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  • Fashion Trends for Prom Dresses in 2012  By : Cristina
    Have you prepared your prom dresses for your big night? This year of 2012 is a season of fashion and diversity.
  • Hindu Deities Statues  By : crafters123
    All Hindu deities’ statues represent one or more particular aspects of the Supreme Being. And while Hindus worship many gods and goddesses, they believe that all these are forms of that one Supreme God. For this reason, it can be said that Hinduism is not just Polytheism, but a Monotheistic Polytheism. One of the celebrated goddesses in Hinduism is goddess Lakshmi.
  • The Key to Promotion  By : Seun Okikiola
    It is not uncommon to desire an upliftment or a promotion in life. As a matter of fact, it is abnormal not to desire to move forward or advance in life. Discover how you can achieve your desired promotion, as a Christian.
  • Mark Of The Beast  By : Robert Thomson
    In the Scriptures as well as in Christian circles, the number 666 has special significance as a symbol of evil. Specifically, the 666 symbol is the symbolic representation of the antichrist's kingdom on earth, which has been predicted to occur after the supposed rapture.
  • Quel est mon ascendant dans l’astrologie?  By : Harshit Wilson
    Dans l’astrologie du zodiaque, on peut déterminer son horoscope grâce à son signe et son ascendant astrologique. L’ensemble des deux concepts se base sur la date de sa venue au monde mais seule l’ascendance se focalise sur le lieu de naissance.
  • L’astrologie est pratiquée par des professionnels  By : Karun Lohan
    Lorsque l’on souhaite savoir son avenir en astrologie, on est tenté de demander cela à des professionnels qui ont de l’expérience et des références dans le métier. Effectivement, l’analyse par l’astrologie est avant tout une science.
  • Growing Spiritually During Difficult Times  By : Gen Wright
    Spiritual growth in a world dominated by money, power and influence is a monumental undertaking. Our physical wants and needs attract the lion's share of our attention due to conveniences such as electronic gizmos, television, and the Internet. Meaning and self worth are confused as a result.
  • Approach Funeral Directors and Say Ciao  By : Steve Jhonsons
    It had never been so easy to say good bye to loved one but that’s the fact of life. Some you need to do is funeral arrangements and it is better you approach funeral directors for that. When someone passes away, it’s difficult to decide what to do. So, to carry out funeral cremation successfully, the assistance of the funeral directors in Melbourne is needed.
  • Sharing Decent Sermons to the Group of Youth to Develop their Mindsets  By : lexorleslie
    Probably one of the most suitable ideas to implement these days is allow the youth to become mindful about sermons.
  • A Discussion Of Buddhist Vegetarians  By : Gen Wright
    Contrary to common perception, Buddhists are not absolute vegetarians. To set the facts straight, some Buddhists are practicing vegetarians while others are not. The stand on vegetarianism differs from sect to sect and from one Buddhist to another. When you are wondering if there is a necessity to observe vegetarianism when one wants to become a Buddhist, you will most likely get a conditional answer.
  • Number Of The Beast  By : Robert Thomson
    In the Scriptures as well as in Christian circles, the number 666 has special significance as a symbol of evil. Specifically, the 666 number is the numeric representation of the antichrist's kingdom on earth, which has been predicted to occur after the supposed rapture.
  • End Of The World - Will The World Really End In 2012?  By : Rod Ventura
    In the past a lot of people have been prophesizing doomsday and these prophecies just keep on coming.
  • The Differences of America Football Compared with Australian Foot  By : yang
    Though there are some differences between American football and Australian football, the main rules are the same.
  •  By : Samantha Dale
  • Christian church Network  By : Matt Rozeski
    The physical distance has not erased our religious connection. iChurchNetwork has bonded the Christian religion within a network where virtual link-up is re-generated and are equally enjoyed.
  • The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam  By : smith john
    The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word "Islam" itself means. The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx.
  • Feng Shui In Your Workplace  By : Gen Wright
    Feng shui is all about increasing the amount of positive energy in a room and balancing things out with the way you decorate it and where you choose to put certain pieces of furniture or other items. The environment that you work in should be both comfortable and calming, so you should make sure to find out what would be the best possible way to go about arranging all of the different things in space where you work.
  • Munajat  By : Ibrahim
    The Arabic word munajat is derived from najiy, meaning confidential talk The Koran says: "And We called to him from the right side of the Mount (Sinai) and let him come near in order to have a personal talk (najiy) with Him" (19:52)
  • Munafiqun  By : Ibrahim
    Hypocrite is the word generally used to translate the Koranic term munafiqun, the active participle of the third form of the root n-f-q. Its verbal noun, nifaq is usually translated as hypocrisy.
  • Mujizah  By : Ibrahim
    The word mujizah is derived from ijaz meaning inability, referring to the miracle. The Koran exhorts miracles in a threefold sense: the sacred history, in connection with the Prophet, and in relation to revelation.
  • Discover Your Mind's Deepest Secrets  By : Robert Thomson
    People wonder what makes them do things they later regret. Where does violence come from? What gives us our irrational fears, anxieties, anger? Where does it come from? What makes us strike at someone we love? There must be some final underlying cause, below all others. There just must be. And if you have thought like this, then read on. This article is for you.
  • Muhkam And Mutashabih  By : Ibrahim
    The verses of the Koran are stated to be partly muhkam (decisive) and partly mutabshabih (allegorical). The Koran (11:1) explains the first designation by declaring that it is "a book whose verses are precisely, clearly or unambiguously set forth" (uhkimat). Here the purpose of muhkam is to provide clear guidance.
  • The Name Muhammad  By : Ibrahim
    The name Muhammad (may peace be upon him) is the passive participle of the second form of the verb hamada (to praise or laud), and means "(he who is) worthy of praise" or "(one who is) often praised." Muhammad is the passive participle of the first form of the same verbal root, "(he who is) praised, to whom praised is due."
  • Muhammad, Holy Prophet PBUH (571-632 A.D.)  By : Ibrahim
    "Ismael, the son of Abraham had a son, Kaidar whose progeny spread over the Arabian province of Hijaz. Adnan, to whom the Prophet traced his descent, was also a scion of Ismael in about the fortieth generations.
  • Varas Karim Kassim  By : Ibrahim
    Period (1878-1958)

    Karim Kassim was the younger brother of Varas Bandali Kassim (1875-1956). He was born in 1878 in Karachi, where he acquired his formal education from Sind Madresa-tul-Islam School upto fourth class. He held a strong command in English, Gujrati and Sindhi languages. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was his classmate.
  • Muhammad Shah Dullah  By : Ibrahim
    In India, Syed Ghulam Ali Shah was collecting the religious dues in Kutchh, and after his death in 1797, the Imam Shah Khalilullah Ali, who ascended on May 23, 1792 had appointed him as a vakil in Gujrat.
  • Muhammad Bin Kiya Buzrug Ummid  By : Ibrahim
    "Muhammad bin Kiya Buzrug was born in 490/1097 probably in the fortress of Lamasar. He was given training by his father, and proved an able and competent administrator. He was assisted by his one young brother Kiya Ali, who led many expeditions and died in 538/1144.
  • Mizan  By : Ibrahim
    The "balance" of the hereafter, therefore, differs not at all from the "balance" of this life; except that there it takes a more palpable form. The general principle is laid down in the following verses:
  • Muayyad Fid-Din Ash-Shirazi  By : Ibrahim
    "Al-Muayyad fid-din ash-Shirazi was born in 390/1000 in Shiraz. He was an outstanding da'i, orator, prolific writer, poet and politician. His father, tracing his link from a Daylami Ismaili family was also a da'i with some influence in the Buwahid orbits of Fars. In one of poems he narrates in his Diwan al-Muayyad (poem no. 4) that,
  • Teenage Christian Girls, Clothing and Designs  By : Robert Thomson
    In today's culture, many things are accepted that go against what the Bible stands for. As a Christian teen, it's important to live in a way that really speaks...

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