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  • How To Build Muscles And Own That V-Shaped Upper Body?  By : Chris Chew
    How to build a muscular super hero V-Shape upper body. Step by step guide to building an awesome physique.
  • How To Build Big Defined Calf Muscles? Your Calf Muscle Is Stubborn  By : Chris Chew
    Your calf muscles are one of the most difficult muscles to build. Here is why and how to build calf muscles.
  • How Long Does It Take To Build Muscles | Gain Muscle Mass Quickly  By : Chris Chew
    How long does it take for your muscles to grow? Consider your body type to find an answer.
  • Big Powerful Chest Muscles Command Respect  By : Chris Chew
    How to build powerful and big chest muscle that draws admiration and respect.
  • Big Strong Biceps - Build Triceps - Powerful Arm Exercises  By : Chris Chew
    To build big strong powerful arms with bulging biceps? You must build your triceps too.
  • How To Get Nice Muscle Tone And Build An Attractive Muscular Body  By : Chris Chew
    Misconception and ways to muscle toning and building an attractive muscular body.
  • How to Build Huge Big Muscles – Gain Big Muscle Mass For Bodybuilding Beginners  By : Chris Chew
    A step by step muscle building guide for beginner bodybuilders
  • The Perfect Rep Range For Building Muscle  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    No matter what you read or who you talk to, everyone has their own opinion of what the "perfect" rep range should be to allow for maximum muscle stimulation and growth. In this article I’m going to clear up the confusion once and for all and teach you the truth about choosing the most effective rep range for optimal muscle-building results.
  • Body Building Equipment for the Rest of Us  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Large, bulging muscles like those found on the models of body building magazine covers are often what people associate with strength training. Of course, building muscles is part of this type of training program. There are other benefits that even women who don’t want to “bulk up” can appreciate.
  • Do Supplements Really Improve Performance?  By : Eddie Lomax
    The choice to use supplements is personal... But in my opinion the greatest amount of performance improvement is still made by proper physical training.
  • How To Build A Massive Pair Of Arms  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    It’s no secret that every serious lifter out there desires an impressive pair of strong, muscular arms. Who wouldn’t be happy with tall, peaking biceps sitting on top of rock-hard, horse-shoe-shaped triceps? Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of ripped, well-developed guns forcefully bursting through the sleeves of their shirt? While developing muscular arms is usually at the top of many peoples’ agenda, the reality is that the majority of lifters out there have a very poor understanding of how to properly train their arms for maximum gains.
  • How To Get Big Biceps And Add Inches To Your Biceps  By : Chris Chew
    Step by step guide to add inches onto your biceps and stimulate bicep muscles to peak.
  • Want To Own A Muscular Greek God Body?  By : Chris Chew
    Step by step guide on how to build an attractive and desirable body by personal fitness trainer of celebrities.

    Never let your body shape be the butt of jokes ever again!
  • 4 Harmful Muscle-Building Myths Uncovered  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Bodybuilding and fitness is literally a multi-billion dollar industry with new websites popping up every single day. In this article I’m going to expose 4 very common muscle-building myths in order to keep you on the proper path to the mind-blowing muscle and strength gains you deserve.
  • 10 Simple Steps To Skyrocket Your Natural Testosterone Production  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Quite simply, testosterone is the most important muscle-building hormone in your body and is one of the limiting factors that determines how much muscle a person can build. Increased levels of testosterone have the following benefits...
  • Bodybuilders...Unleash The Power Of Muscle Building Foods  By : Richard Hargreaves
    Certain foods are muscle building...and some are fat burning as well. Here's a couple that bodybuilders use to pack on the muscle fast...and remain lean at the same time.
  • Bodybuilding News - The Latest Cutting Edge Information!  By : Bob Howard
    Bodybuilding helps build a great Physique.
  • How to Get a Sexy Six-Pack Stomach  By : Alli Ross
    Getting a defined six-pack is a simple equation. The key is your body fat ratios. You must have low body fat for your abdominal muscles to show. Otherwise, it won’t matter what you do. So, how do you get to these levels? Well, the answer is different for everybody depending on your metabolism and body type. However, here’s a general guideline....
  • Body Building Basics – Building a better body you can be proud of!  By : Nishanth Reddy
    Body Building is all about commitment and belief. There is an abundance of information about how to begin and conduct your journey, but without a burning desire to achieve, you are doomed to inevitable failure. These tips will help you identify and achieve your goals of bodybuilding. If this sounds like “Goal Setting 101,” guess what? It is!
  • Gain Weight: Healthy Weight Gain  By : Roger Gordon
    There are many reasons why people want to gain weight. Some people want to gain weight because they are dissatisfied with their body image while other people want to gain weight for health reasons. Before you begin any weight gain program it is important that you understand how weight gain and weight loss works.
  • Whats New In Bodybuiding  By : John Beck
    Hints and tips to build rock hard muscle in the shortest time.
  • Muscle Mass Gain For Skinny Guys  By : Colin Johnson
    So you're a skinny guy. Or maybe you're a novice body-builder. What you want is to tone up, gain muscle and see the rewards for your hard work in as short a time as possible. Look no further than the tips here in this article. This is a manageable, specifically designed outline for beginner body building which will place you in good stead to achieve your goals. The steps are simple, sensible and effective.
  • How To Build Muscles Effectively  By : Chris Chew
    Know the science of bodybuilding to build muscles fast.
  • Build Muscle Without Weights - Simple Yet Effective Methods  By : Lawrence T.
    When I couldn't take time out to workout in a gym, I can still get a good workout at home even without using dumbbells but simply using my own bodyweight.
  • Go Bananas With Bodybuilding  By : Mick Hart
    So forget an apple a day... If your energy levels really need toping up, nothing is better than a banana. Consisting of three natural sugars - fructose, glucose and sucrose - along with fibre, will give you a long lasting energy boost. Recent tests show that just two bananas can supply you with the required energy for an intense 90 minute workout. It won't surprise you then that the world's best athletes view the banana as being the number one fruit.
  • How to Get a Good Looking Body  By : Knut Holt
    To get a body you feel well with, you must first decide for a realistic body style to aim at. Then you must apply muscle building, condition training and right diet to get results of the right kind.
  • Finding a Boat Show  By : Tjsciak Vic
    If you are interested in buying a boat, there is a process that you are going to have to go through. This will ensure that you come out of it all with the best results, and find a boat that is not only going to meet your needs but as well your budget.
  • Accessorize your Eyes with Colored Contact Lenses  By : Ray Lam
    The advent of colored contact lenses has brought a revolution in the contact lens market. Colored contact lenses have become very popular among youngsters. These lenses can be enhancement lenses which are used to enhance the natural color of your eyes or they might be opaque lenses which can be used to change the color of your eyes totally. But any sort of color contact lens goes best with proper eye make up. There are various make up tips which should be kept in mind in order to give the best effect to your eyes. The make up you have to apply depends on your skin color as well as the color of the contact lens which you will wear.
  • Balance Beams for children  By : Mike40 Hembree40
    Gymnastic Folding Mats- Comfortable And Beneficial

    Gymnastics is a very popular sport that is practiced by a large number of people since the Greek times. With the change in scenario, gymnastic equipments like mats are easily available nowadays in different sizes, shapes, materials, designs and colors.
  • 5 Free Body Shaping Plans For Men And Women  By : James DeSantis
    Weight training is not just for the young. I recently saw a news story about a 72 year old guy who has won six weight lifting competitions, beating out some much younger guys. Let us not forget that many more women are opting for weight training as a way to tighten and sculpt all those important areas that make them more attractive. But, as in every kind of exercise regimen, get the facts so you avoid injury.

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