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  • What Stress and Anxiety Do To You?  By : Peter David
    Stress and anxiety can cause immune deficiency. Simply put, your body cannot stay healthy if you are always under pressure and stress. We were made to deal with stress and anxiety our ancestors faced in the old world (when they have to go into the forest and find foods). When we are facing a high amount of stress, the adrenal gland will inject adrenaline into the bloodstream which switches the nervous system into a "hyperactive" mode.
  • Surviving work stress in the present times: 5 Tips To Dealing With Working In A Cubicle  By : Mr. Feelsgood03 Mr. Feelsgood03
    All one needs to know about fighting job burnout: 10 Tips To Deal With Difficult Coworkers

    People employed in various sectors like IT, hospitality, retail, media etc have to cope with work related stress. The workers from every tier of a company from a receptionist to the owner can become its victim. The growing workload and the pressure of Dealing With Deadlines make many employees prone to burn out and stress. This can have severe impacts on one’s personal and professional life.
  • Anxiety: A Disorder Or Normal Reaction To Life?  By : James DeSantis
    Is your "anxiety" a serious disorder or just a normal reaction to the stress of living? How can you know if you need professional help? There is an Anxiety Checklist available for free.
  • Could You Be Anxious Because You Are a Pleaser?  By : Kathleen Fuller, Ph.D.
    : Are you a pleaser? Give yourself the gift of truth. Take this quiz and find out if your pleasing behaviors, are affecting your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Dealing With Stress  By : Malega Michael
    Here is the article for Dealing With Stress topic that may be of benefit to you, find out what kind of main stress symptoms are how you can deal with stress and more...
  • Eliminate Stress With This Easy Stress-Buster Technique  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Would you like to learn how to eliminate stress completely within seconds? Then read on!
  • A Common Physical Symptom of Stress  By : Adrian Whittle
    Stress can impact on your relationships, your ability to do your job and ultimately your health. This article discusses a common physical symptom of stress and ways to resolve the problem.
  • How To Identify Different Types of Stress  By : Adrian Whittle
    This article discusses the four types of stress, how to identitfy them and solutions to avoiding stress.
  • The Roots of the Anxiety Problem  By :
    Anxiety is everywhere in the modern world, primarily because there are so many potential triggers. Everything from work to weight, from phobias to peer pressure, can result in someone developing a bad case of anxiety. Getting over the problem is crucial, but so is learning to live with the root of the problem.
  • Losing Your Memory to Stress  By :
    This article talks about how people normally experience stress and anxiety in their everyday activities. Feelings of stress can cause a number of ill effects such as poor decision-making, irritability, and even memory loss. Prolonged exposure to these stressful situations can cause more permanent and psychological problems to occur.
  • Are People Going Nuts In Rural Areas?  By :
    Contrary to popular belief, rural environments seem to be more likely to cause someone to develop a mental illness or be deprived of proper therapy. The reasons for this are still unknown, but research is underway to determine if the more prominent theories are correct.
  • Be Emotionally Healthy And Live A Colorful Life!  By : cathy
    Promoting emotional health is necessary to achieve optimum health. It requires a multi-dimensional approach such as counseling, anger management, meditation and physical exercise. As many people and physicians focus on physical health, emotional health is also of prime importance.
  • Psychosis: The Great Escape  By :
    People sometimes just need to find a way to get away from all the trials and tribulations of life. Sometimes, people turn outwards and embrace temporary fixes for the stress and pressure of modern life, like taking a vacation. However, some people turn their “escapes” inward, which could possibly result in a mental condition known as psychosis.
  • Stress Management-Relief is Possible  By : Patrick Glancy
    Stress can have a profound effect on your daily life. Stress is hard to define for many people. It can be a variety of different feelings and be triggered by numerous situations. It is vital to know how to deal with stress and how to address the triggers that make you stressed. Learning how to do this will allow you to lead a happier, healthier and more complete life. Behavior modification can assist you in reaching your goal and it doesn't just stop there.
  • Stress Relief And Weight Loss With Hypnosis And Yoga  By : Ruff Raun
    Bouts with stress can disrupt your system causing an array of symptoms such as overeating, irritability, depression, no energy or ambition and sleeping disorders.
  • And War Vets Still Suffer After All  By : mjb
    Memory problems, chronic fatigue, depression, stress and other mysterious ailments and mental disorders are some of the issues that afflicted thousands of war veterans. One significant problem that is common among war veterans is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder was given a serious though recently. However, support is available for military personnel experiencing PTSD.
  • Fitting In: When You Are Unhappy With Your Job  By :
    The main reason for anxieties and depression is job dissatisfaction.Many Americans despite the advancement of technology are still experiencing unhappiness in their work. They resign themselves to their fate when they have the power to create the life they ever wanted.
  • Gaining Wealth and Success Without Climbing the Corporate Ladder  By : Lliorlance
    The article deals with the importance of having good physical and emotional health, and financial literacy in order to achieve personal and financial success. The article focuses on the concept called cash flow quadrant, which details how wealth is created. However, the main message of the article is about the importance of maintaining one's health, without which, financial success cannot be attained or enjoyed.
  • Real-life Rambos Struggle with PTSD  By : mjb
    The article is about the movie entitled Rambo and the real-life issue of Post-
    Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Aside from providing a brief narrative about the movie, the article also discusses the real-life psychological and emotional problems encountered by soldiers and the various treatments that they should have in order for them to return to normal life.
  • The Connection Between Spiritual Health and Well-Being  By : aseya
    Whenever life becomes a bore or seems meaningless, or when emotional hurts and pains become overwhelming, we tend to be confused or anxious. We feel dead in our spirits. But those who are spiritually nourished are strongly anchored in their faith and hope.
  • Stress is Sort of Funny  By : Patrick Glancy
    Stress is funny. Not ha-ha funny, but odd funny. It can motivate you to improve your life. But, it can also ruin your health and your life.
  • Five Steps to Freedom from Worries  By : Zuske Sagara
    The article is about the heavy burden caused by worry, stress, and anxiety. Most people actually feel the stress and anxiety of dealing with relationship and financial issues, career challenges, and other matters that elicit fear, tension, and insecurity. The article also cites a number of ways or steps that should be taken by a person to overcome worry.
  • Mind Twisting: Stress, Depression, And Intelligence  By : aseya
    The physical and mental consequences of stress and depression are rather well-documented, but recent studies show that the problem might also have effects on a person's intelligence. Research shows that stress and depression are capable of killing brain cells if left untreated, but can also prevent new cells from being generated to replace the old ones.
  • The Web Of Anxiety  By : alexis
    Anxiety is something that many believe is an inherent part of being alive, and it
    is certainly a part of modern life in many ways. However, when a person is
    unable to handle anxiety properly, then it can lead to a wide range of problems
    that have to be dealt with. Among these problems are depression, panic disorders,
    addictions, and a variety of other mental health problems.
  • Sex—The Stress Buster  By : mjb
    Sex can indeed be a great stress reliever, it is not just a feeling well-being that individuals experience after sex. A healthy sex life is as important matter in one's life. In pursuit of living balanced and stress-free lives, sex is often not included in the formula.
  • Stress, Gastrointestinal Problems and Probiotics  By : Zuske Sagara
    This article talks about chronic stress and how it affects the gastrointestinal functioning of a person. It also discusses how the nervous system connects the psychological events to cause physical manifestations such as illnesses or diseases. Finally, this article also suggests a way to treat gastrointestinal problems through using probiotics.
  • I Can't Get No Satisfaction  By : Lliorlance
    Envy is the root what most people are dissatisfied and it is the a destructive force but there is hope when you follow some strategies that will make your life a lot better.
  • Handle Your Frustrations and Move Ahead Quicker  By : wendy hearn
    "I feel so frustrated!" As a human being, chances are you've said this many times, either out loud or in your mind. The great thing about accepting you're frustrated is that you've identified and acknowledged what's going on. It's too easy to carry on struggling with something and being unaware that it's causing you frustration
  • Over-eating, Stress, and The Modern World  By : aseya
    In today's world, time is constrained and stress is abundant. People are clamoring for stress relief that's quick and painless, with food being an appealing option.
  • Anxious, Are We?  By : Alex Ellorde
    The article is about anxiety -- its root causes and symptoms; and the need for stress management techniques.

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