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  • La'n, La'nah  By : Ibrahim
    (la'n or la'nah means cursing, normally consists of an expression of disapproval or displeasure and an invocation of malediction upon the object of the curse. Curses are often uttered by calling the curse and wrath of God upon someone, or by an invocation in the passive voice where the agent is not always specified, for example: may God's curse be upon him; may he be cursed. Curses are often expressed by verbs with an optative sense, with "to curse,
  • Garden Spot Village Retirement | Special Care for Special People  By : Michael Landonson Price
    Garden Spot Village Retirement is the premier retirement community for senior citizens
  • Garden Spot Village | Healthcare On Site  By : Michael Landonson Price
    Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens
  • Garden Spot Village | A Sense of Community  By : Michael Landonson Price
    Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens
  • Garden Spot Village | Fellowship and Community  By : Michael Landonson Price
    Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens
  • Garden Spot Village | Happy and Fulfilling Lives  By : Michael Landonson Price
    Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens
  • Kursi  By : Ibrahim
    "The word kursi in Arabic means throne. The Aramaic word kurseya and the Hebrew kisse, both also mean throne. Among the Arabs there is an idiom of calling the learned men or savants, karasi. The word kursi occurs twice in the Koran (2:255 and 38:34)
  • Kul Kamadia  By : Ibrahim
    The Persian word karsazi means religious dues, which was collected by the authorized persons from each region in India. During the post-Alamut period, the musafir was the tithe-collector in the time of Pir Shams. In Sind, the tithe-collector was called khiyto, in Gujrat the bawa and the vakil in Kutchh. In the time of Pir Taj al-Din, two eminent brothers had embraced Ismailism, viz. Shah Kapur and Shah Nizamuddin. Shah Kapur and his descendant executed the role of collecting religious dues in India and transferred to the Imam in Iran. Later on, the ministry became known as the darga'hi, and the ra'hi was the travelling minister stationed at the dharkhana town. Ra'hi Ram Kunwer died in 1916 and with it the office of the ra'hi was abolished.
  • Koran  By : Ibrahim
    "The word koran is derived from the Syriac, keryana, meaning scripture reading or lesson. The average authorities however hold that the term is simply the verbal noun from kara'a means he read or recited. Its other forms are yakra'o (he recites), akra'o (I recite), nakra'o (we recite), etc. The verb kara'a occurs 17 times, and koran 70 times in the Koran.
  • Can This Simple Question Asked By Jesus Help Me Understand The Will Of God?  By : David Hopkins
    Have you ever asked or said, Jesus help me? if so,
    what would you say if Jesus asked you in return have
    you ever read what I said in the Bible?
  • Are Your Prayers Missing These 4 Steps That Always Get Them Answered With Yes?  By : David Hopkins
    Do you blame God for not answering your prayers even
    though you're the one who's not following the rules,
    then you get mad and end up going on a sinning spree
    and missing out on even more blessings?
  • An Insight into the Role and Duty of an Altar Server  By : Robert Thomson
    An Alter Server is a term which is quite common in Christian religion.
  • Church Growth and Generation X and Y  By : CharityNet USA
    Generation X and Y are seemingly at the forefront of all industries recruiting efforts. As Baby Boomers, who are most likely the majority of your church’s members, grow settled in their respective communities and churches, churches are looking to younger generations to fill their pews. However, attracting this audience will call for a break from the traditional. Generation X and Y require a different approach that focuses on action and technology.
  • Importance of Portable Baptismal In church  By : Justin William
    The city of New York is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and the city features adequate amenities and attractions for its residents.
  • Kiya Buzrug Ummid  By : Ibrahim
    "The word kiya means lord or ruler. Buzrug Ummid or Kiya Buzrug Ummid was the second hujjat and ruler after Hasan bin Sabbah in Alamut, who most probably was born in 455/1062 in the peasant family of Rudhbar. He passed most of his childhood in Rudhbar in cultivation of his father's land. Kiya Buzrug Ummid had been a handsome young page, whom Hasan bin Sabbah had converted before almost 480/1087. He played a leading role during the possession of Alamut in 483/1090. He was an outstanding organizer, talented da'i and an able administrator. Hasan bin Sabbah had sent him with a troop to conquer the fortress of Lamasar in 489/1095. He defeated a certain Rasmasuj and took possession of Lamasar, known as Rudhbar-i Alamut.
  • Khums  By : Ibrahim
    "Khums literally means one-fifth or 20%. In Islamic legal terminology, it means one-fifth of the items which a person acquires as wealth.

    However, there are some people who interpret the word ghanimah as whatever one acquires as spoils of war, thus confining the obligation of khums to the spoils of war only. This interpretation is based on ignorance of the Arabic language, the history of khums, the Islamic laws and of the interpretation of the Koran. Not a single sect of Islam confines the meaning of ghanimah to the spoils of war.
  • Senior Pastors and Youth Ministry - Developing Better Relationships  By : Jerry Work
    Does your pastor believe you are as concerned about the health of the church as you are about the success of the

    youth ministry? If not, you may be missing the point.
  • Churches and Grant Funding  By : CharityNet USA
    Today, more than ever, churches are seeking grant funding to supplement the diminishing income that they once received from parishioners and philanthropists. While this strategy is risky, if successful, it does create an opportunity to diversify their current income-base and thereby withstand today’s economic crisis. However, churches must keep a few things in mind when considering applying for grant funding.
  • Nokia n96 pay monthly – Trim down Your monthly Expenses  By : John Daniel123
    Make yourself free from hiking prices of communication and irritating credit call reminders by buying Nokia N96 with pay monthly deal. Be tension free for the whole months and take the benefit of various incentives.
  • Moths - Hidden Sins  By : Clara Huset
    Why does it seem like the people called "Christians" don't seem any different then any other people. I thought they were suppose to be different. Perhaps the story about "Moths" will give some insight.
  • Do You Wonder What The Meaning Of Life Is?  By : Robert Thomson
    What does life mean? What is my purpose? What is the point of all this? Why is life so difficult?
  • Lady of Grace funerals, a complete and professional funeral service  By : YvonneMeehan
    Lady of Grace provide an experienced funeral director at their funeral home with the best funeral service. More information and options are available on the website.
  • Five Secret Tips to Satisfying our Spiritual Needs  By : Robert Thomson
    When difficult times come, we often turn toward spirituality to carry us through. Spirituality can be defined as an understanding that we are more than what we can physically see. So how can we practice spirituality?
  • Astrology & Horoscopes: A Brief History  By : Jackson Swift
    Sometime referred to as the oldest science known to man, Astrology actually goes beyond the daily horoscopes. Thought the latter is entertaining, its roots are of a more serious and complex origin.
  • Celebrate St. Patrick Day with joy  By : Kapila
    Celebrate this day by sending out invitations with Irish touch, serving Irish staples like potatoes, leeks, Irish beer and whiskey; liven up the atmosphere with Irish music, decorating your home in Irish style.
  • Khatam Al-Nabiyyin  By : Ibrahim
    "This day I preferred your religion for you, and completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion" (5:3)

    With the revelation of the above Koranic verse, it was virtually the end of the divine message through the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be on him), and therefore, also the closing of the office of Prophethood. But the Koran also more specifically declared: "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the apostle of God and the last of the prophets (khatam al-Nabiiyyin), and God is cognizant of all things" (33:40). The words khatam al-nabiyyin and khatim al-nabiyyin means the last of the prophets, for both the words khatam and khatim mean the last portion of anything. Hence the doctrine of the finality of Prophethood in Muhammad (may peace be on him), therefore, rests on the clear words of the Koran.
  • Endorphins Are Good For You And Great For Pain Relief Too  By : Amanda Isbitt
    Endorphins are proteins that are produced in the endocrine system of any living things that have bones. There are four types of endorphins, namely alpha, beta, gamma, and sigma. Each type contains different number of amino acids. Endorphins are also known as the runner's high. Endorphins give you a sense of well-being and make you feel good. They are released during long, continuous, and strenuous workouts, especially during cardiovascular activities, when you find yourself catching your breath.
  • Get your lover back with a Love Spell  By : Greath Owen
    For attracting new love the love spell is commonly used, lost love spells, attraction love spells, binding love spells, are widely in demand. Extreme love spells if cast properly, can do wonders to help resolve any type of love.
  • Looking for doctrines of the bible, visit  By : Robert Thomson
    Religion based on the prophecies and experiences of Jesus Christ, known as Christianity has been described at length in the bible. The followers of Christianity known as Christians adhere to the preaching are in the bible. The followers of the religion adhere to these prophesies or preaching’s as they are signified as the guiding light for the enhancement in ones life. It helps the followers in identifying which religion they want to adopt and follow.
  • Important Tips for Christians  By : JohnJamesPnP
    Our world surely needs a redefining of moral and religious values, and the tendency is more and more obvious in people's changing attitudes towards beliefs

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