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  • AggreGating Your Devices  By : Erez Zukerman
    The article covers joining different intelligent device management, remote service and automation systems together using AggreGate Device Management Platform.
  • Efficient Workforce Management – Ensuring Growth of the Organization  By : Pooja Rai
    To ensure the optimum growth of an organization, it is essential to have an effective workforce planning. The very first thing which the management needs to ensure is that a person is appointed at the right position and for the right job.
  • New Social Networking Software for Business - Bitrix Intranet Portal!  By : Sergey Rizhikov
    Get an effective and easy-to-use intranet portal that includes the latest integrated communication, collaboration, social networking, document sharing, and task management tools.
  • Benefits of ERP Software  By :
    Impact ERP is among one of the best ERP selling companies established in the market for past seven years and hence catering to the versatile market requirements of the industry.
  • RegistryRepair cures your PC in professional way  By : Mike Hiller
    RegistryRepair Pro scans Windows registry for invalid or obsolete information.When you fix this information it will make your PC run faster and error free. With a simple click of the mouse, Windows RegistryRepair Pro, searches for invalid registry entries and repairs your PC. No need to visit computer professional to repair your PC, download RegistryRepai to improve your PCs performance!
  • Easy Outlook and PDA synchronization software for ACT! 2009  By : 123-Synchronizer com announces 123 Synchronizer for ACT! and Outlook to synchronize ACT! Contacts, Todo's, Calls and Meetings with Outlook. This enables ACT! to sync with iPhones, Blackberrys, Palm and all PDAs/Cell Phones that sync with Outlook.
  • Useful Tips for XUL Development  By : Btucker
    In the arena of developing the websites, applications and various other user interface programs or systems, programming languages play central role. Properties, features, productivity, flexibility of all end products…
  • website submitter ny  By : Theo Barber
    The easiest automated directory promotion tool. Submit your websites to over 1000 link directories. Our submitter does not contain FFA pages or link farms. 95% accepted submissions, dramatically increase your search engine visibility. MPS proposes selected link directories to preserve the quality of submissions. It will save you hours of work.
  • Dual Monitors: Dual-Monitor Taskbar, Dual-Monitor Task Switcher and Other Multi-Monitor Enhancements  By : Alex Fadeyev
    Actual Window Manager will help you fix the drawbacks in Windows GUI when working with a dual-monitor system.
  • How to check the high availability of a server  By : sturat
    Whenever dealing with a physical system such as a server it's important to be able to recover the data easily and to have it available as long as possible.
  • The Simple Explanation of How Data Integration Works  By : sturat
    Data integration is a process through which data available from multiple sources is unified. The data dictionary is the physical structure which realizes the data integration most effectively.
  • UPS Software: Manage your Power Supply while you are Away  By : Article Expert
    UPS software is used in sync with your server to close them down unattended during power cut so that you can prevent unnecessary power drainage of your UPS battery. UPS software handled all the functionalities of server.
  • Keep your PC in good shape through Regcure registry cleaner  By : George Codd
    Regcure presents the capability of performing the automatic repair on the detected items following a scan. Any form of automatic backup is made each time you make use of Regcure i.e. you will be able to restore the items at any time. For more information visit at
  • directory submission software 1  By : fritz gorners
    proposes selected link directories to preserve the quality of submissions. Our directories have been verified and are regurlary updated. Our submitter does not contain FFA pages or link farms. 95% accepted submissions.
    It "clicks" on the Submit button. There is no difference between a submission made by a real person and a submission made byMyPersonalSubmitter, except the time !
  • Engineering Project Management  By : dancinghorse
    This article elucidates about pmp course,pmp exam prep,pmp exam preparation with the assistance of helpful tips and ideas. It gives viable information to understand the process of project management and each of these tips and ideas are very effective.
  • Smart Moves to Balance between Internal & External Business Forces in Weak Economic Conditions  By : Btucker
    The first priority of every business is reducing expenses to balance with external market forces. In the times when external market environment or conditions use to change suddenly which effects almost every small & large business organizations directly or indirectly.
  • advanced directory submitter  By : fritz gorners
    Submit Your Website to SEO Friendly, Optimized Web Directories
    MPS Website Submitter is the easiest automated Web promotion tool. You enter some information about your web site and the program does the rest. MPS is dedicated to the high standard of SEO that major search engines demand.
  • Web Gateway Appliance  By : Charles Tajvidi
    Connecting to the Web without hassle is crucial for most of us. CacheGuard has a solution based on an Open Source Web Gateway Appliance to secure and optimize Web traffics.
  • Audio Books and iPods  By : Ray Healy
    When one thinks of sound recordings, the first thing that comes to mind is music. But music is not the only thing that has benefitted from new sound recording technology. Another thing that has become immensely popular because of this is audio book.
  • How To Select The Greatest EMR Software For Your Office  By : Harry Selent
    This day and age, more and more doctors are going for electronic medical records instead of wasting away money sorting through important paper files and graphs. EMR software is evidently really helpful, in that it can easily store all records, files, test results, and so on… in a simple, incorporated way. All the files connected with a physician's facility or hospital can be kept track of digitally, and this entails that staff can get patients' files in just a matter of a couple of seconds.
  • Windward Studios' AutoTag vs Business Objects' Crystal Reports  By : Lisa Harris
    A comparison of features, advantages and disadvantages of using AutoTag versus Crystal Reports.
  • Debugging source code and its various approaches for the layman  By : Robert Thomson
    Once errors are identified, it is necessary to first locate the precise program statements responsible for the errors and then fix them. Generally, the most difficult part of debugging is locating the invalid part of the source code.
  • Index Folders : A safe way for documents  By : Ziv Steinberg
    There are many different kinds of folders, of course, and you’ll need to make sure that you choose the right kind for you. Index folders, for instance, can be arranged numerically, alphabetically, chronologically, etc. You can also arrange index folder by color. Whatever kind of index folders you buy, you need to make sure that you arrange them in a way that is suitable for you.
  • advanced website submitter  By : fritz gorners
    Full Version costs $59. With MPS you pay once and you can submit without limitations. You can submit your site in different categories, or submit some specific pages ... Manual submissions service providers argue that automatic submission are not effective...but directories cannot make difference between a submission made by MyPersonalSubmitter and a fully manual submission.
  • Easy Way To Fix Your Computer Registry Problems  By : JamReed
    The more time you use your PC the more errors you produce and it may result in performance slowdown or sytem crash. Thus,all you need is a reliable registry repair program.
  • The Emerging Trends In Media Process Outsourcing Services  By : Natasha-B
    This Article Talks about the The Emerging Trends In Media Process Outsourcing Services
  • Indian Animation Industry all set to grow more  By : Natasha-B
    This Article Talks about the growth of Indian Animation Industry
  • Three Top Windows Registry Cleaners  By : JamReed
    Registry is one of the most crucial components of Windows OS. Registry errors may result in performance slowdown or sytem crash.To avoid it, you need a reliable registry repair program to clean your PC. Start with free registry scan.
  • Cleaning Windows XP: Getting Started  By : Imran Rashid
    You can do quite a bit to clean the average Windows XP system. Files proliferate, programs fall out of favor, viruses reproduce, e-mail clusters, and pop-ups populate. Throw in a little system neglect and before you know it, you have a messed-up system that badly needs cleaning.
  • When should you upgrade to Vista?  By : Imran Rashid
    If you have a PC with Windows XP installed, and it works well enough for what
    you want to do, leave it alone. Keep your Windows XP machine updated with the latest security patches, as soon as they’re tested and found to be reliable. But don’t throw it in the trash heap yet.

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