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  • Seizures in Dogs: Dogs With Epilepsy  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    I recently had an email from a former client who has a dog that suffers from seizures. Percy is a 4 year old yellow Lab with epilepsy. He has been on traditional ant-seizure medication, and is not responding very well now.
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy  By : Larissa Levise
    Caring for a pet involves more than proper feeding and the odd flea bath. To really care for your pet you need to provide the best health care, and that means being able to spot the warning signs for illness and disease.
  • Do You Get Any Benefits From Training Your Golden Retriever?  By : John Philips..
    One the most rewarding and fulfilling activities you will ever be involved in is training your Golden Retriever. It is more than just teaching him to come to heel or rollover. Every member of the family should be included in the undertaking and, for your sanity and sanitation it is important that house training your Golden Retriever is first on the agenda.
  • Finding The Best Bird Supplies For Your Bird  By : Joy Boothe
    Knowing which bird supplies are required for your bird's health and safety can be overwhelming. This article contains some helpful tips to educate you quickly and easily.
  • Pets  By : Alex Ellorde
    Pets can manifest anxiety in different ways.
  • Why Hermit Crabs Make Great Pets  By : Kelly Church
    Hermit crabs are great pets. This article gives a description of several reasons that they are such terrific pets. Hermit crabs are fascinating animals that are low cost and low maintenance, and there are several options to choose from when creating a habitat for them.
  • Wireless Containment Systems and Underground Electronic Fence Containment Systems  By : Loredana Sargu
    Pet containment systems come in both the wireless fence and the underground fence versions. While both of these are considered to be electronic dog fences there are several differences and benefits to both types of pet containment systems.
  • All About The Affenpinscher Dog Breed  By : George Lass
    The following is all you need to know about the Affenpinscher Dog Breed to add a new member to your family. You will learn about the breed in general and some care and training required for the breed.
  • The Basset Hound  By : George Lass
    Learning all you need to know for introducing a Basset Hound into your family. Including grooming and training tips.
  • Abused Dog Care  By : George Lass
    Abused dogs take a little more care than a regular dog. They require time to get to know new owners, as well as adjust to a loving home.
  • Choosing a Dog  By : George Lass
    Choosing a dog can be an easy process when you know what breed of dog you would like to have. There are certain things to consider when you do go looking for a dog, such as temperament, care, training, and character.
  • Choosing a Successful Working Dog: The Akita  By : George Lass
    The Akita is one of the best working dogs you will find. They are extremely intelligent, fearless, and often spontaneous.
  • Chow Chow: The Fuzzy, Cuddly, Breed of Dog  By : George Lass
    The Chow Chow is a medium sized dog, with lots of fuzzy hair and a sweet temperament for family. The following is a discussion about the Chow Chow.
  • Caring for Dogs in Cold Weather  By : George Lass
    Here are a few tips on cold weather care for your dog. Keep in mind the best policy is to leave them inside during cold weather.
  • Managing Dog Allergies: Answers to a Common Problem  By : John Hilaire
    Statistics show that anywhere from 60-70% of American households include at least one dog or cat. The numbers also indicate that up to 10% of the population suffers from an allergy to some type of animal.
  • Comparing Dog Food  By : Gerry Ronson
    There are many different dog foods on the market that all say they are best for your pet. This article is designed to gain a little truth about the different dog foods and talk about the different stages of dog growth for the type of food you will need.
  • The Dalmatian Dog Breed  By : Gerry Ronson
    You will find the following information on Dalmatian dogs below: care, training, and characteristics.
  • Where to Find Your Ideal Dog  By : Gerry Ronson
    When you are looking for a new member of the family you have to be aware of the characteristics of dogs, the care they need, and where to find them.
  • Helping with Dog Care Costs  By : Gerry Ronson
    There are now companies that will sell dog insurance to help you with your dog care costs. They provide coverage for accidents and illnesses for up to 80% of the expenses.
  • Keeshond Dog Breed: Everything You Need To Know  By : Gerry Ronson
    The Keeshond dog breed is one of the most beautiful dogs with the small face and exceptional hair. You will find out below everything you need to know before purchasing one of the Keeshond Dogs.
  • Learning What Breed Of Dog You Have  By : Gerry Ronson
    There are a lot of mutts in the world, but you will find most dogs have a specific overall breed that they take after. The following is a discussion of how to determine the breed.
  • The Feeding and Nourishment of a Hermit Crab  By : Kelly Church
    Hermit crabs require certain diets to become and remain healthy. This article offers diet and nutrition options to the hermit crab owner so that he or she can decide which diet is appropriate for their crab.
  • Taking Care of a Molting Hermit Crab  By : Kelly Church
    This article offers tips on how to deal with the stressful period in the hermit crabís life called molting. It is a difficult stage for a crab and knowing everything there is to know about the process will make it easier to take care of a crab during this time.
  • Hermit Crabs Mistaken for Disposable Pets  By : Kelly Church
    Many hermit crabs are mistreated in the place they are being sold from. It is despicable to think people treat them as disposable pets, and this article provides hints on selecting healthy hermit crabs.
  • Different Types of Pet Hermit Crabs  By : Kelly Church
    This article offers general information about the types of hermit crabs that are available and the most popular in the United States. It also gives a brief description of the types of foods hermit crabs eat and how to choose your pet.
  • Learning Your Dogís Vaccination Schedule  By : Gerry Ronson
    Dogs need to have vaccinations at certain stages in their lives. The following will help you determine the schedule your dog should be on.
  • Choosing a Home for Your Hermit Crab  By : Kelly Church
    This article provides information regarding how to set up your hermit crab habitat. There are several components that are important in keeping a pet hermit crab healthy and one of them is to maintain the hermit crab environment well.
  • All About the Lhasa Apso  By : Gerry Ronson
    It is important to know any breed of dog you choose as a pet, and below you will find the details that take care of outlining the Lhasa Apso breed, the care required, and the training needed.
  • Hermit Crab Space Requirements  By : Kelly Church
    This article offers advice on choosing a number of hermit crabs permitted for the size of the habitat you plan to purchase. Keeping the hermit crabís comfort and health in mind is key to deciding how many hermit crabs you can fit in your hermit crab habitat.
  • Caring for Old English Sheepdogs  By : Gerry Ronson
    Understanding your Old English Sheepdog and how to properly care for it. Articles includes grooming and training tips.

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