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  • English language schools Malta: Let the world hear  By : Donald Brincat
    The English language schools in Malta have a very innovative approach towards teaching English. The curriculum is designed according to different age groups and understanding levels to ensure that each student gets a tailor made package.
  • Some Tips on Learning Proper Grammar.  By : Robert Thomson
    Many persons think that learning Grammar is a burdensome task. While this is true sometimes, learning Grammar can also be an enriching and rewarding experience. There can be little doubt that the act of comprehending the Grammar of a language is important for being adept in that language and using it with precision. It is not different with English. In his journey towards mastering English, the student will doubtless find English Grammar books of great help.
  • Buy Rocket Spanish – Online Spanish Learning Course  By : Rick Lim
    One of the hassle free ways of learning Spanish is offered by rocket Spanish. One can buy rocket Spanish at affordable prices.
  • Learn a Foreign Language from the native experts  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    ELS has several language learning schools that are spread over 160 destinations across the whole world, each offering world-class learning opportunities, the best local language teachers, world-class infrastructures and lots more. ESL offers the right solution for all your language study abroad needs. Whether you are seeking an English School in England or want to learn Spanish in Chile, ESL has the language course for you.
  • Learn English the American Way  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    If you are planning to seek better work opportunities in the biggest economy in the world then ESL has the right solution for you. Now you can learn English in USA and let your career graph go upwards. Here you will not only gain command of the English language but also get an opportunity to feel how the corporate culture works.
  • Learn Spanish in a Spanish way  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    Our language school in Spain is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and provides full scope to our students to enrich their knowledge in addition to giving them ample opportunities to interact with the lively people of Spain. Our centres in Spain are located in Alicante, Cadiz, Granda, Majorca, Madrid, Marbella, Malaga, Barcelona, Cordoba, Nerja, Salamanca, Seville and various other cities of prominence.
  • MAKE A FRENCH CONNECTION  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    The world is connected not only through English, which is used worldwide, but also French is used in many countries too as a common language. Learning French is child’s play. To know French is to add an advantage to your career. ESL Languages offers some beneficial courses all over the world to learn French abroad.
  • Master the Spanish Language  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    Through ESL, you can learn Spanish in Spain. We have those kinds of courses where you are in constant touch with a the teachers and for almost every activity that you partake in, you have your teacher to guide you in the process of using Spanish in day-to-day life. This one-to-one interaction is of immense help for those students who want individual attention and want to learn Spanish at their own sweet pace.
  • Passion for Learning German  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    Learning Germany in a German school in Switzerland will help you learn some of the secrets of this glorious civilization, the strengths and weaknesses of this great nation. Otherwise, learning Learn German in Germany in some language schools in Germany will help you overcome your curiosity about the mystery of the nation.
  • Shape up your career with language studies abroad  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    Learning Germany in a German school in Switzerland will help you learn some of the secrets of this glorious civilization, the strengths and weaknesses of this great nation. Otherwise, learning Learn German in Germany in some language schools in Germany will help you overcome your curiosity about the mystery of the nation.
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet II – Sound Types  By : William N. Ross
    This article is part of a six-article series on the International Phonetic Alphabet. This part covers what is meant by "phoneme," "allophone," and "diphthong" and how some basic sounds of English are represented in IPA symbols.
  • Word Styles for Translators: Part 3: The Styles Pane  By : William N. Ross
    Translators who use styles in Microsoft Word will become familiar with how the Styles Pane in Word permits them to create, modify and manage the styles in their documents and templates. Third in a series of nine on Word Styles.
  • Word Styles for Translators: Part 2: Before You Begin  By : William N. Ross
    Translators who have not used the styles feature of Microsoft Word need to be comfortable with other word processing concepts before learning how to use styles effectively. This article, second in a series of nine, presents these additional concepts.
  • Word Styles for Translators: Part 1: Do Not Ignore Styles!  By : William N. Ross
    Translators should present their work in the same format as the source document. This article, first in a series of nine, introduces the use of styles in Microsoft Word, which is the easiest and best approach for formatting your work product.
  • Study abroad to learn Spanish in Costa Rica  By : Richard James
    Thinking about learning how to speak the Spanish language?Let us share something with you…
  • Five-Language Translation Misconceptions!  By : rupender
    Businesses justify not using language translation services with many excuses. The bulk of these excuses are founded on common misconceptions. Here are the most common:
    It costs too much: Just like most other services, you get what you pay for.
  • Best Spanish Learning Software  By : Rick Lim
    If you want to know what is the best Spanish learning software then you need to visit the internet a bit more often. You need to review the user ratings given to various companies and websites.
  • Benefits of Learning a foreign language  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    Get ready to live more than once in a single lifetime. Of course, a French life will be more exiting and thrilling. It will add more enjoyment to your life if you decide to learn French abroad. It will be a better option if you learn French in Nice or any other beautiful cities where you can fully enjoy your stay.
  • Learn Russian In Russia  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    If you are a business professional and are in the lookout for expert guidance in business or technical vocabulary from a number of fields, you must opt for the Business Language Programme. The professionals at ESL don’t want to strain the pockets of our students so we offer all our programmes without accommodation facility too. If you are not desirous of residing at our place, we would deduct 150 US dollars from the fees of all standard programmes on a weekly basis.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language is the need of the day  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    If you are aspiring to study abroad, knowledge of a foreign language will be essential for you. For example, if you study in Spain, you can also attend a language school in Spain to learn Spanish. You can easily mingle with the students of other nationalities who speak a different language. If you know a foreign language it makes studying abroad more interesting.
  • Learn Portuguese in the country of Samba dance  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    The ESL School at Idioma is very close to the sea beaches and therefore presents a pleasant atmosphere to our students for the pursuit of their academic interests. 7 bright and spacious classrooms that are well connected to the Internet through Wifi take care of your interest, comfort and curiosity while language learning. The ground floor of this school building boasts of a cozy patio where you can relax and become friendly with other students during your breaks when you learn Portuguese in Bra
  • Blending the joy of learning and a vacation  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    ESL Languages, one of the leading schools in the world for foreign language education has opened such an opportunity for aspiring and knowledge-thirsty people that combines the joy of learning and the enjoyment of a trip abroad. It offers foreign language education in some of the leading foreign language schools in the world. All the schools are located in some exotic locations that enhance the joy of learning. You will also have the opportunity to lean French abroad.
  • ESL Languages – foreign language teaching in more than 40 countries  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    You can learn Russian in Russia or learn Portuguese in Brazil. The choice is yours to learn a foreign language in the most prominent location. A wide choice of destinations offers you the opportunity to choose the best environment according to your priorities and wishes. Programs include general language courses, preparation courses for official language exams, work experience placements and voluntary work, paid jobs, as well as courses with a professional aim.
  • Key to success  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    If you have made up your mind to send your child to Germany for learning German in Germany, ESL will be your best choice. It will make your trip to Germany and the stay there a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Language studies abroad: the best way to learn foreign languages  By : Mr. Krister Weidenhielm
    You have an opportunity to learn English in England. ESL has the best English schools in England that offer multiple courses each designed with great precision to serve the various needs of each individual prospective learner. Such a programme is not only beneficial for learning a foreign language but it also gives you an opportunity to visit the most exciting destinations around the world.
  • Comunicate in Spanish , learn fast  By : umesh
    Once you have made the decision that you are going to learn Spanish you’d be figuring out a basic route to learning the language. Speaking of which, there are numerous procedures that help you learn speak Spanish as a second language. Learning a new language could turn out to be confusing – therefore learning Spanish demands superfluous attention on improving your vocabulary.
  • List of Adjectives  By : Robert Thomson
    As an English language student advances in his or her study, it is important that he or she learns how adjectives are being used. He or she also has to know the degrees of comparison and the most common adjectives in the English language.
  • Learn Hindi Language Online  By : swati ahuja
    Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world following the Chinese. Geographically, people who speak Hindi are scattered all over the world including in the United States.

    There are many reasons why it's gaining popularity. These events show some evidences.

    1. Edison schools get funds to add Hindi classes

    The township school district has received a federal grant that will help introduce a Hindi language course in the curriculum in September 2008.
  • Curious Roots - A Short History of the Spanish Language  By : William N. Ross
    When you look on the Internet for a term like “Spanish Translation,” you will receive thousands of “hits” -- Spanish as spoken in the Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and in dozens of other countries and enclaves besides. Are they all that much different? And how did Spain manage to export its home language to so large a part of the world that it counts almost half a billion native speakers today? This article provides a short summary of how modern Spanish came to be.
  • Listening & Speaking English Lessons - The world's English learners crave the ability to speak  By : Jason West
    To improve the English speaking and listening skills of its students without making any progress and spending buckets of cash to boot is it so hard for the industry to acknowledge the problem and fix it.

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