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  • Internet Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness is of various kinds and is always disturbing as its effects are far reaching and have deep consequences in one's life. There are many things in one's life that can happen to him and lead him towards dejection and depression and one of those, now-a-days, is internet loneliness. This type of seclusion is common among many people as the use of internet is increasing day in and day out.
  • Loneliness In Sobriety  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness is something that takes you away from others, friends, relatives, society and everything. You don't know as what to do in these circumstances. Loneliness in sobriety steps forward in this situation and you get self-recognition through it.
  • Friendship Eliminates Loneliness And Makes Life Harmonious  By : Gen Wright
    The like-minded persons meeting each other become friends. They find different similarities among themselves and from this feeling of concern, the friendship starts. The friends play a crucial role since the premature epoch of kid. The you can't find him or herself without the companionship of their friends. Therefore, friends take a major part of the person's life.
  • Intimate Correlation Between Love And Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness and love oh! How gloomy that's! Even just reading of these words puts me in a bad mood. Writing about that is so hard, not to speak about living it. Nevertheless, this isn't the article, in which you'll interpret about all these sad and romantic things, which might place as into the big depression. Here I fancy telling you some first-class things about both of it.
  • How To Avoid Loneliness And Enjoy Solitude  By : Gen Wright
    Do you ever encompass the occurrence of loneliness, even if that was not the fact, and the crowd surrounded you? Yes, it might ensue several epochs in person's living and you're not out of that. The basic cause that generally provokes our mind to feel loneliness is nothing but some recent or may be some long-term distance from some close person. It might be also grounded by cheated by such persons and finding no one to ventilate the suppressed dispute or misunderstanding.
  • Can Single Person Grow Loneliness?  By : Gen Wright
    Can you recall any day from your infancy during your parents weren't in the residence and you amused the full day through all the matters that you can't execute, when they are present. Yes, most of the youth enjoys such solitude, as they want the freedom. However, being alone is something else and it can carry a silent flow of loneliness and being single feeling. There are many people you can find spread all over the earth, who stay alone on the home, no matter whatever the reason is. Sometimes, it may be some accident, that made them alone or it may be some more pathetic situation of divorce, either of their parents or of the person itself. Whatsoever the grounds is, it must've an upshot on the individual, may be positive or negative.
  • The Marriage And Loneliness Can't Stay Mutually  By : Gen Wright
    Being a married person one may feel lonely though one gets a partner through marriage. Marriage provides companionship of both partners. Thus, if you go normally you can't find any hazard in life that looms in the disguise of loneliness if you are a married person. Yet, there is many times that show loneliness in the married life. It's not a normal progression, still, there are some reasons those creates this situation to the married partners often. The life becomes worrisome as the relation damages between the two partners. The relationship is the crucial one in the married life, and deteriorating the relationship between the two the chances of divorce may occur. The loneliness and marriage are the opposite states in a person's life. The partner in a family life provides different kinds of supports therefore the loneliness may not arise in a marital life. The loneliness in marriage comes to the front when both the partners don't unearth any pathway to formulate adjustment in their familial life. They being frustrated avoid each other and feel loneliness.
  • Some Negative Impacts Of Loneliness In Society  By : Gen Wright
    Staying alone in home for a long time is mostly found dangerous for mental health of a person. However, some people will say, they are happy with this life. It depends upon the mental framing of the person. Most of the person can't stay alone since a prolonged span, especially, when loneliness and rejection stay together. There're several instances, where a person becomes compelled to stay alone for an accidental case and they start adjusting with the situation. Time helps them to recover from the pain and they again come to the normal society.
  • Gay Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    People around the world are of many sorts where the nature of one is different from others. There is aloneness on the cosmic level and, the same way; most of the gay people also feel a type of loneliness that is called gay loneliness. This problem is but natural for them where they might be able to change it with great effort.
  • Loneliness In Teenagers  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness is something that relates to the people of all ages and genders. It may be with anyone, a singleton child, a teenager, a young person, a middle aged, or an elderly person. It is not particular to a single age group where teenagers are also its victims. It is capturing everyone who comes in its clutches.
  • Aging And Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    As world population is growing day in and day out, people are getting more and more aloof from one another. Younger people are busy in their studies; adults are busy in their career building while the married couples are nursing their kids. It is the aging people who are passing a retiree's life where they are forced to pass their lives in perfect loneliness.
  • Loneliness In Pregnancy  By : Gen Wright
    A woman is the basic part of the life of human beings in this universe. She has to be pleased if life is to last long. But, unfortunately, she has to suffer most of the time, in one way or the other. There are various matters of life that she has to deal with, including her husband, relatives, kids, friends, and the society.
  • Only Child Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Singletons are on the rise in the whole world, especially in USA and the Western Europe. Although the only child will experience loneliness problems, but most of the educated families around the globe are now considering keeping family sizes minimal due various reasons of overpopulation, depletion of resources, and so forth. People now also believe in quality and not quantity.
  • Single Parent Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Single parent loneliness is such that may be of great consideration as he or she has to play both parts of father and mother. In this present age of economic recession, it has become difficult for the people to make both ends meet even after hard work, while playing two roles into one. So, it really becomes hard to bring up the child in a proper way.
  • Loneliness In Women  By : Gen Wright
    Men and women are part of the greater system of universe where they have been living in this world from the very time when they first stepped on earth. They were together, hand in hand, in each other's company. But now, the world is changing and it is taking the shape of a global village.
  • Loneliness In Men  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness in men comes to the limelight when they are found struggling to retain their relations with others successfully. They may be among a crowd of people but they are still feeling isolation due to a myriad of reasons.
  • The Basic Differences Between Loneliness And Solitude  By : Gen Wright
    If you're alone and reflecting it very painful then it means you are suffering from loneliness. Conversely, if you are enjoying the situation then it's solitude.
  • 1.2. primary Steps For Diagnosing The Symptoms Of Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Today loneliness is becoming a part of our life, as nothing is in your dispense that you can change. The families are becoming smaller and the children are becoming alone. However, staying alone is not the problem, until you feel the loneliness. There may be several reasons for loneliness.
  • 1.1. a Complete Story On Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Definition of loneliness: Loneliness is generally an unpleasant emotional state and it's naturally seen in the persons during the post breakup stage of their social or romantic relation. Meaning of loneliness is termed as a psychological feelings of emptiness and solitude. In the description of lonelinees we can say it results from an unstable state of social relationship. Normally, during this abnormal psychological state, people desire to stay isolated in the society. Therefore, psychologists from round the globe often motivate this psychologically disordered people to rebuild their broken social connection and thereby they try to bring them back towards the typical life.
  • Ways to Relieve Stress for Healthy Living  By : Bruce Markey
    Know about effective ways to relieve stress for a blissful life.
  • Useful Tips On How To Cope With Loneliness  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness affects almost everyone at some stage of our lives. It can affect both men and women. No one is immune to loneliness.
  • Social Anxiety, Loneliness And Depression- How They're Connected  By : Gen Wright
    Social anxiety, loneliness and depression are really three separate things that all seem to correlate to one another. You can suffer from one, two, or all, if you are not careful. Luckily, there are medicines and treatments, which can help, but you will never get the help you need until you know what all actually are, and how they can work together to turn your world upside down. The larger the country, and the world, grow, the more likely it will be that you come into contact with others.
  • Sadness In Singles- The Problem Of Loneliness In The Dating World  By : Gen Wright
    At some point in a person's life - whether man or woman - there will be a feeling of sadness and a feeling of loneliness. It is unavoidable. Just the way that life springs eternal. Not every relationship will be the right fit, and when one falls through, either the man or the woman, who feels like the "loser" in the relationship, will find it difficult bouncing back.
  • The Scary Thing About Loneliness In Women  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness in women is a growing problem all across the world. Even in nations where women's rights are respected, validated, and even celebrated, women can find themselves longing for something that is missing. There are many causes and contributions to the feeling of loneliness that are true of both women and men. Both genders tend to place a lot of emphasis on their relationships, and when one goes south, they can find themselves wondering what went wrong and fearful of future commitment.
  • What Is Causing The Loneliness And Isolation Problems In America?  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness and isolation are two separate circumstances that are often linked together because of how one can lead to the other so easily. Many Americans experience isolation every day of their lives, often in a self imposed state. As technologies have improved along with "social networking," more Americans are finding themselves isolated from real human contact. While this can lead to its own set of problems, it doesn't quite cause loneliness the way that other forms of isolation do.
  • Contributing Factors To The Loneliness In Men  By : Gen Wright
    Men may hide their emotions a lot, but that in no way means they don't have them. In fact, loneliness, while it can seem like a facade of impenetrability is actually a result of depression. The inability to get close to another person is rooted in a fear of failure and rejection that keeps some men lonely as a defense mechanism. With more and more loneliness out there in the world today, men suffer from locking everything up inside of them and thinking that no attention is good attention.
  • Cycling and Energy Healing  By : Wendy De Rosa
    Would you ever combine energy healing and cycling? Itís not common and in fact, most people think of energy healers as a bit woo woo and definitely not in the field of racing bikes.
  • How to Become an Expert at Setting Goals for Yourself  By : Rory Watson
    Creating a list of goals is important to achieving what you desire from life. Once you understand this you can spend every waking minute striving to achieve it. However the way in which we jot down our dreams can mean the difference between success and failure. Do you want to attain success ? - then read on to learn How to Become an Expert at Setting Goals for Yourself.
  • Pros and cons of polyphasic sleeping and ‹berman  By : Jonathan Mathiasson
    Most people find it instinctive to sleep 7-9 hours everyday during the period that the sun is down, but there are other alternatives. The option I will be writing about primarily is known as ‹berman and is a hexaphasic sleeping schedule which means that you nap six times in every 24 hours. Every nap lasts for about 20 minutes (It can be a little less or a little more depending on the individual).
  • Pros and cons of polyphasic sleeping and Uberman  By : Jonathan Mathiasson
    Most people find it natural to sleep 6-8 hours everyday when it's dark outside, but there are other options. The option I will be talking about primarily is named ‹berman and is a hexaphasic sleeping schedule which means that you nap six times in every 24 hours. Each nap lasts for about 20 minutes (It can be a little less or a little more depending on the individual).

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