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  • Our Personal Heroine at Home  By : Alex Ellorde
    This article features the reality of moms being the house's super heroine. Also, this features how a mother's touch help make help child anxiety.
  • Being The First-Born: The Burden Hardest To Bear  By : aseya
    The first-born child is always the one that bears the most burden among the children of a family. It is no surprise, therefore, that some of them slowly lose their sanity because of the expectation that they fear they cannot meet.
  • Losing a Child Forever: A Parent's Greatest Fear  By : aseya
    The article deals with the difficult process of grieving a parent undergoes when a child dies. The article explores the pains and sufferings of a parent who loses a child and the process that must be passed through before the parent is able to move on.
  • Intoxicating The Young Minds And The Restless Spirits  By : aseya
    The effects of media in value formation of the general public is very significant, especially to the youth, who may easily emulate with anything they see, hear or read.
  • Parenting Teenagers And The Dilemmas of Instilling A Sense Of Responsibility  By : Donald Saunders
    A very difficult task, especially when it comes to parenting teenagers, is to teach your children to take responsibility for their own actions. However, an appreciation of the mechanics of learning responsibility from the child's point of view can go a very long way towards making this job much easier.
  • How To Boost Your Children's Study Skills  By : Frank McGinty
    Once when touring the Highlands of Scotland, I came across a man who said something I will never forget.
  • Can Positive Language Help Your Kids Succeed?  By : Frank McGinty
    'I felt great until I walked into the classroom - then it all went wrong!'
  • 5 Back-to-School Shopping Tips That'll Save You Money & Time!  By : Edward M. Brancheau
    Kids bickering with you about what brand of jeans or bag to buy? Then it must be that time of year again - time to buy school supplies.
  • Baby Names Can Imply A Lot About The Baby  By : Dr. John Chan
    In Chinese metaphysical system, a well chosen baby name is so important that parents have to go to the experts - or gifted metaphysicans - and pay big bucks just to have them choose a powerful and auspicious baby name for their new born. It's commonly believed and accepted that a well chosen baby name is the best gift parents can present to their baby.
  • Getting High... Can You Get Off It?  By : gurly
    This article focuses on the introduction of alcohol and drugs during a person's teenage years. Curiosity can lead into addiction, which may also lead in getting into rehab. Different feelings and reactions may arise from the addict, and their need for a rehab treatment. A new perspective is introduced for these addicts in order to lessen their need for drugs.
  • Teachers As Leaders In The Curriculum  By : Kerry Beck
    Can teachers use curriculum to train your children as future pillars of the community? What other ways can you develop your children to become leaders in the future? The first thing to do is to change your own education paradigm.
  • Cyber-Bullying: Threat and Intimidation Online  By : Zuske Sagara
    The article is about the growing social problem called Cyber-Bullying, which is the use of digital devices and systems like the Internet to harass, attack, intimidate, or threaten other people. The article also cites several ways how Internet users can protect themselves from this new form of harassment.
  • Family Safety in Online Chat Rooms  By : Richard Bliss
    The entire family needs to be vigilant when using chat rooms on the Internet
  • Take Charge of your Toddlers with Parenting Advice  By : Molten Marketing
    Ask any parent about the toddler years, and you are likely to be met with audible groans and eye rolling. Those few years are the ones that drag on forever, with endless repetition of the same question, temper tantrums out of the blue, and the inevitable potty problems. The good news is that there are ways to calm the little ones and regain control of your home and family. Parenting advice for the mothers and fathers of toddlers is something well worth checking out.
  • Parenting Teenagers  By : Malega Michael
    Here is an article for Parenting Teenagers topic that may be of use to you, tips, ideas, suggestions on Parenting Teenagers. If you interested to learn more on this subject, consider to check our net site…
  • Teen Parenting Introduction  By : Tony Hartmann
    Dear Parents: Introducing... Your Preteen!
    Something interesting happens to your child between the ages of nine and twelve. Like a caterpillar entering a cocoon, he begins to build his own world, separate from the one you have made for him as a youngster. In that cocoon, several transformations occur. There are the physical changes that prepare him for puberty.
  • When Bedwetting Becomes a Problem in Your Home  By : Gail Metcalf
    Often when a child is wetting his or her bed, the reason is due to either an undiagnosed medical condition or due to psychological effects. As a parent, you will want to find out what is happening with your child so that you can stop bedwetting.
  • Five Initial Tips for Dealing with Bedwetting  By : Gail Metcalf
    Working on sensitivity levels inside the home and educating the entire family is the first step to dealing with bedwetting.
  • Evaluating the Bedwetting Problem  By : Gail Metcalf
    Evaluate how much of a problem bedwetting is in your family and how often it happens. Frequent bedwetting that causes many tears and embarrassment or even arguments in your household may need more aggressive treatment.
  • Taking Action with Bedwetting  By : Gail Metcalf
    Learning to deal with bedwetting calmly is a big priority. However, parents should not just allow themselves to be placated into taking no action at all. The fact is, bedwetting can still be a nuisance and a problem for your child, and there are many solutions out there.
  • Parenting Issues: Nasty TV Shows  By : Frank McGinty
    'The last thing I want to do is alienate my kids. Yet I can't see any way forward. I just don't know what to do!'
  • Six Steps to Coping with Bedwetting  By : Gail Metcalf
    A bedwetting issue in the household causes a lot of stress. Without knowing the proper procedures for dealing with it, you could make the situation worse and even lengthen the time it takes to eliminate the problem.
  • Binge Drinking: A Sober Risk for Teenagers  By : aseya
    When it comes to heavy drinking, the phrase “binge drinking” comes to mind. It used to mean heavy drinking that lasted for days, now, the meaning has changed. To most people, binge drinking brings to mind self-destruction and unrestrained drinking bout lasting for at least a couple of days.
  • Parenting Techniques Explained  By : Robert William Locke..
    Who would have thought that being a parent was so difficult? It was never like this when we were children, or was it ? Our generation is faced with child disorders and disabilities which often put a strain on the quality of the attachment between parent and child. As if this was not enough, many parents insist on using the same parenting techniques even though the child's behaviour does not improve.
  • Broken Homes, Broken Children  By :
    According to a research, the top five reasons why people got married are; to signify a life-long commitment, to make a public commitment, for legal status or for financial security, because of religious beliefs, and security for children. However, when parents get divorced, the children's security and well being is seriously at risk.
  • The Attack of the Nerds: Bullying in Cyberspace  By : mjb
    Cyber-bullying is a distressing form of bullying prevalent in student populations with access to various information communication technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet. It is a repetitive and malicious way to gain power over the victim through humiliation, torment or threats.
  • Bullying And Its Effects  By : cathy
    This article is about bullying and how it can affect kids. Bullying can be classified as direct or indirect. Direct bullying deals more on physical aggression where bullies push, shove, assault or beat their victims to submission. Indirect bullying or social aggression is done by outcasting a person, mocking his personal beliefs, insulting him for his difference or inability. Constant bullying may cause the victim to develop inferiority complex, anxiety, and depression.
  • Bullying: The Hazards of Growing Up  By : alexis
    Bullying is a significant problem in schools and is associated with a range of problems, including poor mental health and violent behavior. Being bullied can damage lives. It lowers self-esteem, increases anxiety and can cause serious depression.
  • How To Raise Kids Who Are Popular With Their Peers  By : Rita Offen
    It is possible to raise our kids to be popular with their peers without buying them the latest must-have toys. We can raise our kids to be confident, independent individuals.
  • Seven Secrets To Start Loving Your Kids Again  By : Rita Offen
    Of course we love our kids – they're part of us. They can be funny, cheeky, sweet, loving, polite, giving, peaceful and cuddly, but equally they can be difficult, stubborn, hateful, rude, dishonest, selfish, noisy and demanding. Deep down we know they don't mean it. They're just being kids, but even though we know this, it can be difficult understanding, accepting, and dealing with them.

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