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  • Check out these seven footballers with their favourite pastimes  By : Kev Rob
    Having a pastime is really important for every individual. It is good to let your air down at times with something that you love doing in your leisure hours. Hobbies can be normal or a bit out of the box but if you consider your hobbies to be different then wait till you find out more about the famous footballers of all times.
  • Stadium Renamed, Rising Bundesliga stars, and International Actions- All Latest Bundesliga Actions!  By : Kev Rob
    The Bundesliga season began and fans have witnessed much action in these few periods of its commencement. Starting with the latest news that hit football fans is about the renaming of a certain Bundesliga stadium after an unfortunate incident.
  • The Best Website to Get the Inside Football Details- Golden Goals  By : Kev Rob
    Every football fanatic understands the importance and the rush to stay updated with the latest details of the football world. The transfer news, the goal statistics, the score boards, the comments and press conference updates and every rumor that’s on the way.
  • Carlo Ancelotti's Start with a Silverware  By : Kev Rob
    Carlo Ancelotti started his reign over the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich with a silver ware as they won the German Supercup against Borussia Dortmund for 2-0. Carlo Ancelotti took over to the dominance of the Bayern Munich this season as he replaced Pep Guardiola who has currently moved to the side of England for Premier League.
  • Argentina President & Coach Bauza to have a Discussion with Lionel Messi  By : Kev Rob
    With the stunning announcement of Lionel Messi that shocked the world of football as we know it about his retirement from International Football, has still been hard for fans and members of football to ascertain.
  • Gabon International Lemina's Latest Premier League Line-up for Transfer Interests  By : Kev Rob
    With the most awaited sports tournament to start just after the span of fifteen days from August 13th, 2016 running until 21st May 2017 every football fanatic is set to catch the latest updates about the Premier League giants.
  • Epl clubs steal the show  By : Kev Rob
    The transfer market has always been an exciting phase for the football fans from all over the world. The most exciting part of the transfer market is the huge names moving from a certain club to another.
  • Portugal clinches trophy without Cristiano  By : Kev Rob
    Portugal beat France 1-0 in the final of the Euro Cup 2016 thanks to a wonderful goal from the substitute Eder. Portugal won the European championship for the first time beating the hosting nation France.
  • Ronaldo set to add 4thBallon’D’or to his name  By : Kev Rob
    When we talk about football, the two greatest names in the business are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two super heavyweights are gifted in their own way and are often the topic of many footballing debates.
  • Messi Quits International!!  By : Kev Rob
    A heartbroken Lionel Messi announced his retirement from international football on the morrow of his defeat in the finals of Copa America at the hands of the Chilean behemoth.
  • Euro Cup 2016 - The road so far  By : Kev Rob
    Fraught with drama, both on and off the field, the recent edition of the euro cup has been exciting to say the least. The recently concluded group stages have brought to light a lot of glaring shortcomings as well as prodigies to the limelight while cementing the place of top performers in the world.
  • Euro 2016  By : Kev Rob
    One of the most hyped sports tournaments in the world, this year’s edition promised more action and diverse representation, with this being the first time ever that 24 teams are competing for the trophy, a step up from the 16 slots that were the norm until last year.
  • The 2016 European Championships could become a part of football lore  By : Kev Rob
    This European Championship promises loads of exciting matchups and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top. Looking on as Leicester City lifted the Premier League trophy has been a huge confidence booster for underdogs who now firmly believe that they can win major trophies if they play with discipline and show character on the field.
  • A star-studded English team struggles to find the right mix for Euro 2016  By : Kev Rob
    The European Championships are a week away and if we, as fans, are quivering in anticipation, one can only imagine what’s going on with the footballers. The last round of international friendlies are on and the sides are testing their strategies, bench strength and looking to find the perfect combination before Euro 2016 kicks off.
  • Arsene Wenger might finally be looking at light at the end of the tunnel  By : Kev Rob
    Coach Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are going to be extremely busy this summer transfer window after the perennial underperformers failed to add a single trophy for the last season. Arsenal were knocked out in the pre-quarter finals of the Champions League and were handed a quarterfinal defeat by unheralded Watford in the FA Cup while finishing second in the Barclays Premier League.
  • Fans gloat as history repeats itself in the most spectacular fashion  By : Kev Rob
    The Barclays Premier League has been as dramatic as one can remember in the recent past. From fairytale underdog stories to remarkable comebacks, the season often looked like a story scripted by the hand of the Almighty himself. And there was no reason the final day would be any different.
  • German giants make explosive start to the summer transfer window  By : Kev Rob
    Bayern Munich are at somewhat of a crossroads with regard to their future. While future hall of famer and legend Pep Guardiola quits as the coach of the German giants, they have already made a flying start to the transfer season.
  • Transfer season bears bad news for Borussia Dortmund  By : Kev Rob
    After another average season in the Bundesliga and being unable to make a mark in Europe, Borussia Dortmund is in the thick of things yet again during this summer transfer window. The German international and Dortmund centre back Mats Hummels is all set to make a move to arch rivals Bayern Munich this season.
  • La Liga set for a photo-finish as the top 3 look to give no quarters  By : Kev Rob
    Competitive football seems to be taking its toll on FC Barcelona as the Catalan club struggled to overcome a 10-man Real Betis side this weekend and edge closer to a 24th La Liga title.
  • Leicester sign off Premier League season in style  By : Kev Rob
    It’s been a season-long drama in England and all of it unfolded in spectacular style at the Barclays Premier League. In an underdog story worthy of a movie, Leicester City stunned the football world with the performance of a lifetime to win the league on Tuesday as the Spurs failed to deliver and salvaged a 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
  • Champions League finals that kept you fixed to the edge of your seats  By : Kev Rob
    So the UEFA Champions League is one of the most widely followed and revered football championships across the globe and a hotpot for the best footballers in the world. It is perhaps the crowning glory of European Football and one of the world’s pre-eminent football titles.
  • The Best Young Talents in World Football for the Year 2015-16  By : Kev Rob
    It has been another exciting year for football fans and every fan, especially those of the Barclays Premier League, saw huge ups and downs and twists and turns in their favourite leagues and matches. While the established stars never fail to dazzle, this was the year when young guns stepped up their game to set the field ablaze with dazzling abilities.
  • Summer Transfer Targets for Manchester United  By : Kev Rob
    The summer transfer window may not open till July, but top clubs have already set their sights on their next set of prized catches in international football to boost their national and international title chances. Manchester United, going through one of their leanest patches in club football, are willing to go out all guns blazing in the summer transfer window to get the best amongst their ranks.
  • Current Trends in Football  By : Kev Rob
    With the change of time, football and its fans have changed a lot. The game has become more interesting in the sense that even the unknown teams have started making an impact in this wonderful game which was a dream about seventy or eighty years ago. Now, even a team in the size of Leicester City has the capability to win against the giants of English football namely Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea etc.
  • History of English Premier League Football  By : Kev Rob
    Football is a popular sport in England. This article sheds light on English Premier League football. Football in England has a very long and rich history. The domestic football league in England is popularly known as FA Premier League that was founded in 1992.
  • Amazing history of the largest five stadiums in England  By : Kev Rob
    Football is a game which involves the participation of 22 players (and the other supporting staff and substitutes of the teams playing) but what brings an x-factor to the game is the number of fans and supporters involved in the game or rather present during a match, watching it live.
  • Crime and Punishment  By : Kev Rob
    It is said that Honesty is the best policy and indeed it is. People take honesty for granted even in the field of sports. But one cannot be a true player if he plays dishonestly or uses unfair means to perform well in the game and win the match for his team.
  • Football – Now & Then  By : Kev Rob
    Football has changed over time. These changes are not limited to just rules and regulations. The mindset of both players and fans has also changed a lot. This write-up introspects into what has evolved and is now ruling the noble game.
  • Zidane gets Red  By : Kev Rob
    No one could have expected a player like Zidane to end his international career in such a way as he did. It was the final match of the 2006 World Cup when, in the extra time, Zidane headbutted Materazzi and received a red card for the act. The act happened on the other side of the pitch while the game was being played on the other side of the pitch. At that moment he was one of the best players in world football. Therefore no one had expected him to commit such an unfair act.
  • Evolution of Soccer & Goal Posts  By : Kev Rob
    Goals are important in soccer matches. Over the years, football has evolved a lot and that has revolutionized the goal posts. Let us take a quick look at evolution of both game and goal posts.

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