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  • Buying a Digital Camera? Understand the Basics and Find the Best Equipment For Your Needs  By : Dave Saunders
    Discover the simple basics of digital cameras and smoothly transition from film photography to digital photography with the digitcal camera that is best for you.
  • Things You Should Know Before Buying Discount Cameras  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Taking photographs has always been considered an enjoyable pastime. Photography is one of the best ways to capture a moment in time. It seems now the world has become obsessed with taking pictures. Everywhere you look there are advertisements for cameras. Probably one of the most significant innovations in the Digital Age has been the digital camera.
  • Are There Other Types Of Photography?  By : Roy Barker
    As we have discussed there are many avenues open to a professional photographer. Some actually graduate from the world of business into corporate photography. Corporate photography has many facets;
  • Review of the Motorola Razr v3c by an Everyday User  By : Courtney Tuttle
    This article is a review of the Motorola v3c. I have had the phone for a while, and have outlined the positives and negatives.
  • Digital Picture Frame Choices Can Make The Shot  By : Tom Sample
    The first option, is a substandard print that is broken up and ugly to behold. The second is a crisp, clear picture that can rival anything printed out from a 35 mm camera.
  • Digital Video Camera Rental: Putting You in the Picture  By : Maureen Cook
    Digital video cameras continue to be as popular as ever. As they become more technologically sophisticated they're offering better quality and more functions in ever smaller packages.
  • Create Eye-catching Photos Using Depth of Field  By : B.L. Hill
    This article provides a description of the Depth of Field effect, what creates it and how you can change it and use it to create better photos.
  • How Photography Has Changed  By : Darren McLaughlin
    Information on how photography has changed over the last 30 years.
  • How to Buy a Digital Camera  By : David W Johnson
    Buying a digital camera is no easy matter.

    Consumer Reports is always a good place to start. They provide all the relevant information that you could ask for to help you make a wise decision. Besides that, of course, there are many other good sources for information on getting a good digital came
  • Event Photography And Video  By : Rafi Michael
    Wedding is one pleaseant and memorable event. you start living those moments again and again. Good videographer and Photographer can help you to catch every moment of your wedding. Here is guide for event and wedding photography and videography
  • How to Take Big Suns  By : Jan Linden
    Sure, these pictures may border on cliches, but they are cliches that never fail to grab us. We're all suckers for that frame-filling drama of Ol' Sol looming large on the horizon. And we all know how to get those shots of big suns - just shoot the horizon with that fabulously expensive, super-speed
  • Digital Cameras  By : Joshua Beachan
    Digital photography is becoming more and more popular as digital cameras drop in price. Even five years ago it seemed that even the most basic digital camera was extremely expensive. If you wanted any bells and whistles you would need to spend much m
  • Old Fashioned High Resolution Photo Camera  By : Roberto Sedycias
    This article describes another option for photo image enlargement, using the 4x5" film camera together with a high definition flat bed film scanner. For those in search for the best film enlargement, using this setup might just surprise you.
  • Canon Digital Cameras  By : Dana
    Canon is a world leader in imaging products and solutions for the digital home and office. Amazing image quality and

    outstanding performance are just two of the many benefits photographers, from beginners to professionals, will experience

    with a Canon EOS digital camera.
  • Chicagoland Bat Mitzvah Photography on a Budget  By : DavidSytsma
    If you need to find Chicagoland Bat Mitzvah photography services, but you don't have a lot of money, your bat mitzvah planning can be troublesome. But there are ways that you can save money and still get beautiful pictures to commemorate this specia
  • Creating a Chicagoland Bar Mitzvah Photography Contract  By : DavidSytsma
    When entering into a Chicagoland Bar Mitzvah photography agreement, you need to be sure that you’re getting the services that you need at the price that you are willing to pay. To ensure that both parties get what they want from the exchange,
  • Dealing with Problems in Chicago Area Bat Mitzvah Photography  By : DavidSytsma
    If you should happen to have problems with your Chicago area bat mitzvah photography company, what can you do? Whether the problems occurred before, during, or after the service is irrelevant, but solving whatever problems have happened
  • Inside a Digital Camera  By : Wilfred Ursley
    In a nutshell, a digital camera uses a lens or series of lenses to focuses light onto a sensor. This sensor then records the image electronically and transfers it to the electronic workings of the camera where it is organized, converted into binary digital data, and then stored on fixed or removable memory to be later read by a computer. Of course this is a highly simplified explanation of how a digital camera works.
  • Discover the Joy of Pet Photography  By : Gail Metcalf
    Capturing special moments in the life of your pet gives you a chance to take more photos. And if pets and photography are your hobbies, why not consider making some money with it?
  • Finding a Chicago Bar Mitzvah Photographer  By : DavidSytsma
    When your child is celebrating their entrance into Jewish adulthood, you want to commemorate the occasion. And what better way to do this than with a Chicago Bar Mitzvah photographer? When these professional photographers come into the party,
  • Taking the Plunge as a Professional Photographer  By :
    If you decide to become a professional photographer consider the two paths open to you. You can become an assistant to a professional photographer or start-up your own business. The former route is one you might consider if you feel you require more experience and need the support and contacts provided by an established photographer. The latter path is a more difficult one to take but you can travel it if you feel this is the right way for you to go.
  • Mastering Photography - How to Take Your Pictures to the Next Level  By :
    When you've taken a few pictures and gotten a few compliments on your abilities, it's only natural to want to do more with your camera. But unless you're a professional, you might not know where to begin. If you're not looking to create a career out of photography, but you are looking to take your pictures to the next level, you need to follow these three simple tips.
  • Art in the Digital Age - What it takes to Make Masterpieces  By :
    As our society and our technology have changed, so have our definitions of art. What was only relegated to canvases and pieces of paper can now be found on websites and on video sharing services. So the question becomes what a masterpiece in our eyes is now that we can create them virtually with the help of a computer and a few basic production programs. Here are some of the tools that you might want to employ if you're looking to become the next virtual artist celebrity.
  • Using Long Lenses  By : Jan Linden
    Using a telephoto lens to get in close to the action or sneak up on a subject from a discreet distance is terrifically exciting, and can yield great pictures. But the high magnification of long tele and zoom lenses accentuates the effects of camera shake caused by your inability to hold the camera and lens absolutely still.
  • Send Your eBay Buyers Into A Frenzy Using Listings With Pictures  By : Graham Waite..
    eBayers love listings with pictures. I don't think it would be too bold a statement to say that pictures can make you stand head and shoulders above any competitor in any market.The reason is people are now programmed to look for visual conformation of the information provided and if it's missing you will lose your prospective customer in the click of a mouse.
  • Choosing the Right Lens  By : Jan Linden
    Every owner of an interchangeable-lens camera is faced with the pleasant dilemma of picking the most appropriate lenses to buy, then deciding which to use. However, there are no rules to go by; much depends on your personal style and what you already own. To help you decide which lenses to buy and how best to use them, we offer the following.
  • Digital photography, where to start  By : Dan Feildman
    When you are getting a camera the best thing you can do is price yourself accordingly. You should do this before you starting shopping online and in camera shops. Buying a digital camera is just like getting any other large item like a car. There more than few dozen brands of camera, and you must be careful not to get confused. Before you go buying a large high-end SLR camera, think about the smaller, yet more powerful camera.
  • Get more secrets to Editing Digital Photography  By : Dan Brown..
    Image editors (also known as photo editors) allow you to create and modify graphics and photographic images. This includes tasks such as painting and drawing, color correction, photo enhancement, creating special effects, converting images, and adding text to graphics. Your image editor will probably be your most frequently used tool for working with graphics so it should be flexible and intuitive.
  • Digital Photography: All its Many Secrets  By : David Peters
    Though digital photography has come a long way, beginning photographers must still maintain control of the shots they intend to take. For example, focusing and clarity can be sensed automatically by most digital cameras, but that doesn't necessarily make the picture a good one. Therefore, choosing the right camera, one which allows you to control intensity, contrast and lighting, is not a choice to make sparingly.
  • Stock Photos Allow Both Amateur and Professional Photographers to Profit  By : Lance_Fish3
    Photography enthusiasts and professional photographers provide a diverse collection of digital images for sale. Photo Daisy allows photographers to store, share, promote and sell their photos to those in need of Stock Photos.

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