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  • Buying Vintage Dolls  By : Lee MacRae
    Vintage dolls is a collectible hobby enjoyed by many people. Here are some tips on starting collecting your own vintage doll collection.
  • Can Bowie knives be used as hunting knives?  By : thomas.white
    Before I tell you what Bowie knives are you should know what hunting knives are. Many people believe that a hunting knife can be used for hunting down animals.
  • Canopian - Shooting War Games  By : Gen Wright
    If you're into warfare, strategy, shooting, or tactical type of games, you can play them for free, enjoy many hours of fun without spending $60 for a video console game.
  • Capped Bust Silver Quarter - Scarce Quarter Fetches Collosal Value  By : Christina A. Goldman
    The Capped Bust Silver Quarter was first minted in 1815 and is one of the rarest coins ever minted in the United States. A Capped Bust Quarter circa 1827 would be valued at around $40,000, as only about 20 of these coins are known to be still in existence. . .
  • Capturing Memories Through Photos  By : James Monahan
    Since memories do not necessarily require any specific amount of money—what better way to preserve these still moments of happiness but to enclose them in a photo?
  • Caring for Your Guinea Pigs  By : Roy Weastt
    While it is true that guinea pigs are somewhat suitable as first pets for children, it is very important that adult supervision is present once these cute little guys are handed to children.
  • Carp Fishing Rods: Which Carp Rods Are Best For You?  By : Erik Parker
    Choosing which Carp Fishing Rod to buy can be a daunting task. With all of the options out there, how can you know which one to pick? We help to educate you on the parameters of Carp Fishing Rods so that you can make an educated decision.
  • Casino Games For The Novice Player  By : Gen Wright
    If you are interested in online gaming, but are a bit hesitant don't be. Everybody had a starting point at one time or another. Don't let all the ads make you feel intimidated.
  • Casino Games Online - Guide for New Players  By : Gen Wright
    Are you a new player on the scene looking to make some money on the Internet by joining online Casinos? If you are, then be forewarned - the odds are against you if you have very little knowledge about the industry.
  • Casino Launches New Free Bonus  By : Gen Wright
    Casino Par is making it easier than ever to stick your feet in the online gaming pool. Why do you need to put up with the smoke-filled rooms, the crowded tables, and the exorbitant prices, when you can enjoy the skills and challenge from the comfort of your own home?
  • Casinos Online- Calling All Women  By : Gen Wright
    When most people think about online gaming they usually imagine an older male figure. That might have been the case a decade ago but times have changed.
  • Catch More Fish With Lowrance Fish Finders  By : Steve Canerr
    A fish finder might be an extremely valuable and time-saving piece of apparatus for an angler. Nonetheless, to get essentially the most efficient use doable out of a brand new fish finder, it have to be mounted and used properly.
  • Causes and Solutions of Frequent Aquarium Fish Deaths  By : John Morris
    Aquarium tank fish death is one of common challenges faced by aquarists. There are number of factors that could be responsible for the deaths experienced...
  • Celebrities, Fame & Backgammon  By : James Bennett
    Board games, like Backgammon, have been played for centuries and are as much enjoyed today as ever. Popular with celebrities, as ways to pass time in a fun and challenging way, we take a quick look at some of the famous personalities who are known to play them.
  • Cheap Airsoft Sniper Rifles: Spring Powered Rifles  By : Gen Wright
    Airsoft games refer to the combat games where participants form two groups where each other seek to eliminate opponents by hitting them with spherical non metallic bullets which are fired from compressed air guns either spring powered, or gas powered or electrically powered. There are different types of airsoft guns, but lots of players love to handle the airsoft sniper rifles.
  • Cheating in Online Motorbike Games  By : Gen Wright
    Online motorbike games have become really famous in recent times. With the Internet penetrating deeper in to the world, more and more people are coming online to play these games. These online motorbike games are easily accessible and require no money or registration to play.
  • Chess Sets for Kids of All Ages  By : James Bennett
    Children are quick learners and teaching them to play chess can help in all areas of their young lives, and see them through to adulthood. A game that's stimulating, social and challenging, buy your kids a chess set this year and soon see the results!
  • Chicago Storage – From Doorstep to Doorstep  By : kassiermdembowski
    Chicago, being one of the biggest cities in the United States, is a very attractive location for people that plan to move and admire the city life that a great city like Chicago has to offer.
  • Chicago Storage – From Doorstep to Doorstep  By : kassiermdembowski
    Chicago, being one of the biggest cities in the United States, is a very attractive location for people that plan to move and admire the city life that a great city like Chicago has to offer.
  • Chicco Infant Car Seat Review  By : Rick Lim
    One of the things parents love about the Chicco infant car seat is that it can secure a baby that weighs 4 lbs to 30 lbs. They can invest in this particular car seat and need not buy another one just in case the child gets bigger.
  • Chinese Antiques-Free Interrelated Resource For Chinese Antiques  By : D Kulkarni
    Are you searching for information related to Chinese antiques or other information somehow related to pre-Columbian art, or antique light? If yes, this article will give you helpful insights related to Chinese antiques and even somehow related to jeweller and antique buffet that you might not have been aware of.
  • Chinese Silver Commemorative Coins - People And Events Immortalized In Silver  By : Christina A. Goldman
    Chinese Silver Commemorative Coins are perfect for coin collectors who are particularly interested in collecting brilliant, uncirculated silver coins, that have been minted to commemorate special events and people that have made an impact or difference in China.
  • Choosing A Hobby That You Enjoy!  By : Ronald.Eapen
    Imagination is the backbone to the enjoyment of hobbies. We are drawn to particular hobbies because of what it inspires within us on a creative front. Not only is partaking in a hobby good for your creative side, it can also be incredibly relaxing.
  • Choosing a New Craft Hobby  By : Gen Wright
    In today's stressful times, we all need something to do that we enjoy. It helps take our minds off of our troubles and focus on something more pleasant. Crafting is an excellent hobby choice, but there are lots of different crafts to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you?
  • Choosing the Right Kind of Water for your Aquarium  By : Charles Kassotis
    You can kill fish by putting them in the wrong kind of water. Make sure you are familiar with the needs of your Aquarium and fish.
  • Choosing the Right Scissors For Your Need  By : Jessica Deets
    Scissors are probably the most often used by human beings in their day-to-day lives. These are possibly the only tools that can be found in almost every home across the world.
  • Choosing Your First Reptile pet  By : Gen Wright
    reptiles are getting more popular, but which are THE most popular reptiles kept as pets? if you are looking for your first reptile, or are just curious to know, then this article is for you.
  • Christmas - Pagan Origins  By : Brigitte Smith
    Many people believe that Christmas traditions began with the birth of Jesus. Not so - many Christmas traditions actually have their origin in pagan custom.
  • Cigar Butane Lighters  By : Arthur Bell
    Cigar butane lighters are among the most popular accessories for cigar enthusiasts. This article will give you a better understanding of what to look for.
  • Cigar Lighters: "Don't Throw Your Money Away".  By : Arthur Bell
    The right cigar lighter is just as important as choosing the right Cigar. The good news is cigar lighters can be found in any cigar shop or online.

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