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  • How to Find a Good Personal Astrologer  By : Navneet Singh
    In this modern age astrology has an effective value on people’s life. Many people believe on astrology and for many reasons it’s really work. Many people use it but the purposes can vary man by man.
  • 6 Tips for Your First Psychic Hotline Call  By : Jackson Swift
    Psychic Hotlines have been around since the 1980’s. Basically, what it offers is a way to get a psychic reading by phone – with no waiting and round-the-clock service.
  • Majalis  By : Ibrahim
    The word majalis is derived from the verb jalasa, meaning to sit down or to hold a session, and majalis therefore means meeting or assembly. (Koran: 68:11-12)

    In pre-Islamic period, the majalis designated an assembly or council of the tribe's notables. In various states of the Middle Ages, an elaborate governmental structure contained a series of majalis, such as majalis al-baladiyya (municipal council), majalis al-wuzura (council of ministers), etc.
  • Book Review: The Shack  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A short book review on "The Shack" by William P. Young. Johnny Kicklighter demostrates how William P. Young has a distorted view of the attributes of God and the doctrine of salvation.
  • Bible Ministries Reaching Further During Recession  By : Jon Wilke
    Faith Comes By Hearing, the world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, records and uses Audio Bibles to disciple the world’s poor and illiterate people. People know that the need for God’s Word is so great among poor and illiterate people of the world.
  • Kiddush Cup For Any Affair  By : Aria Scherer
    A lot people of Jewish heritage have probably spoke the Kiddush, which is a recitation used to sanctify Shabbat or a Jewish holy day.
  • Dream Analysis Experts: Sigmund Freud  By : Jackson Swift
    Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud has made a substantial contribution to the world of psychology. In fact, he is known as the father of psychoanalysis.
  • Maisar  By : Ibrahim
    The word maisir is derived from different roots, such as yasara means to become gentle, to draw lots by arrows, or yasar means affluence because gambling bring about profit, or yusr means convenience, because gambling is a means of earning without toil, or yasr means dividing a thing into a number of shares. Zamakhshari (d. 538/1144) in Kashshaf (1:261) cites the word maisir as denoting the Arabic word qimar means gambling, namely "taking some one's property in an easy way without effort and labour."
  • Guide to Understanding The Bible with Confidence  By : Francis Hirak
    Some people think that understanding the Bible is just too hard and therefore never even try to develop a deeper understanding of it’s meanings and truths. As Christians, we are promised an interpreter who is the Holy Spirit who will reveal the meaning to us. The benefits of this understanding go beyond just an understanding of the Scriptures alone, it will help us understand life as well and let us reap the full benefits of an intimate relationship with our Creator.
  • Have You Overlooked These 4 Dream Fulfilling Bible Verses About Reading The Bible?  By : David Hopkins
    If you want to know some Bible verses about reading the Bible that can help you fulfill all your dreams according to the promises that God attached to Bible reading that make good things pursue you as apposed to you breaking your back trying to pursue good things.
  • Audio Bible Ambassador Equips Saints For Virtual Ministry  By : Jon Wilke
    Audio Bibles connect modern technology to the Word of God, with the timeless result of sharing God's Word with people who hunger for spiritual knowledge. Faith Comes By Hearing has been at the forefront of this movement, working tirelessly to compile the largest catalog of Audio Bibles in the world.
  • 5 Tips for Choosing Your Personal Astrologer  By : Jackson Swift
    Astrology plays an important role in many people’s lives. Some use it to guide their business and financial decisions. Others consult the stars regarding love.
  • About Calling Yourself A Christian  By : suegold
    Having found Jesus is a beautiful thing. Your life seems to have meaning. You've seem to have found something that brings you great joy and happiness. Your loneliness and emptiness have disappeared. Praise the Lord.

    Anyone that has accepted Jesus in their heart is considered to be a follower of Jesus Christ. So, when anyone asks you, "Are you a Christian?", certainly you're going to reply, "yes, I am".
  • Children And God  By : Francis Hirak
    What is the key priority when it comes to children and God, and why are they so important and precious to Him? What is the very best road to raising Godly children?
  • Ma'adan Chhanta  By : Ibrahim
    "The word ma'ad is derived from the verb ada or awd signifies to return to a place, and thus ma'ad means the ultimate place of one's returning. It is also treated as a synonym of raja'a, which is also used in the Koran (2:28) to indicate return to God:
  • Life  By : Ibrahim
    Life (hay) in the sense of living out one's corporeal existence is, however, paradoxically fraught with danger, illusion and deception. The Koran exhibits an almost platonic rejection of the life of this world (al-hayat al-dunya), characterizing it as nothing but "play and amusement (la'ib wa-lahw) and contrasting it with the reward of the righteous in the hereafter (6:32). There is a virtual repetition of the same words in 57:20 where this leitmotiv of al-hayat al-dunya as la'ib wa-lahw is further amplified by its being powerfully designated as "goods and chattels of deception" (mata al-ghurur). In the emphasis placed by the text on a physical world of transitory illusion and deception, and the explicit contrast in 6:32 of this world and the next, there are obvious echoes of the lament in Ecclesiastes 1:2-3.
  • Receive Blessings from God Through Obedience  By : Francis Hirak
    To receive blessings from God through obedience is the ultimate reward for living a Christian life. God’s blessings are too numerous to count and far exceed anything we could have dreamed for ourselves. He knows exactly what our hearts desire and He wants to give us those things if we will only follow Him in obedience.
  • Are Your Prayers Missing These 7 Steps For Praying Like Jesus?  By : David Hopkins
    If you want to know how to pray like Jesus and how praying like Jesus can improve your prayer life substantially in a way that makes sure you cover all the bases and please God, unlike the usual selfish me, me, me orientated prayers that most people are used to.
  • Tips On How To Accomplish Church Restoration and Repair  By : joalesto
    Church restoration and repair means taking into account issues other than the usual building structure and blueprint. Going for an expert contractor that has had extensive experience with restoring churches is the right way of ensuring your church stays a valuable and magnificent house of prayer.
  • Legend Of Paradise  By : Ibrahim
    "Examining a critical and analytical approach of the sources, it is almost possible to clarify that the fortress of Alamut was situated in rocky and infertile region, and its physical condition during occupation was very much rough and coarse. It was embosomed with swamps and muddy tracts, accounting unhealthy atmosphere. Hasan bin Sabbah immediately embarked on the task of renovating the castle, which was in great need of repairs, improving its fortifications, storage facilities and water supply sources. He also improved and extended the system of irrigation and cultivation of crops in the Alamut, where many trees were planted. Thus, a fertile spot emerged out, tending an eye-catching scene in the barren ranges of Elburz mountain. The fertile tracts of the valley radically began to appear as if an oasis in the desert.
  • Understanding the Gifts of God  By : Francis Hirak
    The gifts of God that are bestowed on the faithful believer make living the Christian life truly worth while. Understanding God’s gifts can make our daily struggles seem less of a struggle and more of a lesson to be learned from executing these gifts in our life.
  • Lauh Mahfuz  By : Ibrahim
    The word lauh means plank, as in Koran (54:13), and also a tablet for writing, and mahfuz means that which is guarded. The expression lauh mahfuz (guarded tablet) occurs but once in the Koran: "Nay, it is a glorious Koran in a guarded tablet" (85:21-22). The word lauh in its plural form alwah is used in connection with the books of Moses: "And We ordained for him in the tablets (alwah) admonition of every kind and clear explanation of all things" (7:145). The alwah of Moses and the lauh of the Koran are the same; only in the case of the Koran the lauh is stated to be mahfuz or guarded, for which the explanation is given "that the Koran is protected against change and alteration."
  • The Wonder of Jesus Pre-existence as the Eternal God  By : Miracle Evangelism
    Jesus Christ was born 2,000 years ago. But before His incarnation, He existed as the Eternal God. Explore this wonder in this article.
  • Do You Know What It Takes To Read The Bible Through In A Year?  By : David Hopkins
    Have you ever tried to read the Bible through in a year? If so then you know how hard it can be.
  • Audio Bible Ministry Demonstrates Digital Discipleship  By : Jon Wilke
    The world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, is joining with other global ministries to support Internet Evangelism Day, a campaign to encourage believers to share the Gospel through the Internet.
  • Lail At-Qamar  By : Ibrahim
    The word hilal means slim crescent, while the word badr means full moon. The word appears only once in its plural form, ahilla in the Koran (2:189). The general term in the Koran for moon however occurs 27 times, usually paired with the sun. The Hebrew word hodesh also means new moon. The term lail at-qamar means the night of the crescent. The method of calculation of the new moon was firstly introduced by the Fatimids in 331/942 in North Africa, then in 359/970 at Cairo. That is the reason that the use of the hilal as a decorative emblem was introduced firstly in the period of Imam az-Zahir (d. 427/1036). On the early night when the crescent appeared, the Ismailis call it chand ra't (crescent night), while the Syrian Ismailis pronounce it shand ra't. On that occasion, a grand assembly is held in the Jamatkhana.
  • Is Your Bible Study Time Missing These 4 Christian Meditation Techniques?  By : David Hopkins
    Psalms 119:100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.
  • God Is Delighted When Christians Prosper  By : suegold
    God did not create us and then leave us to ourselves. He is very much interested in what happens to his children, the Abrahamic Seed Group.

    His interest in us caused Him to promise us healing, prosperity, family well being and salvation in the covenant He made with Abraham. (Gentile Christians are grafted into these Abrahamic blessing promises right along with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel.) Powerful Scriptures below demonstrate His interest in our prosperity.
  • Lail At-Harir  By : Ibrahim
    "The battle of Siffin between Ali bin Abu Talib and Muawiya broke out on 8th Safar, 36/July 26, 657. A fierce battle was fought between them on the whole day, and it even continued in the darkness of that night, which is known as lail at-harir (the night of clangour). William Muir writes in The Caliphate, its Rise and Fall (London, 1924, p. 261) that, "Both armies drawn out in entire array, fought till the shades of evening fell, neither having got the better. The following morning,
  • Lady Aly Shah  By : Ibrahim
    "Shamsul Mulk, the daughter of Mirza Ali Muhammad Nizam ad-Dawla, the grandson of Muhammad Hussain Khan Ispahani, the Prime Minister of Shah Fateh Ali Qajar (d. 1250/1834) of Iran; was born in Ispahan. Khurshid Kulah, the mother of Shamsul Mulk was the daughter of Shah Fateh Ali through one of his queens, Tajudawla Ispahani by name. Lady Aly Shah was thus related to the Iranian royal family through her mother. Queen Tajudawla was educated under the care of Motamid ad-Dawla Abdul Wahab Khan Nishat Ispahani, an eminent scholar of her time and her daughter and grand-daughter were equally recipients of a select and high education.

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