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  • "An Effective Trick To Help You Not Take Things Personally!"  By : swati ahuja
    I think it would be fair to say that we all have a tendency to take things personally. It's just that some of us have a greater tendency than others to do so. And, when it happens, some of us are better able to deal with it within ourselves than others.

    Taking things personally is never healthy in any relationship: employer-employee, friend-friend, husband-wife, partner-partner, parent-child, . . . for a number of reasons. One main such reason is that, if you do take things personally, then y
  • 'I' Had A Discussion With Me!  By : Gen Wright
    When there is no one around, it is till sometime that we really feel about the absence of people and our own presence. Till then, it is a transition from one state to another. And finally, when we arrive at the point where in we are aware of one and only one fact, that it will be only me who will be watching me, then starts the ultimate showdown within the person.
  • 'IT' Can Be Good Or 'IT' Can Be Bad - It's All Up To You!  By : naval
    What is 'IT' that once experienced leads to more of the same 'IT'? What is 'IT' if bad that feeds off of and gobbles up every good and simple pleasure known to man; but when good, gobbles up all negativity equally as well? What is 'IT' that once realized makes one undertake the mission of passing 'IT' on to as many people as possible as if playing a game of tag! What is 'IT' that we humans feel we must pass back a forth daily if not hourly? Why do we who understand 'IT' to be either bad or good,
  • ,,,,,,,Spend Time With People Who Recharge Your Spirit  By : mufiz
    Have you ever met someone who recharges your energy just by being there? Perhaps it is the things they say or how they say them, or the way they respect and value your goals and ideas, or the example they set. These are people that you need to be around regularly to recharge your spirit.

    So many people in the world are negative. They complain and criticize about everything. They always have an excuse why they don't get off their butt and achieve something. These people can wear you down after a
  • 1 of 5 Mind Development - Who Created What is in Your Head?  By : Denise Biance
    I feel that the mind development is the gateway to having and wonderful life. What I mean is all the components of our life are filleted and processed by our brains. Relying on how well devolved our minds are can determine the quality of our lives. If I'm going to a disciple's place for a barber queue (bbq) - yes I'm Australian therefore I try this a lot. Then at the top of the bbq I will tell myself, typically on a subconscious level, I enjoyed that because I favor hanging out with friends and having a smart beer. As a result of I've got said that to myself then my brain can unharness chemicals or otherwise known as endorphins into my body as a results of telling myself I had a sensible time.
  • 1.1. a Complete Story On Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Definition of loneliness: Loneliness is generally an unpleasant emotional state and it's naturally seen in the persons during the post breakup stage of their social or romantic relation. Meaning of loneliness is termed as a psychological feelings of emptiness and solitude. In the description of lonelinees we can say it results from an unstable state of social relationship. Normally, during this abnormal psychological state, people desire to stay isolated in the society. Therefore, psychologists from round the globe often motivate this psychologically disordered people to rebuild their broken social connection and thereby they try to bring them back towards the typical life.
  • 1.2. primary Steps For Diagnosing The Symptoms Of Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Today loneliness is becoming a part of our life, as nothing is in your dispense that you can change. The families are becoming smaller and the children are becoming alone. However, staying alone is not the problem, until you feel the loneliness. There may be several reasons for loneliness.
  • 10 Great Tips on Personal Crisis Management  By : Gregory F Frost
    How we react when we encounter a personal crisis is crucial to how we come out of it. We could be convulsing with problems and at a loss of what to do, or we could be coming out on top, with minimal damage and a drive to turn things around. This article discusses some great tips on personal crisis management.
  • 10 Personal Service Businesses To Start These days  By : Denise Biance
    In today's time constraint setting, many individuals are wanting for ways in which to do things higher, faster and cheaper. They can flip to anyone who will facilitate them get the duty done. Here are some ideas for you to start out your own Personal Service Business.
  • 10 Questions That Will Make You Tick: The First Step To Self-Improvement  By : Damon Nelson
  • 10 Ways to De-Stress  By : Nariman Taweel
    Most high achievers believe that they thrive on stressful situations as it forces them to make decisions that contribute to their overall success. But when is stress too much to cope with?
  • 10 Ways To Live With Heart  By : rupender
    To Live With Heart means living with feeling. Everyone has feelings. When we are aware of how we feel, we are in touch with a basic part of ourselves. Living with heart means we live with all our feelings, accepting all, even the painful ones. Many of us choose to accept the happy ones and deny those that donít feel so good. Why do we do this? We would rather ignore them than face them. We donít know how to handle them, how to express them or how to heal the pain.
  • 13 Ways To Stop Making Excuses  By : Ayo Olaniyan
    A few days ago I wrote on the subject 14 reasons to stop making excuses. I explained the motive for making excuses and suggested 14 reasons why we should avoid doing so. This is a follow up to that post and my focus will be; listing 13 ways to stop making excuses. It's already established that giving excuses attempts to divert the attention from you (the individual) and tries to explain several reasons for not accomplishing or carrying out various tasks. It also puts up a wall of defence for exhibiting particular behaviors such as failing to keep promises, quitting certain habits etc.
  • 2 Great Wealth Secrets That Will Make You Healthier, Wealthier, and Happier  By : RaymondAaron
    Some of the greatest wealth secrets are also some of the simplest things that you can imagine. This is a good thing--there is great power in simplicity. Here are two wealth secrets that you can start applying to your life just as soon as you finish reading about them.

    1. Appreciate what you have. This one is an excellent place to start. An old "carny" once said, "Them that has, gets." It's probably the shortest way you could ever state the Law of Attraction!

    And yet, it is entirely true
  • 2 Personalities of the Modern Man  By : Denise Biance
    Two Personalities
    * There's bliss in knowing that we are provided for, that our needs are met. After we are provided for, we are left to a state of intense achievement and a rich sense of enjoyment of our life. Engulfing oneself in such a state leaves all matters of duty, responsibility and obligation outside of our cocoon. Outside of this bubble, others clamor to fill the void in management that we have left behind.
  • 2 Reasons to Change Your Mindset In Order to Get Out of Debt  By : RaymondAaron
    Itís hard to adopt a positive frame of mind when you have to get out of debt. The amount you owe and the way it affects your lifestyle seems to hang over you like a grey cloud.

    But there are some very good reasons to see the sun behind that cloud--even if you have to imagine it. Here are 2 of them.

    1. You will get more of what you focus on. This is true regardless of what your belief system (or lack thereof) is. You don't even have to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of what people are ca
  • 2 Simple Wealth Secrets That Will Make You Wealthy, Wise and Rich!  By : RaymondAaron
    You can find wealth secrets in the most unlikely of places sometimes. Here are two wealth secrets that are "all in your head"--yet can have profound influence on the rest of your life.

    1. Restrict yourself. To some, this seems like the strangest or most counterintuitive of all wealth secrets. After all, won't restrictions just narrow your income--as well as everything else about your life?

    Not necessarily. In fact, consciously restricting yourself to those tasks and activities you are bes
  • 3 Areas to Set Goals in if You Want to Double Your Income  By : RaymondAaron
    If you want to double your income--or do anything else worthy in life--it is imperative that you set and achieve goals for yourself.

    Many people claim to know this, yet for some reason they neglect all the different areas of life in which human beings can attain new things. If you want to double your income, you shouldn't concentrate solely on going after the money. There are other areas of life that will indirectly help increase your monetary wealth--and other types of wealth as well!

  • 3 Goal Categories that Will Help You Double Your Income  By : RaymondAaron
    Want to double your income? Congratulations! You have picked a worthy goal that many people are too intimidated to ever shoot for.

    One important thing to realize when you want to double your income is that large goals are usually made from a set of smaller goals. If you really want to increase your wealth, you'll need to focus on more than just the money in your life. Here are three areas to concentrate on.

    1. Mess. A mess category may not sound like a good place to start when you want t
  • 3 Goal-setting Wealth Secrets That Will Put You on the Sure Track to Success  By : RaymondAaron
    The ability to set goals is one of the most important wealth secrets you can ever learn. What makes this ability such a secret? After all, isn't it easy to set goals for yourself?

    Sure, setting broad goals is easy. But setting them reasonably, appropriately, and specifically enough to be of value is another matter entirely.

    Here are three goal-setting wealth secrets that can make your fortune in the years to come.

    1. Give each of your goals a deadline. Both your conscious and your subcon
  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Affirmations  By : Denise Biance
    Affirmations are a nice way to provide positive results in our lives. Still, some conditions should be met for them to work properly. Ignore these and you will never achieve your full potential. Let's start right currently with the primary mistake to avoid:
  • 3 Powerful Keys to Unlock the Law of Attraction  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    The law of attraction works! So how come it doesn't seem to work for everyone? Have you tried to use it only to get little or no results? Have you diligently applied all the instructions yet seen no evidence that your law of attraction exercises did any good. Well this article will help you to manifest your dreams easily!
  • 3 Proven Ways to Master Your Money Reality  By : Steve Sant
    The law of attraction, like to all the other laws, have rules that need to be applied in order to achieve mainly from it. Even though affirmations succeed for a lot of the things very frequently they do not do well very much when it comes to manifesting money. The motive is that the majority of the people have problems when it comes to money. It may possibly take a extremely sustained time for those viewpoints to modify while the money challenge perseveres.
  • 3 Steps To Be Rich Easily  By : Rishan B
    Abide by these steps and before you know it, you possibly can be rich. You could expect to see real world, tangible outcomes within days. Individuals can still go through failure though they've tried incredibly hard to do well.
  • 3 Steps To Be Rich Effortlessly  By : Rishan B
    Everyone ought to be able to attract wealth at will. There are 3 basic steps in this article which will allow you to achieve this without difficulty.
  • 3 Steps To Be Rich Effortlessly  By : Rishan B
    Going along with the steps outlined beneath would ultimately make individuals wealthy. You can expect to see true world, actual results within days. If you ignore these steps, you will end up irritated and confused as to the reason why all of the trouble you're putting in, isn't getting you where you want to be.
  • 3 Steps To Be Wealthy Easily  By : Rishan B
    If you comply with these steps I outline, you would be attracting wealth with ease soon. You could expect to see real world, actual results within days. For the reason that you did not follow these steps, you can still end up being really upset regardless of all the things that you've done.
  • 3 Steps To Mind Control  By : Gregory Frost
    The first step you need to take in any mind control is you need to prepare yourself for this. There are steps you need to take and if you look at the great mind control artistes of our time, they have certain qualities that you might want to pick up on before you decide to actually try this for yourself. You need to have both the confidence and the charisma to pull this off. Non confident people are not going to be able to have the power to control someone, and they need to have a strength of character as well. We are not talking about mind control, but allowing someone to be led means that the leader must have the properties of a leader in the first place.
  • 3 Unbeatable Tips For Improving Self Esteem Quickly And Effectively  By : Gregory Frost
    Self esteem plays an important part in a person's life. A positive level of self esteem enables a person to do practically anything they set out for themselves. It is also imperative in order for a person to live their lives to the fullest. People with high self esteem tend to enjoy life more than those who have low self esteem. However, you may be surprised to find out that a majority of the world's population have issues with self esteem. Even the high profile celebrities you may have read about in the newspapers are susceptible to self esteem issues.
  • 3 Ways To Regain Back Your Self Confidence  By : Gregory Frost
    Knowing how to regain back your confidence is really important when you are talking about gaining some sort of self success in your life and this article will talk about the 3 main ways you regain back that confidence.

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