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  • Alcohol, Caffeine and Tobacco lowers Sperm production  By : Rupal Hospital
    Male infertility is due to low sperm production, misshapen or immobile sperm, or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. The biggest cause of infertility in men is abnormal sperm. Sperm can be affected by lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, exposure to chemicals, caffeine consumption and lack of exercise and balanced diet.
  • All about Benign Breast Cancer  By : James Pendergraft
    There are many causes of benign breast cancer. These are the changes in the breast tissue, any breast infection or injury, and any medicine that are taken that have caused the lumps or the breast pain. Changes in the tissues of a woman’s breasts occur with the fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone during the menstrual cycle.
  • All about Holistic Skin Care for Women  By : James Pendergraft
    Most women want to look their best and are concerned about their skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is also what people see first about a person. Beautiful skin is also a reflection of health. It makes you appear radiant and feel good from the inside out.
  • All about Hyperthyroidism in Women  By : James Pendergraft
    What is hyperthyroidism and what causes such an ailment in women? Hyperthyroidism is actually a condition that can occur in both men and women but is more prevalent in females. As the term implies, this condition is due to a hyper active thyroid, which in turn produces hormones beyond the normal level it should be producing them. Also called thyrotoxicosis, this problem can be easily diagnosed with some of the telltale symptoms that indicate a person has it.
  • All About Perimenopause  By : James Pendergraft
    Are you experiencing mood swings, hot flashes, and loss of sexual desire that are affecting your personal life? Do you feel uncertain about what you might be going through?
  • All about the Pregnancy Ultrasound  By : James Pendergraft
    Because pregnancy is a very delicate stage in both the woman and her baby’s life, a lot of effort is in place to make sure that a woman will have a safe pregnancy and delivery. The goal of this is to make sure that both mother and child will pass through the process safe and sound. In any case, attention is specially given to minimize the risks during pregnancy, which is plenty especially if one is careless about it.
  • Appropriate conditions for diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.  By : ivfiraq
    Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows fertility specialist to look inside your uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of infertility. Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy are generally safe and quick procedures that are performed in the out patient department. Hysteroscopy can be carried out to aid in diagnosis or to perform minor surgical procedures. Hysteroscopy is useful for diagnosing and treating some problems that cause infertility, miscarriages, abnormal menstrual bleeding, Adhesions, abnormal growth of polyps and fibroids and Displaced IUDs.Al-Manar Fertility is Top fertility Clinic Basrah ,Best IVF Fertility Center in Iraq provides Patient Friendly & Affordable In Vitro fertilization treatment to Infertile couples in Iraq .Al-Manar Fertility & Endoscopy Center provides world class IVF treatment to its patients in Basrah.
  • Are You Ready For Labor?  By : Godrob
    If this is your first pregnancy the prospect of giving birth can be a daunting one. In fact, after the adulation of discovering you are pregnant has passed, it’s common to feel apprehensive even scarred about the whole giving birth experience.
  • Assisted Hatching in Assisted Reproductive Technology  By : Rotunda Fertility
    In vitro fertilization (IVF) failure is a frustrating experience for individuals and couples, and it is often caused by an embryo's failure to implant in the uterus. For women who have failed IVF or have a poor prognosis for IVF, the fertility doctor may recommend a technique known as assisted hatching.Assisted hatching is a laboratory technique designed to enhance implantation of embryos generated through in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • Availing benefits from cheap California auto insurance  By : auto insurances
    In this period of inflation who doesn’t want to save money? Every one seeks to save money from every possible way. Even when it comes to the security of your valued things you must look if there is any possibility to save money.
  • Avoiding the Painful Process of Induced Labor  By : James Pendergraft
    For most pregnant women, the termination of pregnancy is the most difficult part of the process. This is because labor involves a lot of pain. Because of this, most women resort to a C-section delivery, which is far less painful. However, there are instances when there is a need to induce labor earlier than normal. This procedure is very painful and is done only at the utmost necessity.
  • Awesome Facts on Smoking and Infertility  By : Rupal Hospital
    Smoking cigarettes can impair both a woman's and a man's fertility. Smoking affects how receptive the uterus is to the egg. And in men, smoking can reduce sperm production and damage DNA. Experts also strongly suggest quitting smoking before you’re pregnant. Smoking while pregnant boosts the risk of miscarriage. Its in the interest of the family that men and women make healthy choices for themselves, their partners, and their future children.
  • Baby Blues: The Challenges of Postpartum Depression  By : mjb
    This article provides information regarding “baby blues” --- a mental and emotional state that occurs right after pregnancy. Women who experience post-partum depression can feel a shift in their mood and attitude towards their own baby. Postpartum depression symptoms, risk factors, and preventive measures are also discussed at length.
  • Baby Girl Conceive Myths - Debunked!  By : Anita Bern
    Have you ever been in a situation to ask (yourself, or someone supposedly knowledgable): 'How can I tell from early signs of pregnancy if it's a girl?', or anything along the lines of 'Is it true that I am having a baby girl if: my belly looks like a giant watermelon/I'm having terrible acne outbreaks/sooo craving sweets' etc.
  • Baby in the Boardroom : How to Juggle the Demands of Pregnancy and Your Job  By : cathy
    As long as a woman is healthy and regularly sees her doctor, there is no reason why she should not continue to work while she is pregnant. This poses little or no risk to the child. But if the health of the mother and the unborn child is threatened, certain changes must be made to accommodate their needs.
  • Back Exercises For Pregnancy  By : Orit Cox
    Back exercises for pregnancy can be invaluable for managing pain. Up to 80% of pregnant women develop back pain.

    Exercises for relieving prenatal back pain are targeted at strengthening and stretching the back, pelvis, abdomen, thighs, hamstrings, and chest. These exercises are great for targeting your core muscles.
  • Back Pain in Pregnant Women--Why Your Low Back Hurts During Pregnancy, and How to Get Relief  By : Orit Cox
    Back pain in pregnant women is a very common complaint. In fact, as many as 80% of pregnant women will have back pain at some time during their pregnancy. There are several types of back pain that occur among expectant mothers, but low back pain is the most common. But why does your low back hurt during pregnancy?

    This article will explore the causes of back pain during pregnancy, discuss the different types of back pain that occur, and provide information about what can be done to prevent and relieve prenatal back pain.
  • Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep  By : James Pendergraft
    Sleep is a luxury for busy people, but everybody loves sleep. Sleep contributes to the overall health and well-being of an individual. It rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. There are many benefits of eight hours of sleep each night. Body tissues are repaired at the cellular level, and this helps to reduce stress, pollution, and infection. Sleep also helps us learn new skills. Research done by the Harvard Medical School students concluded that REM sleep is essential for learning new things.
  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy.  By : Narisa R.
    A lot of pregnancy women are anxious about doing anything that may injury their baby, but exercise is suggested for uncomplicated pregnancy and this is a great idea to get a few exercises day-to-day.
  • Benefits of Getting Good Rest for Weight Loss  By : James Pendergraft
    Sleep is very vital if you want to lose weight. Sleep affects all the processes of your body. You’ll feel less energized if you lack sleep. Your body is not ready for your daily activities if you fail to sleep well the previous night. It is important that you get good rest, especially if you intend to shed pounds off your body.
  • Best Maternity Hospital in Surat  By : Rupal Hospital
    Pregnancy is the time when you should take care of yourself physically and mentally. When you find you are expecting it is an exciting time for you and your loved ones. At the same time you will be filled with many questions like when to make first appointment with doctor, when to take pregnancy test, what diet to eat and what to avoid, what about exercise and rest and many more. It is always advisable to clear your thoughts with the doctor or the OB-GYN at the earliest.
  • Best Test Tube Baby Centre in India, Best Ivf Clinic India  By : IndiraInfertilityClinic
    In the test tube baby procedure sperm and eggs are collected, fertilized in the laboratory and the resulting healthy embryo is then transferred into the uterus. More commonly known as IVF, it is a method of assisted reproductive technology for treatment of infertility. IVF is recommended in the cases of blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, ovulation disorders, ovarian failure, the male partner has low sperm count and unexplained infertility.
  • Best Time To Become Pregnant  By : Kathy Knapp
    One of the most often asked questions concerning pregnancy is a best time to become pregnant. It's neither the Christmas time nor the Valentine’s Day. 1 must be brilliant in arithmetic if 1 is serious regarding getting pregnant because it totally depends on the ovulating days. Currently the question arises that how must one calculate this crucial time? For people who are sensible in arithmetic need not worry but others should get hold of an Ovulation Calculator.
  • Blossom Fertility and IVF Centre  By : Blossomivf India
    Infertility is simply a symptom, the causes of infertility are numerous, and identifying the specific barrier to conception is of paramount importance. After consultation, investigation and counseling, a program of treatment is created with the objective of the greatest chance of success for each couple.
  • Body Changes in Pregnancy  By : Juliet Cohen
    Pregnancy is a nine month journey for both you and your baby. During this time your own body will change, both internally and externally. During pregnancy the breasts will grow larger under the influence of hormones.
  • Breast Discharge: Why It Happens  By : James Pendergraft
    For a breastfeeding woman, breast discharge should come in no other form than milk. However, for women who are not breastfeeding, any discharges from the breast is a cause for alarm. The discharges may happen while asleep or at any time of the day. Fortunately, despite the concern that women may associate with the problem, what is fortunate is that most discharges are benign and they usually do not indicate a severe condition that is a true cause for worry.
  • Breast is best for our Children (so far...)  By : Sam Brookes
    Today I read about a recent study into infant formula. The results implied quite strongly that formula fortified with essential fatty acids (in this case DHA) improved the cognitive brain development of the baby. This is yet another piece of evidence to support the far reaching benefits of essential fatty acids for the brain, from infant through to the elderly.
  • C-Section versus Normal or Vaginal Birth  By : James Pendergraft
    Pregnancy nowadays is safer and less life threatening than what it was ages ago when doctors would use crude methods. Modern technology has made delivery less painful unlike in the past wherein a woman is almost wading in her own blood during a delivery, seriously imperiling her life or that of the baby.
  • Can A Girl Get Pregnant From Precum?  By : Aliceson Patina
    If the girl is experiencing her period, then her chances of getting pregnant from percum is slim. But if she has inconsistent cycles or light spotting, then her chances of giving birth are higher.
  • Cannot Get A Period And Be Pregnant  By : Brian Nelso
    You cannot get your period while pregnant.
    {Cleanly acknowledged, your period is when your body sheds the tissues that are

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