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  • Choosing a Dating Service  By : Iftikhar Tirmizi Iftikhar
    With the enormous growth of the Internet user base in the past decade, the online dating has risen to gigantic proportions; some of the most popular dating websites have millions of members from all over the Globe and they continue to grow. The Internet dating has helped many men and women on the go to find their match and the number of online dating success stories continues to rise.
  • Get A Compatible Girlfriend  By : Gen Wright
    Compatibility,chemistry,trust,the three pillars that make up the basis for a new relationship. Which one do you think is most important?
  • Cure Jealousy the Right Way  By : john inger
    Great article on how to control your jealousy.
  • A Penis Enlargement Success Story Using Penis Exercises  By : Robert Thomson
    Todd is a 31 year old Caucasian male who lives in North America. 5'9" tall and 195 pounds. Divorced. He embarked on his penis enlargement in November and this is his success story:
  • Five Great Wedding Favour Ideas  By : Gen Wright
    The wedding couple are usually the happiest people in a wedding celebration. They are newly united by the holy sacrament of matrimony, they have a new life together ahead of them, and they get sprinkled with gifts from families, friends, and well-wishers.
  • Honeyteering - Volunteering For Newly Married Couples  By : Gen Wright
    Honeyteering is where newlyweds spend their honeymoon volunteering for a worthy cause - a growing trend amongst 21st century honeymooners. Read more about charitable honeymoons on the Latin Lounge.
  • Grey skills is very important  By : Sylvia
    Conditions in the black and white candidates for even more outstanding than in recent years, some candidates began to consciously develop the "gray skills", that is, learning to drink, play cards and how to manage relationships. There are a few employers in the recruitment process, requiring candidates to have some "gray skills."
  • Personal Lubricants Come In A Wide Range of Varieties  By : Kelly Renaul
    This article tells more about some tips on lubricant.
  • Delivering Flowers To A Loved One In the Republic of Belarus  By : Robert Thomson
    The increase of flower delivery services is in line with the general increase that the land is having in various spheres thanks to the open attitude and increased foreign interest in various spheres in the business in the county. As days passes and the entire world develops even more intercommunications in the Republic of Belarus, the demand for local flowers and gifts gelivering is set to witness huge increase in the close future.
  • Where To Get The Hottest Bondage Toys  By : Kelly Renaul
    This article gives an overview on bondage toys.
  • How to survive an affair.  By : michael grover
    Dealing with the aftermath of that affair
  • When you join an online dating service, you are looking for a girl that you can like  By : Scott Cosentino
    When you join an online dating service, you are looking for a girl that you can like…even come to love. That girl is looking for a guy that SHE can like or even love. What you aren’t looking for is a girl who would like your best friend or your idea of what the perfect guy looks like or talks like or thinks like. So, in order to find the right girl for you…and she IS out there…you need to be completely honest with yourself about yourself when writing the online profile, during the dating process and beyond. The best way to begin writing your profile is to carefully analyze your past relationship (s). What was right? What was wrong? What things really made you like the last girl? Which didn’t? Don’t assume that just because you hated that your last girl was so totally self-involved that she couldn’t see anything else, you’ll be able to overlook that quality this time. You won’t.
  • Family: The Importance of Keeping the Romance Alive in Your Relationship  By : Daniel Baxter
    Are you married or do you currently live with you partner? For many couples, marriage or cohabitation, often spells trouble for many relationships. While there are a number of different reasons for the cause of this common issue, it is often attributed to a lack of romance.
  • How Much Should You Share Of Your Sexual Past?  By : Dr Janet Hall
    People who think they should share everything about their sexual past can get into big trouble. Best to be cautious.
  • Absolute Essentials For Sensational Sex  By : Dr Janet Hall
    "What's gone wrong? Why isn't it working? She's gorgeous, I'm truly in love for the first time in my life and my sex life is non-existent?"
  • Should You Have A One Night Stand?  By : Dr Janet Hall
    Modern women are much more likely to seek out a one-night stand and the men are happy to cooperate. Yet there are some serious considerations which should be made in advance to prevent unhappy consequences. Let's take a light-hearted look at it all.
  • How Good Is Your Relationship?  By : Dr Janet Hall
    If you want to feel really alive, have high energy and mental alertness you must be comfortable with your own sexuality. It's 25% of who you are! The other 75% of your relationship are your soul connection, mind connection and heart connection.
  • Don't Let Sexcuses Flatten Your Sex-life  By : Dr Janet Hall
    If sex is so fantastic why don't we have it more often! Who's ever been too busy for sex? Who's ever been too tired for sex? Who can't remember when they last had sex?
  • Are you in the mist of planning your upcoming wedding?  By : Scott Cosentino
    Are you in the mist of planning your upcoming wedding? Are you, however, having difficulty choosing that perfect venue? If so, look no farther than the wineries in Paso Robles, California.Paso Robles winery weddings are ideal for all couples. Yes, you may find it better if you live in or around the State of California, but the wineries are also the perfect location for destination weddings. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling from, a Paso Robles winery wedding is within your reach.The first step in planning a Paso Robles winery wedding is choosing a winery. When doing so, you may be pleased with your options. The area is home to over one hundred wineries, many of which book special events, including weddings. So, which winery should you choose for your next wedding venue? It depends.Are you looking for a luxury, elegant, yet fairytale like wedding? If so, examine the Eagle Castle Winery, located on Anderson Road in Paso Robles. One look at the establishment and you will see that your dream of a fairytale wedding can come true. Why? Because of the castle. The winery is the only in the area that operates inside of one. At the Eagle Castle Winery, there are multiple rental options for your wedding, including an upper east and west terrace, a courtyard, and a banquet room.
  • You Deserve The Best Relationship  By : Dr Janet Hall
    Elle's guy started cheating on her in the first year of their rocky six-year relationship. He had physically and emotionally abused her. Several times he moved interstate without telling her where he was going, only to call her several weeks later, apologising, declaring his everlasting love and begging her to come to him. Listening to her heart and not her head, Elle let him back each time.
  • The Realities of Cheating in a Relationship  By : Dr Janet Hall
    In an interview on a gay radio program recently the reporter asked his presenting expert why it was important to be monogamous in a relationship. She said that she believed that whether it is a gay or heterosexual partnership, the main reason it is important to be monogamous is that it prevents drama! Of course that's not the only reason, but it's significant.
  • Playstation 3 Release Date Schedules  By : Scott Cosentino
    Sony’s Playstation 3, the successor to the first Playstation and Playstation 2, will compete alongside Xbox 360 of Microsoft and Wii of Nintendo.The Playstation 3 is planned for release in Japan on November 11, 2006. Meanwhile, in Canada and the United States, game enthusiasts can have their PS3 on November 17, 2006. On the other hand, those in Europe and Australia will have to wait until March 2007 for the release of the game consoles. Reports state that this has been the case because of the shortage of Blu-ray disc diodes. Authorities from Sony have announced that they are ready to file legal actions against anybody who would sell imported game units to consumers in Europe.The Playstation 3, in its initial release, will be retailed in two configurations. The first is a Basic configuration. In this package, the PS3 will be sold with a 20 GB hard disk drive, Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, and wireless SIXAXIS controllers. The second package is a Premium configuration. Instead of a 20 GB hard disk, the Premium’s hard disk will have a capacity of 60 GB. Additional supports are also installed, including Wi-Fi feature and memory card readers. The hard disks in the two configurations can be upgraded. In addition, the Basic configuration can also enjoy the memory card reader feature by using supplementary adapters.
  • It’s Never Too Late To Tell  By : Dr Janet Hall
    The national survey on sexuality which was reported in the Australian Study of Health and Relationships published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 27, 2, 2003. has a worrying finding. One in twenty Australian men and one in five Australian women reported that they had at some time been forced or frightened into doing something sexually that they did not want to do. Approximately half of these reported that they experienced sexual coercion when aged 16 years or younger.
  • Why the Age of Consent for Sex is Important  By : Dr Janet Hall
    The Right Person to Have Sex With The "age of consent" is the age at which it becomes legal for young people to engage in penetrative sexual acts. There are laws to stop older people from taking advantage of people younger than sixteen by having sex with them. There are different laws in different states of Australia, and they may be different for homosexual than for heterosexual sex, so you had better find out what applies to you if you are thinking about having sex.
  • How to Trust Him Again If Your Man Sees A Prostitute?  By : Dr Janet Hall
    Although a woman may feel immense hurt and anger to discover that her partner has visited with a prostitute, it is strongly recommended that he be given a chance to explain the circumstances. There are two types of men who see prostitutes.
  • What To Do When Your Husband Cheats with Your Best Friend  By : Dr Janet Hall
    Debbie's life had seemed to be perfect. She had a wonderful husband, Todd, and three beautiful children and they shared a happy life together. This included camping holidays with her best friend from Teacher's College, Simone, and her husband and two children. To Debbie's horror, her husband and "best friend" began to meet for coffee and talk and text up to five times a day. They said "there was nothing in it" and she was being paranoid to be jealous of them.
  • The Secret To Getting Your Boyfriend Back Quickly And Easily  By : cyril2011
    If your boyfriend broke up with you and you're frantic to get him back I want to help you. I really truly do believe in love and I hate it that you are going through this. If it were possible I would be there with you right now to keep you from doing stupid stuff and to help you to start doing the things that will actually help you to get your boyfriend back.
  • The Biggest Obstacle Keeping You From Getting Your Boyfriend Back  By : cyril2011
    If you're curious about what the biggest obstacle you're going to have to overcome as you try to get your boyfriend back then go look in the mirror. You are the biggest obstacle and the deciding factor that will determine the outcome of how all of this pans out. You hold the keys to whether you get your boyfriend back or if you find yourself several years down the road being introduced to his new wife and his darling children.
  • Can Sneaky Tricks Help You To Get Your Boyfriend Back Quick?  By : cyril2011
    Your heart is broken and you don't think that you'll ever be the same again if you can't get your boyfriend back. I can sympathize and understand completely where you are coming from. Maybe you knew that it was coming or perhaps it took you completely by surprise but either way you would do anything to turn back the hands of time and get him to agree to give you another chance. You would do anything to win your boyfriend back.
  • The Professional Party Planner Guide to Bridal Showers  By : Scott Cosentino
    A bridal shower is one of those parties which you can throw which will be fun and yet practical at the same time. While the purpose of the bridal shower is to give the bride things which can be used in her marriage, another fun reason is that it allows some hours away from the planning and stress of the wedding itself, for the bride and family to just play games and have some good clean fun.The bridal shower is the perfect occasion to share funny family stories and for friends and relatives to gather to give the bride advice and support for her marriage. It is also another occasion which the bride gets to be the princess of the day, without having to deal with all of the stress of the wedding itself. It is a much more casual and comfortable event than the actual wedding or reception generally are.

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