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  • Installing New Bicycle Tires  By : Art Penz
    To install your new tires begin by deflating your current tires and removing them. If required use plastic tire levers but NEVER a metal screw driver; doing so may scar your rims.
  • Installing New Road Bicycle Pedals  By : Art Penz
    Removing the old pedals from your crank can be easily done with either the bike on the floor or in a work stand. Pedals like the Look Keo Carbons do not accept a pedal wrench. These pedals will require an Allen key that can be placed in the spindle from the back side.
  • Professional Poker Tools - Part One - PokerTracker  By : T.K. Kearns
    PokerTracker is the number one tool that online poker pros are using to consistantly win money.
  • Avoiding Flats While Riding  By : Art Penz
    The most avoidable flat is the snake bite or pinch flat. It’s caused by not having enough air in the tire or by hitting a pot hole with insufficient PSI. In both situations the tire is deformed causing the sidewall of the rim to pinch the tube while inside the tire.
  • Proper Tire Pressure  By : Art Penz
    Tires are rated by their respective manufacturers for a given PSI often with a recommended and a maximum range. For the purposes of this, we’ll be touching on the maximum PSI rating only.
  • All About Cornering  By : Art Penz
    Your center of gravity in relation to your saddle is what turns your bike. The handlebars are often labeled responsible for turning, but other than at low speeds, this is not so.
  • Assault Course in Nottingham stag weekends  By : sara punnoose
    Time to head on for an assault course and design a day full of unadulterated fun and with everyone. Especially designed as a team event this outdoor activity is full of many challenges and thrills at every step. So you guys you can be assured of a really buzzing day of sporting action with all your friends in your Nottingham stag weekends.
    Inflatable Sport Games have become an excellent source of fun, entertainment and amusement for children. Magic Jump have Nj And Pa Approved Inflatables that offer kids thrill without compromising their safety.
  • unknown becomes ncaa-career rushing leader  By : Dirtyp
    Nate Kmic gained 310 yards and scored three touchdowns to become college football’s career rushing leader and lift Mount Union to a 45-24 win over Wheaton in the NCAA Division III semifinals on Saturday.

    Kmic broke the record on a 42-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. He has 7,986 career yards, 24 more than the record set by Danny Woodhead of Chadron State in 2004-07.
  • NBA - Eddie Jordan fired by the Wizards  By : Ally White
    The Wizards coach, 53-year-old and third longest-tenured coach in the NBA Eddie Jordan, was fired of his position due to the bad results the team is having at the beginning of this season with a 1-10 record.
  • Winning At The Slots  By : Carson Danfield
    The slot department on the casino floor can be a confusing place. Hundreds of different machines greet the player. Bright colors, mindless electronic tunes and flashing lights seem to assault the senses. Different pay tables and payoff percentages; straight payoffs or progressive slot systems; win-a-car prizes or take the money and run; the choices are tremendous. Just making a decision about which machine to play often seems to be daunting.
  • Tight Slots Machines vs. Loose Slots Machines  By : Carson Danfield
    Slot players are always searching for machines that pay off more than others. These machines are known as 'loose' machines, and casinos that offer machines that pay off more than those in other casinos are known as loose casinos.
  • Play the Slots and WIN  By : Carson Danfield
    Until the mid 1980s, slot machines truly were one-armed bandits. The house usually had an advantage an advantage of 20%, and sometimes even more.

    Since then, casinos have come to rely on slot players for most of their revenues. This has created competition among casinos and dramatically sweetened the odds for players.
  • Insider's Guide to Playing Slot Machines  By : Carson Danfield
    Playing slot machines requires little or no skill. You can play at your own pace and that is little or as much as he walked.


    Casinos try to take your mind off the odds. They introduce a constant stream of new slot games and offer eye catching jackpots, such as new cars displayed on turntables in full view of the machines.
  • Casino Comps: Four Comps In 10 Minutes  By : Carson Danfield
    If you are wondering if you can get playing at $2 blackjack tables, the answer is a resounding YES! In fact, I set a new record for myself in getting four (4) buffet comps in less than 10 minutes!
  • How to Gamble for Free  By : Carson Danfield
    Is it possible to win every time you gamble? - Yes - if you play for comps, the more than $1 billion worth of favors that casinos give away every year. Even if you lose at a gaming table, you can get back more than you spend in the form of gratis drinks, meals, entertainment, etc.
  • Cadet Kart Allows your Kid the Freedom to Drive  By : Steve9 RR Karting9
    Kart Chassis – A Good Kart Chassis Frame Accelerates your Victory
    People in the kart racing business are keen on their kart specifications because it’s the winning partner in their racing career. Driver and kart must be well suited to be able to compete in races without discomfort. Even the minutest detail such as drivers’ seat is important. From the engine power, kart chassis, go kart parts, and body frame, these must be thoroughly picked. There are experts who can easily help you chose if you are not very good in picking a good kart. Be well informed on the specifications of your kart in order to be able to take better care of it.
  • The Sports Betting Industry Today…  By : Sadie Kirsten
    Using an online sports betting service also allows you to reinvest your winnings straight back into another bet. Betting online you can see your odds and even make comparisons between potential bets before you make a commitment. Attractive bonuses allowing for additional income to be made when choosing to do your sports betting online.
  • The Spiritual Ecology of the Boreal Forest  By : jgraf
    The Earth Vision project presents to the reader an experience of spiritual ecology in the northern boreal forest.
  • Are Adidas leading the field for football boots?  By : Mark Moon
    The name Adidas has become synonymous with football itself, with many famous world class football players such as David Beckham and Steven Gerrard wearing the boots on the pitch. But are Adidas really amongst the best football boots available and, if so, why?
  • Review Of 3 Bird Hunting Dogs  By : Razvan Jr.
    This article presents three of the most important bird hunting dogs in the world, used by millions of hunters.
  • Merriam’s & Gould’s Wild Turkey Hunting Suggestions  By : Razvan Jr.
    This article summarizes how to hunt two subspecies of the wild turkey family: the Merriam’s and the Gould’s.
  • Baiting & Using Your Wild Boar Trap  By : Razvan Jr.
    This article reviews a technique for trapping wild boars using a normal hog trap along with the necessary equipment.
  • Youth Football Coaching: The Kick Off Return And The Kick Off Team  By : Kevin O Keefe
    In our youth football coaching program we also focus on the Kick Off Return and the Kick Off Team. These are two of the most effective weapons in youth football that you can have in your coaching program. We carry these weapons in our youth football coaching program so that we can have the tactics in winning every game that we're going to play.
  • Youth Football Coaching: Organizing The Days For The Program  By : Kevin O Keefe
    In youth football coaching, to have a good program, you should know how to divide and organize the days for the program. This is something that we focus on specifically at our youth football coaching site. Getting the days organized for the youth football coaching program is one factor that should be given of great importance.
  • Youth Football Coaching : Having A Good Start For A Program  By : Kevin O Keefe
    In youth football coaching, the primary thing that should be considered is having a good planning that will go in from the day the football program is supposed to start, until the day of the championships. Such a good planning in youth football coaching will be beneficial for the team. Having a good game plan is a key factor in determining your outcome in the game.
  • Youth Football Coaching: Direction Of Basic Defense  By : Kevin O Keefe
    One of the most important things that we teach in our youth football coaching program is to know the direction of basic defense. This is something we focus on specifically at our youth football coaching site. This is because if you know the direction of basic defense and apply it in your coaching program, the outcome is that you are most likely to become successful in any youth football game.
  • 2008 Ohio State Football Preview  By : Rob Wludyga
    Senior QB Todd Boeckman returns for his second year at the helm of the Ohio State offense. In his first season as the starter, Boeckman threw for 2,379 yards and 25 touchdowns. His 14 interceptions did become a concern at times throughout the season, but a year of experience may improve his decision making. The tools he has to work with at the skilled positions, and a rock solid line up front should have Boeckman putting up big numbers this year.
  • 2008 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football Preview  By : Matt Baxendell
    The SEC had another banner year in 2007, again finishing as the strongest conference in college football. For the second consecutive year, the SEC produced the National Champion as LSU became the first team to be crowned BCS Champion twice.
  • Ten NFL Players under pressure in 2008  By : Matt Fullerton
    A month before training camp and a few more before the regular season kicks off, their seats are getting hot. There are lots of players in the NFL jockeying for position, fighting to keep their spot as new talent pours in from the draft, free agency and trades. Players who haven't yet lived up to their billing and are at risk of losing their jobs if they don't step it up quick.

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