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  • 101 Tips To Weight Loss:Part 3  By : Mathew Ryan
    Eating: To put eating slowly into practice you will not only give you satisfaction from every bite but you will also realize when to stop. To ensure that you have enough energy eat regular meals, drink plenty of water,snack before workouts and do not escape meals.You must eat a high-fiber diet because it is filling and also it blocks calorie absorption. Studies suggest that if the average American woman did nothing more than increase her daily fiber from 12 grams to 24 grams, she? ?d lose 10 pounds a year. Eat savories and sweet treats occasionally in moderation.Remember to eat your food slowly with each mouthful taking 30 seconds. Pause your eating half way through for 2- 5 minutes.If you have the will power to loss weight eat these fat burning foods for permanent weight loss!
  • 1st Flat Belly With the Acai Berry Weight Loss Diet Plan  By : Lisanesed
    I spent Countless hours in the gym till i found this great Tip
    You will learn the real reason you're still fat.
    The latest on Diet Plan Find it here
    Drop 25 Pounds in 2 Weeks. Free Diet Gift - Get it Here!Oprah "Loves It" and its 100% more effective than Acai. Free Trial!
  • 3 Basic Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump  By : Jayden Shemayah
    If you want to learn to jump higher, there are many different exercises that are available. Which ones should you start with? These exercises could be what you want.
  • 3 Simple Steps to Successful and Permanent Weight Loss  By : Mike Edminster
    Losing Weight Permanently and Successfully through the implementation of 3 Easy Steps.
  • 3 Ways In Which You Can Optimize The Use Of Bodyweight Exercise  By : Eddie Lomax
    Bodyweight exercise is the best place to begin when starting a physical fitness training program, should be added to programs that otherwise neglect bodyweight exercise and should be diversified with resistance training for programs that use bodyweight exercise exclusively.
  • 4 Ways of Adding Fun And Consistency To Your Workout.  By : Eric Odera
    Innovative, and self empowering ways of adding life and consistency to your fitness training.
  • 5 Mistakes New Runners Make  By : John Morris
    Running seems to be one of the easiest exercises available, yet many are not doing it perfectly. No wonder why many people suffer injuries and other problems...
  • 5 Proven Ways To Lose More Fat In Less Time  By : Nicky Pilkington
    If you're looking to lose some unwanted body fat, this article will show you 5 simple, proven ways to shed more fat in less time.
  • 7 Drug-Free Ways To Boost Your Metabolism  By : Paul Crane
    Speeding up your metabolism (the rate at which the body burns calories to maintain itself) is one of the most effective ways to increase your daily calorie burn, and therefore lose weight.
  • 80% Of Us May Suffer From It - How To Avoid Lower Back Pain  By : Julian Hall
    How can we avoid it? Research shows that about 80% of us experience a lower back pain at some time in our lives. Many experience lower back pain almost on a daily basis and some others may experience it in several instances spread over a period of time.
  • A General Information on Breast Enlargement With Breast Augmentation  By : gagan kanith
    There is also the risk of a rupture although that risk is relatively negligible as modern manufacturing techniques and materials improve. Also, the solution inside the implant is not particularly toxic. The silicone gel will stay in its original shape, and the saline solution can be absorbed safely into the body.
  • A Very Simple Program Anybody Can Follow To Gain MASS  By : Marc David
    Until I started following a routine to eat, my gains were minimal. Once I set my eating times to a specific time during the day along with a protein boost, I could see the gains immediately. This sample program is a quick way to get your protein WAY up and generally increase your food intake. But it doesn't require the traditional sit down 6+ a day to eat 30 chicken breasts and spend all day cooking.
  • Acai the Purple Berries!  By : John Petersons
    Acai berry, the small, round and pulpy fruit has amazing properties to help one restore his or her health.
  • An Angel in the Marble  By : mark19
    What will make the difference when starting a fitness lifestyle? The advice of someone else or our own thought?
  • Back pain: Its Types and Treatments  By : Hege Crowton
    Did you know that spending long hours at your computer can put your health at serious risk?
    Most people does not even consider that possibility, but t does, Working at a desk is extremely hard on your body, and I would like to share this with you so maybe you can avoid some of the most common health risks.
    The most common of them all is back pain.
  • Benefits of visiting hair and beauty salons  By : Aditya Tripathi
    Visiting hair beauty salons at regular intervals is very important for healthy hair and glowing skin. Beauty salons/spa can offer variety of treatments for hair and body which enables to have stress free mind and rejuvenating body experience. Visit to salons/spa also helps in getting knowledge about upcoming trends in beauty market and hence makes you look chic and updated with latest trends.
  • Best Café & Nutritious Food In Gurgaon  By : Ashishh Gupta
    Since the place is made as a post workout eatery, the prices are reasonable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can enjoy a good meal at within Rs 250-Rs300 per person. If you are health conscious yet can’t resist the temptation of pizza or wrap, 3 and a half is for you.
  • Better Sex: Body And Mind Tips  By : R. Adam Shore
    The benefits of better physical conditioning are presented daily in the media. The social norms for body image are influenced everyday by what we read and view, either on T.V. or the internet. Perhaps the number one reason to get in better shape is found in the bedroom.
  • Boosting Your Immune System  By :
    Instead of having to use your sick days for times when you're really ill, why not use your sick days when you're feeling fine and just need a break from the workplace? To do this, you need to build a strong immune system that can fight off the latest bug around the office. This means you need to boost your body's natural ability to fend off disease healthy food choices, plenty of rest and exercise. Here's your immune system prescription for more healthy days.
  • Breathing Exercises – Importance of Holding Breath  By : Sanjay Johari
    Breathing exercise will be more effective when you are conscious of how it is helping you. This article tells you what happens when you hold breath as a part of your exercise.
  • Brooks Glycerin 9 finest running footwear  By : alexis stevens
    Brooks Glycerin 9 are the most recent revolutionary running shoes to hit the market.. With each addition there is an change for the better with technology in the running shoes and also you get better design and comfort. Marathon, triathlon, and regular jogging meant for the aim of exercise are becoming a norm. Therefore you need high-quality running shoes which do not cause soreness to your knees and ankles and which will be comfy for the full workout or competition. You may fail however your sneakers shouldn't fail you. Brooks Glycerin 9 is an innovative shoe available in the market with superior technology meant for the purpose of making running relaxing.
  • But I Hate the Gym! - Gym-Free Fitness (Part 1 of 2)  By : Tanja Gardner
    Many people would like to get fit, but find themselves put off by the gym environment. This article looks at why many people avoid gyms, and offers hope for those who want to find out ways to exercise without setting foot inside a gym.
  • Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat?  By : Chris Chew
    Debunking Fat and Muscle myth.
  • Can working on your computer cause: foot pain?  By : Hege Crowton
    Did you know that spending long hours at your computer can put your health at serious risk?
    Most people do not even consider that possibility, but it does.
  • Can You Really Learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense From Seminar Training Only?  By : Jeffrey Miller
    What do you do when, you want to pursue the study of the martial arts or learn real-world self-defense and there are no schools near where you live? What do you do even if there are martial arts schools or self-defense classes being offered in your local area but...
  • Children Should Be Shown Diversion From Being Engrossed In Their Computers And Hdtvs.  By : fitnesskid
    Indoor playground equipment is always special. You are not allowing the kids to play in the hot sun.
  • Choosing the Right Pillow for Proper Back Support  By : Charles Kassotis
    Learn how different types of pillows can provide proper spinal support, eliminate headaches, back and neck pain and secure a good nights sleep.
  • Cross Training Has Benefits  By : Dave Elger
    This article takes a look at the importance of cross training for athletes and fitness buffs.
  • DECISIVENESS: - Single-Minded Commitment to Greatness - The Keys to Martial Arts Life Mastery #5  By : Jeffrey Miller
    I remember talking to one of my teachers once about the traits of a master leader. 'The' trait that lay at the center, or formed the foundation for all of these others was: "Decisiveness" - 'the simple ability to make a decision.'
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