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  • 10 Steps to Christian Success  By : Sean Mize
    Discover 10 Steps to Christian Success
  • 2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 1  By : raphnix
    Isn't it wonderful to have a positive outlook for the new coming year? A neutral expectation that will either warn, guide and excite us about the possible outcomes this new year might render. Some cunning predictions and pattern analyses by psychics and astrologers keep us on track of what things to come and what awaits for our new life for this whole new year.
  • 2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 2  By : raphnix
    From the part one forecast, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces have their learning advantage this year regardless of how and what experiences. Especially Sagittariuses, their need for learning and study ambiance will be their major concern as this would be their primary weapon for career and fortune.
  • 5 Golden Rules for Booking a Catering Hall in Vancouver  By : Assadullah Haroon
    To celebrate a business event, reception or engagement party or special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, the best catering hall in Vancouver can be found with the following rules.
  • 5 Things you are Missing If you don’t Understand the Quran  By : john johny
    The Quran is a guide to humanity. Since none of us want to be misguided, it is paramount not only to read or recite the Quran, but to understand and implement it in our lives as well.
  • 5 Tips for Choosing Your Personal Astrologer  By : Jackson Swift
    Astrology plays an important role in many people’s lives. Some use it to guide their business and financial decisions. Others consult the stars regarding love.
  • 6 Tips for Your First Psychic Hotline Call  By : Jackson Swift
    Psychic Hotlines have been around since the 1980’s. Basically, what it offers is a way to get a psychic reading by phone – with no waiting and round-the-clock service.
  • A Back Glimpse at the Chinese Zodiac  By : johnlloyd
    Nothing in specific could the answer be when asked why they get hooked with horoscope reading and the like. Walking along downtown China, one could sense the spirit of a well retained cultural heritage attached way back centuries ago
  • A Book Review on What is Communion?  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A short book review on the book "What is Communion? authored by Victoria Stankus. The book is tailored to teach childen the meaning of The Lord's Supper.
  • A Discussion Of Buddhist Vegetarians  By : Gen Wright
    Contrary to common perception, Buddhists are not absolute vegetarians. To set the facts straight, some Buddhists are practicing vegetarians while others are not. The stand on vegetarianism differs from sect to sect and from one Buddhist to another. When you are wondering if there is a necessity to observe vegetarianism when one wants to become a Buddhist, you will most likely get a conditional answer.
  • A Guide to Gravestones for the Newly Bereaved  By : Alfred Webb
    Trying to wade through the waters of funeral planning when you've recently lost a loved one is absolutely heartbreaking. Instead of being allowed the solitude required to truly process your grief, you're suddenly thrust into making a lot of different decisions at the same time.
  • A Quick Introduction to Angel Chi Art  By : Gen Wright
    An angel exists in the spiritual realm. Not everybody sees them but psychics and highly sensitive or religious people often claim that they exist.
  • A Step to Spiritual Greatness  By : Paul Boyd
    Spiritual greatness is something that all Christians want to attain, but how do we achieve it? Do we have the same idea of greatness as God does?
  • A True Servant of God  By : Francis Hirak
    To be a true servant of God is not always an easy task. We must first place God at the forefront of our priorities, then others, then ourselves. The word "servant" doesn't exactly evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling in us at first glance but once we realize the benefits of being a faithful servant of God, we see that the Bible is true in it's statement that "the last shall be first and the first shall be last".
  • About Calling Yourself A Christian  By : suegold
    Having found Jesus is a beautiful thing. Your life seems to have meaning. You've seem to have found something that brings you great joy and happiness. Your loneliness and emptiness have disappeared. Praise the Lord.

    Anyone that has accepted Jesus in their heart is considered to be a follower of Jesus Christ. So, when anyone asks you, "Are you a Christian?", certainly you're going to reply, "yes, I am".
  • Abu Aly Alibhai Aziz, Dr., Missionary  By : Ibrahim
    Varas Amir Chand (1837-1911) sprang from a noble family of gupti Ismailis in Punjab. He was employed in a governmental department in Amritsar and retired in 1880. He inherited land from his forefathers, and became one of the most famous landlords in Punjab. In 1882, Imam Aga Ali Shah appointed him Kul Kamadia for Punjab, Frontiers and few regions near Afghanistan. He performed his duties with such marked distinction that during his first visit to Amritsar in 1897, Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah appointed him Mukhi on January 1, 1897 with a title of Varas for Punjab and Frontier province, including the regions lying on the borders of Afghanistan. He also travelled with the Imam in Sialkot between January 2, 1897 and January 11, 1897. Varas Amir Chand visited Bombay several times. His last visit took place in the middle of 1908 and gave valuable and informative statements twice in court during the Haji Bibi Case on July 28 and July 29, 1908. He is also credited to have converted a portion of the depressed class to Ismailism, as well as helping them financially to run their cottage industry.
  • ADHD - A Deceptive Diagnosis  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A look at ADHD from a spiritual perspective.
  • Admission Of Women In Masjid  By : Ibrahim
    The status of women in Islam, especially with regards to such issues as marriage, inheritance, veiling and seclusion has received a great deal of scholarly attention. For women, the mosque meant access to almost every aspect of public life. Debarring or limiting their access means restricting their participation in public life. Gender segregation, as seen in most mosques today, is such a limitation, for it limits women's full access. This both hampers their participation and can even shut them out completely. Segregation can be implemented either through a screen or a wall, or by distance, as happens when placing women behind men during the congregational prayers.
  • Adultery Is Spiritual Suicide  By : Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr
    There's so much more to an affair than most people realize. As bad as the act of adultery is, it brings with it other sins; e.g., a thousand forms of deception.
  • Afraid of Death and God  By : Gen Wright
    There is no need to fear death when you are one with God. For God is merciful, and will judge each one of us according to the light that has been given to us.
  • After death experience of a neurosurgeon  By : Lisa Ann
    A psychic medium is one who can get in touch with the spirit world and your loved ones who are there. If you are curious to find out something that relates to the other world, you just have to get connected with a good medium online who is the key to the spiritual lock.
  • An Insight into the Role and Duty of an Altar Server  By : Robert Thomson
    An Alter Server is a term which is quite common in Christian religion.
  • An Introduction To Bhavacakra  By : Gen Wright
    The Bhavacakra, is a symbolic wheel used by Tibetan Buddhists to represent the concept of Samsara. The Buddhists are firm believers of cause and karma, as well as birth, death and re-birth.
  • An Introduction To Choosing Your Psychic  By : Justin Briggs
    Many people don't know what are the things that they need to find out before choosing a psychic to conduct a reading for them. I shall try to shed some light on this subject
  • Approach Funeral Directors and Say Ciao  By : Steve Jhonsons
    It had never been so easy to say good bye to loved one but that’s the fact of life. Some you need to do is funeral arrangements and it is better you approach funeral directors for that. When someone passes away, it’s difficult to decide what to do. So, to carry out funeral cremation successfully, the assistance of the funeral directors in Melbourne is needed.
  • Are Your Prayers Missing These 4 Steps That Always Get Them Answered With Yes?  By : David Hopkins
    Do you blame God for not answering your prayers even
    though you're the one who's not following the rules,
    then you get mad and end up going on a sinning spree
    and missing out on even more blessings?
  • Are Your Prayers Missing These 7 Steps For Praying Like Jesus?  By : David Hopkins
    If you want to know how to pray like Jesus and how praying like Jesus can improve your prayer life substantially in a way that makes sure you cover all the bases and please God, unlike the usual selfish me, me, me orientated prayers that most people are used to.
  • Ashad Ali Haji  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1885-1958)

    Virji Kamadia, known as Vira Bhagat was Mukhi of the Junagadh Panjibhai Club. His family’s profession was to cut the stones to be sold in the market. He sustained a close relationship with Wazir Ismail Gangji (1788-1883), from whom he acquired religious knowledge, and he gradually became a missionary. Jamal Megji, the son of Virji Kamadia was a brilliant orator. He delivered his first waez in Junagadh and won the hearts of the jamat, including Varas Ismaili Gangji, who said, “Your status will become too high.”
  • Ask For Help If You Need It - Guardian Angels Are Here to Help  By : Gen Wright
    Think about the last time you had a problem and you prayed to God for help. Perhaps it was difficulty with your career, your family, your health, and other areas.
  • Astrology & Horoscopes: A Brief History  By : Jackson Swift
    Sometime referred to as the oldest science known to man, Astrology actually goes beyond the daily horoscopes. Thought the latter is entertaining, its roots are of a more serious and complex origin.

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