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  • Energy Enhancement Meditation and the Bhagavad Gita CH11 V53 to 55 The Removal of Energy Blockages.  By : Swami Satchidanand
    No, already you are perfect. Yet it is only those negative energy blockages which are corrupting your system which are preventing your psychic powers and your ability to perform.
  • Manifest that Relationship  By : Karen Kelley
    Here's how to let the universe assist in creating that perfect relationship.
  • Setting Psychic Boundaries part 2  By : Katheryn Hoban
    Setting Psychic Boundaries
  • Indonesian Shamanic Methods of Fasting & Austerities  By : Leonard Lee
    Fasting in the Indonesian occult tradition--for gaining psychic power and strength. Indigenous shamanic fasting practices in the island of Java.
  • Pearl Drops Of Wisdom  By : Leonard Lee
    Spiritual teachings for aspirants and disciples. Seeds of wisdom to be implanted into the soul and nourished for growth.
  • Metaphysical Reflections  By : Leonard Lee
    The knowledge of man, the microcosm. Principles for developing spirituality.
  • Evolutionary Becoming  By : Leonard Lee
    The evolution of all aspects of humanity. Our purpose here on Earth. Soul's choice to evolve or not--proper place for all according to the Cosmic scheme.
  • Magickal Shrines of Mustika Pearls  By : Leonard Lee
    How shrines of any Religion, New Age, Pagan, etc. may be empowered and enhanced with the presence of mustika pearls. The configuration of their installation and placement. Photos of magickal shrines.
  • Psychic Consultations: A Positive Outlook  By : raphnix
    Seldom, it's hard to live with uncertainty especially when you expect for sooner outcomes. A simple decision making for a new business or for a new professional career still demands for thorough focus and attention.
  • Psychic Line- Ancient Art Modern Technology  By : Dee Monty
    How does psychic ability interact with modern technology? Quite well actually. Blending the ancient and modern is not as difficult as you may think in this case.
  • Leadership Interaction  By : Pobert II Smith
    In a business meeting, different communication styles are manifested. When this meeting has a Japanese business leader, a Nigerian business leader, a French business leader and an Indian business leader sitting all together, the discussion must really be upon the different styles with which they get their message through to each other as well as the manner in which they make themselves heard which brings one to the point that their languages must be understood by all present.
  • Citrine: The Wealth Stone  By : Britney Spears
    Citrine, like all other natural crystals, is thought to have certain powers that work on a spiritual and material level to help you obtain, and keep, certain traits. Citrine is traditionally linked with wealth, making it one of the most sought after crystal to wear or have in your purse or wallet when you want to increase your wealth luck.
  • Enhance your Romance luck with Rose Quartz Crystal  By : Britney Spears
    Commonly recognized as the ‘Love Stone’, Rose Quartz is most favored for its ability in accelerating the process for those seeking true love, mending broken relationships and jazzing up your existing love life.
  • What can Jade Do for You  By : Britney Spears
    As a healing crystal, jade has been known to raise flagging spirits. Jade showers the wearer with a steady stream of positive energy that allows for the wearer to slowly recover from past tragedies and failures.
  • What can Amethyst Crystal Do for You  By : Lindsay Lohan
    Amethyst crystals are also thought to enhance intuition, especially when worn with other natural stones such as clear quartz crystals. Since amethyst jewelry and stones are so highly prized for their ability to help clear and enhance the mind in many different ways, wearing one can help balance your chakras, or life energies.
  • Why You Must Own a Tiger’s Eye Crystal  By : Silvia Blach
    For those who believe there are healing powers, and a source of energy that lie in quartz and other stones the Tiger Eye stone is a must have. You can purchase the Tiger’s Eye stone in many different forms of jewelry including bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Whether you choose to purchase them for yourself or to give as a gift it’s money well spent.
  • What can Obsidian Crystal Do for You  By : Silvia Blach
    Like all crystals there are many benefits to those who cherish their healing and comforting qualities. The Obsidian crystal is known as one of the most beautiful and beneficial stones available. There are many benefits from the Obsidian crystal and it holds a variety of Metaphysical qualities.
  • Following the Center - on the trail of Love  By : jgraf
    An exploration of the dynamic nature of love, as well as the spiritual ecology of the sun.
  • How Even A Beginner Can Astral Project  By : Paul A White
    Each and every human being is born with the ability to astral project. The only difference between those who can astral project at will and those who cannot is practice. Astral projection is a technique which has a very long history, just as do yoga and meditation. Astral projection goes by a lot
  • Discover Your Love Chinese Astrology  By : Henry KH Fong
    Chinese Astrology is a mix of the Yin and Yang and the Five Elementals of Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, and Earth. You can use it to find love matches with the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. The signs are the Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. These are used in Love Chinese Astrology.
  • Understanding Chinese Calendars  By : Henry KH Fong
    Many people do not understand exactly what Chinese calendars really are, but to be honest, it is very close to the Western calendar, it has just been in place for longer. 2600 B.C is when the first Chinese calendar was introduced and it is the biggest chronological calendar on the books to date. Emperor Huang Ti was the person that discovered the cycle of the zodiac which the Lunar Chinese calendar centers itself around, basically, the moon cycle is what this particular calendar goes by.
  • The Significance of The Chinese Dragons  By : Henry KH Fong
    Chinese dragons are usually drawn as very snake-like with four legs and a very long body. Most dragons are associated with evil put Chinese dragons depict power that is not necessarily evil. The Chinese dragon is regularly found in Chinese art and folklore. The male Chinese dragon is a symbol of the male or yang and is thought to control the weather and rain.
  • How Anyone Can Learn Remote Viewing  By : Paul A White
    Remote viewing is a natural ability which all of us have; however, most of us have never learned to use this ability. Remote viewing is a psychic ability which involves attuning your brainwaves to a certain frequency – with practice; anyone can become a remote viewer.
  • The Basis Of Astral Projection  By : Shawn Tester
    We often hear the phrase "we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience", and these few simple words contain significant meaning. The practice of astral projection is based on this doctrine, and though there remains controversy on whether or not the phenomena can actually take place, the fact remains that there are well-documented cases.
  • Seeking a good psychic that will answer all your questions?  By : Pandora
    At some point in everyone's life there arrives a time when the support and advice of kin and acquaintances is simply not sufficient. You may need to make a relationship or a career determination and feel that a psychic glance of the alternatives accessible to you is required.
  • Psychics - Separate The Truth From Lies Part 1  By : Pandora
    How much do you really know about psychics and psychic readings? You should research them prior to obtaining a reading with a psychic, or receiving advice or guidance.
  • Psychics - Separate The Truth From Lies Part 2  By : Pandora
    What do you really know about psychics and psychic readings? You should research prior to obtaining a reading with a psychic.
  • Psychic Readings- Get Ready Now 1  By : Pandora
    Before having a psychic reading, select what area of your life you'd like to have scrutinized. Which sphere would most be good to have psychic advice for - family relationship, income or vocation, health, wonder about future outcomes- or would you simply opt for a comprehensive consultation and be guided on by what ever comes up as important for you?
  • Advantages of having a medium sitting  By : Dee Monty
    Mediumship consultation can take a sitting to a whole new proportion to help a psychic to divine a person's perspective.
  • Tarot: Creating the Story  By : Jackson Swift
    To help the querant better understand his or her fate as told by the tarot cards, a good reader would pull everything together by telling it in story form.

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