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  • Politicians, Gods & Messiahs  By : charu102
    I heard a conversation take place the other day where one person was explaining to another how he felt about Barack Obama. He told this woman that to him, and to people in his generation, Barack Obama represented the same hope that Jack Kennedy had represented to that generation. This statement sent shivers down my spine. Here was a man in his late fifties not only comparing Barack Obama to John F. Kennedy, (no offense, but Mr. Obama is no John F. Kennedy) but he's hanging his hopes and dreams on one individual who has an undetermined agenda, may have a questionable past, and has a collectivist voting record. I think this man's faith is misplaced and the thought that there are millions more out there like him disturbs me.
  • Technology and the Psychic World  By : Jackson Swift
    The world of psychics and astrology has become vastly different since the dawn of the Internet. It has opened the lines of communication between readers and querants.
  • Varas Jan Muhammad Hansraj  By : Ibrahim
    Jan Muhammad Hansraj was born in 1838 in Kutchh. Not much is known about his early life. He however made a trip of Zanzibar in 1852 and ventured in the business field.
  • Count Jafferali Ali Megji  By : Ibrahim
    Jaffer Rahimtulla was the younger brother of Sir Ibrahim Rahimtullah (1862-1942). He was born in 1870 and after the death of his father, his brother Ibrahim Rahimtullah gave him adequate education. After his matriculation in 1888, he joined the university and passed B.A. (Hon.) in Philosophy and Logic.
  • Journey of Faith  By : Francis Hirak
    What is our journey of faith and how do we get the true understanding of how faith works in our lives? How do we structure and build upon faith as we take our journey through life?
  • A True Servant of God  By : Francis Hirak
    To be a true servant of God is not always an easy task. We must first place God at the forefront of our priorities, then others, then ourselves. The word "servant" doesn't exactly evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling in us at first glance but once we realize the benefits of being a faithful servant of God, we see that the Bible is true in it's statement that "the last shall be first and the first shall be last".
  • Two Faced Christians  By : Lincoln articles
    Sadly, a large number of Christians are found to be different in their houses or with their friends then at their place of worship.
  • The Value Of Having A Church Or Ministry Website  By : Robert Thomson
    Community-based organizations would expand their reach to a broader range of membership by adding a website to their spectrum of ministry.
  • Mapping the Future by Birth Chart  By : Navneet Singh
    The future is uncertain and unpredictable. What will happen ahead in life often dominates our minds and the need to know it often leads us to the specialists who have authority on the subject?
  • The Three Qualities in Astrology  By : Jackson Swift
    In astrology, there are three main qualities. This is the second major classification that defines the nature of the sign (the first being the Elements).
  • Pyschic Learning Unlock Your Third Eye  By : Amanda Edwards
    A mystic is a person who can use his other intuitive abilities for private improvement as well as the improvement of the situations around him. Before You can unlock your 3rd eye and loose your capabilities, you will need to firstly develop your mystic powers. Images and ideas will always come to your mind.
  • Sikhism, Nanaksar Baba Nand Singh Ji, Pamoist a holy being  By : Jyotdeep
    Author wanted to spread the Gurmat and Gurmaryada through the electronic media nationally and internationally, and to make the holy followers grasp the religious discourse of His Holiness Kotan Kot Dhan Baba A-Nand Singh Ji Maharaj (Kaleran wale).This Article describes sweet memories and the true biographic sketch of Dhan Dhan Baba Mahan Harnam Singh JI (Bhucho wale) has been presented who had been in union with the Formless One with his meditation.
  • Islamic Academy  By : Uzma Shah
    SKF academy is a Nobel Islamic center for learning, training and practicing. Salma K. FARID Academy is providing facilities as an all rounder for children at the age of kindergarten and up to eighth grade. It works as an Islamic center, a tution center, after school training/coaching center and a center for children’s extracurricular activities.
  • Numerology : Your Essential Numbers  By : Jackson Swift
    The exact origin of numerology is somewhat uncertain. Historians find it difficult to trace where it was first used or how the concepts of numerology came about.
  • how to choose best escort agencies in india  By : infosystem
    escort agencies offering a real service to escorts and clients, unfortunately there are many fake escort agencies that make their money by charging registration fees, to naive individuals looking to enter the industry, without actually providing any work in return. The fake agencies are relatively easy to spot if one uses common sense but unfortunately they are also very good at exploiting the greed, desperation and naivety of newcomers to the industry. A combination of characteristics separates
  • Know About Your Stars  By : Navneet Singh
    Astrology is one of the most debatable topics of all times. It is an interesting and fascinating subject, which raises the curiosity of all, including the people who do not believe in it.
  • Mawla  By : Ibrahim
    Some 127 meanings of the word mawla have been given in the lexicons, notably master, lord, or one who deserves superior authority, guardian or patron. The Koran says, "God is Guardian (mawla), and He gives life to the dead" (42:9) and "He is your Master (mawla); how excellent the Master (mawla) and how excellent the Helper!" (22:70). The word mawla occurs in different forms in the Koran, such as mawali (4:33. 19:5), mawalikum (33:5), al-mawla (22:13, 44:41), mawlakum (3:150, 8:40, 22:78, 57:15, 66:2), mawlana (2:286, 9:51), mawlahu (16:76, 66:4) and mawlahum (10:30).
  • Astrology : Oldest Science Known to Man  By : Jackson Swift
    Sometime referred to as the oldest science known to man, Astrology actually goes beyond the daily horoscopes. Thought the latter is entertaining, its roots are of a more serious and complex origin.
  • Expedition Of Mauta  By : Ibrahim
    When the Prophet summoned the nations the message of Islam, one of his letters was addressed to Shurahbil bin Amr, the ruler of Ghassan, and the vassal of Caesar of Rome. The letter of the Prophet was carried by Harith bin Umayr, who was killed at a place called Mauta, a village not far from Balka in Syria. The murder of the Muslim envoy by a feudatory of the Roman empire was an outrage, which could not be passed over in silence.
  • Mata Salamat Umm Habibeh  By : Ibrahim
    Mlle Blanche Yvette Labrousse, the widow of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah was born on February 15, 1906 in Sete, near Marseilles. Her parent moved to Cannes when she was a baby. Her father was a tram-conductor. She always remembered her parent for the moral code instilled in her. She was granted the title of Miss Lyon and became Miss France in 1930 in a nation-wide beauty contest, and in the same year she went to Rio de Janiero to represent her country at an international event. She married to Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah at the age of 39 years on October 9, 1944 in Switzerland. She had converted to Islam before marriage.
  • Mata Salamat  By : Ibrahim
    The word mata salamat means mother of peace. This is a unique title awarded only to three mothers of different Imams during last thirteen hundred years, such as Sarcar Bibi Marium Khatoon, Lady Aly Shah and Umm Habibeh.

    In 1157/1744, a daughter Bibi Marium Khatoon, was born at his uncle's home, known as Bibi Sarcar Mata Salamat, with whom the marriage of Imam Khalilullah Ali was solemnized in 1218/1803 at Mahallat, and she gave birth of Imam Hasan Ali Shah. In 1245/1829, Imam Hasan Ali Shah awarded her the title of Mata Salamat and sent her in India when she was about 85 years old with Mirza Abul Kassim to remove the internal disputes of the community.
  • Masjid I Aqsa  By : Ibrahim
    The Kaba stands in the center of a parallelogram whose dimensions are as follows: North-west side 545 feet, south-east side 553 feet, north-east side 360 feet and south-west side 364 feet. This are is known as al-Masjid al-Haram, or the Sacred Mosque, the famous mosque in Mecca. In the Koran this name occurs in revelations of the early Meccan period, as in 17:1. The area of the Sacred Mosque contains, besides the Kaba,
  • Psychic Hotline: What Happens Behind the Scenes?  By : Jackson Swift
    There are hundreds of reasons to call a psychic hotline. While topics about love and romance still top the list of the most asked about questions in psychic hotlines, financial and business stability are coming in at a close second.
  • Admission Of Women In Masjid  By : Ibrahim
    The status of women in Islam, especially with regards to such issues as marriage, inheritance, veiling and seclusion has received a great deal of scholarly attention. For women, the mosque meant access to almost every aspect of public life. Debarring or limiting their access means restricting their participation in public life. Gender segregation, as seen in most mosques today, is such a limitation, for it limits women's full access. This both hampers their participation and can even shut them out completely. Segregation can be implemented either through a screen or a wall, or by distance, as happens when placing women behind men during the congregational prayers.
  • Masjid  By : Ibrahim
    The word masjid is derived from sajd (prostration), thus it means the place of prostration. The English word mosque derives via French mosquee, the old French mousquaie, the old Italian moschea and moscheta, while moschee in German and mescit in Turkish - all came from the Arabic via Spanish mezquita. In East Africa, the mosque is commonly spoken of in Swahili as msikiti (pl. misikiti). In Indonesia, it is pronounced as mesigit, masigit and maseghit. The Chinese call it Ch'ing-chen ssu.
  • Kundalini  By : Tim Bresnan
    Kundalini meditation is a meditative technique that will develop your capability to live and love. You will enjoy an increased energy for caring actions. Kundalini can be defined as an energy that is aroused by positive, loving attitudes. This energy maintains our effort of freewill. Kundalini meditation may not suit every individual, but it is definitely worth exploring. When we practice kundalini meditation we naturally increase kundalini and our mind is energized to perform loving thoughts an
  • Malaik  By : Ibrahim
    "The Arabic word for angel is malak (pl. mala'ika), which is derived from alk or alaka, meaning the bearing of messages. Another view traces its root from malk or milk, meaning power. It is also stated that it is derived from uluqatun, means messenger. In Arabic the person whom the message is assigned to convey is also called uluqat. The word malak and mala'ika occur 68 times in the Koran. In Persian, the firishta is used for the angel, which is derived from firishtadan, meaning to send.
  • Majalis-i Dawat-i Fana  By : Ibrahim
    It almost resembles the practice of the ruhani majalis prevalent in the Indian tradition. When one dies, his family members and relatives assemble in his house for three days, known as the dawat-i fana. His family does not cook food for three days, but only a lamp is kindled. Major J. Biddulph writes in Tribes of the Hindoo Koosh (Karachi, 1977, p. 123) that, "On the evening of the appointed day, a caliph comes to the house, and food is cooked and offered to him. He eats a mouthful and places a piece of bread in the mouth of the dead man's heir, after which the rest of the family partakes.
  • Majalis-i Dawat-i Baqa  By : Ibrahim
    The chiragh-i rawshan is also solemnized for the longevity, prosperity and blessing of a person who is alive, known as dawat-i baqa. It also corresponds with the Indian tradition of the hayati majalis. It also exhorts that the Imam is an Everlasting Guide and Epiphany (mazhar) of God on earth. The believers must kindle the lamp of Divine Light in their hearts. Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah also said, "The lamp of the Divine Light exists in you and your hands. This is spoken metaphorically. This lamp always exists in you all" (Zanzibar, 13/9/1899).
  • Indian Astrology or Vedic Astrology  By : Navneet Singh
    India is always known for its unity in variety, a country that one of the most profligate history and absolutely for being a country with lots of acquaintance and tradition.

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