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  • Christ is the Son of Indian Man  By : Gen Wright
    When Christ is referred to as Son of Man, it means he is Son of Cosmic Man. Cosmic Man is the Supreme God of the ancient Indo-European religious thought, and is still the Supreme Being of the religious thought in India. The Christian trinity of God, Son, Holy Spirit, originated from this Cosmic Man theology still prevalent in Hinduism.
  • Christian Church Logo Design How To Do It  By : Juston Liquida
    Every church logo design needs to have a course of being prepared and this article speaks about it.
  • Christian church Network  By : Matt Rozeski
    The physical distance has not erased our religious connection. iChurchNetwork has bonded the Christian religion within a network where virtual link-up is re-generated and are equally enjoyed.
  • Christian Church Website Design In Advertising And Marketing Your Christian Church  By : Juston Liquida
    Every church wants to have a site however you will need christian church website designs that not only appear excellent although also convert individuals.
  • Christian Forgiveness - It's Not What You Think  By : Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr
    There is a spiritual order to Christian forgiveness. If it is not followed, we fool ourselves and do more harm than good.
  • Christian Gap Year Youth Work To Benefit Ones Future  By : Chriss Tyrrell
    It's just another sign of these changing times. Even high schools students who in generations past would have been consumed strictly with thoughts of themselves are now becoming more philosophical and philanthropic. So many young Christians getting ready to graduate are asking themselves the same question, “just what is it that I can do to leave a positive impact on the planet on which I live”?
  • Christian Parenting  By : Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr
    If you don't raise your children as God instructs, bad things happen - to them, and you. The Bible is replete with personal instructions that lead to bringing our children to the feet of the Lord through our personal sacrificial example(s).
  • Church Fundraising Won't Ever Be Lame Again  By : John Reed
    Churches with small budgets are constrained at the times they need to be most effective. Pastors are employing innovative tactics to bring the needed funding in without over burdening church members. Its Easier, faster and more effective than regular fund raising techniques.
  • Church Growth and Generation X and Y  By : CharityNet USA
    Generation X and Y are seemingly at the forefront of all industries recruiting efforts. As Baby Boomers, who are most likely the majority of your church’s members, grow settled in their respective communities and churches, churches are looking to younger generations to fill their pews. However, attracting this audience will call for a break from the traditional. Generation X and Y require a different approach that focuses on action and technology.
  • Church Logo Design In What Way To Execute It  By : Juston Liquida
    In case you want a christian church logo design you should start by planning how you may come up with a rough outline in the beginning.
  • Church On the Run  By : Beverly Vines-Haines
    The American church is going AWOL. One family, one pastor, one person at a time, people are walking away. These departures have gone largely unnoticed, but there is an exodus and it is well underway. Christianity is not for sissies.
  • Church Planting- Legal and Functional Implications  By : CharityNet USA
    There is more to strategically planting a new church than simply following God’s call to action. For a new church to be successful in acquiring initial capital, attracting a faithful membership, and expanding outreach ministries to reach all populations in need, church leaders must learn to take on the characteristics of entrepreneurs.
  • Church Website Hosting  By : Robert Thomson
    Developing a website can widen your ministry, allowing your church to spread the Word to thousands of potential new members within a click's reach. Offer a place where people want to...
  • Churches and Grant Funding  By : CharityNet USA
    Today, more than ever, churches are seeking grant funding to supplement the diminishing income that they once received from parishioners and philanthropists. While this strategy is risky, if successful, it does create an opportunity to diversify their current income-base and thereby withstand today’s economic crisis. However, churches must keep a few things in mind when considering applying for grant funding.
  • Civil War in the United States  By : rachelhewlett
    The white wanted to kill the slave’s hope of ever going home or ever being free and that is why they wanted to discourage them from the practices that made them hope to be free.
  • Co-existence of Morals and peace in Islam  By : john johny
    Good morals and high ethical values are the major teaching of Islam. The entire Quran talks about morals and observing them under different circumstances. Observing and practicing moral values are indeed a must in Islam. There are established conduct of morals and ethics that one need to follow under different situations.
  • Commemorate Your Love with Help of Memorial Web Site  By : John Fleming
    Your best memories will never fade if you put them into words and post them on a memorial web site. You can also share your cherished memories with your family and friends and exchange messages with other visitors of the web site.
  • Commemoration of Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr - One Man's Demons  By : Burk Pendergrass
    There is a deeper brotherhood between the two men as both were raised in the bastion of the Southern Baptist religion
  • Count Hassan Kassim Lakha  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1892-1982)

    The renowned Lakha family traces their descent back to their forebear, named Surji. His son was Jairaj, and whose son was Manji. The son of Manji was Lalji, who had four sons, Punja, Virji, Lakha and Kalyan. They dwelt in the village, called Berberaja, about 12 miles from Jamnagar, Kutchh.

    Lakho, or better known as Lakha was an origin of Jamnagar, Kutchh. He was an ordinary businessman. He unfortunately lost his house during the famine in Kutchh. Reduced to extreme poverty, he wandered from village to village in search of means of subsistence. His son Kassim, who was born in 1854, also passed a destitute life. Nothing is known of his early life except that he worked in a grocery shop on daily wages. The constant famines in Kutchh had almost swept away the economical resources of the people, who began to move elsewhere to sustain their lives. Kassim, the son of Lakha migrated with few Ismailis towards East Africa. Dressed in rags, he landed in Zanzibar in 1871. He called his mother and wife, Ratan Pradhan whom he had married in 1870, just before he left India. Kursha was their first child and she was born in 1880. The family grew with the birth of Fatima, Alibhai, Hassan, Sikina, Rehmatullah and Jena. Later on, he came in Lamu in 1877 to try his fortune. He was the first among his family members to venture into the business field. Kassim Lakha was also a devoted social worker and helped the Ismailis who came from India. He died in 1926 at Kampala, Uganda. He left behind four sons, Rehmatullah, Hassan, Mohammad and Alibhai.
  • Count Jafferali Ali Megji  By : Ibrahim
    Jaffer Rahimtulla was the younger brother of Sir Ibrahim Rahimtullah (1862-1942). He was born in 1870 and after the death of his father, his brother Ibrahim Rahimtullah gave him adequate education. After his matriculation in 1888, he joined the university and passed B.A. (Hon.) in Philosophy and Logic.
  • Dark Revelations Concerning The Life Of A.E. Waite And The Secret Societies  By : Gen Wright
    The information contained in this article was acquired by the author through his Greater-Self. It reveals the disturbing secrets of some notable esoteric orders of the past. Arthur Edward Waite was one of the many secret society members who had good reason conceal their personal affairs from public scrutiny.
  • Deceptive Diagnosis  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A book review of Deceptive Diagnois: When Sin is Called Sickness. The authors share their views on how the church and society have replaced man's sinful behavior with psychological terms.
  • Designing Christian church Logos Through A Procedure  By : Juston Liquida
    Every church logo design requires to hold a procedure of being completed and this piece of writing speaks concerning it.
  • Discover Your Mind's Deepest Secrets  By : Robert Thomson
    People wonder what makes them do things they later regret. Where does violence come from? What gives us our irrational fears, anxieties, anger? Where does it come from? What makes us strike at someone we love? There must be some final underlying cause, below all others. There just must be. And if you have thought like this, then read on. This article is for you.
  • Do You Know that Jesus Christ Outlined the Revelation?  By : jamesrk
    Discover how much easier it is to study the Revelation understanding this outline given by Jesus.
  • Do You Know What It Takes To Read The Bible Through In A Year?  By : David Hopkins
    Have you ever tried to read the Bible through in a year? If so then you know how hard it can be.
  • Do You Wonder What The Meaning Of Life Is?  By : Robert Thomson
    What does life mean? What is my purpose? What is the point of all this? Why is life so difficult?
  • Doctrines of Faith  By : misty
    The Scriptures
  • Dream Analysis Experts: Sigmund Freud  By : Jackson Swift
    Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud has made a substantial contribution to the world of psychology. In fact, he is known as the father of psychoanalysis.
  • Druzes  By : Ibrahim
    "In 407/1016, an Iranian da'i, named Muhammad bin Ismail Nashtakin ad-Darazi came in Egypt, who professed the transmigration of souls. He also preached the divinity of Imam al-Hakim. He came from Bukhara to Cairo in 408/1017. Finding no response, he moved to Wadi al-Taymun, at the foot of Mount Hermon in Lebanon and Jabal as-Summaq in Syria. He was first in the public eyes being the founder of the Druze sect. In 410/1019, the Turks soldiers of the Fatimids gathered and moved towards the houses of ad-Darazi and his followers and surrounded them. Ad-Darazi and those with him fortified themselves in a house, fighting the besiegers from the roof and the wall. The besiegers ravaged the house and killed about forty people with az-Darazi. About the same time, another Iranian from Farghana, named Hasan al-Akhram also appeared as using his influence to propagate the deity of Imam al-Hakim, and found a Druze sect about in 409/1018. He was also killed in his house just eight days following his declaration.

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