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  • Improve Self Confidence With Fake Nails  By : Gen Wright
    Do you have the habit of biting nails? For some people, nail biting can become a habit. And do you know what happens when you continuously bite your nails?
  • Why Choose Rooibos Skin Care Products  By : Gen Wright
    Rooibos, or "red bush," is one of the premier stars in the skin care industry. This valuable commodity in the fight to protect the epidermis has been championed by companies like Inheritance Skin Care, and it is yielding some pretty remarkable results for the people using it today. The plant was discovered as a great skin care property in South Africa, and it has slowly but surely made its way across the globe.
  • Lucrative Jobs For A Medical Technologist  By : kimberly feona
    The current rate at which technology is advancing has opened up many jobs for people in different training fields.
  • How to Hypnotize:Strategies That You Should Recall When Studying Hypnotizing Tricks  By : Dr. SG
    Bear in mind that you just can't force someone to become beneath your spell. It is important for you to complete hypnosis within a friendly manner.
  • The Loneliness and Depression Epidemic In Western Civilization  By : Gen Wright
    Western Civilization, as it grows larger, is also growing in its degree of loneliness and depression. Even though more people are living in industrialized countries than ever before, the problem still exists, and it likely exists because of the emotional barriers that men and women place up between themselves and other people. If one knows how loneliness can provoke depression and how depression can in turn provoke loneliness, then it is easier to find a path to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Loneliness In Women - A Serious Problem  By : Gen Wright
    Living completely alone has been proven to be unhealthy the longer that one goes. Successful committed relationships can give so much back to the struggling sufferer of loneliness that living by oneself just cannot accomplish. You've heard it said that "into everyone's life, a little rain must fall." Having someone there through the storms of life is like having an umbrella to protect one from the full intensity of the storm.
  • Coping With Loneliness And Depression  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness and depression are much more serious problems than people usually think. They can sneak upon a person's life and cause problems that go well beyond down emotional feelings. The problems of loneliness and depression can actually spill over in the long term and create health problems that may even threaten one's life. In order to fight back against these issues, it is important to first pinpoint the source of the trouble.
  • Aging And Loneliness - A Combination That Can Lead To Death  By : Gen Wright
    Everyone grows older. It is a cold, hard fact of life, and if you are alone, it can be very difficult on your emotional, psychological and even physical health. The problems of aging and loneliness affect hundreds of millions of people each year, and it is a problem that is destined not to go away any time soon. By understanding aging and how it ties in to loneliness, you can better prepare for the road ahead and even find a happy and healthy life.
  • Loneliness And Isolation - A Deadly Combo  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness and isolation are not really the same thing, but they can have a very unhealthy relationship linking them together. In order to avoid the negative effects of these two things, one must first understand what loneliness is, and what isolation is, and then one must know how the two correlate. If you feel like you may suffer from loneliness, then it is important that you observe what effect isolation has on your life. Are you always sealing yourself off from friends or family?
  • The Truth About Loneliness In Love  By : Gen Wright
    Some sociologists have found through researching loneliness that one in every three to four households is a single person household during the current century. Compare that to the 1950s when one in every 10 households was a single person dwelling, and you can see that loneliness is a bigger problem than ever before. Considering that people, who live alone, tend to have greater health problems and live shorter lifespans, and it's easy to see why loneliness is something not to be trifled with.
  • Loneliness In The American Men - The Scary Facts  By : Gen Wright
    America is a densely populated land, coming up on more than 310 million people. Many of the men in this country suffer from a disease called loneliness. Loneliness is common in men and women, but with men it functions differently than it does in women. Men are more apt to refuse the fact they are lonely. They are likely to pretend the problem doesn't exist, and the longer they pretend, the worse the problem becomes.
  • The Best Of Escort Service  By : Marcius321
    Are you in need of a pleasurable company? If this is what you are looking for, then you shouldn't worry anymore.
  • Buddhism And Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    In Buddhist thinking and commentary, loneliness is often thought of as a means of achieving nirvana. In fact it was the Buddha's loneliness that pushed him into deep meditation that eventual resulted in his enlightenment. Of course we are none of use Buddha, but yearn for Buddha-like enlightenment. In so far as loneliness is concerned, Buddhist thought as a unique way of describing different types of loneliness. Here is a brief overview of each. complete discipline, not wandering in the world of desire, and not seeking security from one's discursive thoughts.
  • Loneliness In Islam  By : Gen Wright
    Followers of Islam are subject to the same issues and personality crises as any other human being. Islamic thought encourages introspection and a resistance to negative thoughts. In the case of loneliness, Muslims are instructed to resist the despair through positive affirmations and activities. Like most religions, prayers, reflection and fellowship are suggested remedies for overcoming loneliness.
  • Loneliness And Bible  By : Gen Wright
    The bible, both Old and New Testament, are filled with stories about loneliness. Many people rely on the bible to guide them and give them comfort during times when they are alone and combatting loneliness.
  • Prayers For Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    For the religious among us attempting to overcome the negative feelings associated with loneliness, prayer is often the answer. But one does not have to be faithful or member of a church or religion to pray. Prayer is simply, "A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship."
  • Loneliness In Christianity  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness has always been an issue in Christianity. From the isolation of early Christians during the Roman Empire, to today's Christian singles loneliness problems, God presents these followers with challenges.
  • Getting By Friendless- 12 Simple Tips For Survival  By : Gen Wright
    Friends and friendship can be over-rated (depending on one's friends!). Whether you suddenly find yourself friendless due to a new situation, or decide that for a period friends have no place in your life, it is good to arm yourself with a few helpful ideas for getting through the time and even enjoying it!
  • Managing Life Without Friends- Five Simple Tips  By : Gen Wright
    Many people don't realize how much we rely on friends until we find ourselves without them. This can be either a conscious decision to simplify life and focus on the self, or a sudden realization that can bring on bouts of sadness and even despair. In either case, it is possible to manage, and yes even flourish, without friends.
  • Sevensteps To Flourishing Without Friends  By : Gen Wright
    Being without friends can be a painful situation, but it is important to move on and deal with one's situation. In fact being without friends for a period can provide one with an opportunity to clear the mind and refocus one's efforts on the important things in life. It can also mean adding to personal and business skills, and working toward fulfilling dreams and aspiration.
  • Three Key Considerations For Surviving Without Friends  By : Gen Wright
    Friends are an important part of everyone's life. They provide companionship, support and advice. But let's face it, friends can also be a source of pain and anguish. While most of us balance our lives with the ups and downs of friends, sometimes we find ourselves without any friends at all. This can be a self-imposed situation and a place one just suddenly finds oneself.
  • Seven Ways To Cope With Living Life Without Friends  By : Gen Wright
    At some point in life, we may find ourselves friendless. This is generally a temporary situation, but can seem hopeless when faced with the prospect of being alone. However this time alone can be restorative and lead to self-improvement and renewed vigor.
  • The Long-term Cure To Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Curing loneliness can be a struggle for those who feel stuck in a negative cycle of thought and action. A mind filled with negative thoughts and emotions regarding one's situation can de-motivate us to take part in the world, leading us to withdrawal further and exacerbating the problem.

    First and foremost, loneliness coping is about mindset and intention. To get over the feeling, one must adopt a positive mindset and must explicitly state the intention of getting through the bouts of feeling lonely. Only through this process can one truly release themselves from reoccurrence.
  • Happiness And Loneliness- A Delicate Mix  By : Gen Wright
    There are many theories about happiness and its relationship to human connection. The ultimate question, can a lonely person be truly happy has been and will continue to be studied. Of course there is no one right answer, as each human being is different in mental make-up and each of us has different components that make us happy.
  • Five Ways To Rid Yourself Of Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    The anxiety of loneliness can creep into our lives at any time. The best coping loneliness strategy is to not put oneself into a mindset or position where we let being alone or lonely feelings get to us. As any medical doctor will tell you, prevention is the best medicine. This simple advice is one to heed when dealing with loneliness. Here are some of the best prevention methods.
  • Get Moving And Get Over Your Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    For some loneliness is a fleeting emotion that passes like a cloud, while for others it is more pervasive and stays with us like a fog. For either side, there are specific strategies and actions that let us cope with loneliness and stay present, grounded and positive.
  • Win The Battle With Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    For many, loneliness feels like a weight that one must bear in life. We often feel a sense of powerlessness that can become paralyzing. The important thing to understand about loneliness is that it can be overcome with effort.
  • Don't Let Loneliness Get You Down  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness can be debilitating, sometimes leading to feelings of depression. The important thing to realize about coping with loneliness is that it does require action. Loneliness won't just magically go away. The encouraging news for those dealing with loneliness is that the "cure" is often simple and effective. Here are a few tips and strategies for getting yourself out of the loneliness hole and back into action.
  • The Science And Psychology Of Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    In psychology loneliness is described as "a felt discrepancy between the types of relationships the individual perceives himself as having and what he would like to have" (Schmidt &Sermat, 1983, p. 1039; Sermat, 1980). This leads to a cognitive discrepancy which causes stress and anxiety; in other words, the negative feelings of loneliness. It is important to recognize that being alone is not synonymous with being alone, rather the psychology of loneliness deals with the distress one feels when relationships with individuals or groups is not satisfying.
  • Self Help Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness is a state of mind brought about by the real or perceived dissatisfaction with one's relationships. In both cases - real or perceived - meditation and self-reflection can be highly beneficial to restore one's mental health.

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