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  • Grasping the Divine Categories of Dreams to Discover the Meaning of a Dream  By : Paul Graden
    This expose reveals the distinct categories of dreams from the point of view of the Scriptures. This enables the dreamer to begin to comprehend the meaning of a dream.
  • You Can Build or Destroy – Which Do You Choose?  By : Mark Arens
    Ouch … that hurts --- and I can only imagine how our words of “destruction” pierce the heart of our Father in Heaven when one of His children is destroying another with their words. If we were all honest, we would realize that at times we choose to destroy others with our words even if we aren’t really thinking that is what we are doing.
  • What Would I Give To The World  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    All human experiences are only part of a greater picture (experience) that we are mostly unaware of, and it is by choice. It is the lack of awareness of our role in all experiences which gives us the illusion of separation from the thought manifested. Life's experiences will go on forever and never be fully experienced until the illusion is revealed and all things are known as one experience or the experience of one.
  • Christian Books for Children  By : jchain814
    Christian books for children not only instill great principles in your kid’s mind and life, but it is a great way to discover the values taught by God together with their parents.
  • You Are a Masterpiece!  By : Mark Arens
    You are a perfect child of God. You may not believe it, and some of you may not feel so perfect – yet! But hang in there, God’s not done with you – He will continually show you who you are in His eyes as you keep your eyes focused on Him!
  • The Shaman's Lonesome Vigil  By : The Manticore
    It starts with a drip, a single solitary drop, one tear gliding effortlessly down a ruddy cheek to plunge from protruding chin, taking that last leap as a diver from a cliff wall, heralding the arrival of so many more tears. It begins with just one, which fragments into the multitude like splinters of reflective glass made from the fall of a single mirror from the vanity face. The Tequihua begins with a single brick and then more are laid to keep this one company and he calls it a temple.
  • Online Astrology advice and Horoscopes consultation  By : India Law Offices
    Indastro is the collective wisdom of Vedic astrologer knowledge and ethics where our objective is to show the future in a true and honest mirror, to the best of our ability.
  • INDASTRO.COM - Special updates Horoscopes and Astrology  By : Vedic Astrology
    The provided complete 2009 Horoscope forecast will be available to December 2008. In the meanwhile the basic trends for 2009 year are indicated by Pt. Punarvasu as below for the various moon & Sun signs.
  • Evolution Through Chaos and Change  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    Although "New Age" is very young in its reality, it was and still is a major catalyst in the development and evolution of mankind. It has been instrumental in moving humanity from the dark ages of religion to a more enlightened awareness of mankind to its connection with Creator. But "New Age," as religion and dinosaurs, must make way for the mammals and new growth.
  • Basic Meditation Explained  By : Robert Thomson
    Basic meditation will improve your focus, make you a happier person, and greatly reduce the stress in your life. And this ancient practice is actually quite easy to learn and apply.
  • Neuro linguistic programming in Italy  By : Michele De Capitani
    Recently there has been a lot of talk about Neuro-linguistic Programming, also in Italy several schools have been created and various courses have been organized in the last years, but what is NLP and how does it really work?
  • Finding The 'Real' You With Past Life Regression  By : Paul A White
    While there is no denying that a vast number of people are curious with regards to their past lives, the number of people who are interested purely for the sake of being able to improve their current life, is dramatically less. Of course, some people still continue to question the possibility of hav
  • Tips For Choosing A Psychic Reading Online  By : Greath Owen
    When looking for a Psychic Reading you want to ensure that you are going to receive the most accurate and authentic reading. A Psychic reading helps to find insights and answers to some of your innermost questions. It is believed that a spiritual energy opens up between you and the psychic when you start the reading.
  • Psychic Ability- Develop Yours and Gain Control  By : Robert Thomson
    Psychic ability is the inner power which we call the sixth sense or paranormal power which develops the ability to look clearly beyond the realms of normal vision and see clearly in the future.
  • Soulmates- Twin Flames Destined As One  By : Robert Thomson
    What is the soul? There are many beliefs and theories about the soul. Some say that the soul is God residing within the body of a living being
  • Living in the Present Moment - How Good Can You Stand It?  By : Robert Thomson
    All the joy, confidence, abundance, and hope you could ever want can be found right here in the present moment. But for many people this pure goodness is just too much to withstand, so they hide from the now by living in the past or future.
  • The World of a Psychic Medium  By : Robert Thomson
    The world is full of mystical things which not only surprises us but opens our vision towards the existence of another world which we feel has an existence but cannot see or communicate with the people of that plane as they are beyond the vision of common man.
  • Gratitude is the Key to a Better World For Everyone  By : Robert Thomson
    People seem to spend more time complaining about their problems than being thankful for the many wonderful things they have in life. A change in perspective could vastly improve individual lives and help create a better world for all.
  • Living in the Present Moment is the Key to Happiness  By : Robert Thomson
    It's impossible to appreciate your life if you spend most of your time regretting the past and fretting the future. True peace is found when you center your awareness in the present moment and accept the stillness and clarity of now.
  • Your Power in the Present Moment - Awake to the Now  By : Robert Thomson
    The world is sleeping. Life passes us by as we inhabit our self-made dreamscapes and reject the truth of the present moment. The time has come to awake and embody the greatness that is our birthright.
  • Living in the Present Moment - The Process of Discovery  By : Robert Thomson
    Living in the present moment is the key to having full access to your personal power. Only when you release the constant stream of daydreams and mental chatter can you function at full capacity.
  • Spiritual Growth - Why Negative Feelings Keep Coming Back  By : Robert Thomson
    People who are intentionally seeking spiritual and emotional growth often get frustrated when old, negative patterns resurface, especially if these old tendencies make a strong showing. But in truth such occurrences are proof of progress.
  • Life Purpose and Spirituality - Knowing Yourself  By : Robert Thomson
    If the purpose of our time on this earth is not largely about discovering who we are and what matters to us, then we are living without meaning. Sadly, most of the people you meet on your journey will neither know themselves nor care to learn who they truly are.
  • Manifest Your Desires by Letting Go  By : Robert Thomson
    The first thing we learn about how to manifest reality is the value of focusing our emotions and the images we hold in our mind. It's critical, we are told, to focus vividly on exactly what we want and hold this intention both faithfully and joyfully at all times. This is an accurate explanation of how to get started.
  • Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction - Science of Believing  By : Robert Thomson
    Quantum physics paints a clear and vivid picture of how and why deliberate manifestation and law of attraction works. It only takes a small amount of extrapolation to apply this wisdom to your daily life.
  • Skills and Tools to bring Peace and Harmoney to You  By : Chaudhry
    First, we'd like you to know how inspired we are by the fact that you are reading this article. It shows your desire to consider everyone's needs in your situation - not just your own - and your commitment to learning skills that may help you meet them.
  • Chakra Tuning - The Value Of Doing It And Keeping A Healthy Balance  By : Amanda Isbitt
    Chakras give our bodies the needed spiritual energy to help deal with daily anxiety. Chakra tuning gives you a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. The value of doing it is in keeping a healthy balance in your life.
  • Spirit Guide - You Can Make Contact With Yours Easily Using Binaural Beats  By : Amanda Isbitt
    Many people believe that there are spirit guides for each and every one of us. Everyone will have a different spirit guide and it is believed that these guides may or may not know the individual they are watching over personally.
  • Christ Consciousness Is A Spiritual Knowing And Evolutionary Development  By : Amanda Isbitt
    Many people have heard of the "Christ Consciousness", but don't know exactly what that phrase means. Christians, of course, insist that there has only been one person in all of history who had the Christ Consciousness--a Jewish carpenter or stone mason named Jesus ben Joseph, son of Mary, who lived and died in the first century C.E. and who, as it turned out, was really God Himself.
  • Toltec Wisdom on the Tonal 2: Time and Self  By : Koyote the Blind
    The Tonal is everything knowable, a world we create by filtering the highest vibration that comes to us. In doing so, we fragment experience into then and now. We create time. We also create an identity around the center of the circle of experience, and that becomes the "I."

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