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  • The Credit Crunch: Finding Money and Loans  By : Chris Robertson
    There are many more potential solutions for bad credit loans, debt restructuring, and other money issues. A good online source will tell you where the money is and how to get it, as well as provide valuable advice about all the options open to you.
  • Fathers and Daughters  By : c00kie
    When I was a little girl, my father used to take me to the sea. This was not just any ordinary visit, we had to make sure it was the fourteenth night of the moon, so I counted all I could on my little fingers that the moon would come faster, but the moon only came when it will. Years later, he gave me a ring which could have been stolen from one of the moon’s fingers.
  • Gift Ideas to Simplify Holiday Shopping  By : Chris Robertson
    Simplify your holiday shopping this year by visiting an online gift warehouse with these gift ideas. Learn how shopping online can help you save time and money this holiday season...
    Painting is one of the most artistic careers one can choose. It requires immense creativity to imagine something and come out with something that is almost admired by everyone. We all are aware that the world we live in is full of beautiful and scenic architecture filled in it but the magic is only in the hands of a painter who can bring out the same beauty which the nature has in its lap.
  • Businesses: A Primer on U.S. Immigration and Visa Lawyers  By : Chris Robertson
    Businesses often have pressing reasons to hire or transfer a foreign national for work in the United States. Here's a primer on H-1B and L-1 visas as well as the PERM process.
  • Cigars and Cigar Accessories - The Perfect Gifts for the Cigar Lover  By : Chris Robertson
    Some great gift ideas for the avid cigar smoker or the cigar beginner....
  • What will the next President have, Appearance or Substance?  By : c00kie
    This article does an in-depth comparison between the two candidates for president, John McCain and Barack Obama. Most people really don’t understand how the outcome of this campaign is going affect them. Many people are voting based on appearance, rather than substance. This article will help people understand the two candidates.
  • Hire Foreign Nationals Legally with the Assistance of a U.S. Immigration and Visa Lawyer  By : Chris Robertson
    If you're looking to hire foreign nationals in specialty fields for your U.S.-based company, you can simplify the visa process with the help of a U.S. immigration and visa lawyer...
  • Aerobics - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article considers the definition and role of Aerobic exercise. It considers its development by Dr Cooper, a US exercise physiologist, using a bicycle ergometer to measure the performance achieved, and how his work became the yardstick for most aerobics exercise programmes. It also compares Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise, and the application of each.
  • Affiliate - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article serves to act as an introduction to the development of the concept of Affiliate Programmes and their marketing applications. It portrays the role of pay per click and click-through rates, and identifies their importance. The pre-eminence of Amazon in such programmes is identified.
  • Facing Criminal Charges? Develop a Solid Strategy of Defense with Your Attorney  By : Chris Robertson
    If you've been charged with a crime, you'll want to first find a dependable, experienced criminal defense attorney and then work with your lawyer to develop a defense strategy. Here's how...
  • A Recruiter Can Help You Land the Medical Sales Job You've Been Dreaming Of  By : Chris Robertson
    Discover how a medical sales job recruiter can help you land that rewarding dream career in the United States or abroad...
  • Auctions - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article offers a summary of the development of the Auction from its inception in pre history, when it was used to sell women for marriage, to the eighteenth century. It covers its use in Roman times to sell the “spoils of war” to the ultimate auction when the entire Roman Empire was put up for sale.
  • Don't Overspend on Ink Cartridges for Your Business  By : Chris Robertson
    Inkjet cartridges from Telford Ink. A UK based online retailer of cheap ink cartridges for Epson, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Brother and Canon printers.
  • Audio Streaming - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article discusses the fact that designing a network protocol to support streaming media can raises many issues. It goes on to describe some of these issues in some detail indicating which protocol is suitable for which type of application. It also outlines some of the technical practicalities that have to be overcome.
  • IT Sales Jobs Offer a Fun and Rewarding Career in a Field You Love  By : Chris Robertson
    If you have received college training in the IT field but still have other job interests, you might find an IT sales job to be very rewarding. Read about this exciting opportunity here..
  • Aviation - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article follows the development of Aviation from Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight in 1927 to the present day, with aircraft powered by alternative fuels, such as ethanol, electricity, and even solar energy. It includes the post WW2 boom in general aviation, both private and commercial, the development of civil jets, such as the Comet, and the introduction of turboprop propulsion.
  • Young Baby - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article discusses the appearance of the newborn baby. In particular, it includes the skull changing shape during labour and birth, the fine downy body hair called lanugo, they may have Mongolian spots, various other birthmarks, or peeling skin, particularly on the wrists, hands, ankles, and feet, and male infants may have an unusually large scrotum.
  • Celebrate any Occasion with Special Gifts Just for Her  By : Chris Robertson
    Surprise that wonderful woman in your life for any occasion with special gifts for her. These unique gift ideas can help...
  • Body Building - How To Suceed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article discusses the development of Body Building from the 1977 film “Pumping Iron”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which marked a watershed. It charts the changes in the sport’s governing body and their reaction to the widespread use of anabolic steroids. It outlines the introduction of more professionalism and bigger prize money to raise the sport’s profile
  • In the New iPhone, a Curious Novelty  By : c00kie
    In San Francisco, Apple's chief executive officer Steve Jobs took the wraps off the new edition of the iPhone on Monday, June 9, 2008. Aesthetically, the difference between the two generations is barely perceptible. The news makers, however, were the new additions to the much-anticipated gadget. The new iPhone sports a 3rd-generation (3G) wireless support, affording faster Internet connections than the previous, slower, EDGE support.
  • Are You Allowing Stress To Affect Your Attitude?  By : c00kie
    Through thinking and feeling differently towards these situations, you can bring your high stress levels down to a lower more controlling level.
  • Bankruptcy - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article continues with the historical development of the early banking system in both the West and Far East. It then goes on to explore the changes that have occurred in the way that insolvency has been treated, with particular emphasis on debt restructuring. It also touches upon the different types of bankruptcy fraud, and identifies strategic bankruptcy.
  • Poking Gentle Fun With Clever Political T-Shirts  By : Chris Robertson
    Life's political, but if you don't want to be seen as just a sheep in the process, express yourself by wearing t-shirts with clever political puns
  • A History of Tapestry: part 1  By : Angela Dawson-Field
    A history of tapestry weaving from ancient times to modern day.
  • Where to Find Ultimate Collections of Gifts For Everyone  By : Chris Robertson
    For those who have a problem getting their gift shopping done, there are online collections that offer true one-stop shopping with gifts for everyone!
  • Beauty - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article discusses the development of the concept of, initially, male beauty in western civilization, what are its salient features, and how it can be measured from the Roman period to latter day African Americans. It then looks at the characterisation that a person is “beautiful”. It developes this theme by considering inner and outer beauty, and how each can be measured. Finally, it considers research that indicates that combined images were found to be more attractive than separate images of the same individual.
  • Babies And Toddlers - How To Succeed 2  By : c00kie
    This Article follows the development of an infant covering the important period when aged 12 – 15 months. It charts a series of observations in this phase which highlight those changes that may be classified as a “milestone.” It considers what may be defined as an average child in such analysis. In particular, it focuses on the changes defined under the key features of Physical, Mental and Emotional. It identifies the important feature of “object permanence” related to the development of a child’s intelligence.
  • Easily Locate Sales Vacancies around the World with an Online Sales Job Website  By : Chris Robertson
    Use a sales job search website to find a dream career in IT sales, advertising sales, medical sales, or any other sales field. Also, learn how sales job recruiters can help you find the perfect career...
  • Stopping the Cycle: Domestic Violence, Gangs, and Other Forms of Abuse  By : Chris Robertson
    Learning, understanding, and prevention are the keys to winning the battle against violence.

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