    What gets you noticed? Do you know? Read this article to find out how to find your Signature difference.
  • Managing Your Boss  By : joseph123
    Toxic bosses has become quite common phenomena, be it private office or big business house, if the presence of your superior makes your palpitation rate higher, then my friend it is sign of anxiousness and tension not anything else, and some positive step is required to change this problematic situation otherwise situation will worsen day by day.
  • History of Cricket - How the name "Cricket" came?  By : mcken
    With an ethnicity in most of the sports, cricket has established a wide record. Over 300 years ago cricket was first played by English men, and now it has being played world wide across the globe. Earlier cricket was described as” a club striking a ball like the ancient games of club-ball, stool-ball, trap-ball, stob-ball".
  • Need a job? Try networking -- not schmoozing  By : lara zielin
    There’s an unfortunate perception out there that networking means schmoozing, brown-nosing, and sharing limp handshakes with people you don’t like, all in the interests of acquiring something—usually a job these days.

    That kind of networking, which I’d argue isn’t really networking at all, won’t yield successful results. So what will? Connecting with people in a genuine and honest way, which means meeting someone because you want to, not because you have to. Which, I get it—we all have to meet people we don’t click with sometimes. But why not try networking with people in the following three ways, and see if it's both more enjoyable and if it opens new doors of opportunity.
  • What Makes a Successful Team?  By : Regie Macalam
    Success, by definition, is an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, an attainment that is successful and a state of prosperity or fame. Success is for you, for us. Success is for everyone who aims it without losing a focus. But most of the time, success is achievable as part of a team.
  • It's Time to Kick Mediocrity to the Curb  By : Shawn M. Driscoll
    Are you ready to kick mediocrity to the curb? Are you up for a challenge? Are you ready to “lead the way”? Read on.

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