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  • The most enriching experience of learning French  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    The ESL French language course in France offers you the most effective and also enriching experience even if your French skills are not so impressive. Their competent faculties and members, teaching methods along with their facilities/services at their study centres located in exciting locations rich in history makes your learning complete and refreshing.
  • The added advantage of language learning  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    The holiday courses offered by ESL under the summer camp France section are what you were aspiring for. ESL provides the facility of well-planned and well-executed holiday courses to learn French in France, Switzerland and Germany. The locales for our holiday courses include the mesmerizing Alps, lake Geneva, Cote d'Azur and the great German Westerwald. Such summer camps are available in Leysin, Montreux and Cannes.
  • Learn the language spoken in 57 countries  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    Learning French will definitely improve your personality development. When you learn a second language particularly French you will be able to educate yourself about other cultures, either while traveling or communicating with people from different countries.
  • Language cuts across all barriers  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    When you learn a language in another country you not only learn the language but due to your interaction with the local people of that country you come to know about their way of life. German course Switzerland enlightens you about the culture of that country and also provides you interesting and valuable information about the country, its people and their beliefs. Thus as you progress with your language learning you also educate yourself about Switzerland.
  • Learn a language that the world applauds in unison  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    ESL Schools enable you to learn this language of your choice through a distinctive approach. As such French school France and French school Lyon are very popular with tourists who come to France for holidays or sightseeing.
  • Learning French can be a once in a lifetime experience  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    Learning French in France is more practical because when you live in France you can mingle with its environment, society and culture and the French language is an integral part of French culture. All your apprehensions regarding your French skills would vanish French course Lyon is designed in such a way that with a little effort on your part you would be able to master the language.
  • FRENCH SCHOOL FRANCE - Acquire proficiency in the French language  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    The ESL schools are committed to quality and excellence in the field of education. If you opt to learn at French school France, you should feel rest assured about the outcome of your course and about your proficiency in the French language. It is because we employ highly qualified and trained staff and the state-of-the-art technology for language teaching.
  • Going cheap – English Language Courses in London  By : jacksmith
    London, known worldwide as the capital city of the English language, has long been an expensive place for overseas students to study the language.
  • The thrilling Experience of learning German  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    To learn German abroad, ESL Languages has centres in some of the larggest and most beautiful cities in Germany. It has centres in Berlin, the Capital and largest city in Germany, Hamburg (second largest city) Munich (fourth largest). All these cities are also some of the major cultural and educational centres in Germany. Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany, also has ESL German learning centres in Germany.
  • The centre of Excellence for learning Portuguese  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    Learn Portuguese in Brazil and ESL Languages will take care of every needs. There are numerous language schools in Brazil. But the numero uno is undoubtedly the Language school Salvador da Bahia, Diálogo is a centre of excellence that imparts professional education with a team of highly dedicated teachers. Teachers are caring and students never feel let down.
  • ESL LANGUAGES – A Learners' Paradise  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    If you want your child to learn Portuguese in Portugal, you should send him/her without any delay. ESL Languages with its links with foreign language schools in Portugal will help your child to be a part of the glorious accomplishment of this sophisticated country.
  • SPANISH -- A rich language of a fascinating country  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    There are many Spanish-speaking countries in the world and most of these countries have university courses and student exchange programs to enable people to learn Spanish abroad. This can be great for people who travel a lot but at the same time also like to study languages. What’s more interesting is that whole families can take some of these programs while they are traveling.
  • Learn German through a professional approach  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    ESL Languages has a chain of language schools in Germany that provide excellent professional courses both for children and adults. There are a number of sophisticated and advanced Language Schools in Germany and students from various areas and corners of the globe are enrolled in these language schools.
  • Learn French in a pleasant surrounding  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    If your child wants to learn French abroad, your wait is over with ESL, the leader in providing foreign language courses, giving you an opportunity to send your child to learn French in Switzerland. ESL has already carved a niche in the arena of providers of foreign language courses and it is a reliable name across the globe.
  • American English- The English with a ‘twang’  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    Students who are on a budget can save money by taking up a low-cost course and also by staying in hostels. This way they can save enough money for other academic expenses.
    Learning English in America is an enjoyable experience and you can make it more enriching by combining studies with socializing and traveling, thereby getting valuable insight into the rich American culture.
  • Domination of the Queen’s language at ESL Languages  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    The education system in an English school in England is one of the most recognized in the world, particularly that of Oxford and Cambridge. Apart from practicing English with other students or locals, you can also make an obligatory visit to the famous English pubs. Together with English cuisine, you can also relish Indian or Pakistani delicacies as there are lots of Asian restaurants here.
  • A great learning center for French  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    To learn French in France will be aptly satisfied by ESL Languages. With its links with some language schools in France, ESL gives you an opportunity to learn French in France from some of the experts in the field.
  • A better experience awaits you in England  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    When you learn English in England, you are actually at an advantage because there are many places of interest and sights in this country and by visiting them you learn a lot about England and its culture including its language. Cambridge and Oxford are the two most historical and famous academic institutions of England and both these universities offer excellent English courses.
  • How To Be Proficient In The Use Of The English Language  By : studyinirelands
    If you already have a little knowledge of the English language, you might consider moving up your proficiency level from beginner to mastering the language. Learning the language is difficult. What more mastering it? But if you really want too be successful in mastering the English language, you should have a burning passion for English. Passion is what drives an individual to do extraordinary things; it is always an ingredient in every success.
  • The thrill of learning French amidst snow-capped mountains  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    ESL has a number of French language schools in Switzerland, Canada and France and if you love to travel while learning you can easily divide your French course between these schools located in these countries. ESL members would readily provide you with all the assistance or advice to help you decide as to where you would like to learn French.
  • Summers are cool and refreshing in Switzerland  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    Summer camp Switzerland is great for youngsters as these camps provide them an opportunity to have fun, make new friends and indulge in outdoor activities. It helps a child to develop new skills like learning a second language like French or German and also appreciate the value of independence and teamwork. When people choose summer camps they usually narrow down their search to select destinations with Switzerland being one such destination.
  • Learning a language was never so interesting  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    Learning a language is never more interesting than when one learns on-location. The ESL or Ecole Suisse de Langues schools help participants from all over the world get up-to-speed in the French and Swiss languages. The schools are located at vantage points in France and Switzerland, and designed to make learning fun, easy and challenging, so that students are motivated to make faster progress.
  • Learn a foreign language amidst pleasure  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    ESL has some of the most talented and highly professional people as their staff, who are best in the business. They can take care of your child and the children will enjoy every bit of second learning under their guidance and care. Learning amidst nature’s beauty will make learning a remarkable achievement and it will help them build up a solid career. The professional staff at Summer Camp Switzerland will be constant guide for the kids and at no point of time they will feel lonely.
  • German Summer camps -- the ideal destination in the summer season  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    ESL brings you an exciting opportunity for your kid scope for learning German in Westerwald Natural Camp, ESL centre for learning foreign language in Germany. Equipped with all modern amenities for accommodation, the centre will provide your kid a golden opportunity to sow seeds for a bright future.
  • LEARN FRENCH - A great learning Experience  By : Mr. Xavier de Bastos
    You can easily take up ESL French course regardless of your qualification and proficiency as student level is determined before the start of each programme. This enables you to choose a course as per your convenience. No doubt ESL French courses are enriching, entertaining and thrilling for worldwide students.
  • ESL – the gateway to foreign languages  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    We at ESL provide you with the perfect gateway for foreign language schools abroad. No one can give you such details about the foreign language schools in various European and American countries than us. We connect you with the global village.
  • Your first choice to learn a language abroad  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    Language is a part of life. It’s different from learning a particular subject. We are equipped with skills and scientific approach to allow you to master a foreign language. Make us your first choice to learn English abroad or to learn French abroad and experience our expertise.
  • English Language schools in England  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    ESL not only offers state of the art techniques but also gives the option pursuing education in your leisure time. You can get your course module tailor-made by ESL. ESL offers course durations ranging from 3 months to one year. So, undoubtedly ESL is one of the best English schools in England.
  • Learning & Studying French Abroad  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    ESL offers assistance to learn French abroad. There are many offline and online resources to learn French abroad. But the irony is that you are never sure whether you would be bale to catch up with what’s on offer. The reason is simple; not everyone on the block is an expert and not everyone is industry endorsed.
  • French Language Courses abroad  By : Krister Weidenhielm
    ESL Languages offers the best language training to individuals in need of French language skills. ESL has trained teachers to assist you in the learning process. They have unique course timings that help you to manage your other chores along with the task of learning French abroad.

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