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  • Wordpress Installation Tutorial  By : Dhaval Patel
    Wordpress has always been admired and used for its simple and user friendly approach. Wordpress installation is easy DIY process by using its famous 5 minute installation!!! Ideally you should have domain name and database ready hosting account on you to start the installation.
  • Important Considerations For Implementing List Building Strategies  By : Paul Anndy
    One of the most important jobs for any Internet Entrepreneur is list building. Below are five steps for building stronger, more powerful lists that will work harder and more efficiently for your growing internet based business.
  • List Building Secrets Revealed  By : Paul Anndy
    Niche market: One of the biggest list building secrets that many people overlook is the choice of market. Before you even start your business you need to choose a good niche market. What is a niche market? It is one that has a high demand and low supply.
  • Open Source Customization overview  By : Dhaval Patel
    Popularity of the open source web based software are growing at rapid speed then ever before. There has been increase in the awareness for the open source software like wordpress, joomla, mambo, oscommerce, phpbb, phpld and lot more. Although this software makes web developers life easier, considerable efforts are required to customize them in order achieve the eye catchy website with desired functionality.
  • WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog More Social  By : John Parker
    A social blog is generally a blog that causes repeated visits from a user, in a regular fashion. Basically there are a couple of important elements that makes a blog social.
  • Internet Marketing: Few Successful Ways to Make Money on Internet  By : Paul Anndy
    Sell Your Services. If you have a service you want to sell -- An example would be something like a "virtual assistant" who provides assistant services to business people. The internet is a perfect place to sell such services. But, not just anyone has the skills to be able to sell themselves on the internet.
  • dipodfueff  By : karansingh
    Companies in the developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are increasingly looking at other countries for developing their websites. These web design projects would include all kinds of services that would include SEO, content writing, eCommerce solutions, website development, Internet marketing, website designing and many others. For more details go to This increasing trend of outsourcing of this project is because they are able get quality work don
  • Ways to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers  By : Anton Filin
    It’s not at all easy to hire dedicated PHP programmers unless you know where and how to find them. Whether you need to fix, update or enhance your website you naturally want the job done quick and right.
  • Why Hire Offshore Flash Designers  By : Anton Filin
    The demand for flash animation is on the uptake with ever more people wanting to add a touch of life to the static design of their websites.
  • Why Hiring an Offshore Development Team Significantly Reduces your Costs  By : Anton Filin
    The term offshore development team is mainly used for defining a group of IT specialists, united into one team for fulfilling certain IT projects, usually website design, software development and the like.
  • Hidden Aspects of Offshore Outsourcing to India  By : Btucker
    From the ancient times India is holding big sector of scholars which has created strong base for the knowledge base industry. Indian knowledge base industry is constituted of scholars from various industries. For the past few years boom in the Indian IT sector has come into front for the domestic services as well as services to offshore companies.
  • How To Get Entry Level Or Senior Business Analyst Jobs  By : IT Career Coach
    Looking for a new business analyst job can be intimidating whether you are a seasoned business analyst looking for a challenging business analyst position or you are applying for entry-level business analyst positions. Whatever your situation, what I am about to say next may help you find your ideal business analyst job quickly, fast track your business analyst career or help you become a star player in the business analyst industry!
  • Ever wonder how....  By : lop14
    Ever wonder where and how the Nike Company Name and Logo came from???

    First,-- the name "Nike", known as " Nike of Samothrace", ( in Greek;- " Niki tis Samothrakis") was taken from the statue (pictured above) and used for the Company name. The Logo, known as the "Nike Flash", came from the bow of the Nike wing.
  • SIM Retail Launches Microsoft RMS Integration and Customization with eCommerce Shopping Cart  By : Avnish Saxena
    RMScart is the most powerful web store solution for RMS. It has been developed by to bring together the leaders in Information Technology (IT) and experts in Online Store design and custom application and database programming. RMScart gives the ability to quickly create and manage an online store in combination with a brick and mortar retail operation running RMS. With RMScart, we provide unlimited FREE technical support, FREE setup, FREE training, Secure hosting, SEO, etc.
  • Web designing: 6 Simple Tips to Optimize your Site Design  By : angel24
    You need to “optimize” your sites web design as well. Web designing has been evolving rapidly over the last few years An interesting site layout is the number one way to make your users stick to coming back to you. These tips which make your site appear as high quality as well as professional…
  • CRM On-Demand Is In Demand  By : David Cowgill
    Over the past year, there has been another dramatic shift in the CRM Marketplace. On-Demand CRM solutions have gained significant market share in the SMB and Enterprise space led by
  • Top ten tips for implementing a call center quality monitoring solution  By : Richard Marcia
    This is a bulleted list of tips assembled from call center managers and supervisors. Follow these tips to maximize the opportunity of a successful implementation.

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