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  • Ensuring Your Success When Purchasing Rehab Properties  By : Charles and Kim Petty
    You have heard all of the hype surrounding real estate investing, and you're ready to get started. You know that there is money to be made - you've seen the late night infomercials, and you even know some people who are investing in real estate successfully.
  • The Best Way To Ensure Your Rehab Real Estate Investing Success  By : Charles and Kim Petty
    There are a lot of factors that are involved in a successful rehab real estate investing transaction. You need a property, a reputable appraiser and contractor and a funding source to purchase the property. Depending on what you plan to do with the property, you may also need a good mortgage broker to refinance you, a motivated REALTOR to sell the property or a good property management company to locate and interview tenants and manage the property for you.
  • Making Real Estate Investing Work When Married to Your Partner  By : Charles and Kim Petty
    Something that investing in real estate full-time gives you is flexibility. It gives you the flexibility to choose when to work, where to work, and who you want to work with. You can literally choose the people with whom you do business, the people with whom you will spend the majority of the time.
  • Is Home Ownership The Same As Investing in Real Estate?  By : Alexandria Anderson
    The Rich Dad, Poor Dad real estate investing book series (written by Robert Kiyosaki) encourages property buyers to figure out whether they aught to be investing they’re money in a particular investment property or not.
  • Basics of Condos  By : Ted Turner
    Plazacorp is one of Toronto's most experienced residential condominium construction and condos development organizations.
  • Real Estate Listings - Property Search  By : Andy Steuer
    Trying to buy a new home of to sell a property is an experience which can demand a lot of time, energy and patience. Most people have had the frustrating experience of scanning the newspapers and going through the real estate listings again and again every morning in order to locate the elusive dream home or to come across the perfect buyer for your cherished property which you want to hand over to safe hands.
  • Condo Frequently Ask Questions  By : Ted Turner
    Plazacorp is one of Toronto's most experienced residential condominium construction and condos development organizations.
  • The Qualities Of Successful Real Estate Investors  By : Alexandria Anderson
    There isn’t a magic-pill when it comes to becoming an accomplished real estate investor. It is not just a matter of leaping into the fray, and hoping for a good outcome, or being born with an “investment gene”.
  • Best Condos in Canada  By : Ted Turner
    The Plazacorp Group is one of Toronto's most experienced residential condominium construction and development organizations.
  • Renovating the Property of your Dreams  By : helen
    Most people have that perfect family home, the dream property they want to live in and many of us never have the opportunity or drive to make our dream come true, but there are others who make their dream a reality and those people live the dream.
  • Storage Boxes - You’re Moving Solution  By : helen
    If you’re planning to move house or even more business premises then you will of course have furniture, clothing, household items and other bits and bobs you collect in a home.
  • Toronto Real Estate: The Most Appreciated Real Estate Acquisitions Today  By : Peter Scarlett
    A Toronto condos listing will provide the vivid description of the location of the building and the best Toronto real estate agent can bring you the numerous Toronto condos listing available that meets your need.
  • Conversions – A new Home from an old Shop  By : helen
    In the modern world that we live in today we have far more options open to us when it comes to buying our dream home. With house prices constantly on the rise we are turning to other means of gaining the home that we have always wanted.
  • The Keys to Finding the Best Real Estate Appraiser  By : Locateappraisers
    Finding a great real estate appraiser is key to answering important questions about a real estate appraisal, whether you want to find out the value of your current home or are looking to buy a new home.
  • Dubai's Bachelors Live The Hard Way  By : Pankaj Mohan
    Dubai, which boasts about its dreams and landmarks, does not have enough space to shelter those very same who made those dreams and landmarks a reality.
  • Dubai To Acquire Eco-Friendly Infrastructure  By : Pankaj Mohan
    Dubai's latest infrastructure is to be eco-friendly, it has been decided. Read more of this article to know about it.
  • Dubai To Allow Home Insurance  By : Pankaj Mohan
    Dubai has introduced a new law which makes developers responsible for damages that might get noticed after the property had been handed over.
  • Portland Homes for Sale Throughout the Metro Area are Becoming More Popular  By : Ben Anton
    Portland offers a great location for young families to raise their kids, retiries to enjoy their later years, and professionals to grow new business. Real estate in the area expands beyond the metro area and includes some great neighborhoods just right for newcomers to the area. This article explores the housing opportunities in these areas and how to buy a home in Portland.
  • Are You Thinking of a Home Extension?  By : helen
    Extending your existing home is an option that is becoming more popular with many home owners in this modern day. A home extension can provide you with the added space that you need as well as possibly adding more value to your home.
  • Dubai Encroaching Upon Its Own Desert  By : Pankaj Mohan
    Dubai's growing landscape raises a serious question. Will its ongoing expansion completely overshadow its geographical map? Will there be no more free land left to walk around, once the real estate frenzy had died down?
  • Cash in with Foreclosure Property  By : Luat Tran Van
    The real estate market is creating opportunities for investment that are rarely seen. Find out how to cash in on these opportunities to create a bright future for yourself and your family.
  • Real Estate Website Traffic - SEM  By : Andy Steuer
    Search Engine Marketing: Drawing traffic to your real estate website. What is search engine marketing (SEM)? and why it's important for getting ahead of your competition in real estate marketing. Sponsored (paid) listings are a great way to get fast visibility on the major search engines, Lead tracking can help your real estate business become stronger by attracting quality leads.
  • Clackamas, Oregon: The Urban And Suburban Benefits  By : Ben Anton
    Many people are deciding to relocate to the Portland metro area in Oregon. This article explores the benefits of relocating to Clackamas, Oregon because of its urban and suburban benefits.
  • Buying Holiday Homes In Greece  By : Pankaj Mohan
    Greek tourism has always enjoyed a key global role, but the European state is also witnessing a much desired real estate boom these days. Read, which one are the factors that might be leading to such property boom there.
  • Why One Should Think Of Living In Kefalonia  By : Pankaj Mohan
    Kefalonia is widely known for its sea resorts, mountainous landscape, ancient monasteries and a thriving countryside, thus making it out the most sought-after destination for the holidaymakers and property buyers both, as this article might suggest.
  • A Quick House Sale In The UK  By : David Hurley
    Property prices are at the lowest. The latest slide follows a drop of 2.5% in March, the biggest monthly fall since 1992, and in April house prices fell by 1.3 % it is therefore no surprise that home sellers are finding it hard to sell, however we at VS Properties may have the solution for a quick house sale VS Properties are quick house buyers, a London based company, buying houses nationwide. Our objective is to buy your house quick, by offering you a friendly and stress free service, and a completion date which suits you.
  • Real Estate Investing: America is DEAD WRONG When It Comes to Investing in Real Estate!  By : Larry Loik
    Want to make millions investing in American real estate? You can! All the nay-sayers, chicken littles & all the talking head media in America is DEAD WRONG when they say you can’t make money with real estate investing in the United States.
  • How Are Rich People Using Real Estate?  By : Alexandria Anderson
    So many people - regular people like you and me - are completely mystified when it comes to the rich. They talk like they think you have to be born rich or that there is some sort of sorcery that people do to make themselves rich. They talk as though it is completely beyond them, that it is almost an impossibility for them to ever be wealthy, or say that you virtually have to sell your soul in order to achieve real wealth.
  • Relocate to Portland: Community and Charm in Sellwood  By : Ben Anton
    Sellwood is one of the most popular neighborhoods on the East Portland area. This article describes just what makes this area such a popular place to live.
  • Andorra Real Estate Still On The Rise In 2008  By : Andorra
    Australia, Canada, the U.S. and Europe's real estate values are in freefall - but there are still areas that resist the economic slump.

    Andorra, Europe's second most popular tax haven, could see property prices rise despite recession elsewhere.

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