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  • A Brief History of Gibson Guitars  By : William McRea
    Orville Gibson first started making instruments in the late 1800s with his innovative mandolin. Even after his death in 1918, the Gibson Guitar Corporation has been dedicated to making excellent and innovative electric guitars that sound great.
  • A Brief History of Jackson Guitars  By : William McRea
    Jackson Guitars started off as Charvel Guitar Repair, until Wayne Charvel sold Grover Jackson his rights to the company. One of the best known guitars that Jackson made was the Randy Rhoads model. Now, Fender owns the rights to the label.
  • Exciting Improvising: How to Make Up Music Out Of Your Head As You Play  By : Duane Shinn
    Improvisation (also known as improvising) is the act of making something up as you go along -- an act with which we all have a little experience.
  • How To Play Music By Ear  By : Jimmy Cox
    For most, the idea of playing a musical instrument can be baffling from the start. Especially if you have never played a musical instrument in your life! Even if you do not have musical instrument, you can always begin with voice. Piano is excellent for the beginner to start learning.
  • A Brief History of B.C. Rich Guitars  By : William McRea
    Except for a brief stint with another manufacturer, B.C. Rich guitars are known for being well made and innovative. They have a loyal following of players and artists who enjoy the sound and quality.
  • A Brief History of Alvarez Guitars  By : William McRea
    Alvarez Acoustic guitars are well made and possess a rich tone only possible when something is handmade. They have a variety of models of acoustic guitar that appeal to rock players, folk players, and even classic players. They also have a list of artists who love their guitars.
  • A Brief History of Paul Reed Smith Guitars  By : William McRea
    Paul Reed Smith started building guitars while in college and for the months after college. He started off by convincing artists to try his guitars and critique them. Carlos Santana was one such artist and he was so impressed, he introduced Smith to the former president of Gibson, who went on to help him design guitars and become his mentor.
  • A Brief History of Schecter Guitars  By : William McRea
    Schecter Guitar Research is a company that started in 1989. They manufacture guitars both in South Korea and in California and offer a custom guitar feature in addition to their regular line. They hold a favor with hard rock and metal artists but also feature models for Blues and Jazz artists.
  • A Brief History of Gibson Acoustic Guitars  By : William McRea
    Gibson is a premier manufacturer of guitars and other instruments. Their acoustic line offers different series and styles and serves a variety of playing needs. In general, the company is innovative and has had this reputation since its beginning.
  • A Brief History of Ibanez Acoustic Guitars  By : William McRea
    Ibanez is a premier manufacturer of both acoustic guitars and electric guitars and they have an impressive list of artists who play them. It is a Japanese company but has achieved widespread success throughout the world. They started by created replicas of popular guitar models, but now they have their own individual line.
  • A Brief History of Washburn Acoustic Guitars  By : William McRea
    Washburn Guitars started off being associated with the Delta Blues style of music. Now, they are simply known for their excellent quality. They have guitars that appeal to all styles of players and boast a complete line of acoustic guitars.
  • A Brief History of Yamaha Guitars  By : William McRea
    Yamaha is one of those companies that make a wide variety of products. Among these are their acoustic guitars, and they have different styles that appeal to different kinds of players. Yes, Yamaha does make a lot of different instruments and other things. But, this does not compromise the quality of the guitars.
  • Musicians and Mailing Lists - "Real Business" Tips for Rockstars  By : Aaron Trubic
    In all of this talk about freeing musical restrictions and the evil record biz, sometimes we forget that we are actually IN this business of music. With that said, always be on the lookout for nuggets of wisdom from the rest of the biz world to help build your enterprise.
  • Choosing a Music Teacher  By : Graeme Salmon
    As adults it can be hard to take that first step, but playing music is undeniably good for the soul, and you shouldn't allow yourself to miss out on the opportunity to feel happier and learn something new.
  • Types of Jazz Music  By : Billy Merrak
    There world of jazz music is full of different styles, each with their own style and origin. Jazz music, a distinctly American invention, is different from any other types of music. Although the roots of jazz begin in United States, it is now considered to have a fine mixture of African culture enmeshed in it. The four distinct components of jazz music are rhythm, harmony, melody, and tonal qualities. Regardless of your preference for the type jazz, you'll be able to find a club that caters to your tastes. experimental jazz is one of the more popular styles, with venues popping up all over the world, including many European cities.
  • Practice Makes Perfect  By : Graeme Salmon
    When it comes to playing an instrument and learning a new song there really is no substitute for practice. The way you go about it however, can dramatically affect the time it takes to perfect your song.
  • The YouTube Warner Deal and The Future of "Show Me" Technologies  By : Aaron Trubic
    According to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube has promised Warner Brothers that it will implement some kind of technology in order to credit Warner artists will royalties based on music played on its submitted videos.
  • Can YOU Play All The Major Chords in 3 Seconds or Less?  By : Duane Shinn
    Some people go through their entire lives not being sure about what such and such a major
    chord is -- and it's all so unnecessary, because you can memorize them in just a few
    minutes, and learn to play them in 12 seconds or less - one second per major chord.
  • The Link Between Music and Math  By : Nigel Joneston
    There have been several studies recently that confirm a connection between music and math. There seems to be a strong pattern between math, language, and music. Music is essentially a series of notes played in a pre-established pattern. Math works in a similar way. There is a finite number of ways that you can add, multiply, subtract, and divide numbers, the ultimate combination is still finite.
  • Relax With Your Favorite Music Style  By : Ken Snow
    All of us like listening to music and each one of us has our individualistic preferences.
  • Some Thoughts on Learning to Play the Guitar  By : Erami Bulayulama
    Many people long to play the guitar. Some have actually have attained fame and fortune, while others are in the beginning stages. If youíve just bought your first guitar, you can look forward to a rich and rewarding time of learning to make music. Donít make the mistake of thinking it will be easy, or that you will automatically become a pro. Just to become good takes a lot of time and practice. Itís all worth it as you begin to enjoy making music.
  • History Of Rock Music  By : Rajeev Rampersad
    Rock music, where did it all begin? Believe it or not a black man who played black music, originally founded rock music in the mid 50s, this man was Chuck Berry.
  • learn to play the guitar  By : Peter J Finlay
    One of the best sources on the internet of how to play guitar is online via Peter J Finlayís superb electric guitar lessons for beginners on split screen DVD.
  • How To Play The Piano Using "Shorthand" -- Chord Symbols -- Instead of Reading the Full Score  By : Duane Shinn
    Most people who took piano lessons as a kid, including me, grew up learning to read music exactly as it is written on the printed page. Being able to read music is a valuable skill, and I am delighted I learned that skill at an early age.
  • Guitar Tab: Learn To Play Yankee Doodle With Guitar Tab  By : Peter Edvinsson
    You can learn to play melodies on your guitar even if you do not know sheet music notation. We will instead use easy to learn guitar tab or guitar tablature. Let's learn Yankee Doodle!
  • Get Rid Of Singing Stage Fright  By : Chris Chew
    All singers will at one time or another suffer from stage fright. What can a singer do to get rid of stage fright?
  • We Want To Learn To Play The Harmonica!  By : Gary Tooth
    The humble harmonica has to be one of the easiest musical instruments to master in the world. You really can learn how to play the harmonica in a matter of days or weeks, depending on your commitment.
  • Song Writing: Is It Hard Or Easy To Write A Song?  By : Peter Edvinsson
    Do you feel that it is easy to write songs? Can anyone be creative? A song is the end product produced by stimulating your song writing powers in many different ways. Let's take a look!
  • Guitar lesson: Learn To Play Every Breath You Take By Ear  By : Peter Edvinsson
    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to play the hit songs you hear on the radio and be able to play them on your guitar even without tabs or sheet music!
  • Alex Boye` European LDS Musician, The biography of  By : Bart Gibby
    The biography of Alex Boye` European LDS Musician born in London, England and was climbing the pop music charts all across Europe when he as he puts it ". . .seemed to have everything, but I wasn't satisfied, . . . Deep down I felt a loss."

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