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  • Top Best and Worst Ways to Learn Spanish Language  By : Robert Sinclair
    Best and worst ways to learn Spanish language
  • Things You Must Know Before You Learn a Single Spanish Word  By : Robert Sinclair
    Best way to learn spanish words
  • Tips for Learning Greek  By : Nikos Nikolis
    Learning Greek is an exciting and rewarding experience. For travelers vacationing in Greece, learning even a few phrases is worthwhile. The most intensive way to learn the language and become fluent is to live for a time in Greece.
  • Moon Festival for Children  By : Ray Ritchey
    The Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This year 2008, the Chinese Moon Festival falls on September 14th. It is the time for families to get together again, to enjoy a good dinner and enjoy the moon outdoors.
  • Chinese Made Easy : Language Textbooks that Engage Children  By : Ray Ritchey
    Does your child run away during Chinese Lessons?
    Are your students bored to tears during language discussions, and only come alive during activities?
  • How To Use The Internet To Learn Spanish  By : Freddy Poveda
    The best way to learn Spanish is to surround yourself with native Speakers. Unfortunately, a trip to Central America or Spain is going to cost you a large amount of money, plus the fact that you won’t be earning any while you are there is enough to give one a headache. But if you have a broadband connected computer, you can reach native speakers electronically in just a matter of minutes!
  • Business Translation Services Needed by Financial Institutions  By : Armando Riquier
    Translating or interpreting for a financial establishment is considered specialized business translation services, due, partially, to the specialized vocabulary required. Accuracy is also of extreme concern to not only provide the highest level of customer service, but also to avoid serious legal problems. What things should a company consider when choosing a provider of business translation services?
  • Corporate Translation Services - Finding the Right Agency  By : Armando Riquier
    Whether you are running a small business or a large, established one, if you have an offshore presence, you would in all likelihood have to deal with the effort of bilingual communication. It becomes critical to your business success to locate and hire a reliable translation service provider if you are looking to stabilize and expand your business on foreign shores.
  • Translation Services and Interpreter Tips  By : Armando Riquier
    A few translation service agencies will also offer the help of interpreters. In the business world today, using interpreters to overcome the language barrier is vital for a strong relationship. Even if there are common languages between businessmen, interpreters still have their advantages and are preferred for a number of reasons.
  • French English Translation: The Clash of Roots and Grooves  By : Armando Riquier
    One would think that the fair number of commonalities between English and French would help make French English translation simpler. Both are subject-prominent languages and have word orders that are relatively fixed as SVO (subject-verb-object). Literary traditions, however, also play a large role in translating between the two languages, and here they differ enormously.
  • Translation Services World Careers  By : Armando Riquier
    Throughout the world many people are involved in doing translation of texts and documents, or interpreting many languages. People who know more than one language often choose a metier in translation services.
  • Website Localization, is it Necessary?  By : Armando Riquier
    Nearly 65% of all Internet users speak a different language than English therefore a website only in English is potentially losing thousands of visitors a day. Sites in English are often chosen as examples to illustrate the necessity of website localization because it's a powerful reminder that not even the English language as dominant as it is can escape taking second place sometimes on the Internet.
  • How to Effectively Evaluate Business Translation Needs  By : Armando Riquier
    Business translation is the art of expressing the sense of words and/or text in a different language or form for communication in the business world. It's a basic concept that isn't always easy to implement.Three vital things are the driving force behind a company's business translation promotions
  • Tourism Translation Services  By : Armando Riquier
    Translation services for tourism activities embodies a very broad range of documents, websites, pamphlets, books and bills, mainly related to hotels, airlines, food & beverage facilities or, last but not certainly least, destinations; it is especially aimed to marketing and advertising, but it is also used to inform travelers and tourists about where, when, why and how to go.
  • Sourcing a Reliable Translation Service Provider  By : Armando Riquier
    There is free flow of information and resources across the globe today, generating a fresh demand for rendering information, technology and expertise in many different languages through professional translation service providers.
  • Translation Service Techniques - Common Misconceptions  By : Armando Riquier
    Your company has decided to go ahead with a collaborative venture with an established German firm, and you are charged with the onerous task of getting the paperwork in order right from the word go. Identifying a translation service provider can be both extraordinarily simple as well as complicated, for the simple reason that it is not easy to judge the quality of the final product delivered to you unless you happen to be a linguist yourself.
  • Freelance Portuguese And Spanish Translator  By : Derek Gurley
    Learning Spanish is not easy. Also high schools might have foreign-exchange students. If you try to translate an idiom word for word you might get the meaning or at least an approximation of it. And we are lucky right now; Spanish online tutorials could provide us free learning of Spanish online without us having to leave home and allow us study at our own convenience.
  • Technical Translation of Medical Texts: Hard to Translate?  By : Armando Riquier
    When the text you have to translate is not making any sense to you in a technical translation of medical text... Are you really in the lurch?
  • How Hiring a Translation Service Agency can Help you Conquer the World!  By : Armando Riquier
    A particularly important method for approaching new markets involves cultivating efficient communications resources. It follows that if you speak the language of the community you're hoping to reach, it's a fair bit more likely to buy your product or service.
  • Translation Services: a Vital Commodity  By : Armando Riquier
    The need for translation services comes in various forms. Almost every facet of our lives has some connection to the written or spoken word. Look around you with your eyes open and you will see that because we live in a global economic community that we have some form of translation in everything we do.
  • How You Can Learn Spanish Starting Today  By : Juan Medina
    Learning Spanish can be one of the most valuable things you will ever learn in your lifetime. Even so, you have to realize that Spanish is really another skill to master, not an edict from higher authority. Spanish can be a fun subject to study and if you work it right can bring you years of enjoyment. Even simple Spanish phrases can be incredibly useful and just "cool" to know. Not only that, but learning basic Spanish is one of the simplest things to do.
  • Choose English - French Translation and Knock the Competition Flat!  By : Armando Riquier
    Translation services are key aspects of modern commerce, particularly for businesses, as they help not only with communications, but with corporate image and marketing. One problem remains, however. How do you choose which language to use?
  • The Role of Interpretation and Translation Services in the Field of Medicine  By : Armando Riquier
    When non-English speaking patients seek medical help, the issue of proper communication and interpretation of a patient's problem by physicians and other medical staff at the healthcare center assumes serious importance
  • Take a Class in French for Beginners  By : Doug MacLennan
    The French classes London Intermediate Level offered by the institute is aimed at making the students acquire a wider vocabulary range and a better grasp of the French grammar.
  • Learning French at the Intermediate Level  By : Doug MacLennan
    The French classes London Intermediate Level offered by the institute is aimed at making the students acquire a wider vocabulary range and a better grasp of the French grammar.
  • Learning French – Making Evenings More Interesting  By : Doug MacLennan
    The French language classes London offered at nights at the Elite Language Institute are tailored for all individuals no matter what their knowledge level of the language is.
  • Just Some Few Tips in Learning Spanish  By : Frank Maseko
    In the past, the only reason to learn Spanish was to get "Comida" and a "Cerveza" during a trip to Mexico or to show off while ordering food at a Mexican Restaurant, but that has changed drastically. Even if you believe you can rely on your memory to get you through, I recommend making a list of Spanish words that you have the most trouble remembering.
  • Learn French - The Elementary Level!  By : Doug MacLennan
    The Elite Language Institute offers French language courses London anyone in London who is interested to further their knowledge of the French language evening French language classes London in the elementary level.
  • The Survival Course  By : Doug MacLennan
    Every French language courses London offered by the Elite Language Institute has some objectives to adhere to. The French language classes London short survival course will only be for one week.
  • Learn Spanish The Fast and Fun Way  By : CharlesSmith
    Want to put some excitement into your language learning? We'll help you learn Spanish the fast and fun way.

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