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  • Choosing between ACH and Credit Card: Which is the Better Choice?  By : Charles Maverick
    There are two electronic payment methods available for merchants. One is ACH processing with ATM Verify checking account verification tool. The other method is credit card payments. If you have a website that sells products and services your business will benefit by implementing an electronic method of payment for your customers. Electronic payment system is also important if you have a business that collects recurring payments. In most cases your business benefits by offering both.
  • Top Reasons Why ACH Processing Is Good for Business  By : Charles Maverick
    Setting up an efficient, safe, and automated payment processing is one of the most difficult aspects in running a business. If you have regular customers, collection of payments can be very time consuming and problematic. One of the best ways to solve this is to implement secure payment processing through the ACH processing system. The ACH payment processing method is fully automated and applicable to one time and recurring payment collection. By integrating the ATMVerify Check Verification system in your payment processing system, you will be able to protect your business from bad check risks.
  • Simple Explanation of a 401K Plan  By : Eric Bayne
    As some point, the government, realizing that many workers were not saving their money as diligent as they perhaps should, begin to create tax incentives to encourage them to change their ways. The 401k systems came about as one way of doing this. And it's been very effective.
  • Who Is Testamentary Trustee In Your Will?  By : Klublok Chung
    Also referred to as testamentary trust, Will trust is the trust you include in your will and is effective once you have passed on. It usually involves appointing an individual to take care of the wealth that you may be leaving for some beneficiaries. Will trust is normally done when you write a will and thereafter name a trustee to take charge of the wealth. Will trust usually involves three major steps.
  • Planning Your Estate To Get More Benefits  By : Klublok Chung
    An estate is a property that a person owns before he or she decides to distribute it to his or her beneficiaries often through a will or some kind of trust. The property in question may take the form of real estate or any other personal properties such as a car, a bank account or house hold goods.
  • Do you know How to Save Money While Dining Out?  By : miit
    Dining out can be expensive. Some spend hundreds, if not thousands per year on meals alone! Here's how to enjoy dining in Restaurants without going broke.
  • A Low Credit Score Can Derail All Your Dreams  By : Johnnie Mayo
    This article explains the benefits of having good credit as well as the negative consequences of having a low credit score. The industries that rely on credit scores and who price your purchases according to it are listed. The ways in which a high credit score lowers the price of things you buy and how a low score raises the prices of those same things is explored.
  • Do You Have Enough Money To Retire?  By : Eric Bayne
    When many people finally retire they look forward to enjoying themselves - but most can't. Sure they no longer have to work, which is good. But, aside from watching repeats of their favorite television shows, they're not actually living the retirement life that they imagined because they just don't have the money for it.
  • Bad Credit Repair - Is Buying Better Credit Ethical?  By : Joey L Jones
    One untold highly unethical yet legal approach that Credit Repair Companies resorts to when correcting your credit problems is buying Better Credit. This temporary measure could haunt you over time.
  • Your Bad Credit Repair Game Plan To Improve Credit Scores  By : Joey L Jones
    Bad Credit Repair need not be an overwhelming task which is essentially a continual activity that keeps you on your toes actively to improve your credit scores. Read about the trial and tested game plan here.
  • Avoid Bad Credit With A Prepaid Debit Visa  By : Martin Kelly
    It seems that these days more than ever people are worried about falling into the bad credit trap and a great way to stay safe is to use prepaid debit Visa cards instead of credit cards for all your spending needs. The reason people are more acutely aware of their credit situations today is the fall of the credit market.
  • The Financial Cost of Having a Baby  By : J Dawkins
    Responsible parenting begins before a child is born. Research reveals that The cost of having a baby is extensive and whilst should in no way cause people to think twice about having a child it is important that consideration is given to the costs involved. This way prospective parents can give their child the best quality of life possible. This article will examine in more detail the costs involved.
  • Online Debit Card Transactions - Saving Businesses’ Money  By : John Feore
    An online debit card transaction is a less costly way to process point of sale transactions. When using an online debit card transaction, the debit card needs to be swiped through a PIN (Personal Identified Numbers) equipped computer terminal located near the cash register.
  • Online Debit Card – Understanding the Features of an Online Debit Card  By : David Coleman
    An online debit card permits you to make online purchases using either the four digit PIN number or the CVV2 code. The CVV2 code, or security code, is the three digit number that is located on the back of the card in the signature bar.
  • Will You Have Enough Cash At Retirement? 5 Questions To Help You Decide  By : Eric Bayne
    Do you know how much money you will need at retirement? Do you know if you will even have that much money? The best method to know for sure is to begin the process of putting together your retirement spreadsheet today. Before you start your spreadsheet, however, you are going to need to answer the following three critical questions:
  • Save Money - A Great Deal of Money With No Loss in Health Benefit  By : Anand Singh
    I have learned that you can save a lot of money every month if you just ask a few questions about your medications. Very often, there is an alternative to high-priced name-brand meds or a less expensive treatment method.
  • Underbanked Benefit from Clevercash  By : Tim Reilly
    If you are underbanked and have a hard time making purchases without incurring extra fees, then you are not alone. There are thousands of people all over the country who cannot benefit from things like, internet purchases, bill paying over the phone, or phone purchases for that matter because they have to pay extra fees just to get the cash from one place to another.
  • Prepaid Visa Debit Cards - Get Instant Approval  By : Nathan Taylor
    If you are having trouble getting approved for a credit card because of whatever reason, then apply for a prepaid Visa debit card and get instant approval. Nowadays you need to have a card not only to take advantage of buying online but to use for any purchase whatsoever. Prepaid Visa debit cards act just like credit cards only without the fees and hassle.
  • Debit Visa Cards – Financial Freedom  By : Ryan Callahan
    Are you tired of being a slave to the credit card companies and are considering changing over to debit Visa cards? Well, you are in good company. For over a decade now debit Visa cards have been quickly gaining popularity as a welcome alternative to credit cards.
  • Easy Retirement Plan Analysis  By : Eric Bayne
    Most people never take the time to map out a long term retirement strategy. If you don't, you could be one of the indigent poor when it's finally time for you to retire.
  • Cash Lenders for Unemployed- Cash after Cash for the Job-Seekers  By : Brooke Hokin
    Sitting idle is obviously botheration for anybody whether they are jobbers or jobless. Therefore, get mingled with cash lenders and utilize the taken loan for solving various aims via cash lenders for unemployed.
  • Personal loans for the unemployed Ė Wash the Stigma of Unemployment  By : Gray smith
    Personal loans for the unemployed are the best loans for the unemployed. You can easily wash the stigma of unemployment availing the cash through mentioned loans.
  • How A Retirement Planning Calculator Can Help You To Retire In Style  By : Eric Bayne
    How much cash will you have on which to retire if you continue to save and invest at your present-day rate? This is what a good retirement planning calculator will help you to calculate.
  • Benefits of Using Visa Debit Cards  By : Boyd Gammon
    Visa debit cards have many uses for consumers. It doesnít matter whether youíre young, old, or have good credit, bad credit, or even if you have a bank account or not. You can use Visa debit cards in place of traditional credit cards and bank accounts, or in addition to them. You can also use these cards to help your children learn money management skills, instead of giving them a cash allowance or spending money. Whatever you choose, you can do just about anything with Visa debit cards.
  • Why Companies Use Payroll Debit Cards  By : Patrick Cahill
    Some people find it hard to get to the bank. Others just donít have access to getting a checking account to cash their checks. For various reasons, people have needed alternatives to their payroll check cashing needs for years. Many companies have come up with a solution that saves them money and helps their employees. By using payroll debit cards to issue paychecks, people donít have to worry about cashing their checks, and the company can save money on check printing and distribution.
  • Finding a Prepaid Visa Debit Card that Works for You  By : Dean Swanson
    Having access to a debit or credit card can be crucial for some people, especially when it comes to things like shopping online and paying bills. Cash is a hassle, and is widely frowned upon in the online shopping world and bill payments areas.
  • Prepaid Debit Cards  By : Josh Kent
    There are many different benefits to using prepaid debit cards for your financial needs. The cards work just like cash, and yet can often be accepted as a credit if needed. The way that a prepaid card works is that you put the money on there that you want to spend, and then you spend it as needed.
  • Ten types of Government Grants  By : aaroah sunil
    grants are provided by the Government for the welfare of the poor people who cannot afford the hospital bills, food, clothing and many other primary things.
  • Reasons Why Debit Visa Cards Are Good For Online Transactions  By : Michael Walters
    Many people are now using a debit Visa card to pay for their online purchases. Many of you will agree that shopping on the Internet is really very convenient and easy to do. But after news about credit card scams and identity thefts have come out, many people have started to be more careful in giving out their credit card details online.
  • Rebuild Your Bad Credit,Get Reloadable Debit Cards  By : Kenneth Chesterman
    Reloadable debit cards are now in vogue, especially since more and more financial institutions are holding back on their issuance of new credit cards. In fact, many banks are even slashing the credit card balances of many clients.

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