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  • Behind the Lucky Numbers  By : Lloyd Twain
    Numerology is the study of numbers and their influences on to people. Numerology has accompanied by lucky numbers which defined on the lucky moment of a person who consult into a numerologist.
  • Jahiliyya  By : Ibrahim
    The word jahiliyya means ignorance, which is taken to refer to the pre-Islamic period. It was the age of tribalism and is reckoned to cover the period of about a century before the advent of Islam. In pre-Islamic literature, and to a considerable degree in the Koran, the word from the root j-h-l means not ignorance but something like barbarism. The term jahiliyya occurs four times in the Koran (33:33, 48:26, 5:50 and 3:154).
  • Numerology: Numbers Attached to our Daily Lives!  By : johnlloyd
    Did you experience acquiring your numerology report? What happen when you have it? Do some things implicates into your life? Does the Number affects your life? If yes, congrats! You encounter an expert numerologist.
  • Is Self-Esteem Contrary To Christianity  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    The philosophy of self-esteem is probably the most influential doctrine to arrive on the scene in Christendom's recent history. It has had as much affect, if not even more, on evangelical Christianity than the modern tongues movement that surfaced in the late 1960's. Has self-esteem psychology replaced what the church used to teach about man's sinfullness?
  • Taliscope or Talisman-Horoscope  By : Robert Thomson
    Year 2009 will be marked by the launch of a brand new product, Taliscope ( ), already in high demand by Internet users. Taliscope is a talismanic calendar which provides for each day of the year a talisman in the form of a 4x4 magic square, whose first line is made up of figures of the chosen date. It combines several parallel sciences as clairvoyance, esotericism and astrology. Taliscope also helps you to find all the lucky days of the year.
  • Birth Charts And Star Signs  By : raphnix
    All of these are the signs that composed the birth chart. Your birth chart, is usually shown in the form of a wheel that symbolizes the cycles periodically known to your life or to the other living things on earth. The symbols known as glyphs was displayed which stand for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors representing forces can affect your life at any given time.
  • Book Review: Jay Adams's Competent To Counsel  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A book review of Jay Adams' book, "Competent to Counsel." This was a watershed publication that changed the face of Christian counseling and challenges modern day psychology.
  • Book Review: Jesus Christ: Self-Denial Or Self-Esteem By Dr. David Tyler  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    Dr. Tyler compares the notion of selfism (self-esteem) to the life and practices of Jesus Christ. By so doing, he demonstrates that self-esteem flies directly in the face of what Christ was teaching others, i.e., we should serve each other.
  • Astrology And Life Choices  By : raphnix
    There were cases where a man is drawn to too much worrying about his future. Sometimes he feels like no direction at all when it comes to making decision for himself. Negativity or pessimistic approaches to their failures lead to worse case scenarios as giving up or with suicidal behaviors.
  • Horoscopes for Love, Happiness, and Success  By : Lloydie
    Horoscopes for love, happiness, and success are mostly on regular topics in our Horoscope reports. These are the type of reports in the horoscopes which intend to give the report regarding on the situations of our love life, about the comprising happiness into our life, and about the incoming success in our life.
  • Hashim Jamal, Count  By : Ibrahim
    Period: (1880-1970)

    Jamal Pradhan was a famous figure in Kutiana, India. His elder son, Hashim, was born in 1880, who did his early schooling in India and helped his father in his shop in his free time. He studied upto 7th class and joined the school as a teacher. In 1901, he left the school and decided to immigrate to Africa. When he bid farewell to his schoolmates, Maneklal Nanji, the headmaster said, “How much would you give to the school if God may bless you with Rs. 10,000/-”. To this, Hashim Jamal said, “I will donate Rs. 500/- to the school.” The headmaster also said, “When you try your fortune, you must come back to improve the condition of your old school. Do not forget us.” True to his promise, many years later, he donated Rs.500/- generously to his old school.
  • Living Healthy With Health And Fitness Astrology  By : raphnix
    Aside from the daily personality and motivational guides read from you horoscope, there are yet more things that your astrological sign can provide you.
  • Psychic Reading: The Fun of Knowing  By : raphnix
    Many people has their own interpretations of their intuitions and natural perceptions. But the bases of its truthfulness or reliability are sometimes doubtful for some people.
  • Behind The Language Of Numbers  By : raphnix
    Often associated with occult and astrology, numerology is any of the many systems, tradition, or beliefs in a mystical relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things.1 it is the study of numbers and letters significance.
  • Ready for an Adventure? Try Spiritual Travel!  By : David T.
    If you’re seeking renewal, growth, and change, then a spiritual pilgrimage may be just what you’ve been looking for. A spiritual pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place. Or, in other words, a physical journey that yields spiritual results.
  • The Opening To The Psychic World  By : raphnix
    Neutral believers of paranormal entities and phenomena are yet confused of their in dept purpose to humanity. Astrology sings or star signs are already universal terms but delivers no unique impact to what does it really means or its true objectives.
  • Ismailis in Iran  By : Ibrahim
    "Tradition has it that Imam Muhammad bin Ismail left Medina and went to southern Iraq, where he acquired the epithet of al-maktum (veiled one), and then at Nishapur in disguise, where he lodged for some times. Afterwards, the Imam proceeded towards Ray, about 15 miles from Tehran. Ishaq bin al-Abbas al-Farsi, the Abbasid governor of Ray professed Ismailism. Imam betrothed to Fatima, the daughter of Sarah, sister of Ishaq bin al-Abbas. When the news of Imam Muhammad bin Ismail's stay at Ray reached the ears of Harun ar-Rashid, he wrote to Ishaq bin al-Abbas, ordering to arrest the Imam and send him to Baghdad. Upon receipt of caliph's letter, he showed it to the Imam and replied to the caliph that he found no trace of the Imam, and would send as soon as he was arrested, and thus he tried to put the caliph off the scent. But the spies planted by Baghdad reported to the caliph that Imam Muhammad bin Ismail not only was living at governor's house, but that he was operating his mission from there. Upon this, the caliph wrote another letter to Ishaq bin al-Abbas, impugning him to come in person with his forces if his orders were not obeyed forthwith. The governor however made his usual reply. Meanwhile, the complaints about Ali bin Musa bin Mahan, the governor of Khorasan reached the point where Harun ar-Rashid could no longer ignore them, and adopted a militant stance. In 189/805, he marched towards Ray with a detachment of his army, and after searching for the Imam through a tracking party, ordered to arrest Ishaq bin al-Abbas. Ishaq died as a result of severe torture inflicted upon him, and was rigorously flogged till death. He did not waver and stood steadfast in spite of excruciating tortures. In spite of the gloomy situation, his faith remained unshakable.
  • Nature of Zodiac Signs and Astrology!  By : Lloydie
    As we continue expanding our life and exploring new knowledge and wisdoms, we are intend to have a basis in everything we've got and anything we do. A basis that gives you the standee of your past, present, and future in sequential details of your life as individual up to social inhabitants.
  • Ask For Help If You Need It - Guardian Angels Are Here to Help  By : Gen Wright
    Think about the last time you had a problem and you prayed to God for help. Perhaps it was difficulty with your career, your family, your health, and other areas.
  • The Process of Healing With Guardian Angel Energy  By : Gen Wright
    In our busy schedules and everyday lives, we sometimes neglect our health and spiritual well being. This is sometimes inevitable.
  • A Quick Introduction to Angel Chi Art  By : Gen Wright
    An angel exists in the spiritual realm. Not everybody sees them but psychics and highly sensitive or religious people often claim that they exist.
  • ADHD - A Deceptive Diagnosis  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A look at ADHD from a spiritual perspective.
  • Book Review: The Self-Confrontation Manual  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A book review of John Broger's book Self-Confrontation: A Manual for In-Depth Discipleship.
  • Ismailis in Afghanistan  By : Ibrahim
    The word Afghanistan means the land of the Afghans and the word afghan (awghan or aoghan) means the mountaineers. The oldest Indian literature refers it as Balhekdes. The Persians called it as Zablistan and Kabalistan. To the Greeks, it was Bakhtar or Bactria. The Afghan territories also is included in the Central Asia.

    How and when the Ismaili mission penetrated Afghanistan is under the shadow of much ambiguity. There were immense difficulties on the field of communication with the Imams, also the scattered dispersion and above all their absolute minority in the territory. Most of them had to settle in the mountainous villages of central parts and remote places of northern areas. The hovering fear of persecution forced them to maintain complete secrecy of their faith and assumed taqiya during last five centuries.
  • Wazir Ghulam Hussain Mohammad Ali Dharas  By : Ibrahim
    Devji, the son of Lalji was a native of Junagadh, India. He was an eminent wool merchant, having immense devotion in social services. According to the available information, Devji is said to have joined the Ismaili caravan in Bhuj, Kutchh headed by a certain Dharamsi Punjuani which was bound for Iran for the didar of Imam Shah Khalilullah (1792-1817) in Yazd at the beginning of 1817. They started from the port of Mandavi, Kutchh and boarded for Muscat and landed at Port Abbas, and reached Yazd on camels. Yazd is situated between Isfahan and Kirman on the route leading to Baluchistan.
  • Spiritual Healing and the Financial Crash!  By : T.OM
    What has Spiritual Healing to do a with a financial crash? Isn’t the financial showdown not a material disaster rather than a spiritual? Well, as far as any of those in spiritual healing matter or energy healing topics educated folks know is, that all there is, is energy.
  • Ismailis  By : Ibrahim
    The Shi'a Ismaili Muslims are now a global jamat and spread all over the world, ranging from Australia down south to the Arctic zone in Canada, up north. In all countries of their settlement, including the very new ones, Ismailis are seen to exist harmoniously within the broader framework of the country concerned, on the one hand progressing steadily under Present Imam's guidance on the other, contributing to the progress and well-being of that particular country. The Ismailis emerged originally from Syria, then spread in Yamen, Iran, Central Asia, Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, East Africa, etc.
  • Deceptive Diagnosis  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A book review of Deceptive Diagnois: When Sin is Called Sickness. The authors share their views on how the church and society have replaced man's sinful behavior with psychological terms.
  • Ismailia Socio-Economic Conference  By : Ibrahim
    "The First World Ismailia Socio-Economic Conference was held on Tuesday, December 15, 1964 on the ground of the Aga Khan Gymkhana, Karachi. Pakistan was fortunate to be the venue of this most important Conference.

    It was a sunny, bright and pleasant morning, when the Present Imam arrived at 10.30 a.m. and walked through the red carpet leading to the well decorated stage amidst the thundering applause of almost 6000 Ismailis, both delegates and observers from 13 countries. The inaugural session started with the recitations of the Koran and Ginan.
  • Signs or Horoscopes?  By : johnlloyd
    For a thousand of reasons, express and implied, the knowledge to know the future and past is something that interest much. Uncertain of the the future offers, people get skeptical. Nobody knows what the future holds, some look for psychics and some depends on horoscopes.

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