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  • What's Up with All These Knife Laws?  By : William Doggett
    The right to carry a pocket knife seems to be challenged depending on where you carry that pocket knife within the United States.
  • What is a Personal Injury Claim?  By : Amy Nutt
    Any time a person is injured, that person experiences a personal injury. The law is designed to protect an individual from being harmed by other people or organizations.
  • Trademark Registration in India  By : devils27
    A trademark refers to any word , symbol or letters or a combination of these that is used to mark the product so as to distinguish it from the product of another producer. The trademark is useful to make the public aware of the producer or the source of the product.
  • Pittsburgh Patent Lawyer  By : David P. Gaudio
    If you are located in the Pittsburgh area and have an idea for an invention, what do you do next? The most important step is selecting a competent, Pittsburgh patent attorney who can determine if it is patentable
  • SEC Proposes Anti-Fraud Rules to More Closely Regulate Hedge Funds & Certain Venture Capital Funds  By : Robert Masud
    Recently, the SEC proposed changes that would revise criteria for admission for individuals that invest in some private funds (excluding some venture capital funds).
  • Adultery Under The Microscope!  By : Shaun Parker
    If you were thinking about adultery then its time to think twice. The private investigator industry has come of age in the UK and is now used by everday people to track the cheaters down.
  • A Guide to Alcohol and Drugs Influence at Workplace  By : Bev
    In recent years, there are increasing numbers of people who turn up work under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Mentally Ill Juvenile Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison  By : Scott Wasserman
    A mentally ill juvenile was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 50 years. While he deserves to spend his life in prison, we must face the reality of mental illness to prevent future tragedies.
  • Law And Law Firms In The Kindgom Of Thailand  By : Wolfgang Jaegel
    Thailand has a great number of law firms, each of them offering a host of services in almost all areas such as legal, tax, real estate, corporate, and back office works.
  • Paralegal Average Salary - How Much Is It?  By : Alex Morgan..
    The paralegal salary pay scales may not be as elevated as legal representative, but the entrance height paralegal is certainly receiving extra than the other employees in township. The paralegal standard pay is no covert and this may be the cause why a lot of persons would like to get job in this turf.
  • Paralegal Study Online Saves Time and Money!  By : Sam Curtis
    Paralegal study online may be your bet if you want to get into a paralegal career which of course requires that you have a paralegal degree or even just a paralegal certificate. Paralegal study online is offered by reputable paralegal universities and paralegal college.
  • Big Mistake Made by LLC Owners  By : Robert Montgomery
    You can avoid a serious mistake which I see many Many LLC owners make. They try to form a limited liability company (LLC) by filing the initial form with the State Filing Office, usually the Secretary of State.
  • Want To Become A Paralegal - Here's How!  By : Alex Morgan
    How you can be a Paralegal: The only way out to appear as a Paralegal is to get registered with the paralegal institutions. A Paralegal degree or certificate or diploma is sufficient to work as a legal advisor. Being a Paralegal, you are able to support the lawyers in their official work or simply you can aid the customers regarding the authorized work.
  • Paralegal in San Diego - Where To Find Best Jobs!  By : Alex Morgan
    A prudent career choice for which students in San Diego are opting more and more is to become a paralegal. Today the state is facing increased number of legal problems. That's why the scope for paralegals is increasing day by day in San Diego.
  • Entry Level Paralegal Jobs Offer Many Opportunities!  By : Nic Cummingham
    Entry level paralegal jobs can be obtained both online or offline. There are a lot of entry level paralegal jobs that offer paralegal average salary even to new graduates. Entry level paralegal jobs will give you the chance to learn the ropes and prove yourself in preparation for more paralegal employment opportunities.
  • How to Elect S Corporation Tax Status for Your LLC  By : Robert Montgomery
    An LLC can be taxed similar to an S corporation. If you are wondering, why you would even want this type of tax treatment? Read on and I'll explain.
  • Immigration Law For The Kingdom Of Thailand  By : Wolfgang Jaegel
    There are certain laws imposed by governments of various countries to the people who are immigrating. These laws are in common named as the Immigration Laws. The Immigration Law for the Kingdom of Thailand is a set of laws concerning the immigration of people across the globe in to the kingdom. It is to be understood by any person intending to travel to Thailand even if as a tourist.
  • Company Registration In The Kingdom Of Thailand  By : Wolfgang Jaegel
    Thailand primarily consists of three types of business organizations, such as, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited companies. Among which most popular type of Thai business unit is limited companies, which include private and public companies.
  • Foreclosure Epidemic Likely Means Additional Tax Liability  By : Aaron Lovaas
    The recent national surge in home foreclosures coming on the heels of the collapse of the sub-prime lending industry and decline in home values likely means additional bad news for those former homeowners who feel like they just lost everything: additional income tax liability. Income tax liability? From losing your home? Such is the nature of the United States Internal Revenue Code.
  • When to use USCIS Premium Processing  By :
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services put into place a Premium Processing Service, promising to speed up the agency's applications decision process on selected work visas. Under this program, paying an additional $1,000 fee will guarantee an USCIS decision on eligible temporary work visas within 15 calendar days of the receipt of the application by the USCIS.
  • Prepaid Legal Service Scam-Were We All Born Yesterday?  By : Mr. Roman Bernard Sloan
    A lot of people have expressed concern about the prepaid legal plans that have gained popularity and how they may be scams. These prepaid legal services scams have fallen into the good graces of more than 1 and a half million families in Canada and the U.S. This scam has also allowed people that have taken advantage of prepaid legal services business plans to become quite wealthy too.
  • The Accident, the Injury and the Potential for Financial Ruin  By : Dan Reid
    Alternatives available to plaintiffs in a personal injury action who are facing financial ruin.
  • Get Some General Reviews on Legal Services  By : Sisi Maseko
    Unlike the law of gravity, however, which is difficult to understand and explain; interdependence is relatively easy to explain. Since the basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is learning to maintain a happy outlook and attract the wonderful things available in this life, we first have to learn to be in the happy in the present moment. By Being Happy most or all of the time we raise our vibrational level enabling us to attract more of the things we want.
  • Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney  By : Chris Robertson
    Here are questions you should ask to help you find the lawyer who will best assist you in your legal defense.
  • Understanding the Value of Admiralty Law  By :
    In this day and age, Admiralty Law seems like a thing of the past to those who are not directly affected by its principles.
  • What Happens After an Injury at Sea?  By :
    Despite the extensive safety classes offered for both commercial and pleasure sea going individuals, an injury at sea can happen at any time, and can be very terrifying.
  • Why Choose a Maritime Lawyer Over a Regular Attorney?  By :
    When dealing with Maritime law, or Admiralty Law, there is cause to seek out specialty lawyers rather than regular negligence or worker's compensation lawyers.
  • When Maritime Law Turns to Maritime Lawyers  By :
    Under what circumstances does maritime law require excessive action on behalf of an injured individual?
  • Commercial Litigation in the Kingdom of Thailand  By : Wolfgang Jaegel
    Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is not only a popular as well as serene tourist destination but also a booming commercial center comprising a flourishing dispute resolution market. In other words, Thailand is one of the prominent trading partners with investment in almost all international businesses.
  • When You Should Consult a Personal Injury Attorney  By : Chris Robertson
    Consult these guidelines for when and why you should consult a personal injury lawyer.

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