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  • Corliss Online Financial Mag: P&G to sell 100 brands  By : Ling Bausch
    Consumer goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble confirmed last week that they plan to sell off a total of 100 brands, suggesting deeper cuts than originally reported.
  • The Power of the Cycle In Predicting Global Economic Trends  By : Harry Dent
    Harry Dent uses cycles to predict global economic trends. Here he documents different cycles and their importance in all walks of life. Original content from our article on our site:
  • The Middle Class Meltdown  By : Jeff D. Opdyke
    The middle class squeeze is imminent as U.S. debt rises uncontrollably and the Fed prepares to raise interest rates. You can avoid the coming crisis by investing in stable, high-yield stocks.
  • The Five Keys to Personal Sovereignty  By : Jocelynn Smith
    Don't be caught without a Plan B as the U.S. deteriorates: Prepare by learning the five keys to personal sovereignty, the ultimate insurance for financial freedom.
  • The Markets Need to Quit Yellen  By : Chad Shoop
    What happens if the Fed raises interest rates? Investors hang on Janet Yellen's every word to find out. This much is clear: The dollar's days are numbered.
  • Deep Blue Publications Group LLC: Two Charge With Insider Trading By SEC  By : Rose Bailey
    US authorities filed insider trading charges against two Indian entrepreneurs for allegedly gaining a million dollars from the proposed merger of India's Apollo Tyres and Cooper Tire and Rubber in 2013.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Country for You  By : Ted Baumann
    Choosing where to expatriate is a difficult process, but it doesn't need to be. By asking yourself four simple questions, you can easily discover your new overseas home.
  • The Truth About This Tax Haven  By : Ted Baumann
    Puerto Rico has a reputation as a tax haven, but thatís about to change. With the annulment of Act 22, Puerto Rican residency will no longer lessen your tax burden.
  • Things to Consider Before Moving Offshore  By : Ted Baumann
    Moving offshore is a life-changing decision. Thatís why it's so important to consider these factors before you choose your offshore destination.
  • Is This the End of Cheap Oil?  By : Jeff D. Opdyke
    ISIS is determined to reform Islam and the world. And its determination is going to impact the American way of life, starting with the end of cheap oil.
  • Three Ways to Protect Your Financial Privacy  By : Ted Baumann
    Need to protect your financial privacy? With these three asset protection strategies, you can safely and legally secure yourself from Uncle Samís privacy invasion.
  • Find Best Day Trading Trainers India Online  By : leonnjasper
    In India trading is mostly viewed as a gamble, waste of money or even time waste without understanding the scope to make money and the opportunities the market offers for the common people to take calculated risk and achieve that financial freedom to enhance their lifestyle.
  • What Will the Business of the Next Century Look Like? by Victor Edozien Reviews of the Asaba Group  By : Erwin Listenby
    ďWhat will new American business look like?Ē

    How will it operate? What will its priorities be? We invited Victor Edozien of The Asaba Group to share his views. Victor, a seasoned strategy consultant, is originally from Nigeria. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and geology from Syracuse University. Also, he studied business administration and management at University of Pittsburgh and University of California, Berkeley.
  • Nifty and Bank Nifty News For Today 07-Oct-15  By : CapitalStars
    Fantastic recovery from lower level, no need to sell, buy on every dip will be a best strategy, above 8125 next target will be 8250-8300.
  • Nifty and Bank Nifty News and Trends  By : CapitalStars
    Consolidation from upper level we have seen today, though buying opportunity on every dip. We may see 8225 level as a next resistance level, more buying will be seen from this level.
  • Free Commodity Market Tips For Today  By : CapitalStars
    Gold steadied near a three-month high on Tuesday, as investors pushed back expectations of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike to next year and on a weaker dollar.
  • Top reasons to hire an authorized accountant Warrington located  By : Abigaylemark
    Thinking to start a business but worried about the paperwork? Worried that you donít know how to manage payroll for all your employees? In this case, it is high time to learn more on the benefits of hiring expert accountants Warrington located
  • This Decision Could Kill the Economy  By : JL Yastine
    American retailers rely heavily on contracted labor, which grows their profits and boosts the economy. A recent decision, however, may change everything...
  • Why do you Need Effective Salon Products?  By : TheChairr
    Most of us are extremely conscious about how we look and dress these days. However, unfortunately, most of us are also clueless about what would suit us. While clothes and accessories are external aspects, what we use for our hair and skin is actually more crucial than we can imagine.
  • What do Medical Device Manufacturers Gain from the R&D Tax Credit?  By : jimson
    The Research & Development Tax Credit was created by Congress in 1981 as part of the Economic Recovery Tax Act, as a way to help companies in the United States stay competitive in the global marketplace. Tax credits are a dollar-for-dollar offset against tax liabilities- and can be carried forward for up to 20 years.
  • Accounting Firm In Sydney Helps to Boost the Business of Small Companies  By : samuelgavinn
    If one goes through the company profile of any accounting firm in Sydney, he will understand that most of the accounting firms provide a one stop shop for small business bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs.
  • FL liquor license brokerage firm helps in getting restaurant liquor license  By : Julia Bennet
    Buy, sell, transfer or get it financed Ė if you are looking at liquor license solutions in Florida then there is a FL liquor license service provider not far away from you. You can hand over all the responsibilities of getting a restaurant liquor license to them while you focus on the more important aspects of getting your start-up operational. There are many license holders who would like to transfer, lend or sell their licenses.
  • Liquor license brokerage firm for beer and wine license  By : Julia Bennet
    Whether you wish to obtain a liquor license or sell liquor license, you have to abide by the rules of the state and you require adequate information about liquor license buying and selling. Whether you own restaurant where you want to sell beer, wine and liquor within the premises or you want to start a liquor shop, you have to be aware of each of the clauses and acquire permits for the business accordingly. Without prior experience it is difficult to manage, buy or sell licenses.
  • Buy liquor license: Best way to keep it simple and quick  By : Julia Bennet
    Social drinking is a part of our lives. Liquor is served in restaurants and bars but there are legal restrictions that should not be forgotten. While as customers, you may know the places which serve drinks, for those in the business, liquor licenses are needed in keeping with state regulations. As a process, this is easier said than done as many intricacies are involved.
  • Liquor license FL to make your business flourish  By : Julia Bennet
    A liquor license FL once acquired becomes a coveted treasure as it widens the scope of your income. With a valid liquor license you can sell liquor or allow patrons to consume liquor in your premises, depending on the type of license you have. There are specialized firms that help you to buy, sell or refinance liquor license. At the time of renewing your license the necessity of refinance arises which such agencies will arrange on your behalf.
  • Liquor license: An essential to serve alcoholic beverage  By : Julia Bennet
    To serve alcohol in your restaurant, it is mandatory to have a liquor license. But why is a liquor license so important? Because, a liquor license is the official permission provided to you to sell and serve alcohol. Not only for a restaurant in which you intend to serve alcohol, but also in case if you wish to open an off shop too, this license is a must. There is a standard procedure for liquor license FL regulated by the respective State agencies to sell alcoholic beverages.
  • FL Liquor license: Your first step before you sell alcohol  By : Julia Bennet
    To serve or sell liquor in any food and beverage commercial outlet or to sell liquor exclusively, it is mandatory to file for a license and obtain one. Selling liquor involves obtaining permission because there is a ministry and a number government offices that keep watch on selling of alcohol and tobacco. There are government policies related to obtaining FL liquor license because the government generates revenue from this sector.
  • The ease of getting your Florida liquor license  By : Julia Bennet
    The liquor business is one of the most profitable businesses of all. Anyone who deals in liquor is well off, as you will easily gather when you interact with them. And when you consider the state of Florida, the profit is even more considering the fact that people come to this state for fun. But you cannot start your liquor business just like that. You need your Florida liquor license and this is not a job for the fainthearted.
  • Getting your Florida liquor license made easy  By : Julia Bennet
    There are certain jobs that are best left to experts. We often cringe when we hear the word "broker", but a broker is the most sought after person when it comes to accomplishing certain tasks. Take, for instance, the job of getting a Florida liquor license. Do you know you can be easily left high and dry when you try to get your FL liquor license on your own?
  • The American Worker Is Obsolete  By : JL Yastine
    In an attempt to increase their profit margins, multinational companies are looking to cut their labor costs, which may mean trouble for American workers...

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