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  • Teaching Addition to a Child with ADD  By : Katie Criss
    This article is about teaching a child with ADD addition. This article also includes a Lesson plan that illustrates how to go about teaching this task.
  • Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - Calculations with Percents  By : Joe Pagano
    How important on a scale of 1 to 10 would you say knowing how to do basic percents was? Personally, I cannot think of a more important basic math function than this. Yet most people struggle with the very basics of percent calculations. This should not be the case. My aim in writing Arithmetic Magic was to show people that they can do basic arithmetic, and this once realized would empower them to study math at a higher level and become more interested in this most precious discipline.
  • Your Teens and Their Schools  By : Firoj Khan
    9th June 2006 , Many students who, for one reason or another, are not succeeding in regular public schools are being sent to alternative placements.
  • Online High School Diplomas  By : Harris Jhosta
    It used to be that if a person didn’t graduate from high school, their lives were going to go downhill from there. These days life is a little more flexible, although it still holds true that to hold a decent job you need the bare minimum of a high school education. Luckily, the rise of the digital age has brought about resources to help those who didn’t graduate obtain a high school diploma online.
  • Bipolar Disorder A Depressive Symptoms in Teens  By : Firoj Khan
    Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes extreme mood swings. This condition is also called manic-depressive illness. It may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.
  • Disrespectful and Rebellious Teens  By : Firoj Khan
    Defiant Teens are children that have no respect for authority and mainly disrespect their parents.
  • School Bullying a typical issue  By : Firoj Khan
    Bullying has been defined as “the tendency for some children to frequently oppress, harass or intimidate other children, verbally, physically or both, in and out of school.” Bullying is the general term applied to a pattern of behavior whereby one person with a lot of internal anger, resentment and aggression and lacking interpersonal skills chooses to displace their aggression onto another person or a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
  • Teenager Substances Abuses  By : Firoj Khan
    Many parents finding that there son or daughter have been struggling with teen drug abuse. Basically drug abuse is a catastrophic revelation. Thoughts of failure, disappointment, guilt, and embarrassment flood a parents mind. However, you must rememb
  • Parent's Involvement in Children's Education  By : Alex Martin
    The importance of parental involvement as an accelerating and motivating factor in their children’s education is a worldwide-accepted fact. This research project provides an in depth explanation along with specific reasons, the importance of parents’ involvement in their children’s education
  • The Reason Bright Kids Often Struggle To Read and How To Help  By : David Morgan
    It is unfortunate that some children develop serious reading problems quite unnecessarily. The cause can be the design of the early reading books that they use. As a parent or teacher, it is important to know the pattern of symptoms you will see when this is happening.
  • Great Recommendation Letters Win Big Scholarship Bucks  By : Dale Clifton, The Scholarship Doctor
    As the competition for scholarship money has increased, the need for great recommendation letters has also increased. It's important to get the best responses possible. Two or three sentences is not a good effort. "Cookie cutter" letters should be avoided.
  • Getting Ready for the ISEE Test  By : Arthur Tibel PhD
    You have visited all the schools and you are certain you have chosen the best one for your child. They give the ISEE (The Independent Schools Entrance Examination) as part of their admitting procedure.
  • Waldorf Education - a social masterpiece  By : jgraf
    An article from Insight21 presenting Waldorf Education, why it works so well and its many benefits.
  • 10 Tips To Choose Distance Learning  By : Laurel Springs
    Choosing the right distance learning program can be a daunting task even for seasoned industry experts. Here are a few guidelines to help you determine what program is right for you.
  • Outwitting the Schoolyard Bully  By : Laurel Springs
    Schools report that more than a quarter of a million students are physically attacked during the school day with 160,000 kids missing school everyday due to bullying and school violence. Distance Learning education has now become a viable option.
  • Thanksgiving - the perfect time to ask students, “Who’s missing from our table?”  By : RaceBridges for Schools
    In discussing the story of the original Thanksgiving table, teachers can mine students’ understanding of an event that schoolchildren have always been taught was about peace and fellowship between two peoples. Of course, most historians agree that this traditional story has been highly mythologized – and neglects the painful truth about Native American genocide and assimilation. When students understand that the first Thanksgiving table was perhaps not as welcoming as they’ve been taught, they c
  • This November Expose Your Students to New Perspectives on the Native American Experience  By : RaceBridges for Schools
    With November just around the corner, Americans are preparing to celebrate not only Thanksgiving but also National American Indian Heritage Month. For educators, this is the perfect time to explore new perspectives on the history of indigenous peoples in the U.S., as well as to discover the history never heard. One way to do that is to get students thinking critically about what they don’t know — and why they don’t know it. Wondering how to spark this discussion in your classroom? Here are som
  • Time Management Tips for IIT Aspirants.  By : Ajay Roy
    The daily schedule can include activities like studying, playing, and resting. Make sure you stick to your schedule. Time management ensures that you create a personalized schedule that works for you and lends you the flexibility to decide what is important for you.
  • How good are online education systems?  By : Kim Wilzon
    Virtual courses are courses delivered on the Internet. "Virtual" is used here to characterize the fact that the course is not taught in a classroom face-to-face but through some substitute mode that can be associated with classroom teaching.
  • Why Online Educational Systems?  By : Kim Wilzon
    On-line education has opened new vistas for the intellectually curious. The students no longer need to be exposed to the old-fashioned, structural, traditional teaching methodologies and be just confined to the brick-and-mortar classrooms.
  • Preparation by CBSE Based Online Tutorials Increase Knowledge and Marks  By : Article Expert
    Online tutorials of CBSE board for classes IX to XII are one of the best mediums of gaining quality education and scoring good marks. These online tutorials apart from providing regular lessons also aim at providing complete feeling of the real examination scenario.
  • Physics Tutorial online: A Worthy Guide of the Subject  By : Article Expert
    Physics tutorial online is comparatively a recent approach towards imparting education outside classroom and has already influenced millions of students worldwide. It provides study materials according to your exams preparation for better results and gain maximum marks.
  • Useful Tips to Prepare for CBSE Exams  By : Article Expert
    Successful preparing for CBSE exams requires strict following of routine along with everything else. Follow some simple tips to come out with flying colours in your exams. Make sure you are doing justice to all your subjects as they all count in the aggregate.
  • Culture and Student Life at IIT.  By : Aabha Mehta
    Do you want to know how the place of your dreams is like from the inside? All individuals who want to be a part of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) are really keen on knowing the culture and student life in the IIT campus. Staying in the state-of-the-art hostels and participating in cultural activities and fests that are renowned all over the country is every IIT aspirants dream. But do you really know all about IIT culture and student life? If not, let’s find out what it is like.
  • How Can You Help When You Do not Understand?  By : Craig White
    As a father I am lots of things. One of the biggest duties is official problem solver. When something goes wrong in the house, you tell dad, and he fixes it. Recently my son came to me and asked me to help him with his chemistry homework. Guess what? I couldn't fix it.
  • IIT can Make Your Dream Come True.  By : Aabharana Gupta
    Do you dare to dream? Are your prepared to give your best to make your dreams come true? If yes, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the place for you! For all those students who nurture dreams in their mind of achieving the best in an engineering career, IIT is the only premier institution that can make their dreams turn into reality. It is a springboard that assists you to take on the challenges of your dream career in India and abroad. IIT is a unique name in itself.
  • What IIT Means to the Corporate World.  By : Aadarshini Goel
    if you do research over the Internet, you will find that most of the most of the world-class executives of the corporate world have been groomed in this brand name, called IIT. Therefore, if you are a focused individual and have a dream to achieve nothing but the best in your career, IIT is the place for you. IITs have the ability to turn your far-fetched dreams into reality.
  • Someone I Never Met Saved My Grades  By : Craig White
    I was looking at online help sites that offered all sorts of free tools that were more for people that needed just a little review. I saw self-help tools for sale that promised results that even I could tell were too good to be true. That was not what I needed. I needed someone to look at how I was doing my work and tell me what I was doing wrong, and what I needed to change to get it right.
  • IIT JEE Coaching: Looking for Alternatives.  By : Aadita Tyagi
    Recession has burnt the hole in the pockets of parents. No matter how much they desire, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to enroll their students in top-line coaching classes for IIT JEE preparation. With a whopping fees starting at 65,000 to 70,000 rupees per year, these classroom-based coaching programs also entail other expenses, such as commuting costs and living costs for students from remoter areas.
  • Challenge yourself with IIT JEE Test Series!  By : Aadita Tyagi
    Now that you are done with IIT JEE preparation, it’s time for revisions. To achieve success, you should know how to apply your knowledge and practice in a test environment. The right approach, strategy to adopt to score maximum marks in the actual examination and the right temperament are some of the key aspects that decide whether a students will crack IIT entrance examinations or not.

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