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  • Mobile Site Optimization Using Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing  By : Eric J. Hansen
    SiteSpect is a leading provider of Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing for increasing Conversion Rates on Landing Pages and web site content.
  • How To Implement A Kanban?  By : Rex Stevenson
    Lean manufacturing, well known among large corporations, in fact most companies all over the world have implemented some form of lean manufacturing, no matter what their size is. A big part of lean manufacturing is the Kaizen and Kanban methods. But in lean manufacturing these methods cannot exist alone without total facility analysis and the implementation of the lean process in general. The Kanban means one thing that is visible, in Japanese and according to the best lean manufacturing system every product should be made as one until it reaches the customer but this is not very efficient in production methods. Still there are ways of implementing the system of "one" within the lean manufacturing system.
  • The Responsibilities of a Trademark Lawyer  By : Rex Stevenson
    A trademark lawyer is qualified to handle cases related to trademark law and trademark practice. Trademark lawyers are regulated often as professions. They can pass a batch of examinations on various trademark cases to comply with the requirements while maintaining professional standards and ethics to ensure a formal registration being a trademark lawyer.
  • The Difference Between Patent And Trademark  By : Rex Stevenson
    The protection of original inventions, writings, processes, programs, or artistic creations is assured by the Intellectual Property rights. The IPR also include trademarks or copyrights; patents are also a part of the IPR and they can be described as exclusive rights given to a patentee. Any patent which gets approved will be original, functional, and relevant for industrial and economical progress. These rights are permanently as long as the inventor makes his invention public.
  • A Patent Attorney Can Do It All  By : Rex Stevenson
    Every form of originality needs a signature: patent, copyright, trademark, etc. All these guarantee that a certain object or idea is unique. There are certain laws which protect inventors. Patent lawyers are specialized on matters concerning intellectual property and make sure that nobody violates the owner's rights. They also help during a process with all the documents and advise the inventors.
  • Controlling the Damage: Battling Identity Theft  By : Eric Jilson
    If you are the victim of identify theft you need to take immediate action to minimize liability and further damage. Here's what to do - and who to contact - if your personal information has been stolen.
  • Libery League International: Scam or Not?  By : Joe Marquez
    If you've taken a look at the Liberty League International opportunity, and perhaps weren't completely convinced, I'd like to point out some key things to further review if you're leaning towards buying into their program. I'll shed some light on what it takes to reach the point where commissions are made, and how they've structured their compensation plan, along with suggesting an equal alternative that may be more suitable for you if you're new to online marketing.
  • Niche Websites can Make you Money  By : Don Shults
    Niche website marketing is growing, more and more businesses are stepping out considering this type of marketing. It's a pretty easy way for many businesses, small or large, to get ahead of the game. Niche websites are products, services or informational sites on any particular topic or subject that has not been fully explored. You can take maximum advantage of niche markets by tailor making a specific product for them and at the same time offering alternatives by adding affiliate product feeds for maximum advantage. Niche websites are all the rage these days and but many of you may be wondering how to find your own niche. A niche website is one that is focused on a specific topic or specialized area. Search Engines Love Them
  • Mascots From Around the World  By : Amy Nutt..
    Mascots around the world are used for similar events in most countries. Almost all countries utilize mascots for some if not all of their sporting events. Football (American version), basketball, rugby, hockey, and especially soccer widely use mascots for college and professional games. Soccer is one of the most widely popular sports world-wide, so mascots are heavily used in these sporting events. Some teams use the soccer ball itself and dress it up as a personified mascot. Mascots can look very similar to each other and very different in various nations. Animal mascots are some of the most popularly used for sports on an international basis: - bears - birds - whales - sharks - crocodiles - alligators - tigers - bulls - rhinoceroses - dogs - wolves - cats - frogs
  • What Different Types of Trade Show Displays are There?  By : Amy Nutt..
    If you wish to set up a display at a trade show, it works to your advantage to know what the different types of trade show displays are and their advantages and disadvantages. This is important because you are trying to attract the attention of consumers so that they will check out the products or services that you are offering.
  • Does failure lead to success? Only if you know how...  By : Rha K. Cardinale
    "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly" Robert Francis Kennedy.
  • Where did the Cash Register come From?  By : Amy Nutt..
    The cash register is a very important part of how commercial transactions have been done since 1879 when James Ritty invented the Ritty model after the Civil War. He owned a saloon in Dayton, Ohio and needed to find a way to keep his employees from stealing money from him. They were dipping out of the profits and he was not able to figure out who was doing it and exactly how much they were taking, but he knew it was happening.
  • The Most Important Tool  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    "The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity." --Zig Ziglar
  • Finally, Anyone Can Learn How To Make Money With Google Adsense  By : David McCammon
    If you haven't yet found a way to make a substantial income online, you are not alone. Lots of people are looking for exactly the same thing and have not found it. There really seem to be too many ways to make really good money online it is hard to pick the right one for you. What would be easiest and still very lucrative.
  • Stay At Home Moms Make Money On Ebay  By : David Gates
    When walking around flea markets, I overheard people bragging about making so many thousands and thousands of dollars on eBay. I thought, Yeah, sure. Well, I found myself back in college and unemployed and suddenly the flexibility of online selling came back into my mind. Like me, you may have browsed the sales items on eBay and even made a few bids. It is like a big, revolving door of used and collectible items of any description. There are even Buy it now! listings which are often new items. Like me, you may not have realized that eBay business is legitimate and an excellent way to get your own products or inventions in front of the eBay public.
  • | Liberty League | Liberty League International | Beyond Freedom  By : Tom Culbertson
    Let's take a really close look now at Liberty League and their #1 program Beyond Freedom. We'll find out what Beyond Freedom is all out here and whether Liberty League is truly helping people to achieve there life long dreams and goals or if they're just out there to get your money.
  • The Many Benefits of Owning Your Own Home Business  By : Robert Eagle
    Owning your own business is the American dream. Having that business be a home business makes that dream even sweeter. A home business ensures you do not have to pay for day care, travel, and commercial real estate rent.
  • Hardware Shelving  By : Tom Narkiewicz
    Pegboard gondola shelving system from Shopfittings Direct Pty Ltd store fixtures & display shelving specialists.
  • We Just Don't Know Until We Elicit  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    'The devil is in the details.' It's an English idiom I'm sure you've experienced, or at least heard before. This implies that the small things that you weren't expecting or that seemed inconsequential, can sometimes hold up everything. The same goes for the elicitation of criteria. Sometimes we need to explore and delve into the details and definitions of their criteria in order to fully understand them.
  • No More Chit Chat  By : Kenrick Cleveland..
    Americans love to talk. Americans also love to be talked to -- listening to the TV or the stereo or talk radio -- anything so that there's no silence. Silence we seem to delegate to those few days a year when we get back to nature. In conversations, especially, there's a real fear of silence, an awkwardness that sort of permeates the in between spaces where there is no one talking and most people will do anything possible to fill up that silence with noise regardless of whether or not it's going to damage their chances of selling their product or service.
  • Proactive Property Management: Watch Your Property Value Grow  By : Paul T. Robertson
    Your clock registered 3:15 a.m. The phone is ringing and you scramble to wakefulness desperately searching blindly for the receiver. Surely, it is something terrible for anyone to call at this late hour. The voice on the other end of the phone is your tenant complaining, no whining, and no squeaking about a possible home invasion by something big, furry, and possibly canine in origin. Then again, it might just be the rental property settling on a windy night. She's not sure. She has barricaded herself in her bathroom, dragging the cordless phone with her, and she has called you. You begin to question the value of buying real estate rental properties.
  • Liberty League  By : Tom Culbertson
    Liberty League - Can I Make Money?
  • Liberty League - A Close Look At The Pay Plan  By : Tom Culbertson
    Here we'll look over in more detail than you're usual article the compensation plan that Liberty League uses.
  • Online Marketing 101 - EDC Diamond & EDC Gold.  By : Robert Probst
    I learned about online marketing after failing to create a full time income with traditional MLM and home based business programs. After all of my effort over the years, the only thing that was consistent was my failure to make the kind of money that matters.
  • Pergo flooring- the perfect choice for your home  By : Adam Peters
    This article focuses on Pergo flooring. It gives information about the origins of Pergo flooring and the various superior features of these floors which make it a good investment idea for your house.
  • The Basics of Office Furniture  By : Garry Chains
    One of the most important features of our home that we never really think about is the furniture that inhabits it. The most anyone thinks about is whether all the pieces match or follow a certain dcor. The same pattern follows with the purchasing of office furniture.
  • Will Liberty League Be Right For Me  By : Tom Culbertson
    After looking into and thoroughly researching Liberty League I decided against joining. It was a decision based on several reasons. Please let me explain by reading the rest of this article.
  • You Never Knew This About eBay?  By : David Gates
    Extra income is often sought after during economic crises. Historically, garage sales have been popular avenues to sell old junk lying around your house. Why should you go through all this work when eBay provides an easier way to make even more off of your junk from the comfort of your computer? Starting a home business through eBay is simpler than you would expect. Over the course of this article, you will be able to graduate from archaic garage sales to new age Internet auctions.
  • Bruce Hardwood Flooring should be your flooring of choice  By : Adam Peters
    Sometimes choosing the right flooring can be a big pain, especially if you do not know what are the options available. In such cases, Bruce Hardwood Flooring is the right choice, in terms of education as well as quality.
  • Asset Management for Software  By : William J Jones
    People today are increasingly aware of the difficulties in managing their assets. This is where asset management software comes into the picture. These software tools are a significant advantage in the computer software world. Developing the computers and software has been a great accomplishment and there continues to be improved design, new ideas and new inventions in our ever changing world.

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