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  • Benefits Of Breast Feeding : Why You Should Breast Feed.  By : Narisa R.
    Once you have given birth, breast feeding is the most important thing you are able to do to protect your infant and help to promote good health. Best of all, breast feeding is absolutely free.
  • Binge Drinking: A Sober Risk for Teenagers  By : aseya
    When it comes to heavy drinking, the phrase “binge drinking” comes to mind. It used to mean heavy drinking that lasted for days, now, the meaning has changed. To most people, binge drinking brings to mind self-destruction and unrestrained drinking bout lasting for at least a couple of days.
  • Boarding Schools for Christian Teens  By : Firoj Khan
    Christian boarding schools don't force the Bible on anyone, but they do reinstate the troubled teenager back to the fate he/she has in Christ.
  • Boot Camps for Troubled Teens  By : Firoj Khan
    Boot Camps are often short-term; however, long-term boot camps have increased in popularity for their ability to help defiant adolescents improve their behavior at home and school.
  • Breastfeeding Benefits And Tips For Successful Breastfeeding  By : Shen-Li Lee
    Despite the obvious benefits of breastfeeding, there are still common misconceptions surrounding this practice. This article aims to correct those misconceptions and provide a rough guideline for successfully commencing this beneficial relationship between mother and baby.
  • Broken Homes, Broken Children  By :
    According to a research, the top five reasons why people got married are; to signify a life-long commitment, to make a public commitment, for legal status or for financial security, because of religious beliefs, and security for children. However, when parents get divorced, the children's security and well being is seriously at risk.
  • Bullying And Its Effects  By : cathy
    This article is about bullying and how it can affect kids. Bullying can be classified as direct or indirect. Direct bullying deals more on physical aggression where bullies push, shove, assault or beat their victims to submission. Indirect bullying or social aggression is done by outcasting a person, mocking his personal beliefs, insulting him for his difference or inability. Constant bullying may cause the victim to develop inferiority complex, anxiety, and depression.
  • Bullying Prevention Skills and Techniques for Children  By : Mark Lakewood, CEO
    The answer to the issue of child bullying rests within us, especially the victims of bullying. Victims of bullying are never responsible for being bullied. On the contrary, victims of child bullying have the power in themselves to think, behave, and react in ways that limit or eradicates bullying.
  • Bullying: The Hazards of Growing Up  By : alexis
    Bullying is a significant problem in schools and is associated with a range of problems, including poor mental health and violent behavior. Being bullied can damage lives. It lowers self-esteem, increases anxiety and can cause serious depression.
  • Bullying: What Every Parent Should Know  By : James DeSantis
    Recent studies show that up to half of all children have been bullied in the past year, with other research indicating up to 10 per cent of all children are bullied on a weekly basis. There are important differences between school-yard conflicts and the more sinister type of bullying. What can you do if you discover your child is a victim?
  • Buying a Twin Stroller Soon? Tips for You!  By : kirby
    What makes people buy certain things like twin strollers? What motivates them to choose a particular brand over others? Do they do research on strollers before they buy or would they rather rely on the opinions and testimonials of other parents who have purchased twin strollers in the past?
  • Buying Baby Diapers Online for Cheap Prices  By : Callister Tripp
    Diaper Mall specializes in selling diapers and baby wipes at a great price!
  • Can Children Be Spoilt With Too Much Love?  By : Shen-Li Lee
    There is a common fallacy that children are easily spoilt with too much love. Likewise, babies who are carried too often or whose cries are too quickly tended to. This article debunk these fallacies.
  • Can Drug Treatment Help Our Teens..?  By : John David
    All drug abusers will have a medical condition of his/her own only one of its kind drug treatment and psychoanalysis. They all share a general aim: to become physically and mentally free from drugs. How they go regarding achieving that objective, however, is as diverse as snowflakes.
  • Can Positive Language Help Your Kids Succeed?  By : Frank McGinty
    'I felt great until I walked into the classroom - then it all went wrong!'
  • Cannabis / Marijuana Information - What Every Parent Should Know  By : Christopher Evans -
    General Cannabis / Marijuana information for parents and concerned family members. How is it used and what are the dangers. Learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Cash in on Neighbors...  By : ramrocks
    What could be more welcoming than the spicy smell of hot apple pie to receive you into a brand new neighborhood full of people you’ve never met? Hopefully you life has been full of warm, hospitable neighbors wherever you’ve lived. Perhaps not...
  • Caution! Don’t Forget the Most Important Thing About Your Baby  By : Francis Murphy
    Are you completely prepared for your baby? Did you remember to get food, diapers, and clothes for him or her? Did you also remember to choose a creative or unique name?
  • Child Bullying: What Are The Warning Signs?  By : Florrie Poff
    One of the most serious problems your child could ever experience is bullying. In this article you will be able to identify some of the signs that may indicate your child is being bullied.
  • Child-Weight Guidelines  By : Shen-Li Lee
    Childhood obesity is on the rise and becoming a concern. It is important for parents to have some sort of guideline to monitor their childrens' weight so they can identify potential weight problems. Here are two sets of guidelines offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Choose Bed Covers -- Relaxing Similar to your Single parent's Clapboard  By : Crib Sheets
    A primary secure location exactly where toddlers acquire its getting to sleep enjoyment is due to its single parent's clapboard that is definitely not just gentle plus cozy nonetheless equally shielding plus protected. 70% within your child's initially many days with everyday living may often be put in getting to sleep. Medical practitioners express this infants develop mostly whilst getting to sleep plus in such a feel get to sleep is definitely important so that you can toddler advancement.
  • Choose The Best Baby Name For Your Child  By : simon.dovson
    Choosing a name for your baby could be definitely one of the most exciting moment for parents, because a baby will be identified everywhere with that particular name.
  • Choose the right baby name for your girl  By : Francis Murphy
    Many girls hate their parents for naming them with names unsuitable for an adult. Even though some names might be cute for a baby, they might not be for a grown-up.
  • Choose the right name for your baby  By : Francis Murphy
    One of your first tasks as a parent is to choose the right name for your baby. The name you will choose will follow him for the rest of his life.
  • Choosing an Ohio Child Support Attorney  By : Jean Mahserjian
    Choosing an Ohio Child Support Attorney is a significant decision making process. Your well being may depend upon the capability of the professional that you hire.
  • Choosing Between Loan Modification Vs. Refinancing..........  By : SWARAJ
    Struggling homeowners in American are now able to receive help with keeping their homes by choosing between refinancing or lowering their monthly mortgage payments through a loan modification. Known as the Home Affordable Plan, it is available to qualified applicants. Here are the facts on the plan:

    * Under the Home Affordable Modification Plan, homeowners facing financial hardship are able to obtain a lower interest rate despite plummeted property values or bad credit. In turn, lenders receive
  • Choosing the Most Favorable Toy  By : Travis Olague
    A mature can keep their most auspicious toy for many years but it can be new in his or her memory during all his life, because this very particular toy was the one he or she was keenly fond of. Purchasing such a teddy bear for your toddler is a challenge but it can convert into a real pleasure if you keep an eye on the instruction and ideas.
  • Choosing the right home schooling curriculum  By : Sunil Punjabi
    After much thought and consideration, you have made the choice to home school your children. You are confident in you choice knowing your children will not be a casualty of budget cuts and overcrowding. You will teach your children, and who else can provide a better education then their own parent? But choosing the right home schooling curriculum is a very personal decision and based on many factors.
  • Choosing Your Baby's Bedding  By : Mike Weidmann
    Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most fun and exciting things you’ll do. With the wide array of baby nursery bedding available today, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.
  • Christmas Storage Tips For Cluttered Households  By : Sandy Darson
    The holiday season can create a lot of unnecessary clutter in your house. Many decorations are displayed during the Christmas season and proper care must be taken to prevent your house from becoming too cluttered. Tactics should be considered for proper organization and there are many products available to help simplify this process. These tips offer some solutions for reducing clutter in your home during the Christmas season.

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