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  • An RSS Generator that Makes Your Life Easy  By : Michael Serpik
    If you want to start building your own RSS feeds or Podcasts to promote your site and keep users up-to-date, you could benefit from an intuitive RSS generator.
  • Analyze Database Performance with Database Benchmark  By : Svetoslav Mateev
    Database Benchmark is a user-friendly tool for testing database performance. It is a free and open-source application with a graphical user interface and a range of useful and intuitive charts and diagrams.
  • Analyze Your Business Needs Before Buying Any Accounting Software  By : samrao
    When you think of buying anything for yourself or for your business, you always think of its utility. One will never buy any useless item.
    Nowadays the computer along with the energy of the internet has shrunk the world into a global village. Computer and various software’s are being applied for easing the business.
    Is there any need to buy a accounting software?
  • Analyze, Visualize, and Manage Disk Space  By : Key Metric Software LLC
    FolderSizes is a powerful, network-enabled disk space analysis utility which provides users and system administrators alike with deep insights into how their local and network drive space is being consumed.
  • Anatomy of Smartphones - How Smartphones Work?  By : Pradeep Hunka
    Smartphones are phones which not only take care of your communication needs but also offer much more than that. Smartphones allow you to install, configure and run applications which might be in-built or customized.
    The smartphones are called as smartphones because they have different capabilities with respect to other mobile phones. The capabilities include the difference in hardware, software and most importantly operating systems. There are different layers on which a smartphone is built.
  • Andolasoft Java/ J2EE Application Development using MVC Architecture is a Great Option  By : andolasoft
    Java is the class based object oriented programming language which is complex in nature. This complexity requires huge experience and high level skill to develop quality applications which facilitate the java developers to build secure and scalable applications in fast pace. Andolasoft has vast experience in providing Java application development services to its customers spread over the world in different Java technologies like J2EE framework, J2ME, Java Server Pages (JSP).
  • Android App Development - Hire Android Developers From  By : arthi-soft
    In current trends of mobile application development after iPhone it is the second most demanding technology that is treading over the successful path with immense technology and flexibility is Android.
  • Android Application Boost Business of Fashion Stores  By : ecosmob
    Android has comparatively more users than any other mobile application platform. Fashion business can take benefit of this popular platform to gain the abundant business benefits cost effectively. An Android application developed for the fashion store can not only grab more consumers, but with its out of the box features can also get a competitive edge.
  • Android Application Development - Applications for your Android Device  By : Android App
    Be it a business presentation, sales presentation, entertainment, game, a universal application, an android application development team is available for to work with each individual's customized requirements for the app. Android is very famous amongst the Application markets because these apps are made for ease of use.
  • Android Application Development and Its History  By : Sybrant Technologies
    Android is a powerful open source Linux based Operating System (OS) used especially for smart phones and tablets. It’s one of the most widely used mobile operating system (OS). The main platform of Android is Java.
  • Android Application Development Boosts ROI of Recruitment Company  By : ecosmob
    Mobile application has benefited many industries. One of them is recruitment agencies. The custom mobile application for recruiters may speed up their operations. Android is a most used mobile platform utilized by the recruitment agencies. Thus, android application development for a recruitment company is a cost-effective solution to Boost ROI.
  • Android application Development using PHP  By : andolasoft
    PHP is the most widely used developing open source language for Web Development which gaining importance in the web development world because its fast, secure, independent platform and very user-friendly.
  • Android Application Development Verses iOS Application Development  By : Harold Chavez
    Mobile platforms are obviously assertive desktop computers out of the market and giving to newest figures these will improvement even better part of the marketplace in the future years...
  • Android Application Development- iPhone App Developer, Mobile Apps Development Company  By : Tarun Kanodia
    Custom mobile application with a unique touch is much needed to boost the functions and performance of Smartphone’s. As mobile technology keeps the customers stay connected for almost all the time. Mobile App Developers help organizations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile applications.
  • Android based Business Application Development Solutions  By : icreoncommunication
    The rising functionality of mobile operating systems has transformed a simple phone into a smartphone. It is commendable to note that the powerful operating systems are giving them life to become the sole means to build a communication channel without worrying about time zones.
  • Android Developers can now try their fortune in Window phone development  By : Anand Kumar
    Often the mobile developer fraternity has hassles in having skill sets that are common to more than 2 mobile platforms. Any seasoned developer agrees with the statement but this article summarizes on how Window Phone skill could be achieved with Android development experience.
  • Android Mobile Browser and Android App Development Have Become the Growing Trends in Mobile Industry  By : andolasoft
    Android, the open source operating system for Smartphone and tablets, is deliberate and made-up by Google. Anyone can edit the Google android operating system and make their own devices like PHP and Word Press.
  • Android Platform for Amazing Mobile Application Development  By : Bown Smith
    New age of communication has brought up amazing innovations for the mobile users as Android have shown its presence as new platform for mobile application development. Android platform was released in year 2007 serving the mobile users all over for the quality application development..
  • Android Platform for Amazing Mobile Applications  By : Bown Smith
    New age of communication has brought up amazing innovations for the mobile users as Android have shown its presence as new platform for mobile application development. Android platform was released in year 2007 serving the mobile users all over for the quality application development.....
  • Android Wear Watch Faces Apps for the Outdoors  By : backcountrynavigator
    For sure, a lot of us are not aware that there are watch faces apps for the backcountry. Yes, there are and they are readily available on Google Play Store! If you are not familiar with them but is a backcountry person, allow us to review some of the best from the CritterMap Software LLC:
  • Android Wear Watch Faces for your Backcountry Adventures  By : backcountrynavigator
    What watch faces bring to Android wear devices is not only style but with a purpose. They can be your perfect companion when exploring backcountry and they help you assure your safety as well.
  • Anonymous Web Browsing Simplified  By : Eugene Minakov
    If you're looking for anonymous web browsing, the traditional way will give you the results you want but at considerable effort on your part. Thankfully, a better method is available and it makes surfing the Internet securely simple.
  • Answering Common Questions About Iphone Unlocking  By : Mark Scott
    General consumer questions regarding iPhone Unlocking answered.
  • Anti Phishing Software  By : Ameet Arurkar
    If you use the internet and have an email address, there is no doubt that you have received a fraudulent email asking you to verify your account information.
  • Anti virus software is another kind of a computer programs!  By : unitii-dec
    By definition, a virus is a computer program that is able to copy itself and infect other computers. The first one, according to Wiki pedia, was seen almost half a century ago. The Creeper virus was detected in ARPANET, a predecessor of the World Wide Web. It was using the modem connection to replicate on other PCs and when it achieved its goal, it displayed the following message:"IM THE CREEPER: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN".
  • Anti-Virus software: a company’s greatest asset!  By : Alice Brooks
    When it comes to your business’ Internet Security you must seriously consider the use of anti-virus software. This is very true if your business uses an internal or external computer network wherein every computer in your business is linked to one another. If one person in your office opens up a document or email that contains a virus, and you fail to use anti-virus protection.
  • Antivirus Pro: Recognizing Rogue from Real  By : Ms Mindy Matter
    Rogue antivirus programs exist for one reason: to convince computer users to purchase their expensive, and ultimately useless, software. They do this through a variety of means and under different names, but they typically behave in very similar ways. If we can recognize the characteristics of programs like Antivirus Pro, we can avoid them more easily and keep our computers running in top form.
  • AntiVirus Software - Why Your PC Needs It  By : Rick Hendershot
    If your PC is connected to the internet for browsing the web or sending and receiving email, you need antivirus protection.
  • Antivirus Support- Protect Your Computer From Potential Threats  By : activate windows 7
    Your PC is exposed to threats like malwares and viruses on a regular basis. This can lead to your data saved on the system hard drive vulnerable. Malwares are like the malicious programs that might harm your computer and can thus damage the data.
  • Any Successful Online Business Needs the SEO Elite Software!  By : parveenkumar
    Most of you probably remember the product Link Proctor. Today this software has a new name and some new features to it. The SEO elite software is even greater than its predecessor because of the new features and mostly because of the success that it has world wide. The SEO elite software is the best program for building a successful online business.

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