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  • The seven hills of Rome: the birth of a myth  By : Michele De Capitani
    There are a lot of monuments that we can admire going on a few days trip to Rome. Once in a lifetime even a short travel to Rome is obligatory.
  • Holidays For Single Travellers - Break The Norm  By : AnishNambiar
    The people going on a singles activity holidays are generally young adults having a penchant for thrill and adventure.
  • Singles Tours - Getting Better By The Day  By : AnishNambiar
    With affordable staying & sightseeing options, the Last Minute Singles Holidays is perfect for the cosmopolitan travellers of current times.
  • The father¡¯s day is approaching, some ideas and advices  By : Michele De Capitani
    Here some little advices for the Father¡¯s day to show with some simple gift our gratitude and love to one of the most important people in our life.
  • Holidays For Single Person - Your Ticket To A World Of Fun  By : AnishNambiar
    The Holidays For Single Person have captured the imagination of many single peole. It is because they can go on adventure holidays and engage in all the activities that they have been fantasising about such as hiking, bungee jumping, mountaineering, scuba diving, or para gliding.
  • UK Singles Holidays - Let The Journey Begin  By : AnishNambiar
    The UK Singles Holidays are designed for single travellers who want to discover Europe in general and the U.K in particular on their own. The trips for singles to the U.K could be short breaks, wherein the traveller is acquainted with all the major attractions of the country at an affordable cost.
  • Davonne give new looks to your projects  By : JessicaThomson
    A majority of the individuals are unaware about the places from where they can procure their most wanted items that are also matching in accord to the other furnishings at your home. If you want best quality items for home decorations, then Davonne is the best place to avail them. You will find a number of products that are extremely necessary for your home and they are very fascinating looking as well.
  • Brief guide for Saint Valentine’s Day  By : Michele De Capitani
    As every year, after the big Christmas holiday season, the big race to find the perfect gift for Saint Valentine’s Day starts. Who is still looking for a soul mate, is aware that this is the last month to find a partner or at least somebody to spend the most romantic night of the year with.
  • Why Kawartha, Ontario Makes a Great Winter Weekend Getaway  By : Bonnie Hamilton
    Ontario's Kawartha Lakes Region, offers activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. However, the annual PolarFest event draws even more tourists to the region.
  • Holiday Decoration Tips  By : brianjenkins
    With the holidays in full swing, you probably want your house to look festive in celebration of the season. “Christmas” is to general a theme. Instead, think in terms of color or location or even character. Your theme can also revolve around something that is not traditionally Christmas-y. Translucent window posters are beautiful for the holiday season. you can transform your house to a beautiful holiday wonderland.
  • Why You Should Consider A Family Summer Vacation  By :
    There are numerous reasons why you should take a family summer vacation. It is a time to come together as a family unit and remember all the truly important things.
  • Luxury Ski Chalet - Aurelio Lech  By : David Hurley
    Isn’t it wonderful to have a memorable holiday at a place which is full of beauty, adventure and fun with an added experience of staying in luxurious accommodation? The styles are simple and yet chic, luxurious and yet understated. It’s not quite a home away from home as it definitely has something more to offer.
  • Top Ten Tips for Simplified Holiday Organization  By : Jackson Rachel
    Decorating the house for Christmas, cooking a Thanksgiving meal and hosting friends and family are memorable occasions, but can be exhausting as well. One of the problems with the holiday season is that we all get so busy with the many activities and ideas we have that it becomes difficult to concentrate. The tips can hopefully alleviate some of the stress and pressure the holiday season can create, and help you stay organized.
  • Ten Surprising Food Facts About Suffolk  By : Lindsay Chapman
    Themed breaks are a great way of exploring a region. Choose your favourite pastime or subject and undoubtedly you’ll discover more, get a whole new perspective and learn more the locals and the area.
  • Grief Support: Helping the Bereaved During the Holidays  By : Ben Anton
    The bereaved need the support and encouragement from their family and friends in order to cope with their grief, especially during the holiday season. This article outlines three simple things you can do to help a grieving loved one during the holidays.
  • Fire Safety: How To Protect Your Home During the Holiday Season  By : Ben Anton
    The holidays should be a time of celebration not of destruction. During this time of year it is important to follow some basic safety guidelines to keep your home and family safe. This article outlines fire prevention tips every home owner should take heed to as they string up their lights, decorate their Christmas tree and stoke the fire.
  • Hawaii Vacations - Seven Hot Shopping Spots  By :
    If you love to shop, here's some "must see" places to visit while you're in Hawaii.
  • Alton Towers Resort - Heaven on Earth for Lovers of Family Fun  By : Imran Khan
    Alton Towers is the preferred holiday destination for families across the UK seeking fun holidays and thrilling short break experiences.
  • Take Courage: Coping With Loss This Holiday  By : Ben Anton
    You are invited to read the complete Holiday Grief Support article at or talk directly with others coping with the death of a loved one in the site's Forum.
  • Holiday Planning - Entertaining & Sleeping Your Guests  By : Philip Pendleton
    The holidays are approaching and it’s time to start planning if you’re entertaining or hosting a holiday dinner. Planning ahead will help you to avoid the stress and will keep things from being overwhelming. In this article we’ll cover some tips to help make a stress free holiday gathering.
  • Send Free Chirstmas ecards--  By : Vikash Agarwal
    Traditionally observed on December 25, Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Although some churches observe it on different dates, the fact is that the precise chronology of Jesus' birth and death is yet to be determined. Christmas has many sides to it, some religious and some secular, including the exchange of gifts, the Santa Claus myth, decoration and display of the Christmas tree, and religious ceremonies.
  • Personalized Christmas Gifts from the World's Best Santas  By : Wedding-articles
    It's said there's "nothing sweeter to the ear than the sound of one's own name." So why not make your holiday giving the sweetest ever? It's easy to do with our vast selection of personalized Christmas gifts and personalized Christmas presents.
  • Thinking About Buying A Christmas Tree? - Some Warnings And What You Should Be Aware Of  By : Nathan Knightley
    Christmas Trees bring back a lot of memories when I see them for sale or with decorations. The Christmas tree is one of the most recognizable icons of the
  • Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort and the Secrets of Skiing Popularity  By : Todd Daon
    Why is skiing popular? Prior to answering this question, it is important to know first why any particular sport is popular. A sport is popular if it is known worldwide, if it has thousands of followers, and it is constantly capturing the hearts of new believers.
  • Think British This Year For Your Summer Holiday  By : Potter
    With the cost of living rising UK holidays offer a great alternative particularly for families. Potters Leisure Resort offers a range of breaks and also has a great location on the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.
  • Tunisia Beaches – A Paradise For Family Beach Holiday Vacations  By : dch
    Plan your family holidays on beautiful sandy beaches of Tunisia. Tunisia beaches offers lots of water sport activities and are very safe for the families and children. Stay in a Tunisia hotel close to the beaches of Tunisia and enjoy you beach holidays.
  • Holidays, time of sea and comfort  By : Michele De Capitani
    Summer, time of holidays and the preferential destination is the sea.
  • Christmas Dinner  By : Ibrahim
    As in most Christian cultures, celebrating Christmas dinner with friends and family is the second priority after attending church. Since Christmas is a public holiday in most countries people take the opportunity to visit friends and family. In East Africa goats are sold out at a blink of an eye at the local markets and roasted on Christmas day.
  • Christmas Tree Trimming Tips  By : Phil The Gardener
    The Christmas season is filled with decorating opportunities, but none more special than the trimming of the Christmas tree. The style you use to decorate your tree is a reflection of your interests and taste. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
  • Stress Free Christmas  By : Kerry Beck
    You might say that I have lost my mind if I said that I have a stress free Christmas. Well, my sanity is still intact and we have had several Christmases that were stress-free in the past. I would like to tell you about the things I've learned to help reduce the stress during the Yuletide season.

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