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  • Tips on selecting the right mortgage lender  By : Neale Morton
    For most home buyers, selecting the right mortgage lender and the right home loan package may seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many rival lenders promising so many different things. This article will help you to select the right mortgage lender
  • Why Opt for a Rremortgage Loan?  By : Kirthy Shetty
    Remortgage is about switching the earlier mortgage to another mortgage or to another lender for a better deal.
  • Tips For Getting The Right Mortgage  By : J Kenny
    Applying for your mortgage and being able to get it are two different things. Also knowing when to apply and where can enter into the picture, too. Here are some tips to help you be better prepared to get the mortgage you are looking for.
  • Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance-A Small Price to Pay for Complete Peace of Mind  By : Reethi R
    Insured your home, car and even your pet but what about your mortgage? Wouldn’t it be good to know that you could pay your mortgage without worrying about any uncertainties or unforeseen circumstances? Consider Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and breathe easy!
  • Why Choose an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?  By : rateempire
    Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are appealing to many homebuyers, but what are the risks?
  • Church Loan Problems - Church Financing Solutions  By : Stephen A. Bush
    A church loan is likely to be the most difficult type of business loan to complete successfully. Since churches are an integral part of local community infrastructures, it is important to explore all church financing options. A typical church loan wi
  • When Is Interest Only A Good Mortgage Idea?  By : Tom Allen
    An interest only mortgage involves a repayment schedule where for a set period of time - usually five to 10 years - you only pay the interest.
  • Consider Refinancing Your Loan If You Cannot Pay Your Bills  By : Charley Huang
    More and more people are swimming in debt over their heads. The debt burden has become so unmanageable that many financial industries are offering a variety of solutions to ensure that consumers get the help they needs.
  • Why You Should Refinance Your Mortgage  By : Tom Allen
    Due to the fact that there is a huge amount of competition in the mortgage lender market, there are now several advantages to the consumer that did not exist a number of years ago. If your mortgage loan has been running for a good number of years th
  • What Is Important About Mortgage Rates  By : Tom Allen
    History has a habit of making fools of all economists. If you were to go back through newspapers from a number of years ago and read any of the predictions by economists about interest rates, you'll find that most of them finished up looking reasona
  • Why You Should Refinance Your Mortgage - Four Key Reasons  By :
    Life has a way of piling it on: student loans, credit card debt, your kids' school fees, monthly utility bills, etc. Under these circumstances, it is easy to get overwhelmed. But the way to escape financial straits could be as easy as refinancing your mortgage. Four key reasons why refinancing a home mortgage could be a financial salvation include:
  • What is your FICO Score and Why is it so Important  By :
    In an epic ending to 1999's hit movie "Fight Club", both Helena Bonham Carter's and Edward Norton's characters stand in a high rise building, watching through a window as all of the surrounding credit card company buildings implode and collapse around them. Many moviegoers-whether consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously-took satisfaction in that apocalyptic scene where everyone's credit card debts had instantly been obliterated.
  • Mortgage Options for People With Poor Credit  By :
    People with poor credit do not have to resign to a life of ever-increasing debt and dwindling funds. Obtaining a loan, especially by way of a home mortgage, is an option for escaping debt for those with bad or no credit. A person with poor credit only has to keep a few things in mind to lessen the travails of her/his loan search. The right loan for someone with bad credit is only a strong will, a little patience and a lot of diligence away.
  • Your First Mortgage - Know the Facts for Buying Your First Home  By :
    Buying a first home can be scary while obtaining a first mortgage can be even scarier. During the decision making process on the way to owning a home, one has to consider the price of the home as well as the possible monthly costs of mortgage payments. These concerns are only scraping the surface of what has to be considered when getting a first mortgage. Getting a mortgage is not a task anyone should dive into uninformed.
  • An Introduction to Home Equity Loans  By :
    What is a bigger stress inducer than a mother-in-law? Serious financial debt undoubtedly nudges the in-laws out for a victory for the most worrisome factor in life. But a home equity loan could be what could ease some of a homeowner's concerns and qualms.
  • 3 Tips for Getting the Best Interest Rate for Your New Home  By :
    Be fully informed of what your credit report says. In hopes to get the best rate for a new home, one should obtain a complete, up-to-date, error-free copy of her/his credit report. If the credit report shows that any of these criteria are not met or that every bill has yet to be paid in full, do everything to get as much in order as possible. Tighten up the loose ends on your credit report to at least demonstrate a commitment to financial stability and responsibility.
  • Understanding Home Mortgage Loans  By : Gail Metcalf
    Since most lenders require a down payment that is more than a renter can afford, how do you become a home owner when you don't have the savings to cover the down payment?
  • Subprime Mortgage Loans When You Have Bad Credit History  By : Gail Metcalf
    If your credit history is not so good, there are many companies willing to review your history and loan you money.
  • Getting A Home Improvement Mortgage  By : rateempire
    For every creature on this planet, a dwelling is essential. It not only shelters one from all the natural exigencies, but also acts as an emotional blanket to cover one in times of stress and need.
  • How Inflation Can Affect Your Retirement  By : Bob Freeman
    What exactly is inflation and why does it eat away at retirement savings so much? Inflation is simply the tendency of prices to increase over time. A moderate inflation rate usually does not bother the average working consumer much since even small annual pay raises help to offset it effects.
  • Christian Mortgage  By : rateempire
    Christian Mortgage is a term used wherein Christian principles are used by the mortgaging company to mortgage loans to its customers. Many a times the mortgage offered by these companies are limited to only Christian customers.
  • Seven Benefits of Christian Mortgage  By : rateempire
    The Christian Mortgage concept is built on the basis of Christian faith and principle. Various institutions around the world follow Christian Mortgage principles to shape their terms and conditions.
  • Mortgage Calculator and Its Usages  By : Vikas Lov
    When purchasing a new home most buyers choose to finance a portion of the purchase price through the use of mortgage. And since, various mortgage offers are floating in the market….
  • Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgage Payment  By : rateempire
    California Reverse Mortgage is a loan where the lender either pays you a lump sum at one go, makes regular monthly payments, extends a line of credit, or a combination of the three.
  • Fine Tune Your Budget with Mortgage Refinancing  By : Trevor Goald
    Need cash? Paying too much in interest charges? Worried about your growing debt? Mortgage refinancing could be the answer to your financial problems.
  • Benefits of Mortgage Loans  By : rateempire
    Mortgage loan is the generic term for a loan secured by a mortgage on real property; the "mortgage" refers to the legal security, but the terms are often used interchangeably to refer to the mortgage loan.
  • Protecting Your Credit During Divorce  By : Ray A. Lopez
    When a marriage ends in divorce, the lives of those involved are changed forever. During this time of upheaval, one thing that shouldn’t have to change is the credit status you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • Reverse Mortgages - Can Your House Really Pay You?  By : Don Seibert
    One of the most popular forms of mortgages today, especially for senior citizens is the reverse mortgage. Here will explore the benefits and advantages as well as the downsides of the reverse mortgage.
  • Mortgage Loan Leads - Plenty of Variety to Choose From  By : Kathy Hildebrand
    In the mortgage business, you need to always have a steady stream of new potential clients. Since the average person does not need a new mortgage all that frequently, repeat business is just not as frequent. Fortunately, there are many good companies out there that will trade mortgage leads.
  • What is FHA Reverse MOrtgage Insurance?  By : Don Seibert
    The Federal government has instituted a program under the Dept of Houseing and Urban Renewal (HUD) to provide insurance on reverse mortgages. Is this insurance important and do you really need it?

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