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  • A Brief on Muay Thai  By : We Submit Pages
    Muay Thai began as a fighting discipline for Thai people well before the 1500s (the exact date is unknown). As a means of self defence, it was used by a Thai person to either defend their plot of land on which they lived, or to defend their country from foreign attack. Therefore, from layman to nobleman, Muay Thai was practiced by virtually everybody at every level of society.
  • A Guide to Judo  By : Emery Lukas
    Judo is a type of martial art which originates from Japan. It has since developed into an olympic sport, which is practiced by millions of people all over the world. This articles takes a look at the history of Judo, common techniques, its benefits,
  • A Quick Guide to Mixed Martial Arts  By : Sharen Turney
    If you have watched any of the big action films in the last decade then you are likely to have heard of mixed martial arts.
  • A Simple Self Defense Training System  By : Ronald H Jeffries
    Get 3 specialized self defense system training tips and ideas to better protect yourself and the people you love.
  • About Century MMA  By : Frank James Howard
    Find out more about the company behind the popular line of Century MMA Gloves.
  • Accessing All of the Martial Arts Supplies You Need  By : Napoleon Callahan
    Martial arts are all the rage these days. People who are looking for unique and exciting ways to get in shape are flocking toward a wide variety of forms of martial arts.
  • Benefits of Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)  By : mmarichmond
    Kickboxing is considered as modern art that combines the powerful kicks of karate, boxing, western boxing, Thai boxing and Mau Thai. It is an exhaustive total body workout comprised of controlled punching, kicking and jabbing movements.
  • BJJ Training Methods In Virginia, Washington, Maryland  By : Lloyd Irvin
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling, ground fighting as well as street fighting techniques that are important for self-defense. It is different from other martial arts such as karate and judo that focus on hitting and striking the opponent. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu involves techniques that are to be used without hurting your opponent. It requires extensive training to gain expertise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and carry out the techniques as desired. The training methods involve
  • Boxing Needs – Get Hand Wraps for a start  By : Gorilla Mike
    Boxing has a direct effect on the hands of the boxer. The veins, bones, tendons and ligaments of the hand are all at stake. For the protection of these vital elements need of hand wraps has shown up.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Institute, Richmond, VA  By : mmarichmond
    Brazilian jiu jitsu is a martial art, combat sport and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. This has been basically derived from Japanese martial arts of Kodokan judo which is assumed to be derived from Japanese Jujutso in the early 20th century.
  • China Brazilian jiujitsu is the best form of self defense  By : Lawson
    China Brazilian jiujitsu is a collaboration of the self-defense technique of both the nation’s martial art form. People are finding beijing martial arts very much interesting and hence going for learning beijing brazilian jiujitsu from a genuine beijing mixed martial arts teaching center in the country of China.
  • Chinese Martial Arts  By : Daniel Baxter
    Throughout the world, Chinese martial arts are well known and well respected. China is a pioneer to martial arts, founding several excellent styles.
  • Choi Lee Fut and its 10 Training Principles  By : Alissa. B
    Choi Lee Fut is a a traditional kung fu style that was founded in the 1800s. To be a true disciple of the art, Chan Heung, the founder, outlined 10 principles for students to follow.
  • Choosing the Martial Art Instructor for Me  By : Tammy Parlour
    What do I need to consider when choosing to leanr a martial art. This article gives advice on how to choose the right instructor.
  • Different facets of self defense techniques  By : Robert Gravel
    Dojo is a perfect training program for men, women and children. One of the most alluring features of dojo is that people with adverse physical conditions can also enjoy its training so as to learn and get expertise in martial arts. Dojo training sessions accelerate the trainers by providing them martial arts training in a fun filled, empowered, exciting and educational manner.
  • Discipline and Learning at Karate Summer Camps  By : Keona W
    Confused at what to how to keep your kids occupied during their summer vacation? Something that would be both, fun and yet a learning experience? Think no more, you can now seriously consider a karate summer camp! These camps have become extremely popular amongst kids in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas. Parents too, are willingly sending their kids to such camps as they have realized the multiple benefits of such karate camps.
  • Dollhouse Miniatures - To Add Real Touch To The Dollhouse  By : Maureen8 Page8
    Dollhouse Miniatures - To Add Real Touch To The Dollhouse

    Dollhouse miniature adds grace and charm to the dollhouse. They can be purchased from a reputed online store at attractive rates.
  • Don't Count on Luck to Prevent an Assault  By : Jesse Keith
    There are stories about women being assaulted, mugged or otherwise victimized that appear on the news every day.
  • Enhance Your Martial Art Skills with MMA Gloves  By : Gorilla Mike
    In martial arts two kinds of gloves are mainly used by the fighters. MMA gloves are made up of leather or polystyrene. They provide a tight grip along with the protection of hands.
  • Examining Martial Arts Belts In Detail-00-114  By : dirtybluewidgets
    Most martial arts use belts to reflect a students proficiency in that particular style but what do these belts actually mean?
  • Excelling Under Pressure - What does it Take?  By : John Ellsworth 1
    I am reminded of my own performances of the past and how being under pressure can cause all sorts of haywire things to happen. The pressure may come from a missed execution, a missed call, an error, or simply not being able to battle through a tough situation in a game or event.
  • Female Self Defense - Avoid Being a Target  By : shaun warner
    Self defense for women is different from just any old self defense. Most women naturally have a weaker muscle structure than men so I recommend that you don't try getting into a punching frenzie with a guy unless you've had specific training for it. Most women I know haven't had any training at all.
  • Feng Shui Fish Decorative Wall Art Ideas.  By : Baskin Kimberley
    Feng Shui Fish brings luck and wealth. Feng Shui Fish are creators of good luck and positive outcomes in particular business success. A Feng Shui Fish is the Feng Shui element of Water and may bring you career fortune. In Chinese the word "yu" often means fish but also means success. So having Feng Shui Fish in your house or office is use to get prosperity. The Feng Shui Fish also represent harmony and balance and it is usually depicted in 2, 3, or 9 fish together, they are significant lucky numbers in Chinese folk lore and Feng Shui.
  • Finding Free Music, Writing, Videos, Art And More Online 2015  By : Jevan Brinson
    This outlines the content that you can get from Jevan, your little corner on the web offering great things --for free.
  • Get the perfect weapons and excel in the martial arts  By : Britney Simpson
    Traditional forms of martial arts are common in many countries today. They have been in place for many years from now. There have been many instruments or weapons which are used to perform these martial arts. The use of these weapons is widespread and they have to be used with utmost care so that the performers do not get hurt. Two weapons that are used in martial arts are “Kama” and “Escrima”.
  • Heavy Bag Training for Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defence and Fitness  By : Simon Ward
    The Heavy Bag is most often used suspended from a ceiling but should also be used on the ground to practice ground striking as well. It can be punched, kicked, kneed and elbowed. Used correctly it can improve the power of your striking and gives a great cardio workout as well, but if used improperly can cause injuries.
  • Hey 1950 Called... They Want Their Martial Art Back!  By : Singair
    Most people know me as President of The Self Defense Company providing practical simple, easy to learn self defense training programs. But I am also a life long grappler both on the collegiate and international level. It seems that grappling has found its way back into the good graces of the martial arts community.
  • History of Kung Fu  By : martial artist
    The term 'Kung Fu' does not relate to any specific form of martial art, but rather translates as 'skill' or 'capability'. Scholars believe that the use of Kung Fu to describe the Chinese martial form originated in Hong Kong and Kwangtung province.
  • How Juijitsu Can Make Your Body Stronger, Even For Someone Who Is Over 60  By : Jimmy Cox
    It is but a few years ago that jiu jitsu was unknown to the Western world. Today the name is understood very generally, in English speaking countries, to refer to that mysterious art of self defense by which the Japanese prove antagonists whom it is impossible to defeat in physical encounter.
  • Importance of Martial Arts  By : Rose Essn
    Martial arts are usually associated with physical fitness, self-defence, and Bruce Lee. But, there is far more to martial arts than that. Unlike slugging it out in a gym or going for a jog in the park, training in martial arts requires internal and mental agility and strength.

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