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  • Anniversary, an annual grand event  By : James Monahan
    Do not take this important event for granted. Sending gifts may be good but sending it just for the sake of getting over and done with it, is not enough.
  • Communicating For A Better Marriage  By : Lee Dobbins
    Every marriage suffers times of trial but in todays society it is so easy to simply walk away without trying to fix things. Sadly, most of us WANT to stay married but many lack the knowledge of what to do to keep the marriage going.
  • How to Structure Your Marriage  By : Joel Orr
    Equality is the WRONG basis for marriage.
  • How To Do Wonders With Your Marriage - The 10-Minute Secret  By : Beth Young
    Does it seem like you never truly discuss the things of the heart with your spouse? Read on about the 10-Minute Secret and learn a trick that will change your relationship.
  • Are You Stressed Out By Your Marriage?  By : Bueford Copeland
    You may remember when you saw your future mate for the first time. Or you might remember the moment you realized that this was the person you were destined to marry. Those memories are special reminders of the excitement of a new relationship…of the euphoria that comes when you have fallen in love. They’re moments that you’d like to cling to for the rest of your life.
  • How to Fight In a Marriage !  By : ian Williamson
    Fighting fairly is one of the most important skills you can learn in order to keep your marriage healthy and strong. While it may first seem that fighting only happens in "bad" marriages, fighting actually happens in all marriages.
  • Learning How to Find Your Blissful Marriage  By : Beth Young
    Where are you in your journey of marital bliss? Whether you are just finishing your honeymoon, or welcoming a great grand child into the family circle, bliss is what you choose to make it...
  • What Frustrates Husbands and Makes Wives Cry?  By : Beth Young
    Here are 3 steps that can be taken as relationships evolve to ensure that the needs of both are met and the evolutionary process is beneficial to the relationship.
  • Marriage Advice: Is It Okay To Live Together Before Marriage?  By : Beth Young
    A new poll by the MarriageAdvice website reveals startling statistics about people's attitudes regarding cohabitating before marriage.
  • The Widow's Second-Year Slump  By : Ann Estlund
    What happens to a widow after the first year is over?
  • Is Flirting the Key to a Successful Marriage?  By : Valentina Ibeachum
    A report on the London Metro in September 2006 says that research shows that the secret of a long and happy marriage is in fact lots of flirting with strangers. Is this really true?
  • How to Find a Marriage Counselor that's Perfect for You  By : Dr Mike Shery
    There are almost too many types of marriage counselors from which to choose. In this comprehensive article you're guaranteed to learn the easiest, quickest way to find the marriage counselor that's perfect for you!
  • Relationship Problems... Are You Making These 5 Mistakes  By : Paul Sterling
    How Avoid the 5 Most Common Heart-Breaking, Intimacy -Destroying And Relationship-Wrecking Communication Mistakes.
  • Anniversary Gifts: Modern versus Traditional Trends  By : Mia Quong
    Modern times have brought about many changes in our gift giving etiquettes. The tradition of giving paper or cotton on the first and second anniversary no longer holds good in modern times. Times have changed and so have the gift giving etiquettes th
  • Desperate Housewives... Desperate Communication!  By : Paul Sterling
    This article uses a popular tv drama to show how poor - but common - communicate skills destroy our relationships and our lives.
  • How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Ring  By : Jon A
    To get the most for your money, you need to understand what you are looking for when considering a diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry. All diamonds are not created equally, so know what to look for so you can determine if the diamond quality justifies the price.

  • Anniversary Gifts For The Perfect Couple  By : DMF
    All couples love to celebrate anniversaries, when together year after year it shows that they love each other and the bond between them will last and last.
  • What Music To Choose For The Wedding Ceremony  By : DMF
    The wedding ceremony is the more serious part of the wedding while the reception in the grand celebration which congratulates the couple on their marriage.
  • How To Avoid A DIvorce You Do Not Want  By : Jon A
    Make sure you are 100% sure before you start filing for a divorce. It will be painful and messy, even without kids. Before going to such a drastic step, take time to follow this advice and talk with your spouse openly and honestly. You may find that making some compromises is a much better solution overall.
  • How To Improve & Define Your Relationships  By : Jon A
    Whether it is a love relationship with your spouse or significant other, or an abusive relationship that you need to terminate, the definition of that relationship and where you want it to go in the future is a MUTUAL responsibility. No one person can want something in a relationship and be successful in achieving it unless the other person wants that also. Understand your relationships, know when to improve them and when to terminate them.
  • How To Avoid Divorce  By : Jon A
    Do you really want a divorce? Chance are that you do not when you seriously consider all the options. How do you get that spark back in your marriage so that you are both on the same page again? It is worth a shot before taking the step of filing for divorce.
  • All She Wants To Do Is TALK To Me!  By : Paul Sterling
    Every felt like all you are is a listening apparatus for your partner? Women just don’t get it, do they? OR – do we? How can we make this into a win-win situation?
  • Great Pictures Are A Must At A Wedding  By : DMF
    Hiring a professional photographer is the best option because he has the equipment, the experience, and the knowledge in this field.
  • Celtic Jewelry - Elegant Items to Be Treasured  By : Smith Chen
    Jewelry held a place of importance in Celtic life. The various jewelry items that have been discovered at the important sacred places and places of burial related to the Celtic life bears testimony to this.
  • Tacori Engagement Rings  By : Smith Chen
    Tacori is considered as a pacesetter in the design and formation of the premium platinum bridal ornaments.
  • A Nice Diamond Engagement Ring Seals The Deal  By : DMF
    When you see rings with three stones it signifies the eternity of your relationship. The three stone diamond rings is normally given as engagement rings but it is now becoming popular to give them and engagement rings.
  • Wedding Photography Tips for Amateurs  By : Mark Anderson
    I have been shooting professional wedding photography in Leeds and throughout the Yorkshire region for over 12 years.
  • Upholding Marriage  By : Philip Nicosia
    Marriage is sacred and therefore, should be revered. In Christian life, it is an issue of utmost importance what with many marriages breaking apart these days.
  • Women Orgasm Myths Document  By : gabrielle
    Before you can begin learning anything new about any subject, you must usually un-learn some of what you've been taught in the past. When that subject is female orgasms, that fact is even more true. For a long time, female orgasms have been misunderstood by both men and women and that has brought us to a point where a sizable portion of sexually active women have never had an orgasm and even more have never had an orgasm with their partner.
  • Philippine Love - So You Want to Marry A Filipina  By : Kevin Phillips
    Getting wed to a Philippines lady is a powerful thing but not always great for everyone, it's that old story, a Philippines girl can be all things to a man, but not every Philippines woman can be all things to every man, in other words it's not a good idea to stereotype Philippine ladies.

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