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  • Yantra Mantra Tantra  By : Robert Thomson
    Find out about the three techniques which have been and which will keep on driving the universe. These are Yantra (Device), Mantra ( Voice commands) and Tantra ( System). Let's take a close look at the mechanism of these three techniques as well as their horizons.
  • Gemstones and their Effects  By : Robert Thomson
    Which Gemstone belongs to which planet. What are the colours of gemstones belonging to different planets and what are their effects. Read this article to know it all.
  • How to Wear Gemstones  By : Robert Thomson
    What is the most effective way of wearing a Gemstone after you have purchased it. How should the ring be made. What should be done before wearing the Gemstones. Find out all this and more.
  • Manglik Dosh  By : Robert Thomson
    It is the most feared concept when it comes to marriage and married life in India. It is called the Manglik Dosh and it can delay the marriage of a person affected by it and also create difficulties in married life and it is even capable of causing the death of the spouse. So what is this Yoga and how does it works. Let's find out.
  • Kaal Sarp Dosh  By : Robert Thomson
    One of the most feared concepts in Indian astrology. This Yoga can put barriers on so many fronts of your life and can cause you extreme physical and mental pains. So what is this Yoga, and is it actually present and effective in your horoscope or not. And if yes, can its bad effects be reduced. Let's find out all this and more in this article.
  • Gemstones and Misconceptions  By : Robert Thomson
    What are the general misconceptions while choosing which gemstone is suitable for a person. Which are the factors that should be kept in mind while wearing a gemstone. Find out in this article.
  • Gemstones Astrology and Auras  By : Robert Thomson
    What is an Aura. How is it formed and how does it work. How is it related to astrology and how is it related to the gemstones. Can an aura be altered with the help of the gemstones. Let's find out.
  • Mechanism of Gemstones  By : Robert Thomson
    Are they capable of doing magical things. Are they supernatural or are they advanced scientific devices. Join me on this journey which will guide you through their mechanism, gemstones for different planets and what they can do and what is the proper way to wear the gemstones.
  • Sleeping Yogas  By : Robert Thomson
    What are Yogas and what are sleeping and waking Yogas. Do they have any contribution in timing the events of your life. Can accurate predictions be made without knowing about the Sleeping and Waking Yogas present in a person's horoscope. Let's find out all this with the help of some case studies.
  • Conception Problems  By : Robert Thomson
    A medical, scientific and astrological look and the detailed analysis of the problem as to why can't a couple have a child. Is it the female, is it the male or both of them who are at fault for this. Is it a medical defect or is it destiny. Let's find out.
  • Scientific Point of view on Astrology  By : Robert Thomson
    Let's find out the science of planets and signs. How do they constitute different horoscopes for different individuals and how do they affect a person throughout his or her life either positively or negatively. Why do some people get chances and succeed while some others don't. All this and more, all from a scientific point of view.
  • Match Making  By : Robert Thomson
    A detailed look at a couple of the most popular methods of match making used in the western countries and in Indian astrology. These are called Sun Sign Compatibility and Guna Milaan. Le's look at the working and limitations of these methods and also find out what are the most important aspects which should be considered for predicting a Match Making.
  • How does Rune Cast Works?  By : Jacinthe
    Divinatory and astrology have different ways of reading like rune cast readings. . Any of the books you can get on the market will give you with a number of different ways to read runes, as well as complicated, multirune castings. However working the stones immediately and getting used to their energies and how they operate are not those quite easy.
  • The Shift – Giving up your Resistance  By : Brittany Vasseur
    At times it feels as if everything we've put our hope and energy into, is not moving forward. Certainly not in the way we anticipated. What was the use of all that education when our job has disappeared? What was the point of sacrificing to save when someone else's greed caused our savings to diminish or worse yet, fizzle totally? What was the point of struggling to make payments on our home when the bank is foreclosing anyway?
  • Understanding Horoscopic Astrology and Eastern and Western Horoscopes  By : Jackson Swift
    Horoscopic Astrology is a one of the many astrological systems in existence today. Some claim it developed in the Mediterranean region during the late 2nd or early 1st century BC.
  • Love Horoscope according to your signs  By : Jacinthe
    If you are the one having a troublesome love life or you are seeing someone who is very much concerned in you, you have to better try to get an astrologer's view on it. It would help you a lot in making a decision about your love life. Good Luck!
  • Christmas celebration Thoughts  By : Brian Gosur
    The chief Christmas Holiday Thought that comes to my mind was when my spouse and I were watching the movie, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
  • How was I Ching developed?  By : Jacinthe
    Reading the I Ching involves casting coins or yarrow stalks (yarrow is a type of flowering plant with flat flowerheads and lacy leave) to build six lines called a hexagram.
  • Tarot Decks: Rider-Waite  By : Jackson Swift
    The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the most popular brand in use today in the English-speaking world. It is also known as Rider-Waite-Smith, Waite-Colman Smith or the Rider deck.
  • The Shift: Moving into the Field  By : Suzy Morgan
    Metaphysicians have long encouraged us to think positively to create our dreams. Then we can move into "The Secret." Physicists instruct that there is a pool of possibilities, the ultimate field of creation, aptly named, "the Zero Point Field." It is accessible to all, but only if you don't try to make anything happen. The idea seems to be that you decide what you want to manifest, then you hold that picture while at the same time releasing all visible attention. You want me to run that by you a
  • Learn more about psychic medium and their interaction with spirits  By : JessicaThomson
    The psychic studies the shape of the hand and lines on them to predict your personality. These lines show many aspect of your personality and future destiny. The life line tells about the length of
  • Do you consider having a faith healing?  By : Jacinthe
    So whenever you consider having a faith healing, you should first believe on this. This is not just a matter of trying you’re luck, having a strong faith gives people hope they deserve.
  • Is Cartomacy reading more appropriate?  By : Jacinthe
    Cartomacy reading is like a tarot card reading, though instead of tarot card psychic readers only use ordinary cards. However you should find a trustworthy and genuine cartomancy reader when decided to get one. Some people like more this cartomancy reading than a tarot car reading, they say that they find evenly useful explanation for their life.
  • Rose Ariadne's Original, Confident Beauty Spell  By : ramrocks
    Here is the first in the easy witchcraft spell series, and it works best when done in the light of a full moon...
  • Secondary 840-Year Age of Cainan  By : timeemits
    Secondary 840-Year Age of Cainan results following eight multiples of Judaic 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Rounds. Judaic 50-year Jubilee Cycles and 364-day-Ethiopic-years combine the Jewish, Mayan and Egyptian Calendars. Cainan’s secondary 840-year age completes four multiples of 800-year Generation Cycles or 3200-l/s-year in the secondary age category.
  • Primary 70-Sacred-Year Age of Cainan  By : timeemits
    Primary 70-Sacred-Year Age of Cainan derives from doubling Seth’s primary 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Round age. Judaic 50-year Jubilee Cycles and 364-day-Ethiopic-years combine the Jewish, Mayan and Egyptian Calendars. Cainan completes the solar-side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.
  • Christianity in the world of Hollywood  By : Hacim Chua
    Many people would definitely agree when we said that Hollywood is excellence in terms of creativity. People behind every scene are surely creative and have the ability to capture and influence the minds of millions of people around the world
  • Manifesting your spirituality by learning how to manifest positive qualities.  By : imran
    Most persons are aware of both their positive and their negative qualities, feeling that perhaps they need to manifest more positive qualities such as peace, love, patience, humility and gratitude to mention a few. The challenge is that when we see our negative qualities, we tend to feel frustrated, weak and useless. Self-confidence and self-esteem are lowered, the effects of which spill over into our personal and business life.
  • Chabad Lubavitch  By : nafees
    Among the various codes of Jewish Law, Maimonides singularly establishes criteria by which to identify Moshiach. For the Jew, only someone who meets these criteria could possi¬bly be Moshiach (the Messiah) and actually bring the promised world of good.
  • Aka Dua in the Atlantean Science of the Toltecs  By : The Manticore
    The Atlanteans conceived of evolution on a planetary scale, not on a human scale. The Atlanteans said they came from the Lemurians. The Atlanteans were a higher race than us, the humans of today. The Atlanteans had a saying that said you either work with the Sro or you work for the Sro. And they saw working with the Sro as the lower level of technology; working for the Sro was a higher level of work.

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