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  • 4 Benefits of Abortion Pills: A Look  By : James Pen
    Terminating a pregnancy can be a tough decision for a woman. There are a lot of things she has to consider. While the view of society is one aspect she has to take care of her health too. Undergoing an abortion, after all, may not be medically safe as well.
  • 5 Essential Tips On Becoming Pregnant  By : Aliceson Patina
    Searching for tips on becoming pregnant has been a common trend for older couples. The problem is usually with women either marrying older or wanting give birth several years after marriage. With that said, here are 5 essential tips you may follow on becoming pregnant.
  • 5 Foods To Restrict But Not To Avoid When Breastfeeding  By : Dr.Scott Pendergraft
    Not every food in your grandma’s list should be cut off from the list in your diet when you are breastfeeding. Here are some food items that you can enjoy in small quantities.
  • 5 Foods To Restrict But Not To Avoid When Breastfeeding  By : Dr.Scott Pendergraft
    Not every food in your grandma’s list should be cut off from the list in your diet when you are breastfeeding. Here are some food items that you can enjoy in small quantities.
  • 5 Reasons Abortions are a Social Stigma  By : James Pen
    Whenever the word abortion shoots up in the society, it is presumed to be an ultimate social stigma, and that it is one of the biggest sins that the mankind can commit. After all, isnt is a life that you are taking out?
  • 7 Reasons Why Your Boobs Hurt  By : Dr.Scott Pendergraft
    Summary: Not every time your boobs cry, you should rush to a doctor. Mostly such pains are a result of hormonal imbalance.
  • A Complete Guide for Women Considering Hysterectomy  By : James Pendergraft
    Have you been told by your doctor that you need to undergo a hysterectomy? If so, then you should know as much as possible about the facts behind hysterectomy and its possible alternatives before deciding to go through with the procedure.
  • A Guide to Better Bone Health for Women  By : James Pendergraft
    Bone health is one of the most important aspects of a women’s health. This is due to the fact that ignoring bone health may result in a lot of diseases and injuries, the most dreaded of which is osteoporosis. Although a lot has been said about the debilitating effects of osteoporosis, it may not be entirely too late to protect one from it.
  • A Guide to Feeding your Baby  By : SWilson
    Feed your baby with love. You may not be breastfeeding your child but opting for the best baby bottle can show you care by the time and effort you spend to find the best products. Through choosing the right feeding bottle, you create a worthy baby feeding experience not just for yourself but most importantly for the baby. Make each feeding moment a rewarding endeavor for you and your child by choosing the right baby bottles.
  • A Guide to Pelvic Health in Women  By : James Pendergraft
    A woman’s pelvic area is the region where her reproductive organs are located. This is not to say that a woman will not be complete if her pelvic health hangs in the balance. This indicates that when something is wrong with her pelvic area, her ability to conceive, as well as all other functions where the pelvic region is involved, may be affected.
  • A Holistic Approach on Cellulite Treatment  By : James Pendergraft
    For a woman, maintaining a healthy body goes beyond getting the proper nutrition and the right amount of food. It’s actually far more than that. Most women want to have a beautiful and sexy body to complete the projected feminine appeal.
  • A Look at the Thalidomide Tragedy  By : Maialyn zharizz
    During pregnancy, doctors advise their patients to be extremely careful in taking medications for fear of causing harm to the unborn child. Some drugs can cause birth defects or death in a fetus. One example of this is the tragedy of the thalidomide babies.
  • A Look into Female Urinary Tract Infections  By : James Pendergraft
    As dreadful as it seems, urinary tract infections or UTI is common in both males and females, although it is the women who experience the greatest discomfort. Urinary tract infection refers to disorders affecting the urinary tract. It may be caused by bacterial infection due to poor hygiene, or as a result of sexual intercourse.
  • A New Understanding of Heart Disease in Women  By : James Pendergraft
    It is the new theme of the times that women today are as prone to heart disease as men. This is a far cry from the mainstream belief a couple of decades ago when only men were susceptible to heart diseases. Furthermore, such belief emphasized that as long as women keep themselves fit, they are likely to avoid heart disease. This belief is very much true because a major reason for the susceptibility of women today is due to changes in lifestyle and diet.
  • A Primer on Bradley vs. Lamaze Childbirth Methods  By : Sophie Cosic
    For many, childbirth is the defining moment of our lives. However, along with the excitement and joy of bringing a new life into this world comes the challenges of the birth. There are two major competing schools in dealing with the discomfort, stress and pain associated with childbirth: Bradley and Lamaze.
  • A Serious Look into Uterine Artery Embolization  By : James Pendergraft
    A uterine artery embolization or UAE is known to be an alternative to surgical procedures that could correct uterine fibroids. There are three main kinds of uterine fibroids and these are the subserosal, intramural, and submucous. If you have any of these three kinds of fibroids, the options for treatment might be limited. However, these are also dependent on whether there are organs affected by the fibroids and the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • A Shadow Over Your Pregnancy: How Preexisting Health Conditions can Affect You and Your Baby  By :
    Preconception planning is an important step for women with preexisting conditions to take when considering the possibility of becoming pregnant. This should be done with the advice of a doctor to ensure that the illness will not adversely affect the development of the unborn child or endanger the lives of both mother and child.
  • A Simple Approach to Restless Leg Syndrome  By : James Pendergraft
    For a woman, there are a lot of possible ailments that one may contract due to the many forms of stress and tensions that they are exposed to. The most common of these are problems associated with the daily activities and they can hamper even the simplest of chores.
  • A synopsis of premature baby survival rate  By : David shane
    The normal human gestation period from the time of conception until birth ranges between 37-42 complete weeks. Babies born between these periods are called full term babies. However, babies who are born before the 37th completed week of the usual cycle are referred to as premature babies.
  • A Weekly Pregnancy Guide  By : SWilson
    Every pregnancy is as different as every child developing in the womb is unique from another. However, there is nothing to be afraid of since older family members and friends and even the internet can provide you with information and guides to help you get through your pregnancy safely and comfortably.
  • A Woman’s Guide to Digestive Health  By : James Pendergraft
    The digestive system is one of the most important systems in a woman’s body. This is because the digestive system is the one system that processes the proper nutrients as well ensuring good health. The importance of the digestive system in a woman’s body is highlighted by the fact that over time, a woman’s body is subject to various changes. Bodily changes such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopausal may require a woman to take certain amounts of nutrients, especially in the case of pregnancy
  • Abortion and Women - When Should One Really Undergo Abortion?  By : James Pen
    In layman words, abortion can be explained as a process which terminates the pregnancy of a woman which is done by choice. It is a highly debatable question whether abortion is right or wrong. On the top of everything, the question of “when should one actually go for an abortion” continues to perplex everyone. There are numerous aspects which run wild in a woman’s mind when she thinks of aborting her child. However, there are certain situations which demand abortion to be done.
  • Abortion Benefits You May Not Know Of  By : James Pen
    Getting the facts straight
    Abortion has been considered to be one of the most controversial topics in recent times. Even though most individuals around the world look at abortion as a crime and are absolutely against it, there are many abortion benefits you may not know of.
  • Abortion By Pill: Which Side Effects To Be Aware Of?  By : James Pengraft
    Many people would agree with the fact that the side effects of abortion pill might prove threatening. For example, if you have swallowed this pill, then you might experience weakness, fatigue, nausea, headaches and vomiting.
  • Abortion Pill: How Does It Rid You Of Unwanted Pregnancy?  By : James Pen
    An abortion is such a process, which is very contentious because of lots of reasons. It arouses many powerful feelings and this is the cause why most of the people do not like to talk about it many times.
  • Abortion Pills: The Side Effects You Need To Know Beforehand  By : James Pen
    Abortion pills are the most pertinent attributes of an abortion process. Usually, they are prescribed by the physician or can be bought from a medical store with no prescription. You should always know about the important facts and all the side effects of pills.
  • Acne Facts and Treatment  By : James Pendergraft
    Acne can be a teenager’s nightmare. It is a condition caused by the over-activity of the sebaceous glands. Teens are most prone to acne because of the hormonal changes that they go through during puberty. Most teens become very distraught about acne.
  • Actually add up to bodily power increased  By : rsitems23
    And also the existence worth amout is actually add up to bodily power increased.
  • Addressing Your Breast Health Concerns  By : James Pendergraft
    Breast health is a very important aspect of a women’s health. This is because there are many risk factors that affect the breasts, most of which may result in serious conditions such as breast cancer. In some instances, a woman may not be even aware of having some form of breast disease until it is already advanced and too little can be possibly done. This is why it is important to seek medical attention even at the slightest of changes that a woman may notice on her breasts.
  • Adrenal Fatigue in Women  By : James Pendergraft
    A woman’s body can be subjected to various amounts and forms of stress. Common ailments that affect women are adrenal disorders. Adrenal fatigue in women involves a dysfunction of the adrenal glands, which means that it is not producing enough steroid hormones, thus impairing the ability of the woman’s body to regulate organ function.

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