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  • Business Lessons Learned At The Mall  By : Tim-Knox
    No offense to my mall merchant brothers and sisters, but a trip into the deepest jungle is more appealing to me than a trip to the mall.
  • Protect Your Ideas With Copyrights and Patents  By : Tim-Knox
    A patent is a form of protection granted to an inventor that protects his invention in the United States for up to 20 years from the date of application.
  • Beware Of Spam Withdrawals  By : Tim-Knox
    Q: I am so sick of all the spam that is sent to my business email address. I spend an hour every morning just trying to sort out the good email from the bad.
  • SWOT Analysis Is No Magic 8 Ball  By : Tim-Knox
    Q: A key investor in my business has suggested that I hire a consultant to do a SWOT Analysis to help plan for the future. I try not to argue with my investors, but I'm not so sure I need to have this done. What do you think?
    -- Laurie B.
  • The Business Failed, But Did You?  By : Tim-Knox
    Q: After years of dreaming about starting my own business, I finally took the plunge a little over a year ago. To say the least, my dream quickly became a nightmare. The business didn't do nearly as well as I had hoped.
  • 6 Ways To Fund Your New Business  By : Tim-Knox
    Here are a few of the most common ways to finance a new business. All methods have pros and cons and some (or most) may not work for a specific situation.
  • Operator Error Is Why Most Businesses Fail  By : Tim-Knox
    This is the column that probably gets me kicked out of the entrepreneurial chapter of the Priory of Scion. I look silly in those long robes anyway, so here goes. A thousand apologies to my entrepreneurial brothers and sisters, but.
  • When It Comes To Marketing Your Business, Think Creatively  By : Tim-Knox
    If your business doesnít stand out in todayís hyper-competitive market place thereís a good chance that you wonít be in business very long. There are countless others vying for the same slice of the pie that you are.
  • Entrepreneurs On The Inside  By : Tim-Knox
    This article highlights the core capabilities and features that are indicative of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Without Market Research You Could Find Yourself Fishing In An Empty Pond  By : Tim-Knox
    Market research is a key ingredient in today's business environment. In this article Tim Knox,
  • Conducting Market Research From The Back Of A Boat  By : Tim-Knox
    Market research is one of the most important but often overlooked part of business management. This article highlights many real life analogies to this important business function and provides some excellent advice to entrepreneurs.
  • Dealing With Contractors Teaches Valuable Lessons About Business  By : Tim-Knox
    The experience of dealing with contractors and other entrepreneurs is an interesting one as it highlights some key business issues.
  • Candle Making As A Business  By : Bob Sherman
    Candle making as a side business or full time business
  • It's A Booming Time For Business  By : Tim-Knox
    If you were a man you expected to retire at 65 and die at 75; and if you were smart you banked enough dough to see you comfortably through that stretch. We figured we'd get at least 10 good leisurely years before the grim reaper shows up without havi
  • What Can American Idol Teach You About Business?  By : Tim-Knox
    Here are some tips for entrepreneur that can help them to achieve their dreams and be successful in business.
  • Tips On Running A Successful Franchise  By : Makabongwe Maseko
    The chances are you made the decision to take on a franchise because you wanted to enjoy what you are doing more than you were previously.
    Yes, it does require hard work, commitment, determination and business, go out, enjoy overcoming the challenges
  • 6 Tips On Making a Business Plan  By : Makabongwe Maseko
    The more homework you do before taking the steps to start your business, the better. However, keen you might be to get going; you run the risk of spoiling your chances of
    Success if you rush prematurely. Once you feel confident that you have done your homework, and would like a start.
  • What is a Niche and Why do You Need One?  By : ShiningStar
    No matter where you go online, you are likely to hear the same thing. ďBefore you can get started with your online business, you must find a niche.Ē You will do well to pay heed to this advice, especially if you are new to Internet Marketing.

    Each day, thousands of people go online in search of, you guessed it, WEALTH. So many, tend to jump right into those markets that are already so completely saturated with competition and then wonder why it is that they are failing to make any money.
  • Whatís Stopping You From Starting Your Own Small Business?  By : Tim-Knox
    Some people simply don't have what it takes to start your own business. Others just need a bit of kicking to jumpstart them.
  • How to Apply for an Australian Business Loan  By : Jim McDonald
    When applying for a small business loan in Australai, or any country for that matter, it is inportant to make sure you shop around for the best deal.
  • Everything You Must Know to Have a Successful Home Business and Maximize your Profits  By : Jason Rosselli
    Work from Your Home: Be there for your Family. Learn how to generate a huge income right from the comfort of your own home. Be your own boss, set your own hours. Stop living pay check to pay check following your bossís schedule and making him rich.
  • What is a Notary Signing Agent and How Do You Start a Business?  By : misty
    A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public who has acquired a familiarity and understanding of mortgage loan documents either via experience or training. This individual will work as either is hired as an independent contractor for signing agencies, or as a self-employed person receiving assignment through his/her own marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Best Ways To Make Money On The Internet  By : Mostafa El Awady
    Best Ways To Make Money Online.
  • How I Make Easy Money On The Internet Promoting Someone Elseís Product  By : Dimitri
    Cash flow! I have recently started my own business after years of working and making money for other people. Itís great to be my own boss, it isnít great to have cash flow problems. One of my biggest faults has been the consistent inability to save m
  • Estimating Software for Construction Contracting  By : Nick Hurd
    Running a contracting business is hard work, involving long hours, stress over deadlines and chasing up project payments. It always seems to be a mystery as to how the money is disappearing so quickly, and many contractors will work well over ten ho
  • Estimating Residential Construction Costs  By : Nick Hurd
    In the business of residential construction there is a serious problem with projects being underestimated, resulting in little to no profits for the building companies. To enable residential construction estimates to be more accurate and less complic
  • Tips For Winning Jobs With Construction Estimates  By : Nick Hurd
    Winning the initial bid is the pathway to survival for construction contractors, and multiple companies are fighting to be affordable while still making a profit. A construction project running perfectly to plan is completely unheard of, so also include extra on the budget for price increases and unforeseen sub-contractor fees. When all of the above is ready and presented flawlessly, double and triple check everything for errors.
  • How To Double Your Network Marketing Opportunity Paycheque  By : Kozen Huseyin
    If I said times 2, how much bigger would you smile? Well multiply your network marketing opportunity home business x2 and you have doubled you network marketing opportunity downline, and doubled your mlm marketing opportunities paycheque!
  • Listen To Others MLM Marketing Failures To Create Your MLM Marketing Success  By : Kozen Huseyin
    Most people who first enter Network Marketing fail the first time round. But, don't let this disappoint you, as there is also a paradox. More millionaires in the United States of America owe there 6 figure incomes to Network Marketing. So Kozan, how come there are so many failures, and what can we do to be one of the successes in Network Marketing?
  • Construction Estimating Form Makes Bidding Easier  By : Nick Hurd
    All construction contractors and construction estimators use an estimating form. These forms contain all the necessary information to provide an accurate estimate. Construction bidding and estimating software is available on the market today, this software contains all of the information and necessary forms to create an accurate bid or proposal. It will also contain Process billing sheets, purchase orders for all materials needed, along with time and material invoices.

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