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  • 10 Tips for Baking Up Memories with Kids  By : Chef Gayle "Gigi" Gaggero
    What better way to create lasting memories than cooking with your kids! They love to do it and you can sneak in some educational information along the way. Here's the recipe for success in your next baking adventure!
  • 2008 Financial Crisis Affects Parenting Stress  By : Andrew Van Vooren
    The article describes the increase level of stress parents are exposed to because of the current 2008 Financial crisis. How the stress affects the entire family and simple suggestion on how to lower the stress levels for the entire family during difficult financial hardships.
  • 3 Primary Gameplay Facets In Newborn Life  By : Travis Olague
    Skin is the most important organ of touch that is why it is very good and recommended by baby physicians to relax it and make thoroughly massage. Click here and get more info.
  • 5 Back-to-School Shopping Tips That'll Save You Money & Time!  By : Edward M. Brancheau
    Kids bickering with you about what brand of jeans or bag to buy? Then it must be that time of year again - time to buy school supplies.
  • 5 Very Best Trendy And Even Traditional Christmas Gifts  By : Travis Olague
    Are you ready for to give a Merry Christmas to one and all yet? We all know that this seasonal greeting will soon be knocking at our doors. Read about Christmas gifts.
  • 7 Parenting Pitfalls When Trying to Establish Chores  By : Kim Frederickson
    Kids and chores...those 2 just don't mix. Read my article to avoid common parenting pitfalls when establishing chores for your kids.
  • A 3O Year Old Child  By : Robert Elias Najemy
    Both Phyllis and her husband Hank experience inner conflict because their thirty-year-old son has not yet become economically independent.
  • A Child Safety Gate  By : Travis Olague
    Little children are so energetic, inquisitive and curious; they want to see everything, to investigate the surrounding. It is wonderful but still can be very dangerous. Nowadays our market is full of lots of accessory which can provide you the needed assistance to keep your child always safe.
  • A Flawless Agreement  By : Francis Murphy
    Flawless right down to the name. Think of all the different ways you could find a name for your baby. Be prepared for the miracle that will join your life.
  • A Step-Dad's Nightmare,  By : Dr. Noel Swanson
    Q. "Five years ago, my son's father left. In the meantime I remarried, David, who is a fabulous man. He has tried his best to make friends with my son, Nathan. I handle all of the discipline. We've been married for three years now, and my son still w
  • ADHD Children Becoming Adults  By : Doctor John
    The major symptom seen in adults with ADHD is lack of attention, as hyperactivity is less a problem. In the past, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD has been viewed and examined mostly to children patients and a lesser percentage to adult patients.
  • ADHD in Teenagers  By : Doctor John
    According to survey, 8% of school age children and 10% of young people has been shown with ADHD. The most common behavior disorder among teens and childhood is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Usually this disorder is detected during early childhood.
  • ADHD: The Instinctual Movement Through The Developmental Stages Is Out-Of-Gas  By : Rodger Bailey
    Pediatricians agree. Many children are suffering from developmental problems. They also agree that all the problems that parents and teachers see in these children are related to the instinctual movement through the developmental stages being stuck.
  • Adopted Teens Behaviors  By : Firoj Khan
    It can be difficult to know if your adopted teen's anger is normal and within the range of typical teenage behavior. Most teenagers get angry, especially during the years when their bodies are changing and the hormones can bring quick and severe mood swings. All teenagers are searching the world trying to find out who they are and what they want to become. They all want to know how the world will affect them and how they will affect the world.
  • Advantages of Having a Nanny  By : Johny Danes
    When you are a parent that needs to get back to work, you have a few options regarding the person that is going to take care of your child when you are away. You can think about relying on the little one’s grandparents and have them spend their time with him or her, take your child to day care or invest in the services of nanny. The last option makes you wonder if hiring a caregiver would actually be the best option for your little one.
  • America and Grosvenor Square  By : Elizabeth Hunt
    Developed early in the 18th century by Sir Richard Grosvenor, Grosvenor Square has always been seen as a very picturesque location to visit. With a wonderfully grand garden square as its centrepiece, surrounded by big townhouses - some designed by neoclassical architect Robert Adam - it became a popular location for aristocracy.
  • Anger Management For Children - Is It Really Child's Play?  By : writeragain
    How does your child play with others? Are they aggressive or bossy? Do they intimidate classmates or playmates consistently? Maybe you should enroll your child into an anger management program for children. Their behavior could grow into a dominant person that would make you seem as a loose parent.
  • Angry Children: How To Help Them  By : James DeSantis
    When it comes to showing anger, adults do not hesitate to verbally express it but children have much different ways of dealing with anger. Here are some obvious signs that your child may need help and what to do to help them.
  • Another Way of Looking at Developmental Disabilities  By : Rodger Bailey
    What if the standard neurological, behavioral, and medical protocols to developmental difficulty are all mistaken? What if there was a cultural fix to these problems that you could do at home and all the symptoms would be gone naturally, over time?
  • Answer The Whys  By : Katheryn Hoban
    answering children's questions of why helps them to define their universe.
  • Asperger Syndrome In Teens  By : Firoj Khan
    Asperger Syndrome is a neurobiological disorder that is characterized by deficiencies in social and communication skills. Some researcher feel that Asperger Syndrome is the same as High Functioning Autism, while others feel that it is better described as a Nonverbal Learning Disability.
  • Attachment Parenting the Best Parenting Practices  By : Firoj Khan
    The mission of Attachment Parenting is to promote parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. I believe these practices nurture and fulfill a child's need for trust, empathy, and affection, prov
  • Au Pair – Contract Made With The Young Laborers  By : Jorge Anderson
    Make sure you understand the contract well ahead of signing the document while hiring the Au Pair.
  • Au Pair – Online Search For The Best Hire  By : Jorge Anderson
    Au Pair search could be done in the online platform dedicated specially for this purpose. It is a centralized location to bridge the gap between the hirer and the ones that are in need of an Au Pair job.
  • Baby Names Can Imply A Lot About The Baby  By : Dr. John Chan
    In Chinese metaphysical system, a well chosen baby name is so important that parents have to go to the experts - or gifted metaphysicans - and pay big bucks just to have them choose a powerful and auspicious baby name for their new born. It's commonly believed and accepted that a well chosen baby name is the best gift parents can present to their baby.
  • Baby Safety and Hazards  By : Travis Olague
    Medicine, poisonous household cleaners, shopping and garbage bags, drapes and blind cords, small parts and even water can become a real hazard for your child.
  • Bad Attitude a serious problems of teens  By : Firoj Khan
    Teen years can be very stressful. Do you ever feel disown, grouchy, lazy, hateful, mean, or just want to act ugly? You are a victim of Bad Attitude Syndrome. It takes more than a few strategies to turnaround serious problem behaviors, so if you like
  • Be a creative and unique parent  By : Francis Murphy
    Did you ever think that a baby's name could mean so much? With all the excitement about having a baby to take care of, you should spend a little time daydreaming about the name of your baby!
  • Be Stylish and Fashionable with Your Baby's Name  By : Francis Murphy
    Learn to be creative with the names you choose. Your baby's name is important. Be unique and think of an original name.
  • Being The First-Born: The Burden Hardest To Bear  By : aseya
    The first-born child is always the one that bears the most burden among the children of a family. It is no surprise, therefore, that some of them slowly lose their sanity because of the expectation that they fear they cannot meet.

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