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  • You Can Know for Yourself Jesus Christ Is Alive Today!  By : Patricia Wagner
    Have you ever wondered about the resurrection of Christ and perhaps thought it was a myth or legend? Read revealing proofs showing that the most stupendous event in human history really happened!
  •  By : Samantha Dale
  • Working towards a better and more equal society  By : Lawson
    Have you ever thought of the fact that you and your spouse work extremely hard every day to ensure that the bills get paid. A mason brings about the goodness in a person. Freemasons indicates to the feeling of fraternity to fight back this with the guidance of Jesus Christ. There are sites and academicians who play the role of the illuminati.
  • Women Roles In Islam  By : meccaholycity
    As far as theoretical are concerned, men and women have equal rights in every aspects of life. The Quran gives men and women equality in the idea of creation of human beings. It’s one of the most controversial subjects for the discussion.
  • Within Astrology And Divination  By : raphnix
    If you don't know yet, Astrology was first recognized as a study than astronomy. In fact, the latter was just a separate noesis of astrology so that scientist can use the field later in a more integrated platform or through scientific preferences. Likewise, most astronomers are more known to be fanatics of celestial peculiarities that are best explained through cognitive reasoning by professional astrologers.
  • Winning Your Lover Back by Powerful Vashikaran Mantra  By : PK Sharma
    Love is all about attraction and no matter what all efforts you are investing but until you are not capable to invoke the feeling of love and emotions you won’t be capable to acquire him in relationship with you.
  • Why One Should Use an Escort Agency in Edmonton to Find the Best Escort of Their Choice  By : Kenneth Styles
    Anyone visiting Edmonton and wanting to have a company of a beautiful escort can do so by trying to find one online.
  • Why is Islam a complete way of life?  By : john johny
    Those who do not know man cannot understand how man should live. Every individual must possess the basic awareness to understand how he should live in this world. This awareness is achieved only through the divine message. It was religion that taught man about the meaning, objective and destiny of his existence.
  • White Perceptions of Slave Religious Ceremonies  By : rachelhewlett
    There were different perceptions of the slave religious ceremonies by the white. The incantation rituals by the West Indian slaves were portrayed as African based. The slaves were opposed to the whites Christianity religion and this upset the white because it caused a threat to the whites man’s safety.
  • Where are the Miracles Hiding When You're Down and Out?  By : Don McAvinchey
    Hard times test us. They challenge our beliefs that The Universe is a beautiful place, that we will be supported in what we are trying to accomplish in our lives, and they especially challenge our belief in ourselves. But sometimes, and I'm sure you'
  • What The Pros & Cons of Witchcraft Covens...  By : Mandar
    The upside of joining a Coven is that it can give you some discipline when practicing your craft. For example, you will be celebrating every Sabbat, and making sure to do your daily devotions. It can be a rewarding experience to meet with like-minded people – no matter what you do.
  • What the Bible Says is Important  By : Bob Carpenter
    To those of us who have become Christians, and studied the Bible that statement has meaning, but we must remember that not everyone shares our conviction. Most who do not share our convictions often doubt that we have any good reason to care what the Bible says. After all the Bible says "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved, it is the power of God" (1 Corinthians 1:18).
  • What Psychic Reading Is And What It Is Not  By : Gen Wright
    If you are new to psychic readings, chances are, you will not know what to expect from the readings. This article will help set your expectations.
  • What One needs to know about Bible Prophecy?  By : Truth about the Bible Truth about the Bible
    Bible Prophecies: The Must Know Facts

    The Christadelphians—“Brothers and Sisters in Christ” are a community of people who believe that people like to live with the ideals of Jesus Christ. They actually try to follow the teachings of his followers from the first century AD. It is said that their instruction actually inspired people to write the Bible.
  • What is my Aura means?  By : Jacinthe
    People usually ask psychic readers how they interpret auras, what’s the colour of each means etc. Every living thins has its own auras. It is filled with colours that reflect and represent each and every aspect of ourselves. These colours tell the whole thing about us and can be interpreted because each colour has a meaning. Psychic readings can be given through aura readings.
  • What is CTR Ring and Why should We Buy?  By : Mark Nicholas
    CTR Ring had got positive result for the entire buyer who bought CTR ring. The importance of the RWH ring promotes them to provide with thoroughness, patience, and really like.
  • What Are Psychic Predictions?  By : Gen Wright
    Have you ever had moments in your life when you experience some bad or good feelings? For example, you feel bad about something or you feel good about something without knowing why.
  • Were You There?  By : Ann Stewart
    You can now live a victorious life here and with Him in eternity. Healing, prosperity and happiness are yours right now!
  • Wazir Jivabhai Bhanji  By : Ibrahim
    Jivabhai Bhanji traced his lineage from a certain Bhagat Virabhai Devasi, who lived in the beginning of 15th century in Kathiawar. Paraptani is said to be his only son, and his son was Parpiya. Karim was the younger son of Parpiya, and the son of the former was Bhima, who also lived for some time in Mundra, Kutchh with his son Hamid. The next generation followed by Hamid was
  • Wazir Ibrahim Suleman Haji  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1889- 1959)

    Ibrahim Suleman’s ancestors came from Kutchh, and a certain Rahim among his forefathers took his abode in Jerruk, Sind. Rahim had two sons, Haji and Merali. The son of the latter was Alidino, known as Aloo, who was present during the ascension ceremony of Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah at Bombay in 1885. The former Haji had a son, called Ghulam Hussain, also known as Ghulu or Wazir Ghulu. Since he was the breeder of the hawks, the people also called him Ghulu Ba’azwala in Jerruk. He was well-versed in Persian, therefore, Imam Hasan Ali Shah took him to Bombay in 1844 as an interpreter. He also used to translate the Persian farmans of the Imams in Indian languages. He served three Imams in India, and notably as a religious tutor of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah. Imam Hasan Ali Shah also vested him the title of Wazir. He also attended the ascension ceremony of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah in 1885, and died in 1895 at Bombay. In his letter dated 23rd May, 1953 addressed to Wazir Dr. I.S. Haji, the grandson of Wazir Ghulam Hussain Haji, Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah said, “Your grand-father was one of our greatest servants and he played a great part in the early years of my Imamate. It can also be said of your father that he was a great and most devoted servant.”
  • Wazir Ghulam Hussain Mohammad Ali Dharas  By : Ibrahim
    Devji, the son of Lalji was a native of Junagadh, India. He was an eminent wool merchant, having immense devotion in social services. According to the available information, Devji is said to have joined the Ismaili caravan in Bhuj, Kutchh headed by a certain Dharamsi Punjuani which was bound for Iran for the didar of Imam Shah Khalilullah (1792-1817) in Yazd at the beginning of 1817. They started from the port of Mandavi, Kutchh and boarded for Muscat and landed at Port Abbas, and reached Yazd on camels. Yazd is situated between Isfahan and Kirman on the route leading to Baluchistan.
  • Wazir Chunara Ali Muhammad Jan Muhammad  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1881-1966)

    Dhamu Chunara also known as Dharamsi Panjuani was an eminent trader in Bhuj, Kutchh. He visited Iran with his wife Mulibai to behold Imam Shah Khalilullah in Yazd in the beginning of 1817. The Imam granted him a sealed letter of patent in Khojki script and also bestowed upon him the title of Dharas. He had two sons, Sumar and Virji. The son of Virji was Rahimtullah, whose son was Ghulam Hussain. The son of Sumar was Premji, whose son was Jan Muhammad, the father of Ali Muhammad.

    Ali Muhammad, the son of Jan Muhammad, known as A.J. Chunara was born in Bhuj in 1881, where he acquired his formal education. He sprang from family well known for their piety, and himself had great enthusiasm, courage and zeal to serve the community. In 1892, he came to Bombay and worked in a shop of hats. Soon afterwards, he started his own shop, which became known as Karim Jamal Topiwala. He attended Jamatkhana regularly and heard waez attentively, inducing him to study Ismailism. His first debut in community service was when he joined the Kandi Mola Shukarvari Brotherhood in Bombay, and came into the contact of many eminent individuals.
  • Wazir Chagla Vali Muhammad  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1885-1966)

    Chagla Vali Muhammad’s forefathers were originally from Mulla Katiar, Sind. They migrated to Lasbela and finally settled in Karachi. Amongst them, Vali Muhammad, known as Vali Bhagat came to live in Kharadhar, Karachi. He was a religious teacher, and a ginans reciter in Jamatkhana. The Imam paid a gracious visit to Karachi for 27 days on April 10, 1920. On that occasion, a large concourse of ten thousand Ismailis flocked in the city. The Council formed a Managing Committee to control its administration. Vali Muhammad extended his incredible services as a member, presided by Wazir Col. Ghulam Hussain Khalfan (1887-1967). He had three sons, Chagla, Jaffer and Kassim.
  • Wazir Ali Muhammad Jessa Bhaloo  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1917-1968)
    Ali Muhammad Jessa Bhaloo was born on July 21, 1917 in Zanzibar, where he got his early education. Later on, he proceeded to London for a higher education. He also qualified as F.I.C. (Fellow of the Institute of Commerce) and F.R.Econ. S. (Fellow of the Royal Economic Society) in England.

    He formed his business soon after he terminated his education, which flourished financially. He was a leading dealer of radio spare parts and some electronic items. He was also the manufacturer’s representative and insurance property, etc.
  • Wazir Ahmed Ali Nizari Piredina  By : Ibrahim
    Piredina was born in Hyderabad, Sind. He migrated near Muscat with his family. His son Ahmed Nizari was born in 1886 and became known as Ahmed Nizari or Nizari Piredina.

    Not much is known of his early life. It is however said that he could speak Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi, Gujrati, and Sindhi fluently. He is said to have visited Karachi in 1920, where the Imam emphasized upon the Ismailis to go to Baghdad and Basra to hunt business opportunities.
  • Ways To Design Church Logos  By : Juston Liquida
    You can find some items you need to do in order to obtain a astonishing looking church logo design plus this piece of writing will contain them.
  • Vivid Description of Jesus in Islam  By : john johny
    Islam pays utmost respect and honor to the entire prophets that are mentioned in the Quran.
  • Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Important Ones to Rely on  By : AnswertScanlon
    The kitchen is one of the most important spaces of your household. This is where the meals for the entire family are prepared. Therefore, it must exude positive energy and good health. A lot has to be kept in mind about the designs, layouts and colors as well. Listed below are some essential vastu tips for kitchen, adhering to which could improve the prospects of health and betterment within the household.
  • Vastu for Home Colors: Choosing the Right Shades for Fostering Peace and Prosperity  By : AnswertScanlon
    Homes are coveted zones and it is important to abide by vastu norms for fostering peace and prosperity within the premises. Apart from getting the directions and layouts right, it is also important to abide by the principles of vastu for home colors. It is important to note that choosing the wrong colors for various zones of your home could be the primary cause responsible for gross disharmony.
  • Vashikaran | Vashikaran Mantra for Love  By : Ajit Kumar
    Mantra Vashikaran specialist is the famous astrologer and black magician providing solutions for your life issues like love failure, inter caste marriage, etc.

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